Monday, May 16, 2016

MIC is going nuts

You only renovate house or building.

For webpage, you would upgrade or configure. get your language right.

Benefits of UBER

Form 6

It's becoming unpopular for youngster to take up form 6. Simple reason :

1. Must wear uniform
2. Waste of 2 years
3. Study in malay

If these were students comments, I could still tolerate as they have yet to reach age of maturity, but if parent's were to give above comments, I think, they should be the 1st person to be counseled. 

You merely pays Rm100-Rm150 as school registration fees. Thereafter, you need to pay for the text books (which you pay the same or even more for foundation / a-level courses)

You are still eligible to take part in national schools meets which could bring you to ASEAN schools. Foundation course would not bring you out of the school. Of course you can participate in the inter varsity games,but it's not with school students.  

Even for SAM (South Australian Matriculation) is only recognised in certain universities. Should you study foundation course in a particular university, you are not guaranteed to be accepted in all over universities around the world.

But STPM can bring you to places.

A level takes 1 year. Foundation also takes 1 year. STPM takes 1.5 years. Only 6 months difference.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

40 years and ....

Every-time, when anniversary comes for my friends and family members, I always wished, many more years to come. But for you, I wish this would be the last.

What I could see in the country for the last few years under your administration was merely increase of criminals, cronyism, racist and inflation.

How else you want to screw up the country.

Only in Malaysia

When Singapore and Indonesia practise free religion, in Malaysia, you have to convert when you marry a muslim, regardless of guy or girl.

We are not allowed to use word "Allah" for peninsular malaysia, but allowed for Sarawakians, because King gives exemption. What kind of double standard is this.

Till today, we have grey area in mix marriages, especially involving muslims and the children becomes victim.

Of course, politicians mess contributes to all this, as they are greedy to win votes. When you argue on grey areas, you will keep arguing. When grey becomes black, white will become grey. And there won't be white anymore. So the mess gets worse.

BN won in Sarawak

As expected Barisan Nasional won in Sarawak. Nothing less than win was expected from them. To make it great, they even expanded their number of seats to 72 from 82 in total.

But they also had their game. The tagline of "sarawak for sarawakians"which made the locals to vote for the local parties.

But Najib has to take note:

1. Opposition were sabotaged for not allowing Nurul Izzah, Hannah Yeoh to enter in to the state. Why so scared if BN thinks they are strong ?

2. No MIC, MCA, PPP, Gerakan or UMNO in the winning party. This means, Sarawakians prefer the local parties rather than the main allies.

3. DAP, PKR and PAS couldn't work together and fight each other, which split the votes.

4. 11 direct BN candidates won their seats. If it happens in Peninsular malaysia, MIC, MCA, PPP, GERAKAN would no longer be relevant.

Now sarawak is strong, they have occupied more cabinet seats than before. They can even request for deputy prime minister, more loyalty from oil, more allocation of players in football team.

So, Najib with his crook mentality has to won the next GE. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tamil language has been on Ringgit Malaysia

Chinese, Tamil, Jawi was on our Ringgit Malaysia. But our current note, only bahasa melayu and jawi is sated on it.

Our neighbor Singapore followed us, and they are still maintaining it. But we are not. Why such discrimination. 

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