Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally I'm A Distinguish Toastmaster (DTM)

I have achieved Distinguish Toastmasters Title, DTM. It's like completing PHD in University. After my harwork of 4 years and 1 month, finally I landed on the title, the highest recognition in Toastmasters.

Now Im one of the youngest DTM in District 51 (Malaysia, Indonesia,Brunei). Its definetely pleasurre and pressure to hold that title as people will always look up to you and keep you at high level. That level also bring high expectation in me to deliver my speeches and my leadership qualities.

Now my aim is to become Division Champion and go all the way to District Podium.

MIC Election - 12th September - Circus of Malaysian Indians

"I will wallop him left, right and centre if he does not keep quiet. I don't give a damn about him."
MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu was in top form yesterday slamming his former deputy, Datuk S. Subramaniam, after nominations closed. Samy Vellu, who was returned unopposed for an 11th term as party president in March, added: "If he wants to be a gentleman, he shouldn't open his mouth unneces-sarily."
Source: NST, 24/8/09

"I willing to go for open debate with Samy", said Subra
Source: The Star, 24/8/09

Deputy President Contenders: 3 fighting for 1 position
Vice President Contenders: 7 fighting for 3 positions
CWC Members: 65 fighting for 27 positions

Samy Vellu already announced his line up which is damn unprofessional. Furthermore, he would like to stay up till 2015 and not 2012. Till when he want to stay? People already dont want him. All his men are equalent to him. So you can expect the similar management and leadership by them.

It's time Malaysian Indians to vote for change.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RAT RACE - 11 Aug'09

I'm Participating in this race after lapse of 2 years. The previous time in 2005 i got 16th position in open category. This year I was triying to improve it.

The uniqueness of the race is that you have to wear office attire but you can still wear running shoe. I didn't really train well for the past 1 week after my IAFG and Shah Alam Run, as I was concentrating in my speech contest.

The race today suppose to start at 5.10pm but started at 5.30pm. It was hot and during the start off, it started to drizzle. I thought it will be cooling but I could still sense the heat and humid. As the race started, I followed the front group but not the leading group. The leading group was concured by CIMB, RHB and Fitness First runners.

After 1km, I was fully exhausted, my throat was dried and my shoulders were not moving weel and no sweat. That slowed down my run, but I maintain my pace till KLCC. At KLCC the water station was there and I took the bottle and poured on me.

As I got refreshed, I headed into Jalan Raja Chulan, the final 2km. As I reached Ambank, That was chalenging part because it was uphill till the Shell station, I had no pushovers as the guy in front of me was 100M away from me and the guy behind me was 200M behind. So I was in the same pace till the entrance of Bursa Malaysia. Upon that, its another uphill ll the finishing lane.(The only race with uphill finishing that i have witnessed). I clocked 19.10 and my placing was 11th. I was happy about it though I was 2nd in my team as my teamate, Muhammad Ali, the same guy who beat me last week at 1500M, IAFG, beat me again this time.

Maybe my recovery is not good or I put on weight. I just felt that i couldnt carry my leg anymore at midway point.

I met Jessica, who won the ladies category and Vijay who got 2nd in Men veteran. Hope to do better next year if Im still around with the company.

My next race would be the Merdeka Relay. Training forward for it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Area B1 Humorous Contest - 8th Aug

After dissapointment from last weeks contest, I prepared myself to perform better. I reviewed my script and added more humor lines as it was not funny enough.
Today morning I reviewed the script and rehearsed the main lines so that I wont forget. Then I watched Steven Fernando's to get use to the momentum.

I knew that my main contender will be Dennis, the defending Champion. When I reached there, I realised that that there were only 4 contestants: Dennis (DU), Jamilah (MAS), Jess (UNITAR) and myself.

I knew 2nd placing is in my hand as my target was to get top 2. But at 1 moment I tought of grabbing the championship title as I relised Dennis presentation is more dramatised and the content is not that strong.

I was the final contestant and when I presented my speech, my flow was just natural. I never feel the nervousnes. The audience laughed. I was confident after my presentation that top 2 is in my hand. I had to skip some points due to time factor.

When the results was announced, I got 1st Runners up. Then I knew Dennis will be the champion and as guessed the was. But I did realised that I had close fight with him and I jusyt need to practise more to polish my speech.

However, Im glad that I didnt end up 3rd placing as I did in previous 3 attempts, 2005,06&07.

I will start preparing for my International Speech from next week onwards to ensure I can beat Dennis and become Division Champion.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adidas King of The Road - 2/8/09

After going all out yesterday on Track, I just wanted to take it easy today. Whn I reached the stadium, just jogged with Suresh around the stadium to be warmed up. When race started everybody overtook me and went. I just went on my own pace as my aim was just to complete it. I thought the route will be simple, but it was hill at every 2km. I was feeling exhausted reaching 15km. My legs were tired and I couldnt move. I saw alot of under dogs overtaking me. However, I didnt bother about them. I just wanted to complete the race. The route covered the whole area of Shah Alam, right from housing area, industrial area, city center and sports complex.

The run finished at stadium but we had to go through the underground car park which was like oven.

The handling of drinks section was "SUCKED". 100+ finished. Nobody bothered about "quee". I wanted to have MILO but it was just like mini pasar malam. No goody bags were given. Theer were adequate waters, 100+ n sponges at the refreshments stations.

I just want to take few days of before training for my Rat Race on Aug 11.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Lost in IAFG (Inter Accounting Firm Games)
I was the defending champion for 1500M for 2 years and today I had to surrender my title to Muhammad Ali (the guy whim I beat last year). I just took a wrong strategy of starting slow and pacing with another guy fro KPMG. This let Ali to break the gap to 50metres. At 2nd lap that KPMG guy slowed down and started jogging. This left me stranded and I had to chase him. Imanage to close the gap to 20metres but it was too late. I will try to avenge my defeat with him at upcoming Rat race. I did 5:09 whereas Ali did 4;53. Some boost was my firm won 4x400M where i was the anchor. slighly happy for that.

Loss of Handphone
I lost my handphone today and felt as iff I lost my hand. It really ruined my day.

Disqualified in Evaluation Contest
My aim was to become Division Champion and go to Genting for District Contest. But today, I was disqualidied from the contest as I exceeded the time and made Dennis (the guy) whom I always want to beat. Today he under performed, but I lost . My dream to district contest dashed.