Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Energizer Night Race March 27, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will have a second night marathon with the Energizer Night Race in Cyberjaya on March 27.

The brand manager for Energizer, Joshua Leong, said that the race would be different from the Putrajaya Night Marathon, which will be held on Feb 6, as the runners would don headlights supplied by the organisers.

“The headlights made by Energizer will be distributed to all runners and this will add to the excitement of running with the crowd at night,” he said.

“Our hope is to reach out to recreational runners and we expect about 5,000 runners to take part in the race.”
Energizer Night Race is a global event held since 2007 and it has created waves in countries like South Korea, Argentina and South Africa.

However, only the Malaysian edition of the race will feature the full marathon (42.2km) while others featured runs only up to 10km.
The half marathon (21.1km) and 10km race will also be featured in the race in Cyberjaya.

“We will also have stage performances by bands to liven up the atmosphere of the event as we expect the last runner to arrive at the finish line by midnight,” said Joshua.

Runners can register on the official website starting from Jan 10.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ciggarate prices will rise from Jan 1 onwards

This would the perfect gift for New Year from Government. The minimum retail price would increase from RM4.80 to RM6.40.

Studies shows that increase on 10% in price would reduce ONLY 3.8% smokers. Saw the ratio.
Malaysians basically don't bother about the price increase, as it doesn't impact them much.

If old smokers are giving up, new smokers (youngsters) are coming up. That's why companies like Dunhill, Mild Seven, Marlboro and Kent, don't bother about all this government regulations. Furthermore, everyone knows about the impact from smoking. Thus, no use of putting the picture on the box and rising the price.

Furthermore, we are still cheaper compare to Australia, Singapore, England and other developed countries. Thus, the main reason of price increase is actually for government to make more money. That's the only intention.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Anybody wants flight engine, Come to Malaysia

Our smart government lost 2 aircraft engine and now they found those engine at Argentina. To make things worse, the engines were stolen from Armed Forces team. This shows the status of our defence system in the country.

This clearly proves that, our government system doesn't have a proper internal control system to safeguard the assets.

Don't know what else got lost.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2nd Roof Fall

6 months ago, we witness the fall of Terenganu stadium's roof. Now, it's the 2nd episode, where the bus terminal's roof falled and injured 6 workers. While we are aiming for quality in service, and this is what rendered to us.

The main reason for it could be outsourcing the project/job to sub-contractors which makes the main contractors to make huge sum of profit and reduce the project cost. Thsi makes the output to be low in quality and lack of sustainence.

Next due to corruption to the authorities who performed the inspection and gave certificate of fit for the building though it doesn't.

Hope it won't happen to our skycrappers.

Mercedes + Schumacer + Petronas

Schumacer announced that he is coming back to action after 3 seasons of retirement. He will be driving for Mercedes whom broke up with Mclaren. The best part was, Petronas agreed to be the title (one of the main sponsor for the team), as their sponsorship with BMW ended last season.

Malaysia has already formed it's own F1 team called "Lotus F1", and Air Asia, Naza being one of the sponsor. And now looks like Petronas is not supporting the Malaysian team.

Whatever, our Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, was the key instrumental person for the creation of malaysian F1 team and he is also the advisor of Petronas.

We have no idea of the reason on Schumacer's return, but I can forsee that he will have a tough time chalenging the youngsters i.e Hamilton, Kubica, Kovaleinen and seasoned Raikonen, Alonso and Button.

Lets wait and see how Schumacer is going to perform.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Khop Chai Laos, Welcome Jakarta

26th edition of Sea Games just ended, where Laos hosted for the 1st ever time. Khop Chai (Good Bye) was uttered yesterday at the National Stadium of Laos. Though its a small country i n size and facilities, but they made a boig step to host an international event.
25 sports were contested comapred to 45 oin Korat, 2 years ago.

Malaysia ended the campaign in 4th place overall behind Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia with a decent medals tally of 40 gold, 40 silver and 59 bronze.

Though, there were several games were not included i.e bowling, squash, hockey, gymnastics, equistrian and rythmic swimming, BUT there were some funny games were included just because Laos is good in it i.e Fin swimming, Shuttlecock kicking, dragon boat racing. Only teams from Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand participated in those events. All this events are not even recognised by IOC.

Some great achievements of Malaysian contingent in Laos:

1. Daniel Bego, swimmer was awarded as the Best Male athlete after striking 5 gold medals
2. Football team striked gold medal after 20 years and 1st time outside Malaysia since the beggining of the games.
3. Women Badminton team striked gold medal since 1972
4. Boxing striked gold medal for the 1st time outside Malaysia
5. Malaysia surpased their target of 35 medal after baging 40 gold medals.

Thus, there are few matters to ponder:

1. Athletics showed another underpromissing show, where they targeted 10 medals and only delivered 6. among them were veterans Teoh Boon Lim, Norsheela Khalid and sesoned Rosalinda and Lee Hup Wei. It was the worst performance since 1997. Is it problem with the athletes or with the President of the Association. If Thailand & Vietnam can produce quality runners, why cant we. we use to have G.Shanti, M.Kuganeswari, N.Manimegalai, S.Vasu, A.Munusamy, M.Ramachandran, Samson velabhai, G.Saravanan, Narinder Singh. These people concured the track till the rest in the region are fear of us. But now, we became one of the cats.

2. Football finally won after 20 years. Thanks to Vietnamese who scored the own goal. Does this mean, we need to wait for another 20 years for another gold medal. Eight coaches changed within 20 years and a Malaysian coach made it. Millions of Ringgit spent on the team. Are we going to do the same for the rest of games by just letting the money going into the drain.

3. Swimmers and divers performed well by surpassing their target. But the contributors were the similar faces i.e Mun Yee, Bryan, Pandelela, Daniel bego, Chai Lin, Yi Ting. Where are the sucessors?

4. Badminton Team Men screwed without any goldmedal, Their reaon was "Datuk Lee" was not there. Crap. Does this mean, we dont have strong new blood. How long are we going to depend on the old faces.

5. Our very own Sepak Takraw came back without gold medal. The other countries i.e Myanmar, who was coached by Malaysian won Gold medal. Looks like mgt n players need a change.

6.Ladies football team ws trashed 15-0 and 14-0 by thailand and Vietnam. The team were merely passengers, Pls send only performers next time.

7.A cyclist was not registered as athlete. He only knew it once he arrived at Laos. He qualified for the team in merit but was not included by the coach. The cyclist who quit his job and trained on his own for the games was ditched by the coach. Politics again.

Hopw to see changes in Jakarta 2011.

Tony Fernades bet with Richard Branson

Tony Fernandes who is the Team Principal of Lotus F1 had a bet with Virgin F1 team principal, Richard Branson. The best is , which ever team loses, the team principal will be dressed as air stewardess.

Looks like a joke, who knows? But this was announced publicly to the press by both the owners. The principals who are also the owners of Air Asia and Virgin Airlines respectively, have worked together before in music industry as Deejays before departing as entrepreneurs.

This issue was brought to to the Parliament 2 days ago and was debated as unethical, as Malaysia's pride is at stake. As usual, our politicians only speaks crap in Parliament i.e "Bocor", "Sudah Potong" and now this matter.

Those owners made the bet to enhance the competitiveness without any dirty tricks. At the end of the day, its how you see it? Sports perspective or political perspective?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chin Woo Biathlon - 13 Dec 09

I wanted to venture out my skills to different area. Thus I signed up for this. Not only because it gives finisher medal but chalenge for me to enhance my swimming skills.

All went on hash as I got struck with fever and flu. it became disaster asI could even get up from my bed and walk straight. This is because lack of rest as I'm working till 1am everyday and only sleep 5 hours per day. This made me to put on 4kg and more stressful.

damn, it really ruin my day. RM40 just burnt like that.

Larian Rakyat - 11 Dec 09

It's a new place developed at Shah Alam called "I-City". Since its a working day for KL, I thought most of the runners wont be there. But it went otherway round. Although, no foreigners were allowed but this attracted more local runners.

10 of them were there led by Muniandy. This had rubbed off my hopes of qualifiying into top 20 placing. The stupid organiser only allocated 20medals for open category and 50medals fo veteran. damn, my category had more participants.

When the race started, I paced the leading team, which was a mistake. After 2km,Ronnie overtook me and just went off. The whole route was flat except for 2 places where there was a small hill. Upon U turn, I started counting my place and realise that Im in 30th position. I uncreased my pace, but th hot weather mademe to be dehydrated. I continued overtaking 3 of them.

The finishing was tough as it was hilly and hot.

When i reached the finishing line, they just gave me cert. damn, I finished without medal for 1st time since May' 2005. But, i lost to quality runners.

I went to Royal Selangor club to have shower and went to work at 10.30am as I'm going to work till 1am.

Decided ot to run in a tournament where they offer less 30medals and cash price included.

43.13 - Murali Nathan (8th)
43.15 - Jasni Khailril (9th)
44.07 - Radhi (13th)
46.15 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (18th)
46.20 - Murugan a/l Arumugam (19th)
47.45 - Malay Runner (20th)
47.48 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (21st)
48.13 - Kenny Tan, Pm27 (22nd)
50.48 - Meyappan Manickam, Pm58 (27th)
51.28 - Fauzan Ismail, Pm24 (28th)
51.30 - Zulazlan Shah, Pm43 (29th)
54.22 - Wong Kei Ming, Pm55
54.59 - Abu Soffian, Pm44
57.27 - Wong Cheon Keong

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Malaysia Lost to Vietnam

Malaysia has faded their hopes of qualifiying to Semifinals of SEA GAMES football as they lost to Vietnam in their 2nd match. After beating Timor Leste, 11-0, our people became overconfident and went to loose to Vietnam.

This has dampen the hopes of regaining the gold medal which we last won during 1989. Thogh we still have 2 more matches, final match against Thailand will be the major turning point as it cant either side.

Vietnam players are factory workers and they can play good football. Our players are profesional and trains full time, yet we cant flex our muscles against them.

Limitation on SPM subjects

Recently, our Education minister has put a cap for SPM students by limkting the subjects to 10. This has dampen the hopes for students to reach sky high by attempting 18 subjects or 20 subjects. Furthermore, Tamil and Chinese scholl students cant take their mother tougue subjects as the core subjects itself comes to 10.

Thus, Tan Sri Muhideen Yassin (Education Minister cum Deputy PM) said that students can take up to 12 subjects but only 10 subjects will be tested in exams.

I dont know, why our goverment is so crap by putting cap on school subjects. If the particular student is fit to take 15 or 18 subjects, then just go ahead. It's because we have to respect their capability and let then to achieve their fliying colours.

This is what happens, when nuts rule the country.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Birthday which was NOT a Good Day

My Birthday was yesterday. As I wake up, it was already raining at 6.45am. I thought that would be a blessing. BUT, it made me to go to work late and dragged all my "to do list".

I had to send my wife to Immigration. I was suppose to go to immigration at 7am and finish the job by 9am but everything went "hay-wire". So we manage to go there only at 9.30. By then, the immigration was like "Sardine Tin" already. So I left her there and went to office and the immigration work only finished at 12.30pm. Therefore, I had to pick up my wife and send her to work.

By the time I came back to office, it's already 1.30pm and everyone already had their lunch. So I went alone to have my lunch.

Later in the afternoon, my Toastmaster President dropped bombshell saying that there's low registration for the speech workshop that I'm organising, thus has to be postponed. Luckily not cancelled. Otherwise all my effort will go to drain.

I had to meet the manager, so that I could wrap up the file, but he was MIA from office for the whole day. I waited for the whole day till 12.30am, then he called me by saying that he couldn't make if to office. Damn, he "Fang Fei Kei" me. For nothing I stayed in office so late.

The best part I had to go for dinner on my own as most of them already had theirs.

Looked like the whole day was screwed up for me.

But at least, I received more than 20 messages/wishes from my friends. Its a record for me where, normally, there will be less than 5 people wishing me as the date is not significant.

I just never had a good mood although it was suppose to a celebration day.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Paul Lissek back as Director of Developement

Famaous Coach Paul Lissek is back as Director of Developement for National Hockey Team.

We know our hockey team is screwing up big time by loosing to underdogs such as France, Austria and getting slim wins against Scotland and wales.

We are now 14th in the world and we didnt qualify for next year's World Cup as we lost to New Zealand in last months qualifiying round. We were leading for 53 minutes and the Kiwis just needed final 17 minutes to deminish our hopes. That shows whats the mentality of Malaysians.

Thus, MHF got Paul Lissek. No doubt he made our team to achieve 1st silver medal in 1998 Commonwealth games. But since then it was a flop. He came back in 2001-2004. No great achievements except for Asian Games bronze-2002.

he is being paid atleast RM10k per week which means around RM45k per month. This doesnt include his transport, house, meal and maid. Damn, 1 month atleast, RM60k spent on him. Why cant we use this money to develope local coaches by giving them International level coaching trainings and use extra fund to organise tournaments for kids. Thats what you call as developement.

Furthermore, we have seen the racial balance in the team is very "unbalanced". We use to have Malay, Chinese and Indians in the first 11 and also in first 22. But now, we can see merely 4 non-malays of them in 22 member squad.

Players should be selected based on the skills and not based on political infleunces. First off all, coach has to select the players, but in Malaysia, coach only trains the players, BUT the mgt is the one who sleects the players. If a player is not selected, he will call a UMNO guy and makes himself to the team.

We call "1 Malaysia", but the mentality is still 3rd world mentality.

Next, are parents encouraging their kids to play outdoor games. Nowadays, every kids are equiped with I-pod, Playstation and Laptop, which indirectly reduces their interest in outdoor games. Furthemore, parents wants every children to score dozen of As' in SPM but only few ask their children to bring back a "gold medal" for their parents. Hope this will change.

People has the power, not the Politicians.

Journey of Life - Charity Run-29 Nov'09

My third consecutive race in Klang for the year. I have not been training after Klang Pacers 12km as stuck with my job and coming back late everyday including working during weekends. Furthermore, my client was buying me lunch and dinner at mamak for most of the day for the past 2 weeks. This has increased fats in my body and reduced my endurance.

anyway, I'm back to action from Hari Raya Haji and wanted to ensure I'm equiped with some fitness training. The venue of the run was very vague "Football field, Taman Klang Jaya". I manage to get into that Taman but got more than 3 football fields. I called Naresh but still got lost. I got a bit worried as there was only 30 minutes before the run starts and I'm still lost. Finally, I called the organiser, Cat and she somehow manage to show me the way.

Since, a group of runners went to KLAVA Road Relay, this made my job easier as making into top 20. The route was flat all the way and it was withing housing area. We explored new are called "Botanic Garden". On our way back, it started raining. We had probably another 2km to go. But we didnt bother since it was refreshing for me.

Thanks to Suresh for pacing me. I just sticked with him from beginning till the end. He was satisfied that he never run that speed before for 7km. anyway, I couldnt push further due to lack of training.

It's time to buck up now. My next one will be a different race. "Biathlon". Let's see wheter I can swim or drown till death.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

France, Portugal, Algeria and Greece qualkified for World Cup 2010

Portugal beat Bosnia 1 -0 (Aggregate 2-0)
France beat Ireland 1-0 (Aggregate 2-0)
Algeria beat Egypt 1-0 (Aggregate 1-0)
Greece beat Ukraine 1-0 (Aggregate 1-0)

Look like we can still watch Ronaldo, Tiery Henry, Nicolas Anelka and Nani playing in World Cup, but no more Andrei Shevchenko.

New Faces in MCA Council

Wanita MCA, Datin Paduka Chew mei Fun is out of the team. Is this Dr Chua' team or Ong tee keat's team.

Looks like the President has the ultimate power compare to the members of the party. Hope the new team will spur the party with dignity and integrity (which will never happen).

Hope this people will serve the members and not their families.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Klang Pacer 12km Run - 15 Nov'09

After last week' dismal performance, I wanted to do something better this time. This is my 2nd ever race in Klang. I dont really know the place. I manage to get confirmation of the place from Ronnie and Naresh before I leave the house. When I reached Jalan Tengku Kelana, I couldn't see any stadium. Maybe they didnt switch on the lights, thus I went to the Police Station. The Idiotic policeman told me "Saya tak tahulah encik". I got pist off and luckily the BOMBA station was just beside. So I got to know the place and got there at 6.15am.

Upon flag off, I went on my own pace without bothering the rest. I slowly picked up my pace after 4km where I was pacing the Klang Pacer boys. When I reached 7km, I saw my fren Sri was infront. So I just paced him till 10km. Upon that, he got tired, so I just paced the runners in front of me and manage to overtake 3 people at final 300metres.

The road was flat except at GH slope. There were no "Uturn"s, which didnt distract our concentrations. The water station was at 2 places, 6km and 9km. They could have placed it at 4th km and 9thkm. But they really wanted us to go tru the Klang Pacer office.

I crossed the line with timing of 54:45.13 and placed 28th. This was defineetly better than what I expected, since I was lacking of training and sleep nowadays. It's time to buck up, and this the time to perform. Will start preparing for the Biathlon on 13th Dec.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Malaysian Job Seekers prefers to work in ethical firms

About 90 per cent of Malaysian job-seekers have a strong preference for organisations with sound ethical, social responsibility and environmental policies, according to a workplace survey.
Organisations with strong social responsibility practices are being viewed as "employers of choice" by Malaysian job seekers who prefer companies that focus beyond performance outcomes and promote larger social goals, said the survey by Kelly Services Inc.

It found that employees across all age generations gravitate to organisations considered ethically and environmentally responsible, with baby boomers (aged 48 to 65) generally more discerning than their younger colleagues among Gen Y (aged 18 to 29) and Gen X (aged 30 to 47).
Half of all workers are prepared to accept a pay cut or a demotion in order to work for an organisation with a sound corporate reputation, the survey said.

In fact, concern about ethical behaviour outweighed concern about the environment across all generations when deciding where to work, it added.
"Employees take pride not only in what they do while at work, but in what their organisation stands for and how it is perceived by the entire community," said vice president and country general manager of Kelly Services (M) Sdn Bhd, Melissa Norman.

"It provides a sense of fulfilment to be part of an enterprise that is focused not only on performance outcomes but also on larger social goals," she said.
Among the key findings of the survey is that 88 per cent are more likely to want to work for a company that is considered environmentally responsible.
About 74 per cent said that in deciding where to work, an organisation's reputation for ethical conduct is "very important".

About 50 per cent said they would be prepared to accept a lesser role or a lower salary to work for a firm with a strong environmental and community conscience.
Another 50 per cent said that in deciding where to work, policies aimed at addressing global warming are "very important".

Credit Card Users must fight for their rights

CONSUMERS have to be more proactive and exercise their rights when it comes to merchant surcharges on credit cards.

No longer should they passively agree to the surcharge just because they have become used to that particular merchant or are simply too disinterested to shop elsewhere.

Banks are firm when it comes to merchant surcharge. RHB Bank head of retail banking Renzo Viegas told consumers not to "accept any imposition of surcharge, report such incidents to the bank or go to other merchants that do not impose surcharge.’’

In fact, under the Bank Negara credit card guidelines, banks are required to display prominently on the credit card application forms, their fees and charge tables.
According to Association of Banks in Malaysia executive director Chuah Mei Lin, banks are also required to print on the monthly billing statements to credit card holders, information on the outstanding balances and method of computation of such charges.

So it looks like consumers have a lot to look out for or at least raise questions on when they receive their next statement!
With the recent announcement of a RM50 service tax per credit card, it has become even more urgent to decrease the usage of cards and switch to other modes of payment.

Does that also mean that those who do not use credit cards will have to foot the same bill as card users?

The usual merchant justification for charging the extra is that banks will ask for the extra on card transactions. Therefore, even items with 0% interest may still end up costing more.

How is a merchant to work out a fair rate that applies to the cash, credit card and cheque or bankdraft users? In this respect, consumers have to take time to study the prices and shop judiciously.

Intense competition will eventually drive down the prices as the same item may be found in a similar shop probably two or three doors away at a cheaper price with better terms!
By asking for a fair value to all, are we in a way robbing the person who is willing to pay cash of the opportunity to get a lower price?

With the recent budget announcement of a RM50 service tax per credit card, it has become even more urgent to decrease the usage of cards and switch to other modes of payment.
It may be worthwhile to explore personal loans even though we are supposed to be marching towards the era of electronic payments systems.

Sources in the retailing industry emphasise that it is the retailers’ responsibility to absorb the surcharge, which ranges from 1.5% to over 2%, depending on the volume of business and negotiations with banks.

In fact, some of the larger retailers are suggesting that a fine should be imposed on those merchants that impose the credit card surcharge.
They also emphasise that this surcharge should not be included as part of the merchants’ costs which should be kept competitive to attract a higher sales volume.

By Senior business editor Yap Leng Kuen reckons it is high time these card merchants realise it is dangerous for them to outrightly impose a surcharge on credit cards. The Star, 11 Nov'09

FRS 139 & Impact on Transfer Pricing

COME Jan 1, the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board’s Financial Reporting Standard 139 – Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement (FRS 139) will finally be implemented in Malaysia. Four years since its implementation date was set, it is still considered uncharted waters for many corporations. This is not surprising since FRS 139 is considered the "mother" of all standards by some.

Under FRS 139, many financial assets and financial liabilities are required to be carried at fair value. This will have a significant impact on loans between related parties, which generally can be interest-free or carry interest rates which are well below the market rates.

The definition of fair value under FRS 139 is "the amount for which an asset could be exchanged, or a liability settled, between knowledgeable, willing parties in an arm’s length transaction". Paragraph 48A of FRS 139 further states that "The best evidence of fair value is quoted prices in an active market ... Valuation techniques include using recent arm’s length market transactions between knowledgeable, willing parties, if available ... "

Interestingly, it loosely echoes the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s guide for an arm’s length interest rate:
"... an arm’s length interest rate shall be an interest rate which was charged, or would have been charged, at the time the financial assistance was granted, to uncontrolled transactions with or between independent persons under similar circumstances."

It could well imply that the measurement of related party loans initially at their respective fair values and subsequently at amortised cost using the effective interest method, may be deemed to be in line with the arm’s length principle since market interest rate is used.

Following the introduction of Section 140A of the Income Tax Act 1967 (ITA) which basically requires taxpayers to ensure that their related party transactions are carried out at arm’s length, would this then mean that an assessment of the fair value of related party loans by the auditors under FRS 139 can serve as contemporaneous documentation for transfer pricing purposes?

The corporate taxpayers do not have an option as to whether to accept the fair value accounting treatment in their financial statements – it is a requirement of FRS 139 and also the Companies Act 1965.

Further, requiring corporations to measure related-party loans initially at their respective fair value may not only affect the income statement. However, for certain, the subsequent amortisation amounts, measured at amortised costs, will represent accounting interest income or interest expense in the income statement. Book entries are generally not the actual receipts or payments, and in tax terms are not real costs or income earned.

At this point, it would be helpful to look at what other tax jurisdictions have done under similar circumstances. Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand tax authorities have issued departmental interpretation and practice notes on the income tax implications arising from the adoption of IAS 39 or its local equivalent.

While in general most tax authorities require the tax treatments to follow or be consistent with the accounting treatment under FRS 139 as far as possible, they also acknowledge that the revenue versus capital consideration would need to be considered in determining the tax treatment.

As an example, in Singapore, the tax adjustment is such that the discount on the interest-free loan recognised in the income statement will not be allowed as a tax deduction and the interest income recorded will not be taxed because these are merely book entries.

The auditor’s primary role is still that of expressing an opinion as to the true and fair view of the financial statements. This means that corporations would still need to provide auditors with supporting evidence of the fair value of the related-party loans to enable auditors to express an opinion.

The fair value measurement rests on the rebuttable presumption that effective interest rates used in the amortised cost method is the market interest rate and is thus, at arm’s length. While this is generally true, loan arrangements made with unrelated parties in the current business environment should be considered as arm’s length, although they may not carry the same market interest rates due to various factors such as level of credit risks, tenure, size of collaterals, etc.

So, what would corporations provide to the auditors? Section 140A of the ITA provides that the acquisition or supply of property or services with related parties be conducted at arm’s length, failing which the Director General of Inland Revenue may adjust the transfer prices.

Since 2003, transfer pricing guidelines have been issued, setting out the extent of information required in a transfer pricing report. The guidelines also stipulate that it is a pre-requisite that a comparable analysis (benchmarking) be carried out to substantiate the arm’s length pricing.

To ensure that corporations provide auditors with the correct arm’s length and market rate interest for related-party loans in the FRS 139 measurement of fair value, it is very likely that a comparable analysis would need to be carried out. This should then provide the setting not only for the auditors but for the tax authorities in support of the argument for arm’s length. Any fair value book entries put through the financial statements should then be met with minimum queries from the tax authorities.

By Janice Wong is tax partner and head of transfer pricing services at Ernst & Young Tax Consultants Sdn Bhd.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The worlds cheapest McDonalds is in Malaysia

Source : The Star, Nov 2, 2009

AS if Iceland does not have enough problems, McDonald’s has just announced the closure of its three restaurants there and said it has no plans to return.

Apparently, most of the ingredients used by McDonald’s in this crisis-hit country are imported from Germany and the franchise holder would have to raise prices by at least 20% to produce an acceptable profit.

The story was important enough to make it to the front page of the Financial Times on Oct 27.
According to the report, for McDonald’s to stay profitable in Iceland, the Big Mac there would have to be priced above US$5.75, which is what it costs in Switzerland, home to the most expensive Big Mac, according to the Big Mac index.

The Big Mac index is published by The Economist as an informal way of measuring the purchasing power parity (PPP) between two currencies and provides a test of the extent to which market exchange rates result in goods costing the same in different countries.

You can get a good exposition of how this index works, including its limitations, by referring to Tan Sri Dr Lin See Yan’s column on July 25 entitled "Burgernomics and the ringgit".
Since this column is not into heavy economic stuff, I was more interested to find out where the most expensive and cheapest Big Macs are to be found.

As of February this year, the most expensive burgers were in Norway (US$5.79), Switzerland (US$5.60), Denmark (US$5.07), Sweden (US$4.58) and Eurozone (US$4.38).
Now, here’s the interesting part. According to the same index, Malaysia (US$1.70) actually ranks No 1 among the five most affordable Big Macs, ahead of Hong Kong (US$1.71), China (US$1.83), Thailand (US$1.86) and Sri Lanka (US$1.95).

To be frank, I am not a real fan of fast food but when I am overseas and am at a loss as to what to eat, it is quite comforting to be able to step into a McDonald’s, KFC or Pizza Hut outlet, and order familiar items.

We also have to understand why some of our overseas friends do not like to be too adventurous with our wide array of Malaysian hawker fare, especially when they are on a short trip. There’s nothing worse than having to repeatedly run to the toilet because their stomachs are not accustomed to our delicious, spicy stuff.

Still on the same subject, I am trying to figure out why the fast-food joints are increasing the number of their 24-hour outlets.

In my neighbourhood, they compete with the Syeds and other 24-hour teh tarik outlets, and for the life of me, I cannot imagine anyone preferring a snack plate of original recipe chicken over a piping hot bowl of sup kambing in the hours after midnight, or a Big Mac over the Ramly burger sold at the roadside stall.

But they have obviously done their research, and I suppose my preferences are fast being overtaken by more global taste buds. That may well impact on the Burgernomics figures eventually, since prices are determined to a large extent by supply and demand.

I like to think that I’m doing my bit to keep Malaysia in the top ranking for most affordable Big Macs – by sticking to my teh tarik and roti canai during EPL matches.

By Deputy executive editor Soo Ewe Jin

Staff Evaluation can be a waste of time

Source: The Star - 6th Nov'09

The problem is not in the concept - it is in the execution

DON’T get me wrong. I think staff evaluations are a very important part of organisational management. They have the potential to provide invaluable constructive feedback to staff at all levels, acting as a platform for improvement and personal development. Clear, honest, specific feedback can help us sharpen our performance, accelerate our learning curve.

Just look at the sporting world. World-class athletes pay coaches big bucks to give them constant evaluation, relentlessly pointing out their weaknesses, skills-gaps and blind spots in their quest for perfection.

Even a seasoned pro like Tiger Woods seeks regular feedback on his game and similarly many of us have spent quite a few dollars employing the local golf pro in our club to dissect our swings and tell us why we’re not hitting 400-yard drives on a regular basis!
So the simple reality is that feedback accelerates performance growth, hence, the value of a staff evaluation system.

The problem is not in the concept. The problem is in the execution.

Many staff evaluation meetings deteriorate into a meaningless exercise simply because no useful information is being exchanged. The following are some reasons why:

1. Many bosses only evaluate performance targets
We need to distinguish between evaluating what our staff have achieved and evaluating how they went about achieving it. I would say the latter is more critical and valuable.
Going through your staff’s performance records and telling them what targets they have surpassed and what targets they have failed to meet is an important but relatively simple exercise that most leaders should be able to accomplish with a minimum of fuss. The tough part is providing staff a critique on how they are going about their work.

A good manager, like a good coach, doesn’t merely highlight the fact that you have fallen short. They are able to offer insightful and critical appraisals of why you have fallen short and then offer suggestions for how you can do better.

I don’t expect the golf pro I have hired to spend an hour telling me that I’m not hitting 400-yard drives. I can see that for myself! What I need from him is a critical analysis of what I’m doing wrong and what I can do differently.

2. Many bosses don’t really observe their staff

To be able to offer a useful analysis of someone else’s work style and system, I need to know how he’s working. If I’ve no idea what you have been doing, or how you have been doing it, I am in no position to objectively critique your work style or method.

How many bosses/managers actually observe their staff at work? Of course observations can be conducted in many different ways. It may involve taking some time to observe them in action, but this is not the only way. There are a variety of creative ways to collect information about how your staff goes about their work. This may include collating information through 360 degree evaluation and other forms of descriptive surveys. It may also include them providing more detailed analysis of their own work approach.

I know this takes time, and the way some companies are structured makes this process challenging because you have 50 or 60 staff members directly reporting to one boss.

3. Many bosses are not honest with their staff
Some bosses are scared of their staff. They are scared that if they raise criticisms their staff will challenge their positions, that it may sour their working relationships and in the worst-case scenario, may even lead to the staff leaving.

I know situations like this, where staff threaten to leave whenever someone critiques their work. This reflects weakness on the part of the boss who clearly lacks the courage to confront flaws in members of the team, but personally I think it is the staff’s loss in the end.

When you create a situation where no one dares give you feedback, you lose, not them. You are the one who has deprived yourself of valuable fuel for growth. You are the one who has voluntarily stunted yourself.

While the rest of the competitive world is out there hungrily seeking feedback and devouring any criticism that can help them get ahead in the world, they are still some staff who happily embrace their mediocrity, comfortably sitting where they are and proud of the fact that no one can move them.

A culture of honesty requires trust to be earned from both parties. On one hand, it requires a boss who not only makes the effort to observe and develop an accurate, critical and constructive evaluation of the staff, but one who also has no hidden agenda other than to help his staff develop to their full potential.

On the other hand, it requires staff who are hungry and courageous enough to swallow their pride and be open to hearing unpleasant truths about themselves, all the while realising that this is a natural part of growth and re-invention.

In conclusion, practising a meaningful system of staff evaluation is a difficult thing. It requires the commitment of resources and the development of a culture of honesty and trust. Not easy, but certainly a more desirable alternative to a meaningless and empty evaluation process that already eats up millions of dollars worth of people’s time and energy.

by: Dr Goh Chee Leong is vice-president of HELP University College and a psychologist.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1st Malay Wedding Emcee

My Co-MC

We are in action

Take a break

My coursemate and good mate, Aimi

At Last I became Emcee for Malay Wedding. That shows my versatilaty. Really proud of it.
I learnt the flow of the Malay weeding and the beautiful words to use to cheer up the function.

I should thank to my hostelmate, Amalina for giving me such opportunity to learn. It was her brother's wedding and she wanted FREE OF CHARGE MC, so I took the chalenge to promote myself.

Whatever happened I took it as learning experience.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

KDU 1 Malaysia Charity Run

After lapse of 3 weeks I'm running in this competition. Although I was just training for 5km, this tournament was a good tournament to show whats my fitness level.

Ronnie called me and I agreed for it since it's just 5km. Then he said that there will be 4 of us in the team which will be Ronnie, Stanley, Wern Tien and myself. I taught it's going to be a relay. Then I realised it's going to be mass start, and they will calculate the average timing.

There were only four teams in our category and Pacemakers send 2 teams including my team. The flag off suppose to be at 7am but they started damn late at 8.15pm. They dragged the event by having Taekwondo show, senamrobik and speeches.

Upon flagging off, Ronnie started the pace and lead the racing pack followed by Stanley, wern Tien and myself. I paced them till the midway point.

Suddenly the drama started. I started having ache at both my calf. It's like pulling me and I was feeling that it could burst. This made me to slow but couldn't slow that much as the next team which is Pacemakers Team 2 lead by Chen Pong Pong was just meters behind me.

I just told my self that I'm not going to quit and paced behind stanley by 50M behind. Though the sun was striking but, it didn't stop us from finishing with a bang.

When I saw the finishing line, I just pushed myself and went to Red Cross straight for treatment.

During the price giving ceremony, the individual runners were getting Champagne bottle (Halal one), but we didn't receive anything since we are in the team event. Damn, I told the organising committee person, that we also worked equally hard as the other runners.

When we received the medal, It remembered me my school medal which is in plastic and ribbon strap. Damn, really cheapskate medal although I paid RM25.

No proper drinks or refreshments. Whatever, I finally received the bottle of champagne after tough argument with the organising committee.

Now I have to get prepared for the Klang 12km run on 15Nov.
Official results yet to be announced by Ronnie.

Dicipline Committee of MCA resigns

We have another bomb shell from MCA saga. The Dicipline committee resigns after MCA accepting Dr.Chua Soi Lek back as Num 2 to the party.

Looks like members of MCA has no power already. They have said that Dr.Chua should not be num 2 in the party during the last AGM but now he is back.

Does this means, the President has the ultimate power to decide on what he wants to do?

That's why the diciplinary committee has decided to resign so that there wont be another saga.

MCA really needs a change.

Friday, October 30, 2009

District 51 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest Winners'09

Humorous Speech
Marianna Pascal - Champion
(Division A - Sacred Heart)
Speech Title : Local English or Standard English?
Ruby Ahmad - 2nd place
(Division S - Langkap)
Speech Title : The Return of Holy Matrimony
Karina Razali - 3rd place
(Division E - Miri)
Speech Title : The Adventurer's Wife

Evaluation Contest:
Asha Suresh Chand - Champion
(Division N - Oracle Advanced)
Rozana Yunos - 2nd place
(Division K - Brunei Speakers)
Mary Barton - 3rd place
(Division W - WIM)

Genting Convention and Holiday

I dont fear snakes anymore

The scary space shot

Uncle Lim in our memories

DTM Meyya

My wife and club members

It was 14 years since I have been to Genting. Such a long time though. Significant difference at the hill. This convention is a memorable one for me as I was receiving my Distinguish Toastmasters Award (DTM) over there. Futhermore, this will be the final Semi-Annual Convention before the District splits.

I went there on Friday morning together with my club member Lini and Jeong Teng. I drove all the way up and it took about 50minutes from KL Sentral.
We checked into First World Hotel, the highest number of rooms in the world (6000 rooms). But room was freaking small. There was a king size bed and it took 80% of the room's space. No cupboard, no astro, no place to hang towel and no place to put soap. Anyway, most of the time, we were out of the room.

The hotel had vegetarian section and non-vegetarian section, which was convinient for us.
This convetion is memorable for me as:
1. I received my DTM award
2. I was in the organising team for handling slides and music for awrds and SAA for the Finals and also in the Sketch team (3 roles)
3.I asked questions during the Council meeting where the treasurer couldn't answer it.

The food was good throughout the convention as it's held at Genting International Convention Centre.
Some pitfalls from the organising team:
1. Minutes & Accounts were not circulated to all council members.
2. Only Area Gov and Div Gov were given the minutes and it's in a terrible printing quality.
3. No proper directions to the meeting hall as most people were lost on 1st day.
4. Since it's held in KL, they could have included all races songs and dances rather than just focusing on 1 particular race. (1 Malaysia mah)
5. They were checking the tag only for finals. They should have done it from 1st day itself or don't do it at all.
6. Goodie bag was crap as there was a cheapskate pen and a mouse pad. That's it and the rest were just brochures. Thats not goodies at all.
7. There were too many greay areas in the accounts.

Upon the convention ended on Sunday afternoon, I extended my holiday till Tuesday. We stayed in the same room.

Sunday night, we went around the inddor theme park and play some games. Looks like it's just a waste of money in the indoor theme park other than snow world.

Monday, we went around the outdoor theme park and played some adventorous games i.e space shot. It went to 40ft high and drop suddenly which caused heart attack for me. We maanged to cover most of the games by lunch as it started raining vfrom evening onwards.

I saw a man with phyton and it cost RM15 to take a photo. I took the chalenge to put it at my shoulder and take the photo.
The photos are attached beside.

Tuesday, we went to casino and witnessed how people loose their money.
Overall, it was a good holiday trip and relaxation moment for me after busy with working life.

Credit Card Service Tax Maybe Absorbed by the Bank

I contacted UOB Bank and Standard Chartered to cancell my credit card, but they said that they have yet to receive official announcement from Bank Negara. They said that they will post via email on the latest updates.

I read The Star on 27th Oct'09 and it says that the banks might absorb the RM50 service Tax so that it would not loose all its customers. Currently, the banks are giving cash rebates on certain purchases i.e Giant, Petronas, Tesco and Secret Receipe. This rebates might be revoked so that, it would substantiate the service tax.

Furthermore, the bank will only bear the service tax if the user swipes the card on frequent manner i.e. 2-3 times per month or spend a minimum amount ( the bank not yet decide). Else, the bank will still charge you the RM50.

Looks like all my unused credit cards need to be cancelled as it is just sleeping at my home. These credit cards were given as complimentary although I didnt ask for it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RM50 on Every Credit Card from 2010

Our Recent 1Malaysia Budget announced by Najib has become a pain a pain for some of us. All banks will be charging RM50 per crdit card on annual basis.

Country is running on deficit. Everbody knows that, but this is not the way to get money from the public. If you want to discourage people using credit card, this is not the way. Are you expecting us to carry RM2k in our wallet an walk around the town.

Friday, October 16, 2009


MCA Going to have another EGM

Yesterday the Committee decided to have another EGM to decide wheter to have a fresh election or not.

Excuse me MCA people, the members already decided that they have no confidence on Mr.Ong Tee Keat. Why cant he just leave and give the rest a chance. Are you going to have EGM for the entire term.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UM is now ranked 180th in the world

The recent Times Higher Education Ranking shows that Universiti Malaya improved its ranking to 180th from 250. Now, it's the number 1 university in Malaysia compared to UPM,USM and UKM.

Although its still not to the best as it was number 80 in year 2005. But definetely its an improvement with the new vice Chancelor, Prof.Gauth Othman. Looks like Student's Representative Council which was won by the opposition this year was one of the contributing factor to the improvement as the student's thinking differs compare to Pro-Gov students.

Hope "Student Power" comes back.


Recent EGM for Malaysian Chinese Association showed that MCA menbers are not interested on both Mr.Ong Tee Keat and Dr.Chua Soi Lek.

They have voted no-confidence on the President and rejected Dr.Chua as to be the number 2 of the party.

This has called for many speculations. Many are looking for fresh elections. Some leaders have started campaining or showing the interest in teh party leadership i.e:
-Fong Chan Onn (former Vice President)
-Dr.Ng Yen Yen (Current Vice President) - aiming to be the 1st Lady President
-Liow Tiong Lai ( Current Vice President)
- Kong Cho Ha (Current Vice President)
- Datuk Donald Lim (Former PJ MP)

These people and the other members are being controlled and moved by former leaders i.e Tun Dr.Ling Liong Sik, Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting, and Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy.

Look like another circus is going on. Furthermore, Ong Tee Keat is now in overseas. Bloody hell, people are suffering and he is enjoying at overseas. Let's wait and see what's going to happen on Thursday.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Klang Centro Run - 11 Oct'09

This is the 1st ever race in Klang. All the while, I have been running in KL. Thus, I wanted some different enviroment. Furthermore, the distance is only 6km, which is just nice for me after coming back from my break.

I was at the place at 6.20am although the race is scheduled to start at 7.45am. Upon doing some warm up with Suresh, we went to starting line. The race starter started the race at 7.35am itself. Luckily, i was ready at the starting point. The countdown started from 10..9...8..7..SHOOT. The starter not even finish counting, the other starter already started the race.

I just followed the leading pack, although it broke after 1km. I was wearing my new Prospec shoe, so it was a trial for me with the shoe. The route was mostly flat and it went through the housing area of Klang. When I was running, I followd Stanley from behind, but he increased his pace there after. Suddenly realised that Guna was slowing down, I followed him and overtook him at final 2km. Towards last 1km, I was "pangsai" as I didnt go toilet before the race. So I couldnt increase my pace. Guna took the advantage and overtook me at the last 500M.

Looks like I need buck up on my long runs. My next race will be Klang Pacer 12km. Should start preparing from now.

My teamates results:
20.10 - Murni Nathan (4th)
20.39 - Casey Lim (5th)
21.45 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (9th)
22.37 - Ben Swee, Pm50 (14th)
23.36 - Stanley Cheong, Pm53 (19th)
23.56 - Gunaselan, Pm39 (22nd)
23.59 - Meyyappa Manickam, Pm56 (23rd)
25.00 - Suresh, Pm47 (32nd)
25.02 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (38th)
25.40 - Zulazlan Shah, Pm43 (42nd)
26.33 - Tan Boon Seng, Pm16 (51st)
28.26 - Ryan Teoh, Pm17 (101st)
29.41 - Hasrul Sham, Pm34 (143rd)
38.38 - Ruban Kumar

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 Best countries to Live


11) Luxembourg
12) Finland
13) United States
14) Austria
15) Spain
16) Denmark
18) Italy
19) Liechtenstein
20) New Zealand.

Singapore is ranked at 23, Brunei at 30, while Malaysia is at 66th place. China is now ranked 92 while Thailand is at 82 and Asia-Pacific state of Samoa is ranked 94.

Selection Criteria: expectancy
b. literacy
c. school enrolment
d.gross domestic product (GDP) per capita
Source: United Nations human development index dated 4/10/2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Samy Vellu is on leave for 2 months

Our Indian leader is on leave from October till November. He wants to give a test to G.Palanivel (his number 2 man), wheter he is capable of leading the party without "Uncle Sam".

Damn, why two months? just go for leave forever. Malaysian Indians dont need him anymore.

New A+ grade for SPM

Yesterday at "The Star" Newspaper, Our Education Minister said that new A+ grade will be introduced from next year onwards.

The current system of 1A, 2A, 3B was introduced in SPM2000 replacing A1,A2,C3....

The goverment is just changing the grade, in other word, changing the letter n the symbol.

What we need is the :
1. Change of sylabus which is capable of inculcating current happening around the world.
2. Enhancement on teaching method, as the teachers are lacking of communication skills.
3. Change the education system from exam base to problem solving base. Students are memorising and voumiting out in exam. No wonder local grads are lack of quality.

Let's see if 1 Mlaysia concept is really going to work or all our money is going to 1 Malaysia F1 team.

Tsunami at Sumatra - I felt it

3 days ago, when Tsunami (earthquake) hit Sumatera Island, the effect came till Peninsular Malaysia, especialy Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Penang and Klang.

I was still at my office at 6pm, suddenly I saw my Managing Partner going off quickly out of office, followed by my director. He said he felt like someone knocking the window, then his coffee table shook.

I felt as if the building was floating. Then, everyone at my floor quickly evaquated the building.

I just thought if it's going to hit Malaysia again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have Sex To Play Better

India’s cricketers at the Champions Trophy in South Africa are being encouraged by their coach to have sex to boost their on-field performance, a newspaper reported yesterday.

The benefits of sex feature prominently in a secret document circulated among players by coach Gary Kirsten and mental conditioning expert Paddy Upton, the Hindustan Times said in a front-page report.

It came as India take on arch-rivals Pakistan in their first Champions Trophy match in Centurion on Saturday.

The large-selling broadsheet, which claimed to have a copy of the document, said the relevant chapter was headlined “Does sex increase performance?“.
“Yes it does, so go ahead and indulge,” the document said, before detailing the benefits of a good sex life and even suggesting “going solo” if no partners were available.

“From a physiological perspective, having sex increases testosterone levels, which cause an increase in strength, energy, aggression and competitiveness,” the document said.
“Conversely, not having sex for a period of a few months causes a significant drop in testosterone levels in both males and females, with the corresponding passiveness and decrease in aggression.”

The document quotes Tim Noakes, a professor and sports scientist at the University of Cape Town, Kirsten’s home town, as saying that “sex was not a problem, but being up till 2:00 am, probably having a few drinks at a bar while trying to pick someone up, on the eve of a game, almost always was.”

The document helpfully suggests a solution.
“If you want sex but do not have someone to share it with, one option is to go solo whilst imagining you have a partner, or a few partners, who are as beautiful as you wish to imagine,” the document said.

Source: 'The Star' - 24/9/09

Monday, September 21, 2009

Track Training - 21Sept'09

I have been missing from action at track upon my IAFG. Thought this holiday break would be the best time to get me back to track and make sure Im on track to get back my gold medal for IAFG2010.
Thank god, Ronnie organised training. It's just 800M with 10sets. But I just want to proove myself that I'm back to my fitness after dismall performance in recent races. Furthermore, track is where I began my running career.
Before start, Ronnie gave each of us our target timing to be met which is below 3.00, below 3.15, below 3.30 and below 3.45. I was given the 2nd category. After 4 sets pacing with Ronnie, I felt that I could go faster for the remaining 6 sets. Thus I promoted myself to the 1st category. Furthermore, Wern Tien already started with 1st category since 1st set. Bryan followed my footstep to get into the 1st category too.
Coming to last set, I told my self to win the race. I just want to finish with a bang. Thus, I followed Wern Tien from the back and overtook him at the final 100M. He could not keep up the speed and gave up. It was a fantastic training for me. Hope to do better in upcoming runs.
My timing:
3.12, 3.08, 3.08 ,3.07 ,2.53, 2.54, 2.53, 2.50, 2.51, 2.41
Result 400m : (bonus set)
1.12 - Tang Wern Tien
1.14 - Meyappan Manickam
1.16 - Bryan Lee
1.19 - Hong Zi Shen
1.22 - Ronnie See
1.22 - Stanley Cheong
1.23 - Chin Teck Sin
1.30 - Wong Kei Ming
1.38 - Andrew
2.00 - Kee Guan Chye

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Becareful at Hypermarts

2 days ago I was at Hypermart to buy a drink. The price stated was RM12.99. The upon scanning at the payment counter, the price was stated RM15.99. What the hack? I told the cashier that it's suppose to RM12.99 and even brought her to the rack that I took the drink.

Then she called the manager. I had to wait for another damn 10minutes. Upon their investigation, the new price is RM12.99 and it's not updated in the pricing system. What the heck?

You are running hypermart and you can give this kind of lame excuses. This actually happened to me 3 times already. For naive citizens, they would just pay regardless of the amount. This is indirectly cheating the consumers.

I urge everyone to check and recalculate the rough total pricing as there could be a similar story to repeat.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

MIC election 2009 - Same Monkeys again

President: Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu
Deputy President: Datuk G.Palanivel (Samy Vellu's man)
Vice Presidents: Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, Datuk S.K. Devamany and Datuk M. Saravanan (Samy Vellu' men)

1. 19 of 27 Samy Vellu's men won CWC post
2. 18 of the CWC members are new face
3. Votes that went against Datuk G.Palanivel was 827 compared to 629 for him. This means members don't like Samy Vellu man. But the votes broke, so he had a slim win.

Najib gave KPI to MIC to get back Indians support. This will never happen till this monkeys are still around.
Indians in Malaysia are fed up with those faces and their words. We would like to have someone who think realistically and someone who spend for people and not for their wives, "keeps", children and daughter in law.
Looks like more temples will be demolished, more Tamil schools will be closed and estate people will still remain in estate.

"Valgha MIC"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Indonesian Maid asking for RM800 per month

Recently, Indonesian Representatives requested for salary hike for Indonesian Maid to RM800. Currently, they are earning the average of RM400-RM500.

These people are staying with us, eating free food, getting free cloths. Yet they are asking for salary hike. Fine I will give them RM800, but collect back RM300 for food and lodging purpose.

what I feel is, it's our home and our children. It's our responsibility to take care. I sweep and mop my own house. And Im satisfied because Im doing something for my home. Thats why nowadays, children dont really love their parents as these children are breed by the maid.

You might sweat extra without maid, but you will have more satisfaction.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Idris Jala is Minister now!!!

Former CEO of MAS is Minister in Prime Minister Department. He will be monitoring the KPI of the Goverment Dept.

Lets wait and see how he performs.

Worst Division Contest

Yesterday I went to Division P Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest.

I was suppose to be timer. The briefing suppose to be atb 1pm. I could not make it but I made it before 1.30, where it was the starting time for the contest. By the time, they already appointed Ron Low as my replacement. But he was generous to allow me to takeover since the contest is yet to begin and he knew that I have experience as Timer.

Suddenly, the "STUPID" shief judeg came and called me out of the room and said that I cant be the timer as I missed the briefing and she already briefed Ron Low as the timer. But I said to her that Ron Low doent mind to give the role to me back. But the lady said the same dialog again. This dialog took 5minutes. If she used her smartness, she could have used the same 5 minutes to brief me. It's just a simple role.

Now, I realise, experience not neccessary enhances the knowledge and smartness. Moreover, the org chair was so iressponsible, that, she never even thought of calling, just to find out wheter I will be late or not.

Next, was the sitting. There were no enough space for people to sit. Cant they get a bigger venue. hello, this is a division contest, ok. And they were happy to say that they got full house. Large crowd in a small room will off course projects it's like a full house. What if they had it in a bigger hall.

They charged RM15, but no food. Just because, the caterer will throw away the food after 4hours and the food arived at 11'oclock itself. Just because, the org chair is in Puasa, doesnt mean we need to puasa also. Wei, what did u all did with our RM15. This is clear sweandelling.

Only chief judge gets gift, the other judges got only a cheapskate Certificate.

They had dialog, but nobody dared to speak up becvause most of them were new to Toastmasters and the division councill members also doesnt know what to do as tehy have no creativity to think.

Luckily I was not from that division, Otherwise, teher could be a world war.

Hope this division will be matured enough to lead the members. Lokks like Rabbit is leading the tigers. Funny and crap division.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Petrol price is RM2.05 from today!!!!!!

Perfect Meedeka Gift by Barisan Nasional.

Our "beloved' goverment has increased the petrol price to RM2 from today onwards. This is for the Ron97 category. To ensure, people dont get angry, the "smart" goverment introduced another category called Ron95 which is priced at RM1.80. An they say it's cheap.

Do you know that cars like Volwagen, Suzuki, Pugeot, Mini Cooper cant use Ron95 as it's lower quality. This is how goverment is making money and buy their dream house at Australia and Europe.

What a crap goverment we have!!!!

Pcemaker Merdeka Relay - 30 Aug'09

As before the race itself, the organising team gave us the target to achieve top 5. It was realistic target, though we knew that 2 teams from Klang pacers, Jasni's team and Ronnie's team would be the favourite to be in top 5.

My team as usual powered with Suresh, Thurei (replaced with Vickneswaran, another powerful runner) and seasoned lady , Amutha.

When I arrived, I was looking for our lady runner, Amutha. But she was not seen, suddenly a old lady came to the timekeeper and asking for Amutha's team. As I was beside the timekeeper, I told her that Amutha is my teammate. Then she told me, Amutha couldn't make it as she was involved in a kursus, thus, this chinese lady will replace her.
I just wondered, wheter this old lady can really run or not. All my estimations were wrong. As the race started with the ladies goiing off first, the old lady got into the leading pack and was in 3rd place from midway onwards. I just got shocked. A senior veteran can really run. Now I understand, never ever, under estimates ladies.

When she passed the baton to our 2nd runner Suresh, we were in 3rd place, but 2 Klang Pacers just overtook him which brought our team to 5th placing. HWen the baton passed to Vicneswaran, he closed the gap between him and the 4th placing runner.

As I was waiting for him, I had my pressure in my legs. When I received the baton, my aim was just to overtake the 4th placing runner. He was just 100metres way from me. I just followed him at the back and overtook him within the 1st 400metres as it was hilly at the beggining. Then I just continued my race. I could feel that I was getting tired, but I pushed myself to ensure nobody overtakes me from behind.

When I was reaching last 300M, Suresh was there to cheer for me and he pressured me by saying "there's some1 behind you going to overtake". That increased my pace and the other runner, Vicky paced me till the finishing line.

Upon reaching the finishing line, I just sat down. The funny part, I started raining after that. Thank god, I finished my race before the rain.

We got trophy plus medal. The medal was superb, fantastic, marvelous. No other words to say. we pay RM30 and we got t-shirt, medal, trophy, food. What else you need. This is definetely better than Adidas KOTR or KLIM.

Only points for improvement would be the track itself, where, the route was very steep at the downhill and dangerous as there was a hut where the roof could hit runner head, if he didnt notices it.

My next run should be in Oct. Need to build up my strength as I would like to concentrate in 1500M for next year's IAFG n KL Open.

Our timing:
40'57 - Indian Pacemakers (4th Place)
10'31 > 10'31 - Lian Bee Hoon (F)
10'26 > 20'57 - Suresh, Pm47
09'51 > 30'48 - Vikneswaran s/o Rajan
10'09 > 40'57 - Meyyappa Manickam, Pm58

Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally I'm A Distinguish Toastmaster (DTM)

I have achieved Distinguish Toastmasters Title, DTM. It's like completing PHD in University. After my harwork of 4 years and 1 month, finally I landed on the title, the highest recognition in Toastmasters.

Now Im one of the youngest DTM in District 51 (Malaysia, Indonesia,Brunei). Its definetely pleasurre and pressure to hold that title as people will always look up to you and keep you at high level. That level also bring high expectation in me to deliver my speeches and my leadership qualities.

Now my aim is to become Division Champion and go all the way to District Podium.

MIC Election - 12th September - Circus of Malaysian Indians

"I will wallop him left, right and centre if he does not keep quiet. I don't give a damn about him."
MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu was in top form yesterday slamming his former deputy, Datuk S. Subramaniam, after nominations closed. Samy Vellu, who was returned unopposed for an 11th term as party president in March, added: "If he wants to be a gentleman, he shouldn't open his mouth unneces-sarily."
Source: NST, 24/8/09

"I willing to go for open debate with Samy", said Subra
Source: The Star, 24/8/09

Deputy President Contenders: 3 fighting for 1 position
Vice President Contenders: 7 fighting for 3 positions
CWC Members: 65 fighting for 27 positions

Samy Vellu already announced his line up which is damn unprofessional. Furthermore, he would like to stay up till 2015 and not 2012. Till when he want to stay? People already dont want him. All his men are equalent to him. So you can expect the similar management and leadership by them.

It's time Malaysian Indians to vote for change.

My Comment:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RAT RACE - 11 Aug'09

I'm Participating in this race after lapse of 2 years. The previous time in 2005 i got 16th position in open category. This year I was triying to improve it.

The uniqueness of the race is that you have to wear office attire but you can still wear running shoe. I didn't really train well for the past 1 week after my IAFG and Shah Alam Run, as I was concentrating in my speech contest.

The race today suppose to start at 5.10pm but started at 5.30pm. It was hot and during the start off, it started to drizzle. I thought it will be cooling but I could still sense the heat and humid. As the race started, I followed the front group but not the leading group. The leading group was concured by CIMB, RHB and Fitness First runners.

After 1km, I was fully exhausted, my throat was dried and my shoulders were not moving weel and no sweat. That slowed down my run, but I maintain my pace till KLCC. At KLCC the water station was there and I took the bottle and poured on me.

As I got refreshed, I headed into Jalan Raja Chulan, the final 2km. As I reached Ambank, That was chalenging part because it was uphill till the Shell station, I had no pushovers as the guy in front of me was 100M away from me and the guy behind me was 200M behind. So I was in the same pace till the entrance of Bursa Malaysia. Upon that, its another uphill ll the finishing lane.(The only race with uphill finishing that i have witnessed). I clocked 19.10 and my placing was 11th. I was happy about it though I was 2nd in my team as my teamate, Muhammad Ali, the same guy who beat me last week at 1500M, IAFG, beat me again this time.

Maybe my recovery is not good or I put on weight. I just felt that i couldnt carry my leg anymore at midway point.

I met Jessica, who won the ladies category and Vijay who got 2nd in Men veteran. Hope to do better next year if Im still around with the company.

My next race would be the Merdeka Relay. Training forward for it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Area B1 Humorous Contest - 8th Aug

After dissapointment from last weeks contest, I prepared myself to perform better. I reviewed my script and added more humor lines as it was not funny enough.
Today morning I reviewed the script and rehearsed the main lines so that I wont forget. Then I watched Steven Fernando's to get use to the momentum.

I knew that my main contender will be Dennis, the defending Champion. When I reached there, I realised that that there were only 4 contestants: Dennis (DU), Jamilah (MAS), Jess (UNITAR) and myself.

I knew 2nd placing is in my hand as my target was to get top 2. But at 1 moment I tought of grabbing the championship title as I relised Dennis presentation is more dramatised and the content is not that strong.

I was the final contestant and when I presented my speech, my flow was just natural. I never feel the nervousnes. The audience laughed. I was confident after my presentation that top 2 is in my hand. I had to skip some points due to time factor.

When the results was announced, I got 1st Runners up. Then I knew Dennis will be the champion and as guessed the was. But I did realised that I had close fight with him and I jusyt need to practise more to polish my speech.

However, Im glad that I didnt end up 3rd placing as I did in previous 3 attempts, 2005,06&07.

I will start preparing for my International Speech from next week onwards to ensure I can beat Dennis and become Division Champion.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adidas King of The Road - 2/8/09

After going all out yesterday on Track, I just wanted to take it easy today. Whn I reached the stadium, just jogged with Suresh around the stadium to be warmed up. When race started everybody overtook me and went. I just went on my own pace as my aim was just to complete it. I thought the route will be simple, but it was hill at every 2km. I was feeling exhausted reaching 15km. My legs were tired and I couldnt move. I saw alot of under dogs overtaking me. However, I didnt bother about them. I just wanted to complete the race. The route covered the whole area of Shah Alam, right from housing area, industrial area, city center and sports complex.

The run finished at stadium but we had to go through the underground car park which was like oven.

The handling of drinks section was "SUCKED". 100+ finished. Nobody bothered about "quee". I wanted to have MILO but it was just like mini pasar malam. No goody bags were given. Theer were adequate waters, 100+ n sponges at the refreshments stations.

I just want to take few days of before training for my Rat Race on Aug 11.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Lost in IAFG (Inter Accounting Firm Games)
I was the defending champion for 1500M for 2 years and today I had to surrender my title to Muhammad Ali (the guy whim I beat last year). I just took a wrong strategy of starting slow and pacing with another guy fro KPMG. This let Ali to break the gap to 50metres. At 2nd lap that KPMG guy slowed down and started jogging. This left me stranded and I had to chase him. Imanage to close the gap to 20metres but it was too late. I will try to avenge my defeat with him at upcoming Rat race. I did 5:09 whereas Ali did 4;53. Some boost was my firm won 4x400M where i was the anchor. slighly happy for that.

Loss of Handphone
I lost my handphone today and felt as iff I lost my hand. It really ruined my day.

Disqualified in Evaluation Contest
My aim was to become Division Champion and go to Genting for District Contest. But today, I was disqualidied from the contest as I exceeded the time and made Dennis (the guy) whom I always want to beat. Today he under performed, but I lost . My dream to district contest dashed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Larian Puncak Bkt Antarabangsa 26 July'09

I ahve never run at this place before. In fact, I never even came and look after the landslide tragedy. I came yesterday to survey the place and to know the route. I realise, the route was very hilly with steep hills.

As I left the house, I started to rain like cats and dogs at half way point. I had to wait like 15minutes. The race was suppose to start at 7pm. So when I looked at my watch, it was 6.50am. The rain didnt stop, so I just whack in the rain with my rain coat and reached there at 7.05am. But the race was not started yet as all of them were waiting for the rain to stop.

I didnt strech at all and never even apply my muscle cream. When the race started at 8am, I just saw around 100 of them at my category. As usual, I was with Veronica (Hot Portugese Girl). She stays there, so she has the home ground advantage.

When ther race started, the front pack just got of with fast & Furious start. One stupid old man came and stopped his bike between the runners. I just shouted at him " Puk***" and run away.

It was steep down hill for the 1st 400M and the front pack just left me. Then it started to go uphill. I tried to maintain my pace at uphill and at certain point theer were flat routes. Thus, I tried to close the gap / overtake the person in fron of me. As the uphill going more steep, Stanley and 3 other Malay guys overtook me. I just maintained my pace behind them as my strategy was to overtake them at final 500M.

Suddenly, when we reached the Petronas, the marshal asked us to stop and told us that we were at finishing line already. What the heck? there were no proper distance marker and the finishing was at juction and not straight road.

My placing was 16th. Then I realise, the distance was not 7km and it was around 5km. My pacing was for 7km. Crap.

Anyway, still amange to finish within top30 and came back with a medal.

My running mates results:
26'45 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (7th)
26'51 - Vincent Wong, Pm10 (8th)
27'04 - Gunaselan, Pm39 (9th)
00'00 - Ben Swee, Pm50 (10th)
28'17 - Stanley Cheong, Pm53 (12th)
28'22 - Meyyappa Manickam, Pm58 (16th)
31'01 - Ghejanthran (20th)
33'19 - Teh Seong Yee (24th)