Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Malaysia surrendered to Thailand

Malaysia wee no hoper for Suzuki Cup. By fluke, they qualified for semifinals. In semifinals, they created magic by trashing Vietnam 4-1 during 2nd leg at their homeground and qualified for finals.

In finals, mighty Thais scored 2-0 to gove comfortable lead. But Malaysia, created another miracle by leading the game by 3-0 in 70 minutes. When it looks as if Malaysia will win the match and cup, the agony happened.

Stupid Muslim came in to replace Indra Putra, and the deefnce just collapsed. The mighty Thais scored 2 goals within 10 minutes and won the title with agreegate of 4-3.

Although Dollah was only givn less than 3 months to prepare the team, but he made good move in including senior players i.e Indra, Amri, Bhadri and Shukor.

But, he made bad decision in choosing outfield players which made the match to collapse against Malaysia.

Now, I doubt Malaysia can win even the next sea games or following Suzuki Cup.  

Air Asia goes missing

Looks like it's a bad year for Malaysia. This is 3rd avition incident for Malaysia. The flight which carried 155 passengers and 7 crews was from Surabaya to Singapore. The flight was susspected to be ended at Pulau Belitung Timur. But nothing is concrete yet.

The search has commenced since Sunday. Though it's Air Asia Indonesia, but indirectly Malaysian interest is involved due to Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

There's an infant onboard too. QZ8501 is the flight number. It's a first incident of such nature for Air Asia. Bad weather could be a potential cause for it. Only 1 Malaysian is involved and most of them are Indonesian, with few Singaporean and South Korean.

Now, they have found few debris of the plane. hope it won't be like MH370, where it's not found till todate.

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Najib in Hawaii

Najib has flew to Hawaii to play golf with Obama.

Though it may sounds as just a game, but it raises many question:

Of course, as government employee, he is entitled for annual leave but:

1. Did he used rakyat's money to fly there?
2. Why would obama want to play golf with Najib on eve of Christmas?
3. When country is attacked with flood at east coast, our PM is enjoying his golf game at overseas

Happy Boxing Day

Another example on tamil Cheque

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014


Mahathir said Malaysian are stupid. Which mean we are not capable to lead the company.

But this new CEO from Germany, is currently CEO of Irish Airlines. If he has the ability to lead another national airlines outside his country, that mean, he really knows the meaning of "International".

Anyway, it's not about Malaysian CEO, but more on intervention of cronies.

stupid Bangla PM

Football those days

Malaysia is in Final

It was a miracle and that's what happened yesterday. Malaysia beat Vietnam at their home ground by 4-2 and won by aggregate of 5-4.

Though the overall Malaysia's performance was not really great, but it was at Vietnam's fault whom were mentally shaken up with the early 4th minute penalty. that made Malaysia to go for 3 more goals and lead the match 4-1 during first half.

During 2nd half, Malaysian team became more defensive which only managed the Vietnam team to score one goal.

The beauty was, Vietnamese were professional and didn't react like how we did during the 1st leg.

No Malaysia will be facing mighty Thailand on Wednesday at Bangkok and 2nd leg at KL.

Hope we can lift the cup at in KL.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

3 weekend blows

1 always try to console others, but what if there are 3 events took place gave a national blow.

Axiata Cup
As defending champions, Malaysia ended up in 4th position this season. They lost to Indonesia in semifinals and lost in aggregate to Asia selection for 3rd placing. Chong Wei Feng, just couldn't deliver at the right time. The ladies singles is just going into ashes.

Nicol David just short of World Championship team title for her completion of grand slams. Being 3rd placing for past 3 consecutive editions, our team was aiming to go better by winning the title. Again, we became bridesmaid to England by loosing 2-1 to them in finals. Anyway, it's still better than 3rd placing.

This is the worst. Though Malaysia qualified by a fluke, I thought they would patch up their mistakes. Nevertheless, against Vietnam, they show that they are still school boys. We got penalty during the 1st half, but our lanky defense, made Vietnam to equalize. During 2nd half, there were many attacks, and finally Vietnam broke the lock to score their 2nd goal in front of our home crowd. I didn't see the ball going towards the opponents goal post. That shows how bad is our attack. The defense were soft which made the midfielders to play double role.

To make it worse, our fans became hooligans and started to attach the Vietnamese fans, which ended in bloodshed. Our sports minister, KJ, humbly apologize to the Vietnamese. We have 3rd class management, facilities, now we have also 3rd class mentality

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Monday, December 1, 2014

The most educated countries in the world

Malaysia is nowhere.

Creators of Nokia is there. 

NM Galaxy Run Part 4 - 30Nov'14

This was my 1st half marathon for the year. I didn't had much mileage after Penang Bridge Run. Thus I just took it as my practise ground for LSD.

I had so much hopes for the event, but they never learnt from their previous 3 series.

The disaster was:

1. No water station from km5 to km13. No marshals at this route too.
2. No medical aid personnel along the route
3. No distance markers
4. certificate was half of A4 size with poor paper quality
5. No water station setup after finishing lane
6. No lights at the starting point
7. no adequate finisher medals 
8. Only 4 water stations (suppose to be 6)

The organizer apologized and declared wont be organising the event for 2015.

The route was good, but because of above disaster, it became a mental torture. I was at the front pack, as I don't want to miss out the medal. I know, I would go bust if I run alone, so I paced few runners from behind.

It was all doing good, before reaching 8km. We went into oil palm estate, which was quiet, and sun started to rise. Thats where I started to dehydrate and started to look for water. That made me to loose focus, and cramps started to pinch my knee, stomach and calf.

That really slowed my pace and let atleast 7 to 8 runners overtake me. After reaching the 3rd water station, took a 2 minute break to hydrate myself, then continued my race.

Upon reaching the last km, I started seeing cars parked at long stretch, so I knew finishing is around the corner. With the pain, I just pushed myself and went to finishing lane. 

Good thing was, there were people whom have seen me and knew I was running since 1st series. I was good catch up with them, especially, 2nd place winner in women veteran category, Jacqueline Sarah. Feel humbled and that motivated me to run more.

My season finale will be Twincity, 21km. Hope this round wont be screwed.

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Tall Tales contest - 29Nov'14

It was my 3rd attempt, and I told myself, if I don't finish podium, it would be my last. After previous 2 contest, I had more ideas on the speechcrafting.

It was a new venue, Wisma Alianzz. Nevertheless, the contenders were tough ones too. prior year, 3rd place and 2nd place winners, Timothy and Victor was there. I was drawn as contestant 9 whom is also the last contestant.

After witnessing 8 contestants, my pick was victor, timothy and geouff. Thus, I need to give a performance better than them. But being amateur in this field, I gave all that I have.

Audience enjoyed the speech.

When results came, there were 1 time disqualification. I know it was not me, because I finished the speech when it was at yellow zone.

And 3rd place was yours truly. 2nd place went to Timothy and champion was victor.

I'm satisfied with my performance. In addition, it was my maiden podium for tall tale contest. Now I have complete collections of all 5 contest podium finishes.