Tuesday, May 31, 2011

KNOW the Sports Person - Prakash Padukone

Prakash Padukone is an Indian Badminton player, and the best Badminton player India has ever seen till now. Known as the ‘Gentle Tiger’ on the court, Prakash was the first Indian Badminton player ever to win the prestigious All England Badminton Championship.

The highest point in the Badminton career of Prakash arrived when in the Final Match of the prestigious All England Badminton Championship he upset the reigning Champion, Lim Swie King of Indonesia to win the coveted title, which is considered to be the Wimbledon of Badminton.

The victory at All England Badminton Championship earned Prakash a World No. 1 ranking, something that he’s been the only Indian to achieve till date. He had now entered the league of the best badminton players in the world of his time, and in the Swedish Open tournament of 1980, he even got to clash against his Idol, Rudy Hartono in an early round of the tournament. Prakash beat Rudy by 9-15, 15-12 and 15-1, and even though he could easily win by 15-0 in the last set, he didn’t want to embarrass his Idol.

Further, he won the Alba World Cup Badminton 1981 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He was the first ever Indian Badminton player to win a World Cup title. He won the Dutch Open and the Hong Kong Open Championships in 1982. Prakash won a Bronze Medal at the World Badminton Championship 1983 held at Copenhagen, Denmark.

His doughter now a famous actress, Deepika Padukone.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ferguson paid the price for the cup

I was in front of my TV at 2.30am. I eargerly woke up at that time to watch the match.
I really wanted Manchester United to avenge the defeat which they had 2 years ago.
When I saw the line up, I realised the 1st mistake by Ferguson, that they were wearing their white jersey rather than the normal red. MU had never won on their away jersey.

Next, EPL's top scorer was not in the 1st eleven and to make it worst, he was not even in the substitute list.

Then the formation, Hernandez was left alone in front with Rooney to assist him (4-4-1-1 strategy). For Barcelona, with strong defence and midfield, you can afford to have just 1 striker in front.

The game was even for the 1st 20minutes till Pedro scored an easy goal which the defenders could have actually avoided it. The game back to level by Rooney's goal just before half time.

2nd half looks like school boys (MU) vs Men (Barca). MU was just defending, rather than attacking. Hernandez was just a passanger rather than a driver. Damn.

Nani came only in 2nd half.

Looks like MU need to wait for another 2 years to get to final and Barca prooved that they are one of the greatest club in the world by winning 3 cups in 5 years.

Good Bye Van Der Sar for serving the English Club for 6 seasons.

Friday, May 27, 2011

KNOW this Sports Person - R.Arumugam

Famously known as Spiderman, R Arumugan is easily a household name when it comes to Malaysian football. He was born on January 31, 1953 in Port Klang he was one of those players who were born to play the game. He made his debut into football at the age of 18 representing Selangor.

Representing Selangor from 1972 to 1988, he helped the time to go on and win the Malaysia Cup eight times.

Representing Malaysia 196 times, The goalkeeper earned his first cap when he represented the Malaysia national football team in 1973 for the World Cup qualifying round matches in Seoul, South Korea.

He is also a bronze medalist for the Asian games in Tehran in 1974. Arumugam was also part of the Malaysian team that qualified for the 1980 Moscow Olympics however the team boycotted that golden opportunity.

He was known to be part of the spine of the team together with Mokthar Dahari and Soh Chin Aun, He agility was second to none and his commanding presence at the goal was a constant fear to team mates and opponents. (they already had 1 Malaysia spirit at that moment)

From his performances it clearly showed like his team mates the pride in wearing the national colours and playing every match like it were a cup finals.

Even teh Aresenal team in 1975 were not able to score against him where Malaysia won 2-0.


As per Dictionary, GRIEF means graveyard, sorrow, pain and troubletimes.
As I'm hunting for job, I applied throygh various sources.
Finally I received a call from this company called GREIF for an interview.

I brough my stacks of certificates, just to impress the interviewers. I even get prepared for technical questions so that I won't stumble.

When I reached there, I had to wait at Security Guard house for 15minutes because nobody cam to acompany me. Then, the guard asked the sweeper to bring me to the office.

When I stepped into the office, nobody was waiting for me, so I just walked into the workstations. I realised, it was very quiet and everyone were serious.

When I asked for Ms.Zana (HR Exec), she just told me to it in the room and fill up the form. Damn, never even greet me and introduce herself. Never even smile also.

Upon filling up the form, the HR manager came (Sarita) and the same case, never greet me or welcome. Just with her harsh sound ask me to intorduce myself. She was accompanied with Finance Manager (Felix).

Her sacarstic question was:
1. Your resume shows that you are a job hopper, why should we employ you as you may hop again
2. We also work late, so you may not get your balance life.
3. You area manager, why appliying for Accountant position

Then Felix started to talk about his sad stories, saying that, I need to report to 3-4 people. I have to do SOX reporting. I have to manage the staffs (3 subordinates). Prepare report on daily manner. Handle auditor, tax agents and do budget. The best part, the subordinates are like deadwood.

I may need to work everyday, get scolding from superiors. Work around the clock.

Damn, I wanted to go into commercial, because I wanted a balance life. Looks like i wont get it.

But he said they can pay me well for what I asked.

They say they will call me should I be selected for 2nd interview. Hope they won't call me.

It's really a grave yard.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Acid Sale MAYBE regulated

John F Kennedy said, " You have to repair the roof when the sun is shining".

But our smart Malaysian goverment only impose rules when something already happended.

20 ladies faces were splashed with acid and only now the authorities are sigeesting to impose stricter rules.

Deputy Health Minister, Datuk Rosnah said:
“There needs to be control, not only on acid but other harmful substances, the use of which could be abused.

“However, the ministry would have to look at the implementation mechanisms including the technical aspects.

What a lame excuse.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Man United clinched their 19th title

Wayne Rooney's penalty secured a draw against Blackburn (1-1). Man United whom just needed 1 point from the 2 games went in with a pressure to capture the title. The pressure was proven as they were trailing 1-0 at half time.

Javier Hernandez was brought down by Paul Robinson and Ronney punished that mistake by scoring the goal.

This point has made 7 points clear from Chelsea whom have 2 games to play.

19th title has surpassed Liverpool's record of 18th.

Now it's time for them to recapture the Champions League Title on 28th May against Barcelona. They are the finalist for 3rd time in 4 years. It's time to avenge the loss of 2-0 2 years ago.

Looking for opportunity

My workload is just piling up.

The staffs below me are either lazy or just "chin chai" workers and has dont bother atitute.
But the burden becomes heavier to me because of all these characters and the partners just doesnt understand it.

I'm working almost everyday, still the job is heavy.
I just wonder somethimes, high pay doesn't give a good/quality life.
They are just sucking my blood.

I just wonder, when will I get a peaceful sleep.
I just wonder when will I get out from the firm.
Anyone for the answer?

I'm looking for opportunity.

Money Eaters

No Money, No Honey". But they didn't know that excessive honey can turn into poison.
My car's radio system was not functioning. So I went to JC Accessories at Jalan Ipoh( same row as HSBC) to get a 2nd hand version of a radio as it may cost lesser. I was looking for SONY which is compatible to the CD changer.

When I went there, the sales man asked me to buy new one then I said I can used the CD changer. So he asked me to come back next day and asked me to pay RM50 and it cost RM80. In addition, he asked me to change the wiper. Initially I didn't want, but looking at the condition of the wiper which was damn rusty, so I changed. Then He insisted me to get the car tinted and it may cost only RM350, but I was reluctant. He said, the vision can be a problem, but I knew He is trying to get money out of me. So I just asked him to put the tinting at the top part of the front screen. It costed RM55 then he reduced to RM50.

The next day called him for the radio, and he still say on the way. Then again on Wednesday and he asked me to come on Thursday. When I went there, I was rushing as it was during lunch time. He took his own sweet time to change. Suddenly, he said that the radio he had, could not fit and so he recommended me to repair the radio, else buy new one. I just told him to fix back my old radio and asked him to refund RM50.

As typical "businessman", he bullshitted by saying the money has been given to supplier, blah blah blah. So I told him to get me something which is equivalent to RM50. So he installed tweeter. I know it may cost lesser than that but I just wanted to get out from there.

Upon installation, my volume went to max and I couldn't control it. I knew it's something to do with the wiring, but the shopkeeper again bullshitted that I need to install modulator because I have installed tweeter.

At that time, I just wanted to get out from that shop. So I quickly came out and decided to go to "Brothers" during weekend.

Brothers was recommended by my colleague and he said that don't go for 2nd hand if you are going to use it for more that 2 years.

So I went to Brothers at Kelana Jaya and got a brand new SONY and got it fixed which is compatible to to the CD changer. I had to incur additional cost for the wire cooler and also fixing charge as they subcontracted the work.

But the work was clean and no cheats. At least you may feel peaceful about the work done without any confusions or dissatisfaction.

Now I know JC means "Just Con"- The money eaters.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Is DEAD

U.S. President Barack Obama announced that Osama bin Laden was killed by "a small team of Americans" acting under Obama's direct orders, in a covert operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan, about 50 km north of Islamabad.

According to U.S. officials a team of 20-25 US Navy SEALs under the command of the Joint Special Operations Command and working with the CIA stormed bin Laden's compound in two helicopters.

Bin Laden and those with him were killed during a firefight in which U.S. forces experienced no injuries or casualties.According to one US official the attack was carried out without the knowledge or consent of the Pakistani authorities.

In Pakistan some people were reported to be shocked at the illegal incursion by US armed forces.The site is a few miles from the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul.In his broadcast announcement President Obama said that U.S. forces "took care to avoid civilian casualties.

Details soon emerged that three men and a woman were killed along with Bin Laden, the woman being killed when she was “used as a shield by a male combatant”. DNA from bin Laden's body, compared with DNA samples on record from his dead sister, confirmed bin Laden's identity.

The body was recovered by the US military and was in its custody until, according to one US official, his body was buried at sea according to Islamic traditions.One U.S. official stated that "finding a country willing to accept the remains of the world's most wanted terrorist would have been difficult.

U.S State Department issued a "Worldwide caution" for Americans following Bin Laden's death and U.S Diplomatic facilities everywhere were placed on high alert, a senior U.S official said

So Near Yet So Far

It was my dream to perform/contest at District level. It happened this year when I qualified for the International Speech Contest Finals. Going against giants like Stephen Fernando, Muthukumaran (2010 Evaluation Champion) and Dr.Asha (2009 Evaluation Champion & 2010 Table Topics Champion).

Though, I didn't had time to practise my speech but my mental power was strong to ensure the smoothness of my speech. With evaluations from my club members, Loghendran, Daniel Teh, James Arokiasamy, Singam, Valli and my other Toastmaster friends, I manage to craft and mould the speech to ensure the content itself will be the champion.

Although I was busy my my job, but my focus was there on the speech and performing well.

When I reach there at Penang on Friday, I was already bogged with phone calls from my office along the way till I reach the hotel. Then had to go into the election for the officers. Thereafter, practise my dance for the Friday night performance.

Though there were hiccups at beginning as my dress gave me some problem, but I manage to get alternative solution and we made the performance.

Everyone were engrossed with the show which we portrayed 1 Malaysia concept. With my special stunts, everyone amazed that Toastmasters can really dance and perform on the stage.

Soon after, I went for the briefing for the contest and I got to present as 5th speaker. In Area and Division, I was 5th also. So I felt that's good as I can feel relaxed not being in the top 3.

Friday chapter was over, for Saturday, I skipped most of the segments and only attended Ted Corcoran's and Forum segment only. Even for the dinner, I left after 4th course.

I was practising my speech along the beach at the ballroom to ensure I get used to the environment. I was really satisfied and confident on my performance.

The D Day came, I did the mike test, it was fine. Some even complained about about the stage but for me everything was fine. Although I was a bit tensed as this was my 1st District Contest, but I manage to reduce it when I mixed around with others and joked around.

Stephen Fernando was the 1st contestant, his message was not strong but the other aspects were as usual, marvelous. Followed by Grace Tan whom over acted, then by Dr.Asha, whom was not really animated and dry message.

Muthukumaran came and he talked about "The little difference" but he talked abt his grandma and daughter. It was humorous. Message there was there.

Then my turn, As I started, the flow just went on. At one point I forgot my line, but continued with another line and came back to it later.

As the red light blinks, I rushed for conclusion. I saw the timers face was sour. The claps were just OK. During break, a lot of people came and told me that I spoke well and overall I know I can qualify for top 3.

But then, the disaster happened. Thiaga and Yoges came and told me that I might have exceeded the timing by atleast 8 seconds. Damn!!!

Looks like my golden dream is going to be dashed. Even Stephen fernando and Muthu was initially worried with my performance but after knowing that I'm disqualified, they were happy.

When the results was announced, they told there's 1 time disqualification. Damn, I knew its me.

My head just went down. Naelah was beside me and try to console me but I couldn't take it.

Eventually Muthu won and Stephen got 2nd place. 3rd place went to some1 whom doesn't deserve the trophy at all.

I immediately walked out of the room and went for the lunch without witnessing the closing ceremony.

Thereafter left to KL with Victor and Thiaga. Even they weer trying to console me but it was to heavy to just leave it.

Even if i was not placed, I wouldn't have been that sad. But loosing in this manner, its really heartbreaking moment.

Div C Governor, said there are more contest to come. Make it as a learning experience and come back strong next year.

I don't know what else to say apart from I will try again.......

From Victor's blog:
"In the former, Meyyappa had the best chance of being crowned the winner and which will allow him to progress to the World Championship of Public Speaking in Las Vegas, USA. Sadly, it was not to be because he was disqualified for going over time. I am sure he is angry and upset and I know the feelings very well because I went through this same situation in my previous competitions."