Tuesday, June 14, 2016

JDT meets South China

Defending Champions, JDT will be meeting South China from Hong Kong. It will be 2nd time the are meeting at the same stage.

This year, there's also change in the fixture, where east asian team would only meet the middle east team in final (unlike in semifinals in previous year). This means, JDT stands a good chance to qualify for finals.

Should they beat South China, the will meet either their group-mates Bengaluru or Selangor's group-mate, Tampines (whom has new coach).

Let's if JDT can defend their title. Nevertheless, it would be a dream come true if JDT can play in AFC Champions League.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Leadership Accountability

I took this excerpt from Toastmasters International website. These tips, which are based on The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes

The 6 A’s of Leadership Accountability

The quickest path to restoring credibility and winning back others’ trust is to follow the 6 A’s of Leadership Accountability: Accept, Admit, Apologize, Act, Amend, and Attend:
#1: Accept. The most important step is to accept that you’ve made a mistake – no easy task for many leaders. Swallow hard and accept personal responsibility for your actions, says expert James Kouzes, and if it’s an organizational mistake, step up for that error as well.
#2: Admit. It’s important to make public acknowledgement of your mistake, Kouzes says, so others know you’re serious about taking ownership of your actions.
#3: Apologize. Apologizing communicates to others that you’re concerned about the effect your actions have had on them.
#4: Act. Follow an apology with rapid action to address any consequences of a mistake. A quick response lets others know you’re doing more than giving lip service to a problem.
#5: Amend. Making amends is an overlooked part of the credibility restoration process. People expect some form of reparation for a problem that’s been created.
#6: Attend. To be aware of how your actions are helping restore lost credibility, pay close attention to the reactions of your employees – or in the case of Toastmasters club leaders, the reactions of your club members.

It's sad thing, my former club excos didn't bother to follow this and they didn't move any further, and I'm moving forward...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Finally LCW made it

Datuk lee Chong Wei regained his world number 1 position yesterday by virtue of qualifying for the finals for Indonesian Open.

To add the icing, he also captured Indonesian open title by beating Jan Orgensen in rubber sets.

He was world number 1 till Sept 2014 before tested positive where he dropped below 150 in ranking. But he came up consistently. A good motivation for him before the Rio Olympics.

The matter is, till when he will sustain it. Being a player above 30s, very rare players would reach world number 1 status. Even Nicol David is finding it tough and dropped her ranking, Especially with emergence of younger players.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Chesapeake Bay Bridge–Tunnel


Elevator tragedies

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Pathetic win

Malaysia finally won an international match against minnows Timor Leste with score of 3-0. They will meet again on June 6 for the 2nd leg, which serves as the qualifier for Asia Cup.

We can be happy to see Malaysia back to winning, but it's not what was expected against a war torn country. We use to beat then 14-0 during 2 sea games ago, but the margin has been narrowed down.

Can Kin Swee live up to the expectation of qualifying to the cup and thereafter winning the AFF cup.

What's next for BAM ?

The Thomas cup has ended. Malaysia finished their campaign with par level of semifinals outing. Though we were only classified as 5-8 seed but we went against those paper targets. However, we had great chance of qualifying for the finals and even clinching the trophy as favorites China, Korea and Japan were knocked out. Nevertheless, players whom unable to hold the pressure made our team to be out-stead easily. Denmark, whom were trailing 2-0 had never say die attitude and came back to win the entire game .Especially for the 2nd doubles, when we won the 1st set, we thought we could have wrapped it but it went other ways.

Again Tan Boon Heong and Koo Ken Kiat played for shame and made silly mistakes. The question is, when will we really will in the trophy. We came through back door for qualifying for both men and women. But men team lived up to the billing by winning all the group matches.

Lee Chong Wei whom is still unclear about his retirement hinted he will still pay for 1st single should he still remain in the team. But our main concern is the 2nd and 3rd singles whom are still not strong. Most likely TBH and KKK will also retire by end of the year, which strength the place for 2nd doubles will be weaker.

As per past BAM president, Malaysia will not will the cup at least for the next 2 editions.

For Uber cup, we qualified for quarterfinals during the last edition, but this round we lost in group matches. We only won Spain, which I would say a great comeback from 2-0 down. We lost to Denmark in close match by 3-2 score. For China, we were expected to steal 1 point but Great wall proven to be stronger.

When our team is neither progressing nor depleting, minnows like India is progressing fast. Both teams qualified for quaterfinals. The 2 of the ladies singles are in top 10. We can only be proud that we have world junior champion Jin wei, but what's her prospect of getting to top 10 in the world.

We even had Zulfadli zulkifli whom was world junior champion, But at senior level , he is still struggling.

I never missed the Thomas Cup since 1992, but wonder if I'm going to miss seeing Malaysia lifting the cup again.

Carolina Marin born in the year 1993 and she is already a world champion. But malaysia is still waiting for it's 1st world champion.

Spain is good in tennis, through rafael nadal and ferrer. They have strong hockey team. They are poular for football giants and fo course for F1, fernando alonso. Now they have corlina marin.

What can we be proud off.....