Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Foods to be avoided

2 minutes noodles, sardine, paracetamol, 3-1 coffee

Malaysia won but not strong

Malaysia won the maiden world league two 2 days ago. among the 8 teams, malaysia was the top seed and they lived up to the expectation. Apart from Japan, the rest were trashing boys.

Now Malaysia have qualified to the Wold league semifinals, where top 3 teams will qualify for the olympic games. Being 4th placed Asian Games, Malaysia had to take a tougher route to qualify for olympics.

Of course we had score line of 16-0 for singapore, 4-1 for oman, 10-1 for mexico and 8-0 for poland. But we could only secure a draw against Japan and beat them 3-2 in penalties.

Going to higher level tournament also means the teams are tougher. Wonder if Malaysia still can play stronger with new coach Hawgood. 

Top 3 target for Morten Frost

New Technical director for National badminton team has been given a lofty target of being top 3 in the world by 2020 (in 5 years).

This, mean in 2020, we just need to qualify for semifinals of Thomas Cup. Being a finalist (almost to win last year). Things noted, datuk Lee wont be around by then, and the current youngsters need to pull up their socks.

But even, without Morten frost,w e can still get 3rd place. By paying him so much, we should actually aim for gold medal in Olympics and Thomas cup and world championship.

When he was appointed as coach in 1997, he overturned the team and almost to win the thomas cup, and produced players like roslin hashim and hafiz hashim.

When players in India is booming, we are still struggling to find successors. Furthermore, morten frost is only the technical director. He won't be coaching anyone.

I'm just waiting if anyone can win our 1st gold medal next year in olympics.

Tuesday humor

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MIC - Many Insider Crisis

It's a karma. When you do bad, you will get bad.

Now, the whole party looks like going to be deregistered. They couldnt event condusct a proper AGM cum election.

My concern is, it's the 3rd largest party in Barisan nasional. Dont tell me there's not even a single lawyer in the team or coimmotte or at the amnagement to advise palanivel.

Now, the secretary general and information chief has been changed to G.Kumar Amman and L.Subramaniam.

Prakash rao, velpari and t.mohan has been removed from appointed position. Should Palanivel doesnt settle the situation, Saravanan will step in. But this 2 guys started planning, without even including Dr.Subramaniam.

Looks like there's even more fraction. Furthermore, T.Mohan and Velpari is samyvelu's camp. Should you dont support samyvelly, then he will create chaos, which just happneded. It's just a sabotage to bring down palanivel.

Off course, palanivel too played his politics, by kicking devamany to sungai siput, so that he can win cameron highlands easily. But he won by slkim majority.

I hope, there will be another flood and kill al this corrupted and old leaders.

Tuesday Humor

I'm sure people will stop smoking if this picture comes out on the cigarette box.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

Twincity Half Marathon - 21 Dec'14

This was my last race for the year. Due to lack of mileage, I decided to take part in half marathon. It's a first marathon to cover 2 cities i.e Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. Thus, the organisers got a group of runners to advise on the organising matters.

I didn't had time to go to Cyberjaya to collect my race kit, but they were kind enough to distribute on the race day. The race started on time. I was at the 3rd row in front, which made me to avoid the slow runners. I didn't want to exert myself as I didn't had much long runs for the past few weeks.

Upon reaching 3rdkm, the disaster started. I tripped and fell flat on the ground. Ther was a kind runner, whom manage to gine me a helping hand. My left knee was bruised, and my right elbow was hurt.

The water station was nearby and ther I saw an ambulance. I asked them for 1st aid kit, but they only had ice. They suggest me to take the ambulance and go to the finishing lane, which basically means, I have to giver up the race.

But, I'm there, npt to quit but to finish the race. It's now mind over matter. I continued the race. It's not how strong you start, its how strong you finish. The good thing was, there was adequate water stations at every sector.

The second agony started at 8thkm, when, there were no street lights and it was pitch dark. Probably We would have run 4km without lights. To kae it worse, there were no signages and marshals along the route.

I was about to take wrong route at km 12 and km 16. For the last 5km, I was merely riunning alone, as there no close challenger in front of me, and thre runner behind me was atleast 500M behind me.

As I reach a point, I saw the distnace marker says 2km more to go, but my watch only shows 17km. Looks like thay have placed it at wrong place, which also made me to run faster for longer distance. At final 500M, I saw 2 men in front of me, just around 100M before finishing line. I sprinted as if there's no tommorow.

Upon overtaking, the runner shouted.."wow..u r like superman...".

Finally, I finished the race at 24th place. If I was not disturbed in between, I could have had better timing and placing.

Upon finishing, there were more agony. No isotonic drinks, only one 500ml bottle was given. Next, the medal collection place was next to mee hoon stall. Thus, after finishing, we were filled with the smoke of the mee hoon goreng. It really shows, organisers are amatuers.

Anyway, Though the race was a disspoinment, but I'm happy that I have ran and completed the race at new location.


Holligans in Disaster

We know the current situation at east cost especially in Kelantan and Pahang is bad. Even then, I still see bad things happening among our people and hooligans are popping up here and there.

Few examples:

1. Food was delayed due to printing of lael of politician and party logo
You are suppose to perform your responsibility. The fame will come on its own. But in this case, you are doing things just to get your own publ;icity so that, you can win the nhext election in UMNO and BN. Shameless politicians.

2. Helicopter hijacked
A volunteer bookeda helicopter to transport food. But a politician, has hijacked the helicopter, by paying more fees to the transport company, mrely to see what's happening there.

3. Food smuggling
We have kind hearted people in Malaysia donating food, but there are citizens whom are smuggling the food by stopping the van/truck at half point and sell it at higher price.

If this were to continue, more planes will crash, more landslides will occur and more floods could be seen. 

New Fuel price from Jan 1

Happy New Year