Monday, May 25, 2015

it's right boost

I never had completed 3 awards in a term. It's the 1st for me. Always had 2. Sometimes, you just need the boost for your to move on and this came at the right time.

Tuesday humour

Singapore won, Malaysia Lost

It was the 1st time Singapore qualified for a finals in Malaysian football tournament after 1994. Though it took place in KL, where Kelantan had all the full fledged, overwhelming local support, but the Singaporeans just needed 3000 tickets which brought them to lift the title.

The score was 3-1, where Singaporeans won. When Kelantan had 3 import layers on field, Singaporeans had 100% local breeds for 88 minutes, until naturilised player came in for last 3 minutes.

Looks like it's time to look at our game and method of selection for players.

Of course, rumors are the saying the match was fixed, but did we gave a good show, that's the question we have to ask?

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Monday, May 11, 2015

District International Speech contest

It's my 3rd internal speech contest at district level and 7th overall. As last year was unplaced, this year i ensured I have a strong content to ensure I'm at the podium. I was the 2nd speaker. The 1st speaker set a the bar quite high and I manage to match it.

When I came down from stage, I had the confidence that I nailed it. When I compared with other contestants, I had confidence that my speech was better than them. Furthermore, my timing didn't exceed the red light.

Came results, my name was not even in the top 3 list. It was tough to digest. Sometimes, I feel, the voting should be like akedemi fantasia, which is via sms from the audience.

Anyway, my main objective of making a strong impact has materialised. You can do clowning on stage, or draw pictures, ended up, did the audience brought back something.

These were the comments I received from my good freinds:

Member 1:
I find you to be a very mesmerizing character and speaker. No matter what the results were the other day, to me and to many of us, you are a champ as your speech had so much "power", strength and motivation to people not to give up no matter what circumstances one is facing. 

Member 2:
You are awesome meyya. Never doubt that. Just keep going. Don't let anyone, small plastic trophy or limited minded people define who you are.

Member 3:
I don't understand why you were not placed. Anyway, try again until you prove them wrong.

Member 4:
Your speech was great. In my hear, you are the champion. One day you will bring back the trophy. You have the talent.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Something at school

If this thing is placed in every school and university, we can actually reduce the level of obese and overweight citizens in our country.

We are one of the leading countries in obesity and diabetics. When people complaints sugar price is going up, they never complained that their sugar level is also going up.

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