Friday, May 30, 2014

So Near yet so Far

It has been 5 days since the Thomas Cup Finals. Malaysia lost 2-3 to Japan. Should we be happy that we exceeded the target by reaching the finals or should we be sad that we should have won the title against Japan.

I was eagerly waiting for this match. I never sat down for 6 hours for a programme, but here I did for the patriotism.

There were even rumors, this could be his last Thomas cup. But he was really professional and proved he is the real world number 1 by the style of his play and also his professionalism on the court.

As expected, Datuk Lee got the 1st point in straight sets, although he looked nervous during the 2nd set.

Then came, the 1st doubles. Our strategy was to win 1 single and 2 doubles. When the 1set commence, our doubles looks powerful and the japanese looks really nervous. As expected, we won it. But when it comes to 2nd set, the blunder started, where silly mistakes were made and there were miscommunication between Hoo and Tan. Hoo's smashes were powerful, which totally eliminate the feeling that he is plump. They lost the 2nd set and when comes to 3rd set, they were close by 1 point but lost the game by 21-19, which was a heartdown for all the Malaysians.

Next match Chong wei feng shoulders the burden and he was against former world junior champion, momota. momota beat the Chinese and danish top en-route to finals. Momota proved his is too strong for wei feng and he is upcoming star for the Badminton world. Perhaps, if Datuk lee played against momota would have been a good match. Wei feng just look helpless and lost in straight sets.

The score is now 2-1. When Malaysians were almost loosing hope, Goh and Tan, came as savior by giving a gusti fight and winning the match in rubber sets. They really fight till the end and made the score 2-2.

Now Darren Liew, the captain shoulders the weight of the entire nation. He is lower ranked compared to Ueda, but their skills are almost the same. Only difference was Ueda was mentally prepared and I saw lacking on Darren. The 1st set, Darren was like a punching bag, but he showed a strong come back which nobody expected. Then it goes to rubber set.

Even YB KJ came down to the players seating and was really sporting to cheer and support the team. He was not even sitting on the chair but was standing for the last 2 sets. I doubt any other minister would do.

When comes to final set, looks like Darren was out of gas, he tried to attack but Ueda was strong and beat him by 21-17.

There goes the Thomas cup to land of sunrise for the 1st time. Now Japan joins the elite team, which also increases the expectation, as they will also contend for the championship, apart from China, Indonesia, Denmark, South Korea and Malaysia.

It took us 12 years to reach finals. Maybe it will take another 12 years to win the cup too. Having confidence in the doubles, singles is always a question mark.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sultan Azlan Shah Passed away

 I know his as king of Malaysia and President of Malaysian Hockey Federation. He was also the sponsor of the Law faculty building in University Malaya.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Organ Donation Run - 24 May'14

It was my first night run for the year. It's even memorable, the run is happening in my campus where I graduated. I reached there early, and did warm up with Murali and Sheela.

The race started late by 10 minutes. As the race started, I tried to get myself out of the slow running group and went to the leading pack. After 500M, there was a natures call, and i decided to stop for 10-15 seconds. By that time, 20 of them would have overtaken me. After I continued, I started to overtake 1 by 1.

As the race was assisted by FTAA, there were no issues on marshals. I knew the route will be tough as there are 2 hills (back to back) and another at finishing. The 1st hill really slowed me down and allowed some runners to overtake me. But I manage to overtake them at the downhill and closed the gap.

When reaching the 2nd loop, there were few runners again overtook me, and I just followed them behind. It was good that there were 2 water stations. When comes to 2nd lap, i increased my pace and as usual, when comes to hill, there were few over takings.

It was helped by the junior boys and girls whom just need to do 1 lap and they ran with us at the 2nd lap. Although I couldn't follow their pace, but i continued to push myself at the uphill. When the downhill started, there no more turning back, I increased my pace. Assisted with music played at 10th college, gave me additional boost.

When I came to 3rd college, I overtook 1 runner, and continued to increase my pace and overtook another at the sceince faculty. I was thinking we would go straight to DTC, but we went through the same was as we ran the 1st loop. At library, another 2 runner were overtaken and come engineering faculty, another runner was slashed too.

After the 2nd college junction, it's a sprint for me as i don't want to be overtaken by anyone and pushed through the last hill and went crossed the finishing line at DTC.

I felt like vomiting, perhaps, I pushed 110%. I was given number 10, then medal, gift box, food pack and water.  Then I meet ms.selvi from FTAA, and she told me top 10 will get prize and hamper. Then, I relook at the gift box and realise, it was written 10 and there was 2 medals in the bag.

I went to ask the organising team, and they said, only top 3 will go to the stage and the rest will be given at finishing line. Perhaps, all of us could have been honored on the stage. There were also no water station/booth at the finishing lane.

My timing was 57:55. I wont say it's my best but I have given my best for my current form. The medal gave me motivation to train harder. Furthermore, I'm getting top 10 after 3 years and more sweeter, it was at my home were I graduated.

Panda saga

I don't really understand why we really need this pandas now. don't we have other animals in the zoo, which we need to take care. In addition, why don't we give the fund to the schools and the poor people for their daily expense.

In addition, the minister is so stupid, by saying, it will save rakyat's cost to go to china to see the panda. damn it, why don't u bring polar bear then.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Slower Immigration

5 years ago, when I renewed my passport, it took only 10 minutes for application and i come o next day to collect which took 20 minutes. I really appreciated Malaysian government whom made things effective and I don't need to take ;eave from office.

Now looks like we are going backwards, as the immigration came back to manual processing, where we need to take number, then submit documents and do payment then collect passport. it took almost 4 hours.

I just wonder, when all countries are moving forward, why are we moving backwards.

NM Galaxy Run Part 2

It was only 15km, I thought it will be just the usual bukit tunku route. The runners were called to starting line, but there were no proper countdown. As i was in the front 3 lines, i escaped the slow running group. But, after the wisma tani u-turn, the run became messy. there were no proper border lines, although the check point was there.

After the hockey stadium, they requested us to turn into the bus terminal and the tough task started. It was a steep hill around 500m. I never ran in that route before. When comes to down hill, it was also steep, thus i had to control my speed. Nevertheless, I used that chance to overtake few runner.

When  though the race was almost over, there was another hill which was also steep and curvy. It really broke the distance between the runner n front of me and behind me.

There were distance marker at every 3km and adequate water stations. perhaps, could have more counter for drinks,as we had to queue up for a while.

There was milo, cereal, banana and 100+. perhaps, another food / dish would have been better for runners as they were rushing for breakfast.

My timing was 1:18, which was not great. will work to push it below. 

Beauty and the beast

Gearakan President, the veteran, Mr.Mah, whom has lost previous 2 elections has been given 3rd chance. Whereas, DAP has fielded a Gen Y, Dyana Yusof. As Gerakan is still viying for their 1st win since 2008 election, DAP is triying to woo the gen-Y and creating successors.

Dyana has been the photographers focus, as she is photogenic and has ability to speak as she is a lawyer by profession. It will be a close call, so long there's no blackout happens again.

Malaysia is in Finals after 12 years

Thank you to Lee Chong Wei, Tan Boon Heong, Hoo Tian How and Chong Wei Feng whom made it dream come true by bringing Malaysia to Thomas Cup finals after 12 years.

Though only semifinals was target but they had the ability to move to finals. as the match started, the expected score was 3-1 or loosing 3-2 as we did not expect 1st doubles and 3rd single to win. Nevertheless, when Datuk Lee took the 1st match, he proved he is a world class player trailing from 5-0 in 2nd set and back to win the match.

As there were no much hope on 1st doubles, as they faced world number 1 pair, Ahsan /Setiawan, Hoo & Tan proved they are able to cope up with pressure and won the nail biting match in rubber sets. With miss-communications, yellow cards, lack of umpire support, the pair still put up a good show to win.

For 2nd singles, it was boost for wei feng and ultimate pressure for Rumbaka as he need to salvage the point else, they will pack the bag. That could be seen on their facial expression. Wei Feng was cool and handled the match well and got the match in straight sets.

Now Malaysia will face Japan whom upset 5 times defending champion  China.

I have been watching all the finals since 1992, 1994,1998 and 2002. I feel, it's the best chance now to win the title though Japanese players are motivated with the win in semifinals.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thomas & Uber cup Quaterfinals line up

Malaysia was hoping for either Thailand or France but they got the 3rd choice Denmark. Thus, it will be a tricky one now. While Malaysia can score 2 points from their 1st and 2nd singles, and Denmark should get their 1st points through 1st doubles, the 2nd doubles will be Malaysia hope again.

Yesterday they saved Malaysia and brought the country to quarters, today they will have the same responsibility. Not much hopes on 3rd singles, as he was still struggling with South Korea yesterday.

The ladies made incledible perfornace by capturing 1 win and merely llosing in 1 point to Denmark. If either 1 of the match won by Malaysia could have seen them playing against Japan today.

It's fine, should they increase the tempo, moving forward, they could step into quarters too.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Another chipsmore cookies leaders

As you see the advertisement from Chipsmore cookies, "now you see, now you don't", it happened to Terengganu government. Former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said is back in Umno along with the two Barisan Nasional assemblymen who left the party with him.

With the return of Ahmad and the other two assemblymen, Roslee Daud of Bukit Besi and Ghazali Taib of Ajil, Barisan maintains its original strength of 17 representatives in the State Legislative Assembly (not counting the Speaker). The opposition has 15.

The team meet up with Prime Minister yesterday and got their so called issues resolved and retracted their resignation letters. It looks like BN got more issues to be resolved now as they have many more frogs to come.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FAM Presidency

3 horse race has been expected for the post of president of Football Association of Malaysia election for term 2014 till 2018.

Incumbent Sultan Ahmad Shah, his son and also deputy president, Tengku Abdullah and Johor Sultan Son, Tengku Ismail whom is also Johor Darul Takzim owner.

I don't understand, why the president is adamant of keeping the position for so long but the team is showing no improvement. Worse thing, his son is also going against him. If these power crazy people stays in sports, definitely our football would not go far, even if we spend so much on overseas training, building better stadium and newer attire.

We really need a lion who can roar rather than buffalo. 

Bomba Run - 11 May 2014

It was my 6th Bomba Run. As usual, the route is already a common route for me which is the routine 11km route. This was a experiment run for me, because, the day before, I ran another 10km on treadmill for the mileage. Thus, I wanted to know if I can recover within 12 hours for next run.

When I started, of course the slight tiredness was there, but running on a normal route made me to just move on.I started from the front 4 rows, thus, there were no pushing or rushing. I allowed others to overtake me as I knew which section to speed up.

I went slow for the 1st 5km, as it's a hilly route at bukit tunku. Ater the 1st water station, my pace picked up, as it will be a straight road till jalan parlimen. Good thing was, they had another water station before jalan parlimen.

Upon reaching jalan parlimen flyover, I increased my pace and manage to overtake alot of runners. Just as I reached bank negara, a runner overtook me. I tried to push myself but could not close the gap to 20 metres.

There were no issues with traffic control and volunteers. The only setback was, it started late by 5 minutes. For a RM20 race, it was a weldone event. hope to have more runs like this.

FAM to reveal new National coach

Football Association of Malaysia will reveal the new national coach next month. Among the shortlisted ones are Mozambique national coach Gert Engels, former Spain Under-21 coach Luis Milla Aspas, and local duo Kim Swee and Dollah Salleh, who is currently Police coach.

From big names such as Philip trousier, marcelo desaily, rudy voller, now going to unknown names. The question is wheter this coach can work independently ad spotting the right talent to revive the team.

Happy Wesak Day

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Brazil Football Squad - No place for Robinho, Ronaldinho & Kaka

Former world player of the year Ronaldinho & Kaka and ex Manchester City player, Robinho has been dropped from the World cup squad. They were instrumental when the team won the cup in 2002.

Here's the list selected by Louis Felipe Scolari:

Julio Cesar (Toronto FC), 
Jefferson (Botafogo), 
Victor (Atletico Mineiro); 
David Luiz (Chelsea), 
Dante (Bayern Munich), 
Thiago Silva (Paris Saint-Germain), 
Henrique (Napoli), 
Maicon (Roma), 
Dani Alves (Barcelona), 
Marcelo (Real Madrid), 
Maxwell (Paris Saint-Germain); 
Luiz Gustavo (Wolfsburg), 
Paulinho (Tottenham), 
Fernandinho (Manchester City), 
Ramires (Chelsea), 
Oscar (Chelsea), 
Willian (Chelsea), 
Hernanes (Inter Milan); 
Hulk (Zenit St. Petersburg), 
Bernard (Shakhtar Donetsk), 
Neymar (Barcelona), 
Jo (Atletico Mineiro), 
Fred (Fluminense)

5 from EPL, 2 from La-Liga and 3 from Serie A.

Will this team can bring glory to Brazil by winning at their home ground?

Friday, May 9, 2014

Standing Ovation

I have been a Toastmaster for close to 9 years. Last Monday I attended Puchong English TMC and it was my 1st time attending their meeting. I was playing the role as General Evaluator. I was invited many times but I turned down due to my busy schedule as Division Governor, speech contest participant etc. But this time I made it.

As usual, when I took over my role as GE, I went on with humorous style evaluation and continued to be critical, encouraging and motivational towards end.

As I finished the speech/evaluation, the members gave me standing ovation and gave thunderous round of applause. They were amazed with my feedback. I felt really humbled when I saw the standing ovation.

Only then I realise, how toastmasters have changed me and made me as better human being. 

District 51 International Speech and Table Topics Contest

I was eagerly waiting and training for this contest. Though there was a group whom wanted to block me from contesting, but as member for 9 years, I too have earned good freindship from various club members whom made my mission to work.

It's my second time contesting in International speech contest(ISC) at district level. As I had bad outing in the previous contest, I didn't want to repeat it and ensure I'm well prepared for it.

It was a new location as I have never spoken at Kuala Terengganu before. In addition, I was also given the honor to take part in the Table Topics Contest(TTC). Taking part in 1 contest is already a pressure, and this is 2 now at District level.

Anyway, as the briefing and balloting went on, I was 8th contestant for ISC and 2nd contestant for TTC. It's a relieve as I will have some emergency time for final minute preparation. And for table topics, i could witness other contestants speeches.

For ISC, it's a super strong line up where we had 2 past world championship runners up, Pala & Logi, past District champion, Shanker, Tuk Hoon and Robert. People also deem me as favorite too. I was really happy to hear that at the same time feel a bit pressured.

As the contest begin, I went up the stage in confidence with smile. Presented the speech. This time the mike was superb and the sound was clear. As I finished my speech, received thunderous round of applause.

During the break, received many accolades that my speech inspired and motivated many people. From there I was confident that my delivery was polished and clear to the audience of various ages and background.

As the table topics stared, the topic was "A promise made is a debt unpaid". It was a challenging one for me. Nevertheless, I manage to get through it.

As the results announcement goes, I was unplaced for Table Topics and there were no time disqualification. Nevertheless, I was not expecting anything for TTC.

Next is the important contest announcement which was ISC. There was a time disqualification but I knew it was not me because I finished my speech before the red light was switched on.

As I was expecting at least number 2 or 3, I was a gain unplaced. It was definitely a disappointment for me, which I'm still recovering now.

However, from positive side, it was my 1st time taking part in 2 District contest at 1 go. In addition for the term, I took part in 3 contest at District level which is also 1st time. Then, it was 1st time for me to finish podium during the district evaluation contest.

For Division, I made to all 4 division level contest and all them were podium. In addition it was also 1st time for me to win 2 1st place during the same term at division level. Of course, All 4 area contest were champion.

Overall, it was a good term for me and looking forward for betterment next term.

As speaker, it's not important if you are not winner of podium, but whether if you have won the heart of the audience.

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