Sunday, February 23, 2014

MATIC ICE Run - 23 Feb'14

My 2nd race for the year. After good opening last week, I wanted to maintain the momentum this week. As the route covers part of Rat Race route, I knew it's going to be challenge with indirect slopes and humidity.

The race started 15 minutes late. The starting point was inside car park, where we need to run towards the entrance and come out to main road. It was a bit dis-organised and clumsy upon start, as it became a bottle neck at the entrance gate.

The men toilet was changed to unisex because other toilets were locked. Something, they should seriously improve. I had to go to Renaissance hotel to do my business. At least it was a good warm up for me.

As the race started, I maintained in the front group, so that i can break away from slow runners. Even at 1st km, there were already slopes towards KL tower. Then, I realized i was pushing that makes my throat to be dried. As we came to Pavilion area, there was a water station with 100+.

After Jalan Tun Razak, we went through Smart tunnel, which was like microwave oven. There was another water station after that with 100+. Thus, for a 10km race 2 water station was good enough.

As we went through Jln Yap Kwan Seng, I thought the race is going to finish, but they ask us to go straight, which goes towards KL convention center. Perhaps to cover the distance, we had to go through Pavilion, on other side, then come through Beach club road.

I started to push myself as I reached KLCC, as it was less than 1km to finish. With this push, I manage to overtake 2 runners and finished it with style.

My timing was 46:27. Target was below 50mins. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to Know It's Time to Leave Your Job

1. You've been unhappy for months

2. You haven't had a raise in three years

3. Your boss hates you 

4. When you tell your family and friends about your workplace, they're horrified

5. You can't remember the last time you felt challenged in your work

6. You're receiving a lot more critical feedback in writing

7. You're on a formal performance improvement plan (PIP)

8. Your boss tells you


Perodua to fight Proton

Perodua is into sedan market by having it's new edition "buddyz". It's definitely a hit for Proton Saga or even preve. Perodua always go for low cost and low middle income earners.

I'm not sure how Proton will survive now.


An effective leader is someone whom finds long term solution, rather than being short termist. Our prime minister has announced that BRIM will be increased from RM600 to RM1200 in next 5 years.

I just wonder, RM1,200 for a family would last for how long? Why cant the government find solution by getting the family a job which could earn them RM600 per month or ease the burden of education and health.

I don't know why the government need to through money into drain which would not be recuperated.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A diamond is always

Just because you remove me from your group doesnt mean I have lost my interest in my passion.

It's just that I was resting. Anyway, you can't take running out of me.

A diamond is always a diamond and has ability to shine wherever it's thrown.

Incarnation of Hanuman

A man with a 14.5-inch tail growing from his back has been hailed as a God in India. Chandre Oraon, 35, was born with the wispy appendage, which locals believe signifies he is an incarnation of Hindu monkey God Hanuman. Worshipers also claim his ability to effortlessly climb trees is further proof of the divine similarities.

Many of his devotees travel hundreds of miles to queue up outside his house in Alipurduar, West Bengal, to seek blessings by touching his bushy tail. When not busy giving blessings, Chandre works as a tea picker on a local tea estate.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

NM Galaxy Run - 16 Feb'14

It's my 1st race for the year. The route is also new and of course, near to my house. So I chose this tournament.

The race started 10 minutes late. The good thing was, 1st 2km was within the lake, thus the front crown managed to break from the slow runners. I manage to get into 3rd row. Thus, it was easy for me to give a good start.

I went on fast pace to get a decent placing at the beginning. Soon as I get out to Jalan Tun Razak, I slowed but maintain decent distance with person in front of me. There were one or two overtakes, where we took turn t challenge each other. There were distance markers for every kilometer and 3 water stations which was adequate for 12km race.

I normally don't like races with so many U Turn, and this race just had two major U turn. The route was rather straight forward and there were 3 overhead bridge to make it tougher.

After the 1st U-Turn, I realise i was in the top 35 as I manage to do some rough counting. luckily I didn't start slow as I saw a large crowd was behind me in a large pack.

The challenge was the smoke and humidity which made me to dry my throat towards Jalan ipoh. After the 3rd water station, manage to get new boost and also manage to overtake a runner. After completing 3rd flyover, I overtook another runner and never allowed anyone to overtake me after that.

As I reached the entrance of Titiwangsa, I underestimated the distance and peak at the start by overtaking a runner. But later realise, I have 400M to go. Luckily the guy behind didn't re-overtake me. However, the runner in front of me manage to get away from me. I pushed myself towards the end, but couldn't overtake him. Nevertheless, I'm happy with my performance with timing 57.25. Great start for the year.

Next race is MATIC race next week.   

Adnan Sateem is the new man

70-year-old Adenan Satem will take over as the Sarawak chief minister once Taib's resignation takes effect from Feb 28.
He was formerly a lawyer and at one time Taib's brother-in-law.
Adenan's first wife was Taib's sister and Adenan had served as political secretary to Taib, who was then in the federal government,

I'm not sure how much he is going to swindle now.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Taib Mahmud finally decided

Sarawak Chief Minister finally decided to step down, but yet to announce the date (likely to be today or tommorow). His succesor would be a 3 corner fight  Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg, vice-president Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan and Tan Sri Adenan Satem.

In addition, there will be another by election, as Taib also decided to resign from the state seat. Taib has been longest serving chief minister for 33 years.

Nevertheless, his earning about to sustain as he could be the next Yang dipertua negeri sarawak (equivalent to sultan).

There are rumors saying, that he could be the richest man in Malaysia and also one of top in Asia, but nothing was declared. 

Anyway, hope the state of hornbill will not only be largest state in size but also economy.

Waytha Moorthy resigned

Hindraf chairman P Waytha Moorthy has tendered his resignation from all positions in the government and the Senate, effective Feb 10, according to a statement from Hindraf.

He felt that government is “dragging its feet” in delivering its promises to aid the poor Malaysian Indian community.

In fact HINDRAF was against government and got people's attention in 2007 and made MIC to loose significant seats during 2008 election. In fact they were also against MIC and wanted to help indians. But, when their popularity increased, they had fractions among their teamates where one joined Pakatan, another formed Makkal Sakti party and HINDRAF became it's own party.

Najib became smart by including HINDRAF as Barisan friendly party and even gave Waytha senator post and appointed as deputy minister. It's actually to get more indian votes and support.

Nevertheless, most Indians were unhappy with Waytha acceptance to join najib's team. At least if he stayed independent, he would have better profile.

Now my concern is, who will replace him for the vacated deputy minister post?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Election date is fixed

The by-election date for Kajang state seat is fixed on 23 March.

Barisan Nasional has yet to fix their candidate. So far, speculations are Datuk Lee Chong Wei, Nallakaruppan and Rosmah Mansor.

When I heard all 3 names, I started laughing. Looking at Barang Naik team itself a laughing stock.

No toll hike this year

Our deputy prime minister has announced that, there will be no hikes in toll for year 2014.

Could this be a election gimmick to win the Kajang seat. The public were unhappy since last year on toll hike, but it's only done now?

Atleast, some price of goods would not increase for this year before the GST hits. 

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