Friday, October 30, 2009

District 51 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest Winners'09

Humorous Speech
Marianna Pascal - Champion
(Division A - Sacred Heart)
Speech Title : Local English or Standard English?
Ruby Ahmad - 2nd place
(Division S - Langkap)
Speech Title : The Return of Holy Matrimony
Karina Razali - 3rd place
(Division E - Miri)
Speech Title : The Adventurer's Wife

Evaluation Contest:
Asha Suresh Chand - Champion
(Division N - Oracle Advanced)
Rozana Yunos - 2nd place
(Division K - Brunei Speakers)
Mary Barton - 3rd place
(Division W - WIM)

Genting Convention and Holiday

I dont fear snakes anymore

The scary space shot

Uncle Lim in our memories

DTM Meyya

My wife and club members

It was 14 years since I have been to Genting. Such a long time though. Significant difference at the hill. This convention is a memorable one for me as I was receiving my Distinguish Toastmasters Award (DTM) over there. Futhermore, this will be the final Semi-Annual Convention before the District splits.

I went there on Friday morning together with my club member Lini and Jeong Teng. I drove all the way up and it took about 50minutes from KL Sentral.
We checked into First World Hotel, the highest number of rooms in the world (6000 rooms). But room was freaking small. There was a king size bed and it took 80% of the room's space. No cupboard, no astro, no place to hang towel and no place to put soap. Anyway, most of the time, we were out of the room.

The hotel had vegetarian section and non-vegetarian section, which was convinient for us.
This convetion is memorable for me as:
1. I received my DTM award
2. I was in the organising team for handling slides and music for awrds and SAA for the Finals and also in the Sketch team (3 roles)
3.I asked questions during the Council meeting where the treasurer couldn't answer it.

The food was good throughout the convention as it's held at Genting International Convention Centre.
Some pitfalls from the organising team:
1. Minutes & Accounts were not circulated to all council members.
2. Only Area Gov and Div Gov were given the minutes and it's in a terrible printing quality.
3. No proper directions to the meeting hall as most people were lost on 1st day.
4. Since it's held in KL, they could have included all races songs and dances rather than just focusing on 1 particular race. (1 Malaysia mah)
5. They were checking the tag only for finals. They should have done it from 1st day itself or don't do it at all.
6. Goodie bag was crap as there was a cheapskate pen and a mouse pad. That's it and the rest were just brochures. Thats not goodies at all.
7. There were too many greay areas in the accounts.

Upon the convention ended on Sunday afternoon, I extended my holiday till Tuesday. We stayed in the same room.

Sunday night, we went around the inddor theme park and play some games. Looks like it's just a waste of money in the indoor theme park other than snow world.

Monday, we went around the outdoor theme park and played some adventorous games i.e space shot. It went to 40ft high and drop suddenly which caused heart attack for me. We maanged to cover most of the games by lunch as it started raining vfrom evening onwards.

I saw a man with phyton and it cost RM15 to take a photo. I took the chalenge to put it at my shoulder and take the photo.
The photos are attached beside.

Tuesday, we went to casino and witnessed how people loose their money.
Overall, it was a good holiday trip and relaxation moment for me after busy with working life.

Credit Card Service Tax Maybe Absorbed by the Bank

I contacted UOB Bank and Standard Chartered to cancell my credit card, but they said that they have yet to receive official announcement from Bank Negara. They said that they will post via email on the latest updates.

I read The Star on 27th Oct'09 and it says that the banks might absorb the RM50 service Tax so that it would not loose all its customers. Currently, the banks are giving cash rebates on certain purchases i.e Giant, Petronas, Tesco and Secret Receipe. This rebates might be revoked so that, it would substantiate the service tax.

Furthermore, the bank will only bear the service tax if the user swipes the card on frequent manner i.e. 2-3 times per month or spend a minimum amount ( the bank not yet decide). Else, the bank will still charge you the RM50.

Looks like all my unused credit cards need to be cancelled as it is just sleeping at my home. These credit cards were given as complimentary although I didnt ask for it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RM50 on Every Credit Card from 2010

Our Recent 1Malaysia Budget announced by Najib has become a pain a pain for some of us. All banks will be charging RM50 per crdit card on annual basis.

Country is running on deficit. Everbody knows that, but this is not the way to get money from the public. If you want to discourage people using credit card, this is not the way. Are you expecting us to carry RM2k in our wallet an walk around the town.

Friday, October 16, 2009


MCA Going to have another EGM

Yesterday the Committee decided to have another EGM to decide wheter to have a fresh election or not.

Excuse me MCA people, the members already decided that they have no confidence on Mr.Ong Tee Keat. Why cant he just leave and give the rest a chance. Are you going to have EGM for the entire term.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UM is now ranked 180th in the world

The recent Times Higher Education Ranking shows that Universiti Malaya improved its ranking to 180th from 250. Now, it's the number 1 university in Malaysia compared to UPM,USM and UKM.

Although its still not to the best as it was number 80 in year 2005. But definetely its an improvement with the new vice Chancelor, Prof.Gauth Othman. Looks like Student's Representative Council which was won by the opposition this year was one of the contributing factor to the improvement as the student's thinking differs compare to Pro-Gov students.

Hope "Student Power" comes back.


Recent EGM for Malaysian Chinese Association showed that MCA menbers are not interested on both Mr.Ong Tee Keat and Dr.Chua Soi Lek.

They have voted no-confidence on the President and rejected Dr.Chua as to be the number 2 of the party.

This has called for many speculations. Many are looking for fresh elections. Some leaders have started campaining or showing the interest in teh party leadership i.e:
-Fong Chan Onn (former Vice President)
-Dr.Ng Yen Yen (Current Vice President) - aiming to be the 1st Lady President
-Liow Tiong Lai ( Current Vice President)
- Kong Cho Ha (Current Vice President)
- Datuk Donald Lim (Former PJ MP)

These people and the other members are being controlled and moved by former leaders i.e Tun Dr.Ling Liong Sik, Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting, and Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy.

Look like another circus is going on. Furthermore, Ong Tee Keat is now in overseas. Bloody hell, people are suffering and he is enjoying at overseas. Let's wait and see what's going to happen on Thursday.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Klang Centro Run - 11 Oct'09

This is the 1st ever race in Klang. All the while, I have been running in KL. Thus, I wanted some different enviroment. Furthermore, the distance is only 6km, which is just nice for me after coming back from my break.

I was at the place at 6.20am although the race is scheduled to start at 7.45am. Upon doing some warm up with Suresh, we went to starting line. The race starter started the race at 7.35am itself. Luckily, i was ready at the starting point. The countdown started from 10..9...8..7..SHOOT. The starter not even finish counting, the other starter already started the race.

I just followed the leading pack, although it broke after 1km. I was wearing my new Prospec shoe, so it was a trial for me with the shoe. The route was mostly flat and it went through the housing area of Klang. When I was running, I followd Stanley from behind, but he increased his pace there after. Suddenly realised that Guna was slowing down, I followed him and overtook him at final 2km. Towards last 1km, I was "pangsai" as I didnt go toilet before the race. So I couldnt increase my pace. Guna took the advantage and overtook me at the last 500M.

Looks like I need buck up on my long runs. My next race will be Klang Pacer 12km. Should start preparing from now.

My teamates results:
20.10 - Murni Nathan (4th)
20.39 - Casey Lim (5th)
21.45 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (9th)
22.37 - Ben Swee, Pm50 (14th)
23.36 - Stanley Cheong, Pm53 (19th)
23.56 - Gunaselan, Pm39 (22nd)
23.59 - Meyyappa Manickam, Pm56 (23rd)
25.00 - Suresh, Pm47 (32nd)
25.02 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (38th)
25.40 - Zulazlan Shah, Pm43 (42nd)
26.33 - Tan Boon Seng, Pm16 (51st)
28.26 - Ryan Teoh, Pm17 (101st)
29.41 - Hasrul Sham, Pm34 (143rd)
38.38 - Ruban Kumar

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 Best countries to Live


11) Luxembourg
12) Finland
13) United States
14) Austria
15) Spain
16) Denmark
18) Italy
19) Liechtenstein
20) New Zealand.

Singapore is ranked at 23, Brunei at 30, while Malaysia is at 66th place. China is now ranked 92 while Thailand is at 82 and Asia-Pacific state of Samoa is ranked 94.

Selection Criteria: expectancy
b. literacy
c. school enrolment
d.gross domestic product (GDP) per capita
Source: United Nations human development index dated 4/10/2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Samy Vellu is on leave for 2 months

Our Indian leader is on leave from October till November. He wants to give a test to G.Palanivel (his number 2 man), wheter he is capable of leading the party without "Uncle Sam".

Damn, why two months? just go for leave forever. Malaysian Indians dont need him anymore.

New A+ grade for SPM

Yesterday at "The Star" Newspaper, Our Education Minister said that new A+ grade will be introduced from next year onwards.

The current system of 1A, 2A, 3B was introduced in SPM2000 replacing A1,A2,C3....

The goverment is just changing the grade, in other word, changing the letter n the symbol.

What we need is the :
1. Change of sylabus which is capable of inculcating current happening around the world.
2. Enhancement on teaching method, as the teachers are lacking of communication skills.
3. Change the education system from exam base to problem solving base. Students are memorising and voumiting out in exam. No wonder local grads are lack of quality.

Let's see if 1 Mlaysia concept is really going to work or all our money is going to 1 Malaysia F1 team.

Tsunami at Sumatra - I felt it

3 days ago, when Tsunami (earthquake) hit Sumatera Island, the effect came till Peninsular Malaysia, especialy Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Penang and Klang.

I was still at my office at 6pm, suddenly I saw my Managing Partner going off quickly out of office, followed by my director. He said he felt like someone knocking the window, then his coffee table shook.

I felt as if the building was floating. Then, everyone at my floor quickly evaquated the building.

I just thought if it's going to hit Malaysia again.