Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

20km Long Run - 28 Dec'08

After 30km on Christmas Day, we took 2 days off. So we started slow by letting Kenny Tan to pace us. When we are coming back, after the stdium, the pace picked up. Kenny started the pace and let me, Ronnie and Stanley to chase him.

Upon reaching Tijani, Stanley, Ronnie n Kenny left me behind about 100M. I maintained the pace till reaching JKR. Then, I increased my "Turbo Engine" and overtook Kenny and Ronnie. Stanley left us and increased his speed.

However, I didn't give up. I chased him and manage to overtake him at the finishing lane. Whatever, we all had a good run.

Here's the timing:Result of Last 9.66k Split:
45'00 - Meyyappa
45'02 - Stanley Cheong
45'22 - Ronnie See
47'38 - Kenny Tan
48'32 - Chin Teck Sin
48'33 - Ahmad Farid
48'46 - Mohd Hailmi
48'54 - Suresh
63'19 - Wong Kei Ming
63'19 - Kelvin Ng

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Gift - 30km Run -25 Dec'08

I have created a HISTORY today. I completed 30km run for the 1st time in my life. Furthermore I beat 3 favorites to finish the race (Ronnie, Naresh, Murali). However, I defy the odds by beating them.

We started with 7 people, Lai couldn't maintain the pace after 1km. So he was left out. Upon reaching Tennis Stadium, another guy was left behind. So only 5 of us were in the pelathon. We paced well by giving chance to each other to lead the group. Upon reaching Petronas, we did another 3 loops which totals 12.4km. We took 5 minutes break an continued another 8km where we went to IRB and came back to Petronas. Then we took another 5 minutes break before continuing our final 9.6km.

Me, Stanley & Ronnie started the pace by leading and Murali & naresh followed us. However, we noted they could not keep up the pace due to lack of fitness. Therefore. They stopped upon reaching Tennis Stadium and started walking.
This left with 3 of us continuing the journey to success. Me and Ronnie stopped for our final water break at final 4km while Stanley had enough endurance, energy & enthusiasm to continue the race without the water break.

Upon water break, I started off by leaving Ronnie behind me because I felt my fire was still burning to finish off the run. I led him all the way to the end point. At beginning, he was 10metres behind me, but the gap widened became 150 metre. Upon reaching, Bank Negara, I was dehydrated. I started to feel hungry since I only took 1 packet of power gel before running. ( Should have taken one more during mid race).
When I slowed down my run for the last 1km but didn't stop as my aim was to complete the run. Once I reached the finishing line, I just sat down at the pavement and feel giddy and vomit. I saw my timing was 2 hours 28minutes. Wow, 30km with that timing for 1st timer.
Finally we saw Naresh and Murali was coming in car (sapu by Lionel). I finished 3 bottles of mineral water (500ml x 3) during the run & half bottle of 100+ (1.5 liter) after the run.
I really felt satisfied and boost my confidence for GE30km next month.
Ronnie's Comment "Our final water stop was at Tijani area, which is 4km away to finish. Me n meyappan need a break liao, coz both of us almost dying, but der ultraman stanley can continue without water, cinya unbelievable. After refreshing ourself, meyappan start to press oil liao, I hv to chase him like cat n dog. Only 3 of us manage to finish sub 2'30, cinya thank you for der pacing. Now I'm cinya tired like kok, want to sleep liao! Zzzzz......"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Campus Run - 10km

Today I did 10km (i.e 2 loops of UM). Started from 3rd College > Sceince Fac > DTC > Asasi > 5th College > API > Bukit Cinta > Com.Sceice fac > 3rd College.
As I was reaching Bkt Cinta, a football player was pacing me, 10meteres behind. I just continued to my 2nd lap, n he still followed me. I increased my pacing n he still manage to keep up the pacewith me. However, when I reached Bkt Cinta for 2nd time, he couldn catch me. The gap widened to 100M. He could not catch me till I reach 3rd College.
That shows my supremacy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Malakkof Run - 12km -21 Dec'08

It was a new track for me. I really wanted a sweet ending for the year. So I took part i this event. The 1st 300M is within the Taman. The route was narrow. I got stuck in between the crowd. Once the whistle was blown, these people started walking. C'mon, this is running event ok. I could only come out from the crowd upon coming out from the entrance. The starting was really crap. However, it was too late to catch up with the front runners. Still I pushed myself to overtake most of them. The route was challenging as there were 3 hill side (ntrance of KLGCC, Sime Darby & Exit of KLGCC). When I was at 2nd loop, a guy dressed in orange paced me well. I followed him and we overtook each other till the Sime Darby Water station. After that, he was tired n left me running alone. But still I closed the gap with a veteran runner in front of me. We run together till the exit of KLGCC. After that, I on my turbo as the finishing was downhill. I manage to overtake 5 runners. When I finished, saw my timing was 51.07. I could have done better, only if I had a good start.

Here we go

The gift of my achievement

Here's my running mates results:

  • 46'08 - Jasni Khairil
  • 46'54 - Syahidan bin Alias
  • 48'35 - Daniel Tan
  • 48'36 - Ronnie See
  • 49'57 - Stanley Cheong
  • 51'07 - Meyyappa Manickam
  • 53'?? - Fadli Abu Bakar
  • 55'20 - Frank Chong
  • 55'38 - Hasrul Sham
  • 55'48 - Justin Lee
  • 56'35 - Wong Ram Bo
  • 57'48 - Hailmi Masro
  • 58'26 - Muhammad Fadhil Fadzil (Afad)
  • 58'31 - Nazib Ngainin
  • 59'10 - Yip Kit Weng
  • 59'17 - Jamie Pang
  • 59'37 - Ghejanthran
  • 60'00 - Lawrence
  • 64'40 - Wong Kei Ming

Friday, December 19, 2008

Campus Run - 18 Dec'08

It was nice to run at my campus after lapse of 5 months. I went for 8km today, started from 3rd College (my hostel), run tru library, accouting faculty (my faculty), then tru small hill of Engineering faculty, then to Alam Bina faculty, Medicine faculty, do a u turn n come thru 6th college, 2nd College, 1st college, cross over to Pusat Asasi, run tru 5th College, Pusat Sukan. Then the main challenge, to get past Bukit Cinta, then run tru 10th College, 8th College, Computer Sceince faculty and finish it back to my college.

On the way to 8th College, I saw monkeys blokking the road. What the heck, there are around 15 of them. I just increase my speed and went on. But when i got nearer to them, they ran away from me. What a funny incident.

Tommorow, Im going to gym and saturday will be my rest day for Sundays Malakkof Run.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Long Run - 13 Dec'08- 25km

After Tuesday's rainy run, I had no training at all. So I was just waiting for the Saturday's long run. Furthermore, my weight went up to 59kg.

So I made up my mind to join Ronniefor the long run. We started well by going slow and maintaining the pace. I just followed Ronnie. We started from Bkt Aman car park and went through Bank Negara, JKR, Bkt Tunku, Hartamas stop for a while at Petronas for a pit stop. By reaching pertonas, it covered 9.67km. I ran that distance without water ok... When I reached Petronas, Ronnie went to toilet (to withdraw his deposit) and I went to the paip to refresh my self.

Then we continued our journey back to our starting point. On the way to Bkt Tunku, Ronnie spotted a snake (I couldn't see because I didn't wear my specs, lucky me)

I did feel a bit tired during hill, but I said to myself that I want to challenge myself. So i just followed Ronnie. When we reached lake gardens, the I realised, we need to do another 2 loops at lake gardens.

By the time i reached at the entrance, i was exhausted. Furthermore, the sun started shining on my head. Luckily, there was "UOB Run" going on, so Ronnie curi milo and I curi water. Then we continue our run. At first loop I tried to lead Ronnie, but he overtook me at second loop towards going out to the entrance of lake gardens. It was just 600m away from finishing line but I couldn't chase Ronnie. At the end, he finished 36seconds before me.

Whatever, I ran 25km after lapse of 2 years and completed it. Good preparation for me for GE30k. Moreover I reduced my weight to 56kg. Don't u think its a great achievement.

Suresh and Kenny Tan followed us but they didn't go through the 2 loops. So they completed on 20km.

2h 06m 04s - Ronnie
2h 06m 46s - Meyyappa
1h 42m 56s - Suresh (19.66km)
2h 02m 50s - Kenny Tan (19.66km)

I bought 100+ 500ml and finished it within 60seconds due to dehydration. Up next is Malakkof 12km on 21 Dec. Let's go for it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rainy Running - 9 Dec'08

I had meeting today till 8.30 at Uptown, Damansara. After lapse of 2 days without running, My plan was to run 1 hour around hartamas today. So I went to Royal Selangor Club to keep my bag and to change. Suddenly, I had thought that I wanted to run on the field. So I started running on the field at 9pm (Running alone ok).

After 5 minutes, it started raining like cats and dogs. I didn't stop. I still continued, the rain got heavier but I still continue to run. When it was 40minutes, I sid to myself, "I'm done for the day". The moral of the story is, "Nobody can stop your progress except for yourself", I means u r ur 1st enemy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Suet Wai Wedding Dinner - 6 Dec'08

It was great meeting my Form 6 classmates (U6S2, Year 2000 of Setapak High School).

Back Row: Hong Ling, Mui Him, Myself, Wei Choon aka Garbage, Desmond aka Donkey, Karen JK (U6S1)

Front Row: Yong Lim, Yun Huey, Nimmala, Esther Sangeetha (U6S1), Juliana aka Cockroach, Karl Wei, Aidren (U6S1)

The girls were really hot, moreover Suet Wai. Off course she's the girl of the day.

I got confused by Nimmala's cetak rompak aka twin sister, Nirmala. Lucky, she told me who is she. Otherwise, koyaklah.....

Wish u happy married life Suet Wai & Alaric.

21km Run on 6 Dec 08

After Bali & India trip, I lost touch with long distance running. Put on 2kg. Needed to loose weight and train up for upcoming Mallakof Run and GE Run. So I took up chalenge to join Ronnie for Long Run.

1st half was fine. I was slow at hill but manage to keep up the pace at straight road. However, at 2nd half, for the last 5.5km (from Bkt Tunku), I felt the tiredness and lost the pace with Ronnie & Stanley Cheong. When I was at Bank negara, which was just 1 mile away from finishing lane, my left knee started aching, but I still manage to carry on and finished the race.

1'43.50 - Stanley Cheong
1'44.10 - Ronnie
1:46.51 - Meyyappa
1'49.40 - Yap Chee Kuang
1'55.22 - Wong Kei Ming

Whatever, my target was just to finish the race. Next training will be on 8th Dec which is 14km. I aim to do better then. What mind conceive, Body can Achieve.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bali Trip

This is the jail where the Bali "Bommers" were placed.
Me n a Gorgeous girl from Tmn Tun outside hardrock

I was in Bali from 13 till 16 november. It was a noce trip beacuse I attended the Toastmasters Convention. People scare me because the "the bommers" were executed during that period. But I dont care, I still enjoy my self.
Things to buy (shop) over there:
1. Perfume stick
2. Wood Carving (nice Buddha statue)
3. paintings
4. Football jersey (really cheap), cheaper than Petaling Street
5. Finnaly massage (30,000 Rupiah, good massage)