Thursday, November 27, 2014

Roads name changed

I don't understand why they want to change the road names. If thse people wants the names to be remembered, put it for new roads, rather than changing the current names. Looks like all short names are going to become long names.

Worse case, my place was called batu 4. Now it will be called as Batu 1. The rest will be called Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Malaysian Football team can came back home early

After loosing to Syria 3-0 and Vietnam 3-1, looks like the team is not strong at all and making silly mistakes. It looks like team is going for holiday at Singapore and likely not to win any matches, thus they will be back home early.

A war torn country like Syria can beat Malaysia, I don't know where our players are going to their faces on.

Stupid Trichy Airport

I had bad experience 5 years ago and I thought they world have improved but it's still the same.

After being used to Malaysian immigration, I was at Trichy airport, and those immigration officers were damn unfriendly. They even throw the passport, ask question as if i'm their slave and convicted crime. Worse thing, when I was returning, That officers was even talking about movie to another officer whom just came back from leave.

This people don't even have courtesy to say Thank you, Have a pleasant stay etc..

Another bad experience was, I was business class passenger, the officer manning the counter was not from Airlines (which i felt abnormal). There were no business class line, thus I had to queue for half hour. But those officers whom are also corrupted, allow some passengers to cut queue.

When I told the officer, she bullshit to me that they were business class passengers. Actually they were not. I raised my voice by saying, there;s no system here and I wont recommend my friends to come to this place. Really disappointing.

She was worried, thereafter, she came and apologized before I board the plane and allowed me to board the 1st. I'm surprise for such big country with much population and smart graduates, this kind of incidents are still taking place.

It's either all smart Indians are already ran away to overseas or India is only good in IT and nothing else they are well verse.

District 51 Humorous Speech & Evaluation - 2Nov14

It's my 3rd consecutive district contest and 2nd straight for evaluation and my maiden district contest for humorous speech. I should say, this was one of the closely contested district finals (especially for humorous speech).

Of course my aim was not to come back empty handed after previous edition. I was contestant number 5 (after stephen fernando). Thus, I had slight pressure to maintain the level of the humor king.

The audience also exited, especially when Stephen is taking part whom had won numerous times. He build the momentum and next was me. As usual, as I started, the humorous started to build and towards the end, I knew the audience were with me and the laughter went to the max.

As the stage was small, and low, but it didn't affect me, as I felt the audience were closer to me. Some audience said that I maintained the momentum after stephen's speech. As the number of contestants were 11, the later contestants had the advantage. And true enough, the top 2 of them were contestant 9 and 11. I was confident, as I finished the speech just on time for yellow zone.

After the break, I had to get ready for the evaluation contest. It was Dr.Thila, whom I'm witnessing for the 1st time in English speech. Thereafter. all of us were quarantined in a room for 5 minutes for preparation.

I was contestant number 9, thus I had some time inside to craft my evaluation speech. But it was same advantage for the defending champion as hr was contestant number 8. It's also another pressure being in the quarantine room. After a while I came out to have a different air.

When My turn comes, I went up the stage confidently and started the evaluation by saying, I was PIST with your speech." Then move on with my evaluation.

Next is the awaiting moment, "results". There was 1 time disqualification, and I thought it was me. Then the 2nd runners up was Gurmit Singh from Penang, and the 1st runners up (2nd placing) is yours truly......The champion was the same person as last year. I lost to the same guy. Looks like I had to wait for another year to win my maiden title.

For humorous speech, 3rd placing went to favorite, stephen. 2nd place went to Gurmit's brother, Jagdheep and champion was the evaluation champion.

One part I'm satisfied as not coming back empty handed but on the other, sad that didn't win.

Anyway, The tagline of "You lick chicken lice". "fei chai" remained even after the contest.

Penang Bridge International Marathon - 16Nov14

It's my 7th marathon and 2nd for Penang Bridge. I wanted to take part this year, as it's the 1st edition on the 2nd bridge. My aim was to do better than last year which was 7:30. However, I didn't had time for the mileage workout due to speech contest, work and travelling.

Nevertheless, anything lower than 6 hours would be decent. This year, the race started at 1:30am. It's the earliest ever race that I have competed. I tried to sleep early, but somehow, due to the anxiety, I couldn't sleep.

I went to the place at 11.30pm, as I didn't want to miss the shuttle bus. When I reach the place, I feel hungry and there were no power bar available (I mean for free). So I took white curry me, which was sold for RM2. I didn't drink the gravy, else, I would have been running to toilet during the race.

I started with my colleague, Wan Hamidi and as we came in late into the starting lane, we were at least 200M from the starting point. That took us 2 minutes to get to the starting line. Thereafter, we had to squeeze in between people, which also took time. I completed 1st km in 6:30, which is considered slow for beginning stage.

Our initial aim was to go before the 4:30 pacer and maintain the pace.There after, within the next 3km, we manage to overtake the 4:30 pacer, and kept ahead of them. I could also breath better, as the number of runners were lesser at that pace. I was on right pace and maintained the momentum.

The road was flat, except for the beginning  and slight slope at the middle point, after reaching the mainland. My timing at 25km was 2:30, thus I was confident of finishing the race within 4:30 or even earlier. The lighting along the bridge was good and bright. Unlike the 1st bridge, here we could see the runners at opposite side. I was at 10km, and I could see the Kenyans at opposite side.

At every 10km, there was checkpoint, so that our timing will be clocked, which was also the indicator for the distance. Furthermore, I realise that 2nd bridge has 2 tolls, which is something for people to double consider before taking it.

At 21km (half way point) everything seems alright and going on well. Even at 25km, I could feel tired but not lethargic or painfull, thus I still could run. The real disaster started after 30km, where my right knee started aching. I continued with it, till I reach the 35km, where both my knee started aching. I had to stretch every 500M, but the pain was still there. I could only jog and do big walk, because I couldn't run anymore.

To make it worse, there were only 2 medical station with spray. The rest with only ice. Damn, they had atleast 10 personnel at every medical station, but only had ambulance and ice..

It was a repeat of 2013 PBIM, but this round, only at last 7km. Nevertheless, I didn't give up. Partially I was also distracted with 21km runners, whom joined half way. Luckily 10km started later, else, it will be like another Thaipusam festival.

I saw the 4:30pacers overtook me and I told myself, just focus on the finishing. I saw the arch which had color lights and knew, I was at last 4km. So I tried to walk faster like big walk and jog at certain point. After the toll, I pushed myself, as it was only less than 1km, and there I finished.

As for the run, I enjoyed the route, flat, cooling, adequate space to run for marathoners, except for the last 10km (where half marathon joined us and slowed the pace).

But for the organising, it was a TOTAL screwed up event. I didn't expect this for an international event. here are my dissatisfaction:

1. Power gel only given at 1 station. Bun was given at certain station, which is not appropriate during the race.
2. No muscle spray.
3. No power bar for pre-race. We had to buy it.
4. No distance markers. Luckily, I had my GPS watch, which was almost dying.
5. only 2 or 3 sponge stations
6. Finisher T was the same as last year, except change of color. Atleast, change the design, like KLM
7. The finishing area and baggage areas were muddy and water stuck here and there
8. There were no signage to get out after receiving goddie bag
9. The finishing are was dark with inadequate lightings
10. No muscle cream or gel during pre- and post race
11. Worse thing, people were fighting to get into the shuttle bus. 1st time in my life.

The list of dissatisfaction goes on, but I already knew, it's a screwed up event.

Anyway, for next year, I'm still contemplating after all this hiccups. The management had apologized publicly via Facebook. Let's see if I'm still in the mood to run next year.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lee Chong Wei is tested positive

Finally, the results of doping is out and, Datuk Lee has been tested positive for dexamethasone in both his A and B samples and faces a possible maximum penalty of two years suspension. Currently, he has been suspended from taking part in any tournament till the final verdict by BWF is announced.

There could be a possibility of reducing the suspension term to 3 months if he is not found guilty. he admitted that he took the drugs for his stem cell repair in a private hospital. The blame game already started, where some says Datuk Lee is the cheat, another party blames hospital for not prescribing proper medication, on another side, NSI didn't monitor or instruct proper treatment for the injury.

Whatever it is, we can't cry over spilt milk. We will wait and see what BWF has to say. 

Till today, BWF nor Ministry is not revealing the name of the player but media knew that it's lee chong wei. I don't know, why are they hiding till today.

Malaysia is in group of death

Malaysia has been drawn with Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar for the upcoming AFF cup. we have always struggled with Singapore and Thailand. Myanmar also have given us good run these days.

We won it last in 2010 and only qualified for semifinals for 2012. This round, the coach is Dollah Salleh and to add new flavour, we will be also playing at artificial pitch. Though protest were made, but, it's approved by FIFA, thus, Malaysia had to obliged to it.

Now, Dollah Salleh need to prove his credibility, atleast to qualify for semifinals, else, we could see a new coach come new year.

After so much of publicity on local league, our boys need to step up at international arena.

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If batman was created in India, this is how it looks like.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

School with track

I have seen schools with tracks. But this track is special, because it's an Olympic style track and situated on top of the school.

Though this school is located at heart of city and no space for football field or sports ground, but the management make it creative way to ensure, the sports activities takes place.

Why can't Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur adopt this too?

Tuesday Humor

Sarita will be always remembered

This lady was out-stead due top bias judging and only won a bronze. But during the prize giving ceremony, she refuse to take the medal, but finally, she just received it by hand and put it on the Korean whom beat her in the semifinals. The Korean, eventually lost in nthe finals and settled for silver. 

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