Sunday, June 29, 2014

World Cup 2014 (2nd Round)

After group stage, 16 teams left to battle for the elusive title.

All 5 south american teams qualified for the 2nd round i.e argentina, brazil, chile, colombia and uruguay.

4 North and central america teams qualified i.e mexico, USA, equador and costa rica.

Nigeria and algeria are the representative for african continent.

Balance 5 is from europe i.e netherlands, germany, switzerland, france and greece.

No asian team qualified for 2nd round. Normally, europe teams will have 8 teams but its reduced this time. The issue here is the weather which was not suitable for the other continent players. But the question is, as international team, they should have been prepared for al kind of situation/weather.

My prediction is, in semifinals, brazil will go against france and netherlands will go against argentina. Finals will be brazil vs argentina.

Something went wrong with our hockey team

A Dismal performance in recent world cup, made people wonder, what really happened to our hockey team? We finished lame last place. We are taking part after lapse of 12 years, but we simply showed that we are no where near the other 11 teams. We lost all the matches and finished with zero points.

We could have has confidence through Azlan Shah and Champions Challenge 1, but it just shows were are only "jaguh kampung". First of all, Dharmaraj was distruptly appointed as senior team coach, when he never had experience leading a senior team. perhaps, he could have assited Paul revington, before taking over.

Then, goalkeeper S.Kumar played wonderfully, else we could have got another 50 goals. But there's no proper replacement for him.

The defence was really lacking which made the opponents easily come to our D-box and score goals.

Worst case, we don't even have penalty corner specialist.

I still admire the 1998 world cup team and followed by 2002. Just wonder when will we have such team again.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Malaysia Football saga

Bung Mokhtar's words

This idiot said that "If Indians are not appointed in Parliment, they will become criminals". Damn, this ashole was one of the culprite to promote racism and sexism in Parliment.

He even reiterated that Indians are born to steal.

If this idiot stays in the parliment or even elected as council member, he would even destroy all the non-bumi in this country.

I just wonder if anyone willing to bomb his house.

Punch Gunalan (Badminton), Mahendran (Everest), M.Chandran(Football), Kumaresan (Cycling), PS.Nathan (Bowling)..the list goes on. All this people were achievers.

Indians are stealing in Malaysia, probably because political like you never give the us our rights and matters that we deserved. You stole our rights and never allowed the poor Indians  to grow and let them to stay in the estate.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Speed breakers

When you have issue with someone, the leader or management should inform the respective person and try to find solution. There has to be discussion or brainstorming, why such issues happening, then find ways to resolve it.

But sometimes, the leaders tend to misuse their power due to their immatureness, lack of leadership exposure, and egoism makes them to look foolish. Just because there are nobody to question them, doesn't mean they can do anything they like.

Simply suspending or blaming or even giving false allegation on someone, just for the sake of fulfill self egoism, then withdrawing it, just shows the person just don't deserve to be in leadership role or not even qualify to be leader.

Don't they feel shame and at least they could inform the so called person or victim that matters are resolved and ensure it would not occur again. or maybe, their egoism which makes them as "bodoh sombong" just preventing them to move forward in their life.

German Football team

Even Germany needs foreign born players to play for them.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Do we need such kind of prime minister.

World Cup 2014

The 4 year wait is finally here. Although we watch EPL, Champions league or even super league every year, world cup is something unites all the fans of football regardless of colour, race or religion.

This year it happens at Brazil, thus the timing would be midnight matches and early morning.

Brazil, Argentina, Spain, England, Portugal and Netherlands were the favorites. Yesterday Spain was shown the exit door. Host brazil is still struggling. Portugal got trashed and lost players due to injury and red card.

Hoping to see a new champion for this round and Asian team to qualify for quarterfinals, as it never happened outside Asian continent.

From Paul to Shaheen

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Nadal is still strong

Rafael Nadal proved he is the real King of Clay after winning his 9th French Open title yesterday. Beating Novak 3-1 shows he is not tired and giving up soon. It was a classic match which meets World number 1 and 2.

It was also 9th final appearance in 10 years and he won it all. Nadal's win also mean Novak cannot capture his name in all time grand slam completion, as French Open remains elusive for him. 

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boon Heong left out

Tan Boon Heong has been left out from the Commonwealth Squad. The 5 men squad includes Chan Peng Soon, Goh V Shen, Tan Wee Kiong and both Chong Wei's.

Boon Heong complained that the selection was unfair. He is the defending champion for men doubles. He won 2 matches and lost other 4 matches in Thomas Cup. Though he can pair up with anyone and has vast experience compared to other doubles players, BAM felt the other pair had performed better where they won all the matches in Thomas Cup.

For me, if BAM doesn't want him, Tan should just get out from BAM and go private and prove them wrong.

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Malaysian Hockey team on holiday ?

Malaysian hockey team got they 4th defeat yesterday against India. With this lost, Malaysia need to beat Spain whom has 1 point so far, to avoid rock bottom place. As for the group, all teams were expecting to beat Malaysia, as we were labeled underdog.

After being trashed by Australia and Belgium, Malaysia tried to improve the game, but only lasted for one half against England, when they scored 2 goals in 2nd half to beat us. When, expectation was atleast to grab a draw against India, we still missed it by losing 1 goal margin.

We are participating in World Cup after 12 years, and we qualified just because, the actual team went through due to continental champions. Now we are just proving we went to The Hague for holidays.

It's either the management must change or the coach has to change.

Powerful Johor Sultan

The Johor Housing and Real Property Enactment Board Bill 2014 will be amended to include a provision that the Sultan is to act on the advice of the Mentri Besar.

The power includes:
1. to determine the remuneration of board members, approve the appointment of a director
2. pass the estimated expenses for each following year before seeking the state government’s approval for the allocations
3. to appoint JHRPB members, oversee its accounts and also dissolve the board

I hope this powers will be used wisely to give more Malaysians to own land rather than giving it to overseas members.

List of Women Grand Slam winners (all 4)

Maria Sharapova is the latest addition. Looking at current active players, Li Na has chance to complete it, as she is lacking for Wimbeldon and US Open.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mah Win, Dyana made her name

BN made a slim win of 238 majority votes. Mah polled 20,157 votes while Dyana Sofya gained 19,919 and there were 543 spoilt votes. BN could be jumping joy with the win. But they didnt realise, Dyana has been in the political picture for the past 17months, but Mah is the President of Gerakan.

Should, Mah has lost, he should be asahmed of himself. Even now, he merely won by 238 votes difference, that means, atleast 45% of the members in Teluk Intan doesn't like him. Not even 2/3 majority.

In addition, compared to DAP, BN is well funded for this by-election but DAP had to rasie fund through their charity drive. Furthermore, BN had to win by using the Hudud issue. And finally, Najib declared that Mah will get Minister post if he wins the election. Thus, it's a boost for gerakan compared to DAP whom would still be fighting in Parliment.