Friday, August 31, 2012

Do I really feel independent?

Mahatma Gandhi said, "When a lady wears kilos of gold around her and walks around the city alone and comes back as how she went out. That's what you call independence."

Today, if I were to go out, I will have fear that:

a) a road bully may hit me
b) a thief could rob me
c) a serial rapist could attack lady drivers and passerby
d) bank account got hacked and robbed
e) email account and facebook got hacked
f) money laundering among powerful people

On other side, we are still depending on:

a) foreign made goods
b) foreign workers
c) financial assistance from world bank
d) dependence on Singapore, China and US to buy our products

When will Malaysia be fully self sustainable country with less corruption and crime, that's when I will really declare that Malaysia has Merdeka.

Happy Independance Day

Monday, August 27, 2012

Labu LCCT to KLIA 2

It was initially suggested that new LCCT to be built at Labu, which is merely 50km from KL city compared to 78km for KLIA.

When Air Asia suppose to wholly owned or has main control on the airport by combining with Sime Darby. However, our Deputy Prime Minister, has cancelled it and introduce KLIA 2 which is beside KLIA.

It was said the main controller should be MAHB or government itself rather than private party. Thus, KLIA 2 came about.

The new LCCT is expected to be opened in April 2013 which roped in RM4billion. The airport is expected to attract more new low cost airline. Currently, it's conquered Air Asia and Air Asia X. The smaller portion is shared by Tiger, Airphil and Cebu Pacific.

The current LCCT will be going back to it's origin of cargo airport. Will KLIA 2 be still a fish market? Let's wait and see.

Red Field at Beach side

Liahore Delta River, China

Samsung Pay Apple

It's always tough to think and create but it's always to copy or imitate. People whom put their heart and should to come out with creations but there's always another party whom reaps the benefit easily from other people's hard work.

There's saying, "the results through hardwork always remain but results through easy work will be there only temporarily.

That's what happened to Samsung, phone provider whom were slammed with fine of USD1.05billion. Most of Samsungs produc could be said a 80%-90%  imitation of Apple.

Their tag line is "Designed for human", BUT "It was designed by whom?", Apple or Photocopier?

As, saying goes, "Hardwork Pays" and it happened to Apple.

Malaysian Women are CHEATS...

MALAYSIAN women often cheat on their mates, according to a survey that listed them among the most unfaithful lovers in the world.

Some 39% of Malaysian women confessed that they cheated on their partners in the poll which covered 29,000 women in 36 countries, Kosmo! Ahad reported.

The Malaysian women came third behind Ghana (62%) and Thailand (59%) in the worldwide survey carried out by condom producer Durex.

In fourth and fifth place were Russia (33%) and Singapore (19%) respectively.

Among couples cheating on each other, Malaysia trailed behind South Korea and chart-topper Thailand.

The same survey placed men from Singapore and Hong Kong as being the most promiscuous in Asia, with an average of 16 bed partners in their lifetime.

Malaysian men, the survey revealed, have sexual relations with an average of three women on a casual basis.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

9500 Malaysian Indians are still not Malaysians

The MyDaftar programme has received 9,529 applications from the Indian community since May.

Coordinator of the Special Implementation Taskforce of the Cabinet Committee on Indian Community in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam said that of the total, 6,527 were applications involving citizenship.

The others were for birth certificates, marriage registrations and identity cards.

“Foreigners with entry permits made 3,770 applications for citizenship,” said Siva Subramaniam.

“Of the total, 2,016 have been approved by the Home Ministry. We also received 1,922 citizenship registration applications from the Indian community born in Malaysia after Independence and 1,479 were approved by the ministry,” he said at Wisma Bernama here

    My concern: What was our goverment and MIC was doing during Samy Vellu's regime and also Mahathir cum Pak Lah. Is it they are rushing for registrants so that BeeAnn can get more voters.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tall Disorder

Sometimes we always say, Tall, Dark and Handsome. Sometimes, the character itself would only be "hand-some" and not hand full. If a person is getting a lead for a project, why another salesman wants to cut in and steal other people's hard work? Doesn't he has any maturity and cutting into people's reap.

Furthermore, empty vessel makes more sound, and he does the same by "taichi" all the work. Even as simple as photography was not able to handle where I need to bring in a substitute. Furthermore, in the whole movement f the event, myself and another co-advisor was monitoring the ensure event but he wasn't ding anything rather than just saying "keep u good work". He lost the credibility where, the organising chair cam to us for advise and strategies.

But he came and say it was done in rushing manner and only emails were communicated. The important matter here is communication and we did that properly. We were given short period of time, and still made it. The question is, why he is giving so much of comments when his involvement was mere below 5% and insignificant.

Respect can be earned when you serve, but respect can be also lost while you are serving. Looks like he is awaiting for a big blast from relevant parties involved including me.

Our coin refers to Israel logo

Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Hit Your Goals

RM20million for 2 medals

Finally the curtain closed for London Olympics and for malaysia, it's a repeat of 1996 achievement of 1 silver and 1 bronze, but now it's from 2 different sports.

From our government's point of view, their investment has reaped, I mean RM20million. This is official amount, I'm not sure if there is unofficial amount.

My concern isRM10million per medal, is it that elusive? I wonder if Grenada spent that amount of fund to produce the 400M champion.

was the fund properly channeled to our sports team?

Sailing & Fencing
We are glad that we at least had representatives in these sports when it didn't really gets sufficient support from government.

Having Chai Ling and Heidi Gan, may make up the numbers, but for pool swimming, we used to have more than 3 swimmers in Y2000 and 2004 but reduced to 1. Open water is an eye opener and getting into top 15 for the 1st ever time itself achievement

Our mum to be, wanted the record and show the women power. For me, though we expected her to gt knocked out at early stage, but her mental was strong enough to shoot with a new life in her womb.

Road cyclist proved they are not fit for international level. But why did we seed them to London then. They couldn't even finish the race proper. The track cyclist, Azizul, took over from Josiah for sprint and played the fool  at the 1st round which got him to be knocked out in quarters. For Keirin, wrong strategy cost him a medal.

We could have been in medal contention if we were more focused for men team, when we lost in close gap to mexico.

Who else to carry the burden if not Dato Lee, but he proved his recovery from 1st round till finals. Perhaps, Kien Keat and Boon Heong, could have been more serious as medal contenders, as Denmark, China and Korea proved too strong for Malaysians.

We expected medal from doubles men and women, but single medal from Pandelela was a surprise. It's time to focus on diving more and to kick out the anak angkat from china whom fail to perform.

Gold remain illusive for us when Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uganda, can get their gold medal.

Let's wait and see if Rio de Jeneiro could the place to land on our elusive gold medal.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Historic Medal

If Lee Chong Wei created history by defending the silver medal, National Diver, Pandelela Renong became the 1st woman and non-badminton sportsgirl to win a medal in Olympics.

She grabbed the bronze medal in 10M platform. Most of them lost hope on diving after poor performance in previous six events. But she came through all odds to win the medal.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Treat for treatment

Nasi Kandar shop and Ice cream shop promised all malaysians to offer free food/ice cream, should Chon Wei wins gold medal. BUT even when he looses, they still offer free food.

Is it a treatment for the treat. I just wonder if we would have won gold medal, would TGIF or Chilis offered us the treat.


I just wonder, by appointing immatured person as team leader and expecting the rest to respect her is damn stupid. I'm fine to say sorry not because I lost or surrender But because I respect teh relationship.

It's the same even if you are the finance director, you still need to respect and appologetic too. If you want to be racista nd support your own race mistake. One day you will be in deep shit and nobody going to give a damn about you, even yopu receive 5 figure salary.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Loss the match but Won the heart & mind.

If shopping complex and cineplex was not doing well yesterday night, it's only for one reason, where the entire nation was at home or restaurants supporting and cheering for 1 human being named, Lee Chong Wei.

After nail biting game he lost and surrendered to the superiority of Lin Dan. It was a repeat of 2008 Olympics final. This time Chong wei ws more prepared. It was more agony for Chong Wei, who had to play second fiddle to Lin Dan yet again, losing 21-15, 10-21, 19-21 in a 79-minute thriller.

Chong Wei already created history by winning 2 Olympic medals. It would have been better if he would have won the gold medal.

I never missed the final matches involving Malaysian since 1992. But yesterday, I was travelling from Kuala Terengganu and left only at 5pm. I knew I will be missing the match, but i had a reason behind it. Whenever I miss Chong Wei's match, he will win. So I thought, this would repeat yesterday.

When I reach home, I quickly switch to ESPN for the news and saw the headlines, "China made complete sweep in Badminton". So I got to know that Chong Wei has lost his match. Then, when I saw the match and read the reviews, I got to know from the viewers that it was tough fight.

Though I don't expect him to win gold, but he made a superb performance with qualifying for final and loosing in rubber game with situation that he was injured 3months ago.

Maybe we need to wait for another 12years for another medal, but the question is who is the next LCW?
He told sorry to malaysians but for me we are the one should say sorry to you as we fail to share the burden with you.

Malaysia is a copy cat?

When are we going to be original...