Monday, October 27, 2014

You want to touch dog?

When there are so many issues in our country, we just brought up the issue of "touching dog". I do understand from my muslim friends that they should not touch the dog unnecessarily as per their religion. 

But, it's as per individual practice and belief. In a democratic country, you can touch any animal so long they don't bite you. Should you feel that you have touched something wrong, then just wash your body and say out the prayers.

If that's the case, then our PDRM also should not use dog. 

Sometimes, we can't let our belief to go above our head.

Tuesday Humor

Something for jugglers

I read The Star on last Saturday (25 Oct'14), and found this article was useful, especially for Gen-y whom are new to working life and struggling to manage their priorities and task given to them .

1 Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise
It goes without saying that juggling career, life and studies is very demanding. In dealing with this, you just have to learn to make your priorities clear.
That could involve limited leisure time, having (and following) a set routine, and other sacrifices.
It is a delicate balance, after all. Your daily job should not be negatively affected because of your studies. It might, in fact, make you a better employee when it comes to getting things done.

2 Manage time
We all have 24 hours in a day. Some achieve more, and some less. It all boils down to how one manages time. Studying while working is no different compared with studying full-time.
In fact, full-time and part-time studies are nearly the same – by their set standards and the dedication required to complete the entire course. You still have submission deadlines and assignments to finish.
On average, part-time students are expected to allocate 20 to 30 hours a week to study. This could mean averaging a study time of three to four hours a day, or spending more hours on weekends.
That is where time management comes into play, balancing daily workload, studies and “me” time.

3 Always stay on top of things
It is good to always be clear of what is expected of you – at work, studies and life.
Work schedules might be challenging at times, especially if it involves travelling. A thorough plan will be helpful to ensure that there is no conflict in your work-study-life scheduling.
You might hit a busy period at work and be going through a particularly difficult subject/assignment at the same time, and it is important to not let any of it affect your time.

4 Have a break
There might be days when you feel like giving up. Your energy level is low, you are not having enough sleep, and your concentration level is dipping.
It’s time to take a break. Relaxation works, be it half an hour away from work or a short weekend trip.
Understand that juggling work and study is tough. However, both are equally important, and you will need to keep up the momentum.

5 Appreciate time
When you have to juggle these very important aspects in your life, your appreciation of time will be redefined.
Remember those days which you used to feel were too long?
Now you might be asking for more hours. Learn to be more efficient, and you will have “more” time.

Middle income squeezed more

Government has announced that those who earn RM5000 and less will enjoy the subsidised petrol price. Those who earns more than RM5000 but less than RM10,000 will enjoy partial subsidy and finally those earning more than RM10,000 will have no subsidy.

looks like we are the only country in the world implementing this. When you say those earns leas than 4k don't need to pay tax, but the major contributors are the middle income people towards the economy. Now they are being squeezed more.

What if I ask my tea lady or driver to pump petrol using his IC, will you give the full subsidised rate. Next, the income is based on salary or inclusive of allowance?

what if I'm doing business and my director salary is only RM5,000, but I have much profit.

Looks like 2015 going to be a screwed up year financially.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Lee Chong Wei is a cheat?

Lee Chang Wei has be heavily speculated as the person whom took drugs. BAM is keeping quiet and same goes to Ministry of sports. Sample B will be tested. It's known that Datuk Lee was involved in stem cell operations, which could have included drugs/supplement which is prohibited.

Should he be tested positive again, he will be banned at least for 4 years or even more. This means, the Olympic dream will just go into smoke and same goes to Thomas Cup.

Could this be a sabotage? or Datuk Lee purposely took it to avoid increasing pressure on him to win more tournaments?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

KL Marathon - 12 October 2014

It's my 6th marathon. My target was to do below 4:30, which is better than last year of 5:06.My mileage this year is better, at average of 35km per week. I was even more prepared physically and mentally. It was tiring, as, the previous day was the speech contest.

Furthermore, the route has been changed this year, with more highway. As the race started, I was somewhere at the back, thus it took, 3 minutes for us to reach the starting line. There were at least 5000 runners. I was slow at the beginning till Maju junction. My colleague was pacing me from behind. After reaching Jalan sultan Ismail, I overtook the 5:30 pacers. Thereafter I was hunting for 5 hour pacers and 4:30 pacers as I want to be in front of them.

Upon reaching KLCC, manage to overtake them and the group was splinting. It was freed upon reaching the embassy road, where I took a light pit stop. The humidity was there as I was already sweating at 5km.

When we reached AKLEH, I was thinking it's going to be tougher. It was proven by high slopes, but the cool weather made us to go further. I could see the haze was there but it didn't really affect us. From AKLEH, we went to MRR2 and I saw Jessica was struggling to run.

We had chance to pass by Zoo Negara junction, thereafter move into DUKE. At that place, I meet Shivan, one of regular runner. He was pacing me but took a 5 minute break at 20km and I continued. DUKE was challenging at the part where there were slopes, but thereafter it was smooth.

Previous route pass by my Taman, but this route has it's specialty too, it bypass my housing area too through DUKE. I should appreciate all the volunteers whom kept cheering for us at every water station and junction.

At DUKE, it was 30km, and I was running at 3 hours. So if I were to maintain the pace, I would have finished at below 4 hours. But the actual disaster started only after 30km. Upon reaching Jalan Kuching, it was still going fine, until I reached Jalan Kuching roundabout and Bukit Tunku. My calf was feeling heavy where I need to slowdown. The last 10km is always the toughest where you have the hilly route. Upon reaching bank rakyat, the 10km,5km, and 21km joined us. So it became very crowded.

21km runners followed us until the finishing. It became worse for me when reaching Parliament where I have 2 slopes to encounter. Only upon reaching KTM station, I knew, there's only 1km more, so I pushed myself. After reaching finishing line, I had the satisfation of completion of the race and more grander, I made it below 4:30. My hand time was 4:12 and net time was 4:11.

With maximum mileage of 30km once and most of the time, doing 25km with weekly mileage of 40km, made me to perform at this level.

Thanks to all those whom ran with me during the LSD and during the race. It was good memorable time.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Division D HS&E Contest - 11 Sept'14

I took some time before I could digest and come out from the moments.

It's my 2nd ever time participating at Division level for both evaluation and humorous speech. Being in Division D, representing Kuantan TMC and Area D3, gave me privilege to compete against 7 other contestants.

As it was a joint division contest, I had to be there early morning for the humorous speech briefing. The pre-contest favorites were Jamila, Sze ling and Victor Ong. I knew, the contest will be tough but I was ready for it.

I was contestant number 3 and there were 7 contestants in total. Victor started as contestant 1 and set the bar high. I voted for him to be the potential winner.

There was a point where I took off the mike and the audience wondered if I could reach them with my voice. Nevertheless, their laughter gave me confidence and stronger voice to reach them. I finished strongly, as I didn't reach the red light zone. So I knew, I would not be disqualified.

Then, came the results time. There were no time disqualification. 3rd place went to Foo Han Piew from Gamuda. The 2nd place..was Victor Ong from Tmn Indrahana. Now is the time for champion....and it was yours truly.

It's my maiden Division Humorous speech title.

After lunch was the evaluation contest, Division B was to have it first, then Division D. Thus, we had glimpse of the contestants and evaluation methods. Then was out turn. The test speaker was a good speaker, which gave us tough time to get points for improvement.

For these contest, I was against past division B champion, G.Sivalingam whom I lost to in 2007, which cost me a place at Medan Convention. Moreover, there was also Johnson Yike and Jamila whom I felt my worthy contestants.

In the quarantine room, everyone was seriously writing/preparing their notes. As contestant 5, I had extra time in the quarantine room, where we crack jokes about each other.

Come my turn, I went on stage, gave all the points that I have prepared left the stage when it was red light.

Come to results, it was mistaken that the chief judge mixed up the results for division B, so winner of division D were getting division B's certificates and vice versa.   There were no time disqualification, and 3rd place was Abu Bakar from Kelab Pidato, and 2nd place went to ..G.Sivalingam. That news really made things more intense.

And the champion goes to...S.meyyappa Manikam...Wow..Double Division champion. My 1st ever double division champion.

Moreover, it was the same room/auditorium where I lost to G.Siva 7 years ago. Apart from it, I was happy with my performance, though it was tiring staying there for the whole day.

Next up will be district contest on November 2, where I will be up against 10 other contestants from all over peninsular malaysia.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blade in credit card

This blade is incorporated or looks like credit card. It only cost RM20. But it can cost a life. For ladies especially, just careful, when someone opens wallet in front of u.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Quotes

Asian Games bizare

The 17th Asian Games has concluded last Saturday. After 20 days of competing, Malaysia emerged 14th from 46 countries. We achieved 5 gold, 14 silver and 14 bronze. Previous edition, we had 9 gold medals. Personally, I felt we could have achieved 10 gold medals, but everything went bust.

Overall, it was below expectations (worse case, way below expectations). Let's see how malaysian team fared in each sports:

Once we had nur herman, loo kum zee,watson nyambek and G.Shanti to rock the track. But now it was a dismal performance. I was witnessing Poll vault, and our athlete was no where near the japanese, korean and chinese. Even the middle east athletes were doing better. Then I was watching, high jump and our athletes reason was wet track, so he couldn't perform.  I don't understand, how could this be a reason. If he said it's snowing, then fine, but not for rain, because it's raining whole year in KL and you should acclamation for it.
At last we came back empty handed with 6 athletes sent. NO consolation on National records too.

Verdict: Below expectation

It's national history that we obtained medal from archery, moreover it's silver. In previous editions, we were seeded but we were not placed, but now we meet the target. But, the compund team were just not at reginal level and eliminated at early round.

Verdict : Meet Expectation


Again we rely heavily on Datuk Lee and again he fail to deliver when we really needed him. We ended up with 4 bronze medals. Something to cheer is, after 44 years, our ladies doubles obtaned a medal. but our men team, especially juniors like wei feng and hoo-tan pair just couldnt deliver.

Verdict : Below expectation

Beach Volleyball
We were eliminated in group stages itself. Last games, we had 1 bronze through ladies, but now we didn't even send our ladies. It's time for the beach resorts to promote the games.

Verdict : Below expectation

Nothing to shout about. The maximum we could go was quarterfinals. But still no medal show. It's something for us to learn from our neighbours Thailand and Indonesia on getting quality boxers.

Verdict : Below expectation

Too much high hopes on the team and they never failed since 1998. But now, it was parade of stars i.e shalin, esther, alex, adrian, zulmazran, but they could only deliver 4 silvers. We had wendy chai in 1994, a grandmother whom contributed gold medal. So age should not be issue here.

Verdict : Below expectation

With India and Pakistan not taking part, I thought we could at least go for semifinals, nevertheless, we lost to hong kong whom paraded imported/naturalised players. More interesting, war torn country, Afghanistan could qualify to final and win silver medal. But what i could see was, we were even struggling to beat south korea whom is more famous for baseball.

Verdict : Below expectation


we had strong team i.e josiah, azizul, fateha, jom net for track. Since we already had gold medal in previous edition , thus the expectation was there to deliver again. Fatehah was close for the gold medal, but couldnt match the world champion from hongkong. Next Aizul, much anticipated athlete came back empty handed after disqualification due to illegal blocking / sprinting. It was definitely a mouthwatering finish for the top 3. The disqualification made josiah to promoted to bronze.
On other hand, josiah had to take tougher route to final, where he was not allowed to compete in the heats and had to come through repecharge and win semifinals. It was a good bye gift for josiah, but still a question mark for our future.

Verdict : Below expectation

China swept all 10 gold medals. We were on podium for 9 of the events. But very much anticipated pandalela fail to shine in her pet event which she won bronze in Olympics and that's the event we fail to deliver any medal. A gold medal was expected for this event. We were 2nd best in Asia, but the 3rd and 4th place are very close to us. Thus, we need to buck up.

Verdict : Below expectation

This is a funny sports. The athlete was fit but the horse was not fit. So we didn't take part in this event. I didn't know what else to say. flight ticket, hotel, food, attire, horse maintenance etc. All cost went to drain.

Verdict : Below expectation

So much glamour, yet so less results. We are till struggling with ball controlling at this stage and don't dare to attack the opponent. Losing 3-0 to host and saudi is no longer can be excuse. Target was 2nd round but we were the 1st to pack the bag after opening ceremony. Harimau muda A project could be a failure. They even struggle in sea games by only winning bronze. Should they change strategy, coach, management, players or kits?

Verdict : Below expectation

With countries like thailand, korea and India, we are no where near them, as they produced world beaters. we could only get 8th placing in the team event and 22nd for individual event. we have world class golf course but not players. Why?

Verdict : Below expectation

Farah Ann was the only representative and it's her 2nd time on the stage. Though she finished 6th in one of the finals. the rest she was knocked out in qualifying rounds itself. If diving can increase their quality, why not for gymnastics.

Verdict : Below expectation

They could have qualified for finals and even win gold but, lady luck was not with them for men team. They lost in penalties in semifinals with pakistan and slim loss with Korea for 3rd placing. But reaching this level is already great because, they were in deep shit position at beginning of the year. They finished rock bottom for world cup and 7th place for commonwealth. Thus, good job to Arul for getting the team back to shape. Hope he can be retained for next year's olympics qualifying and sea games.

Women team could have qualified for semifinals if they could hold china to 0-0 and trashing Thailand. But they finished again at 5th position.

Verdict : Below expectation

I expected this team to loose to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal. But we went and loose to Iran and South Korea. I don't know where to put my face. I don't know what's the real problem for the team, if minnows can beat us.

Verdict : Below expectation

The team is always a golden goose. Never fail to deliver. They always had rookies and they shined. 2 gold and 2 bronze, was really good for a young team.

Verdict : Meet expectation

We had Dr.Kevin (4 time Olympian) whom also gold medalist. But now we have new blood. We expected 1 gold from them, but as bonus, they delivered 2 more silvers. Hope they could sustain it for next edition.

Verdict : Meet expectation

Sepak Takraw
We know our team cant match Thailand, but now became worse, when we loose to team like South Korea and India. I just wondered if I can be part of the team too, if this is the quality. Just 2 bronze. Gold medal remain elusive since 1994.

Verdict : Below expectation

They never had silver medals at this level and they proved with 2 silver and 1 bronze. Mostly rookies, should they train harder, gold medal is within reach.

Verdict : Exceeded expectation

After Lim Keng Liat, Elvin Chia, no more successors. We really need someone, else, we will continue to sink in pool.

Verdict : Below expectation

Datuk Nicol was our hope and she delivered for both individual and team. Ong Beng Hee failed to complete the collection after loosing both ties to India. We may not have Nicol for next edition as player, but we can still hope on wee wern, but for men, we had to recall Azlan to help the weak team. Ivan and Nafizwan was just not up to the Asian standard. Something serious need to be made.

Verdict : Meet expectation

We finished empty handed for this edition. We had 3 but none made a strong impact. It was those days where we had Lee Wan Yuen, but now no more.

Verdict : Below expectation

We were trashed and only managed 8th position for men and 9th for ladies. The trashing scores even went above 50. We should win sea games before going to Asian Games.

Verdict : Below expectation

Table Tennis
We still relied on old horse-Beh Lee Wei. This just proves, we can't produce new talent. We couldn't even get pass the group stage. Only team win was against Nepal. Luckily, we didn't send our men team, else it will be another disgrace.

Verdict : Below expectation

We had only 1 representative and he finished 11 out of 14. We can't just focus on Commonwealth and neglecting Asian Games.

Verdict : Below expectation

We only had 1 gold medal and it was the 1st medal for the games. But it was returned. It was sad ending, when the athlete was tested positive for using sibutramine. It's a supplement to control weight. We appealed but it was rejected. Though, there were rumors that it was a sabotage because the reports were delayed and not reported timely manner. Not sure if she took it directly or mixed in milk or drinks. But no other athletes finished with medal too.

Verdict : Below expectation

I just want to say, we have spent so much on preparation, facilities, supplements, but this is the overall results. It's either:

1. We restructure the management/association
2. Sack the athletes and bring in new blood
3. Stop playing politics on selection of players
4. send only potential medalist to the events.
5. Get overseas coaches

We need to do something, as olympics 2016 is just less than 20 months.



1. Lim Chee Wei (Karate - men’s kata individual). 
2. Syakilla Salni ( Karate - women’s kumite below 61kg). 
3. Mohd Faizal Norizan-Syukri Abdul Aziz (Sailing - men’s 420).
4. Nicol David (Squash - women’s singles).
5. Nicol David, Low Wee Wern, Delia Arnold, G. Vanessa Raj (Squash - women’s team).

1. Atiq Bazil Bakri, Haziq Kamaruddin, Mohd Khairul Anuar (Archery - men’s recurve team).
2. Syafiq Ridhwan, Zulmazran Zulkifli, Timmy Tan (Bowling - men’s trios).
3. Syafiq Ridhwan, Adrian Ang, Alex Liew, Zulmazran Zulkifli, Rafiq Ismail, Timmy Tan (Bowling - men’s team of 5).
4. Sin Li Jane-Shalin Zulkifli (Bowling - women’s doubles).
5. Sin Li Jane (Bowling - women’s All-Events).
6. Fatehah Mustapa (Cycling - women’s keirin).
7. Ooi Tze Liang-Ahmad Amsyar Azman (Diving - men’s synchro 3m springboard).
8. Cheong Jun Hoong-Ng Yan Yee (Diving - women’s synchro 3m springboard).
9. Khairulnizam Afendy (Sailing - men’s Laser).
10. Nuraisyah Jamil, Umi Norwahida Sallahuddin (Sailing - women’s 420).
11. Muhammad Ezuan Nasir Khan (Shooting - men’s 50m rifle prone individual).
12. Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi (Shooting - women’s 50m rifle prone individual).
13. Ong Beng Hee, Mohd Azlan Iskandar, Mohd Nafiizwan Mohd Adnan, Ivan Yuen (Squash - men’s team).
14. Low Wee Wern (Squash - women’s singles).

1. Lee Chong Wei (Badminton - men’s singles).
2. Goh V Shem-Tan Wee Kiong (Badminton - men’s doubles).
3. Chan Peng Soon, Chong Wei Feng, Goh Soon Huat, Goh V Shem, Hoon Thien How, Iskandar Zulkarnain Zainuddin, Lee Chong Wei, Lim Khim Wah, Tan Boon Heong, Tan Wee Kiong (Badminton - men’s team).
4. Vivian Hoo-Woon Khe Wei (Badminton - women’s doubles).
5. Josiah Ng (Cycling - men’s keirin).
6. Chew Yiwei-Ooi Tze Liang (Diving - men’s synchro 10m platform).
7. Cheong Jun Hoong (Diving - women’s 3m springboard individual).
8. Leong Mun Yee-Pandelela Rinong (Diving - women’s synchro 10m platform).
9. S. Senthil Kumaran (Karate - men’s kumite below 55kg).
10. S. Shree Sharmini (Karate - women’s below 68kg).
11. Mohd Zamree Mohd Dahan, Ahmad Aizat Mohd Nor Azmi, Mohammad Syahir Mohd Rosdi, Mohamad Fadzli Muhammad Roslan, Mohd Syazreenqamar Salehan (Sepaktakraw - men’s inter-regu).
12. Amirul Zazwan Amir, Mohd Muqlis Borhan, Mohd Helmi Ismail, Mohd Zamree Mohd Dahan, Ahmad Aizat Mohd Nor Azmi, Mohammad Syahir Mohd Rosdi, Mohamad Fadzli Muhammad Roslan, Mohd Syazreenqamar Salehan, Izurin Refin, Mohd Kamal Alfiza Shafie, Muhammad Idham Sulaiman, Zuleffendi Sumari (Sepaktakraw - men’s team).
13. Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi, Nur Ayuni Farhana Abdul Halim, Muslifah Zulkifli (Shooting - women’s 50m rifle prone team).
14. Ong Beng Hee (Squash - men’s singles).

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Body Builder vs strongman

something abt Dipika

She may not be as good as Nicol david or Low wee wern. But she is the upcoming stars. She already well known in India. She even got offer to act in hindi movies and received local award.

She has won gold in commonwealth games and bronze in Asian games.

If squash were to be in olympics in 2020, she would be someone to be watched.

And she is Dipika Pallikal

Friday, October 3, 2014

Karate salvaging our pride

Syakila Salni and Lim Chee Wei brought some cheer to the Malaysian squad after ray of dismal performance and issues in Malaysian contingent.

It has been always a gold mine for karate in Asian Games for Malaysian Squad. Since 1998, karate has been consistently contributing gold medals.

On other side, it's a worst performance since 1998 for bowling, that we came back without any gold medal. Of course in 1998, we obtain only 1 bronze. I just felt the team was overconfident. They had shalin zulkifli but only manage a silver. Nevertheless, she has been in Asian Games since 1994. That's something remarkable.

Incompetent Leader

As a leader, you should know your stuff. If not you should ask your superior. You can't say your superior never inform you (how childish can these be statement could be, if it's said by a staff over 23 years old). Worse thing, when the superior itself don't know nut's but wasn't the position because of power crazy and cheap publicity.

Next thing, you can't even be in your own location, but you want to manage that location. Doesn't it sound so stupid. Why are you holding the position, if it's merely for a title that doesn't even add value to the organisation or the group.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's up by 20 cents

What a great gift from Barisan government, after pengkalan kubor victory. I feel sabah and sarawak should just split from malaysia and show this idiots a lesson.

When the global price is reducing, our price is increasing. It doesn't make any sense. its 20 cents, but no other reduction.

2015 will be a year of inflation.

Tuesday Humor