Tuesday, June 30, 2015

World Best Airlines

Although Malaysia Airlines has dropped to number 24, just 1 above Air Asia, but I'm happy that they could still be placed in top 25, especially, with 2 incidents last year.

Massaging tip for babies

Short Minded people

If corporate companies allows short skirts, which shows professionalism, why can't government departments are so adamant of covering whole body. You can implement it on a government staff, but not on public. 

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MIC in deep shit

Palanivel has been declared by ROS as non-valid president.

The care-taking central working committee whom is lead by Dr.Subramaniam, sacks Palanivel as member.

Now Palanivel has no party, which also means, his position as Natural Resources minister is in limbo.

Palanivel tried to suspend all above people from the party, but it gave him a stab, when the opponent gave him a checkmate.

Being  leading party for Indians (so called), they couldn't even resolve their own internal problem. To make it worse, Samy Vellu's influence makes things worse. It's better Samy vellu becomes the MIC President again, as majority Indians here don't even bother about the party.

When the youngsters prefers multiracial parties, with fair treatment, this idiots are still racist and so much money minded. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Tale of our gymnast

This girl has been my facebook freind since Commonwealth Games 2010. She has been actively taking part in Asian Games, and international tournaments. Winning or loosing is another story, but she consistently takes part, and now she won not 1 but 2 gold medals in SEA games. With stiff competition from the host nation, she did made us proud.

But when she was slammed in facebook for her attire. I just dont understand about it. Rather than me spaking about it again, the person below has clearly voiced out with maturedness.


Monday, June 1, 2015

weak and weaker

Malaysia manage to beat minnows Timor leste by 1-0 margin only. To make it worse, our player was red carded as he was caught spitting towards Timor leste player. Though he argued, it was not to face, but the gesture was already negative. You should face down and spit not by facing towards the players.

Now he has apologized, but he may come back home early (as early as tomorrow). The management is in midst of discussing his faith. The coach,Kim swee already wanted to take disciplinary action against him.

It just shows that we cant even control our emotions. Timor leste is a baby country which is around 15 years old, yet they can put up a good show to reduce the loss to just 1 goal. The country even struggling to have a proper sports facilities.

We need to buck up against Vietnam tomorrow and Thailand 3 days later. Else, we will just go back empty handed.

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a crap leader is someone who deny, blame and give excuses. When you have made a mistake, just accept it and promise not to repeat it. But, because you denied it, more mistakes and wrong practices happened. This made the organisation shitty organisation.

When you have policy, you follow it rather than changing it to suit your convenience. Worst thing, i don't understand when you as leader deny all your mistakes and defend by saying all of it is correct.

When there are senior members/stakeholders in the organisation, respect them and seek for clarification and advise. Stop blaming them that they are coming too strong for you. It's not they are strong, but you are too weak to led the club. You became puppet or a east malaysian and screwed up the organisation.

Stupidly you showed you are a coward when you say " I'm going to cut off the line" and " don't give personal attack". If you dare face me face to face.

Shameless idiot whom also called as mangkuk leader...

You can't even write a email properly.

Dog only barks at unknown people.