Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pacemakers Anniversary Relay - 29 Aug

My first race at Taman Metropolitan Kepong. When I woke up, it was drizzling, but I still went on, else procrastination will take place. Upon reaching there, saw the organising team getting ready for the event. As I was waiting, Amutha called me and confirmed that she is coming to the event. That gave me additional boost to secure top 6 position for the competition. My was comprising of Amutha (Female Lead), Suresh (veteran, 2nd runner), Thurei (Upcoming star, 3rd runner) and myself as the anchor.

As this is the final relay for Suresh before he bid Adios by end of the year, we wow to make it a sweet ending for him.

As the race started, I knew top 6 would be the modest target by witnessing 2 teams from Klang Pacers, 1 from Malaysia Airlines and "Imported" team by Daniel Tan and Stanley.

Amutha made a good start by finishing fourth before passing it to Suresh. Being with Richard and Jasni, it made tough for Suresh but he still made it at 6th position, 25 seconds in front of Cari Runners.

As Thurei took the baton, he widened the gap between Cari Runner and manage to overtake Daniel Tan's teamate and gave me the baton at 5th place. As I grabbed the baton, I didn't turn back and just pushed myself.

After 500M, I saw Casey (Daniel Tan's team) overtaking me. I knew, I cant overtake him by looking at his strength, but I tried to maintain 50M gap for the first 1.5km.

Lack of experience in that track pulled my speed down as I had to overcome 5 mini hills. Upon reaching to the bridge, The route was flat and it was only 1km left but my endurance was reducing. I was paced by a Chinese boy (non competitor) for the last 1km before overtaking him as Suresh was there to pace me for a while.

I was just wondering, when the finishing lane is going to come. Finally, I heard some cheer as I reached final 200M. When I crossed the lane, I just sat down, as It was really a breath taking moment. Ronnie came and put the tag on me to confirm i got 6th placing.

Happy to come back home with a trophy and sweet ending for Suresh before he jumps into swimming and cycling. Next race will be Larian patriotk at klang tomorrow (night race).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Know This Person - Ishtiaq Mubarak

Ishtiaq Mubarak became only the second Malaysian athlete to qualify for the semi-finals in Athletics (1976 - Montreal).

1st Malaysian to take part in 3 Olympic Games (1968,1972,1976). Ishtiaq also the flag bearer for 1976 Olympic Games.
Ishtiaq Mubarak first represented the country at the 1966 Asian Games in Bangkok where he won a bronze medal in the 110 m hurdles. Eight years later at the 1974 Asian Games, he won a silver medal. He proved his distinction in Asia by winning the silver medal at the Asian Track and Field Championship 1973 and 1975.

Although his pet event is 110M hurdles, in 1975 Sea Games, he took part in decathlon and amazed everyone by striking gold medal.

Even former National Equestrian Champion, Wan Zaleha Radzi, trained under his guidance during late 70s (during her school days).
Major achievement was when he won a gold medal in the 1971 Kuala Lumpur Seap Games after recovering from a broken jaw and a fractured pelvic suffered in a road accident. Doctors thought that his career was gone into smoke after the accident but he made everyone to bite their words.

It's glad for me too, that I trained under his guidance for Inter Accounting Firm Games in 2007 & 2008 and strike gold for 1500M for both years.

His contribution did not stop there. He still continues to nurture young athletes and the recent product of him was Mohd.Ajmal, who got 4th placing in Youth Olympics held in Singapore recently for 110M hurdles.
He has the capability of understanding the athletes needs and train him/her from the stage where he/she is to greater heights. He has different programmes for which caters for specific athlete based on his performance and where he wants to go.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Malaysia ranks num 37 in the world

Malaysia is ranked 37th in the “Best Countries in the World” survey by Newsweek international magazine.
It is also among the top three Asian nations that are regarded as among the best in the world.
Japan is at ninth place and Singapore 20th.
The first-ever survey by the magazine on best countries in the world also listed Malaysia as the eighth best in education among the upper middle-income countries.
Singapore emerged tops in the economic dynamism category.
The magazine attributed it to the island nation’s “manageable” size. Newsweek also noted that although the Singapore government had control over more than half of its economy through state-run sovereign wealth funds and corporations, it was extremely pro-free trade and pro-business.
Education is also tops in Singapore. It was listed as having the world’s fourth best education quality.
The other Asian countries listed in the overall best countries survey were Thailand (58th), China (59th), Philippines (63rd), Sri Lanka (66th), Indonesia (73rd), India (78th), Vietnam (81st), Bangla­­desh (88th), and Pakistan (89th).
The top three best countries in the world are:
2. Switzerland
The survey was aided by an advisory board whose members comprised, among others, Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy director Geng Xiao.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cancer Warning

Tunnel Vision

Sometimes when we hear something or people tell us something, we tend to just take it at face value rather then looking at the rationalisation and what is the purpose of such practise.

I recently attended an Area Contest and I was suppose to be the Ballot Counter. When I reach there, the Chief Judge said that I cant be the ballot counter because I'm a contestant during this term (although I'm from different area).

Then I told her that, I'm from different area, I have done ballot counting even for District Contest which was witnessed by past TLI Chair and District Governor.

Her comment was " I checked with some people and they said that PREFERABLY better to get a non contestant" and "what ever happened in past is past.

The reason was because, I may forge the results to my favorite contestant.

Partially what she said was true. But in Toastmasters, there's an element called integrity. If i don't have such integrity, the past District Governor and Division governors wouldn't have given me the mandate to be ballot counter for the past 3 year.

In addition, If I don't have integrity, I wouldn't have sponsored the banner for a University based club and sponsored my area events during my tenure as Area Governor.

My question was, what if she itself forge the results or the replaced ballot counter whom she appointed was good friend of certain contestants and the new ballot counter could do the same?

What she could have done is to apply mitigating control to ensure fair based results.
1. She could have appointed me as counter/re-checker on the computation rather than collecting the ballots (since she already had an independent.

2. She could have put a mark on the judging ballot sheet that only she knows whether the ballot sheet is original or not.

3. Finally, she could have called the judges and verified if the results documented on the ballot sheet was the actual or forged.

Whatever, it was, I knew that she was new to arena of judging, thus it's learning curve for her. What she could have done is to rationalise the decision and apply applicable controls that would firm her decision.

Luckily, me and another girl was not trouble makers, else it could have been havoc there. My main aim was to go there FOC (hehehe), that's why I wanted to take up the role. Even that, I wanted to help Chun Ming as he helped my club.

Even, if I was out today as role player, there are many more contest to come and definitely I can get it. So, it's not a significant item for me. Whatever, in future I must ensure that she is not the Chief Judge for the contest that I'm attending.

Serena Williams is OUT of US Open

What a shock! Serena Williams has pulled out from upcoming US Open. She still is recovering from surgery to repair cuts on her right foot.

She reached semifinals last year and lost to Kim Clijsters with a faul line call. Williams has participated in the last 16 major tournaments; the last one she missed was Wimbledon in 2006.

But in 2009, Williams lashed out at a lineswoman during her semifinal against eventual U.S. Open champion Clijsters. It was a profanity-laced, finger-pointing, racket-brandishing display during which Williams approached the official with what tournament director Jim Curley called at the time "a threatening manner."

About 2½ months later, Williams was fined $82,500 by the Grand Slam administrator and told she would be suspended from the U.S. Open if she has another "major offense" at any Grand Slam tournament in 2010 or 2011.

Both of Williams' titles this season came at major championships: the Australian Open and Wimbledon.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Know this person - Merelene Ottey

What would you do of you are 50 years old? Most of us would have been at the end of working life and starts to spend time with our grandchildren at this age.
But this iron lady who is born on May 10, 1960 (she is 50 now) has started her career in athletics 1980 and still going on.
Once a Jamaican, now a Slovenian, qualified on merit and took part in all the Olympic Games since 1980.
Her favourite events are 100M and 200M.
Recently, she took part in Slovenian Championship and clocked 11.97 seconds in 100M which enabled her to qualify for the European Championship. Now she is aiming to qualify for the Olympics next year.
Ottey holds the record for being the oldest track medalist ever in a major athletics championship, for running the fastest Women's Indoor 200M (in 21.87 seconds) for having the most Olympic appearances (seven) than any other track and field athlete, and for having the most women's World Championships medals (fourteen). Her career achievements and longevity have led to her being called the "Queen of the Track".
Ottey ranks at number 3 on the list of the top 10 all time athletes on the 200 meters - women, and number 5 on the 100 meter list.
She also hold the 100M world record for masters games for more than 45years old category.
20 Olympic medals are in her bag. Only 2 ladies in total has done this so far.
All she say is, "Im enjoy running. Will run till I can't run anymore"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mid year Review

Being in fast pace life, I even forgot what was my target for 2010. Luckily, I recalled. here it is:

1. To be a Chartered Accountant - Achieved
2. To obtain promotion to Senior 1 position (Super senior) - Still in doubt
3. To be Division Champion in (Humorous/Evaluation/Table Topics/International Speech) - at area level now
4. To get back my gold medal in IAFG 1500M - Achieved
5. To reduce my weight to 57kg - Now at 60kg

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lift Lesson

Nowadays, with busy lifestyle, we tend to do everything in a russhing manner. But we forgot to stop and look around wheter are we doing something good for the society or not.

2 days ago, I was at my office building waiting for the lift at 8am. There were 30 of us waiting for the lift. When one of the lift door opened, the whole crowd rushed to the lift without realising the people who are inside the lift whom need to come out.

Then, when i got into the lift, there was a pregnant lady who wanted to catch the lift, but on of the guy(with no brain) closed the lift door, so that, he can get to his workplace without waiting.

This made the pregnant lady to wait for a while for another lift. I just wonder, what is that to wait for a while. We are not Japanese who feels a big loss if they wait for 2 minutes.

Atleast be a simple and caring human being.

Long Run @ 15 Aug 2010

After 2 weeks, I'm going again for the long run. This time with the Pacemakers led by Ronnie.

As the run started, Ronnie started his turbo. I took low risk an went slow. After Bank negara, Zhi Shen slowed down. I had to run alone. Come Bkt Tunku, saw Guan Chye, struggling to run. I paced him but he was slowing down after that.

That left me alone till Hartamas. After doing the extra loop of 2.2km, I took a short break to refresh myself.

Upon starting 2nd half, I followed Stanley because he wanted to go slow too. This time Zhi Shen, led the team (after that don't know what happen).

Stanley paced me till Tijani hills. We took a short water break and continued. With 2km to go, he had knee problem. So I had to push my self to overtake the front runners. I increased my pace till lake Garden and saw Kenny Tan.

Overtook him and made a sweet finish with total timing of 2:01.38.

Finally I'm a Chartered Accountant

What I have dreamed for has happened.
Last Thursday, I went and collected the certificate which says that "Chartered Accountant" from MIA and on the same day, I received ACCA certificate which says "Member".

This means from today, my name will be Meyyappa Manickam BAcc (Hons), ACCA, CA(M).

So you all can call me Accountant now . Hehehe.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

RAT RACE 2010 - 3 Aug 2010

It's my 3rd time attempting the race. The race was suppose to start at 5pm but started at 5.15. As I started, the bankers came from the back led by K.Baskaran. I just allowed them to overtake me (7of them) as I'm not going to kill myself.

My aim was to improve my position and try to get into top ten this year. After 1 km, one of the chap ayam runner overtook me. I didn't bother and maintained my pace. The race as as if I'm running in fire. So damn heat. Furthermore, with office pants.

I carried water bottle as I know it's going to be heat. When I reached at KLCC, They gave water bottle and we had to open our self. When I was going towards, KLCC, 3 other guys from some banks overtook me.

I didn't pressure myself. When, it comes to Menara Weld, I knew I had only 1km more to go. So I pushed myself and overtook all four runners whom overtook me before.

Then I never looked back and just shooted to winning lane. During the race I saw, Ambank, CIMB and Maybank supported along the way. I just wonder if my company had that.

Upon reaching finishing lane, I saw my timing was 20:42. Decent timing and manage to get into top 10 of the race (4th placing actually). My best placing ever in Rat Race.

Nice dinner yesterday with nasi lemak, roti jala and satay.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

SHAPE Night Run - 31 July 2010

I'm running this race without proper training as I got stuck with work matters during the week. Furthermore, I was in fear I may finish without a medal since the competition provides only 75medals for my category. Furthermore, with my performance during Siemens Run by only managing 49th place with absence of runners whom attended Ipoh and Bkt Jalil Run made me to ponder whether I'm in proper condition or not.

Whatever, I won't know till I perform. Since it's at Putrajaya, I had to leave at 6pm from my house. It was about to rain, thus I had to go by car. I decided to go through MEX highway since it's shorter and cheaper compare to NKVE.

As I reached Crown Princess, the jam started. It took me to 20 minutes to clear the traffic. I was worried if I would be late. Upon clearing the traffic and going through the highway, I just pressed the oil till it reached 140km/h. Manage to reach the place before 7pm.

Parked the car and rushed to baggage area to keep my bag, then came to starting line with Suresh, Naresh, Guna and Amutha.

The race started and I went on moderate pace. I saw Daniel Tan at first km and he said that we did below 4minute for 1st km. That's fast. I just maintained the pace and thought the route would be flat. But only when I realise at the bridge, it was hilly.

We went through the Putrajaya Convention centre where Aiswarya Rai, Rajinikanth and AR Rahman was there. At certain places, there weren't adequate lighting. Don't know whether they have switched it off or no lights were installed.

After 3km, my pace was slowing down, but saw Amutha behind me. So I paced her for next 5km. There were adequate water station at every 2.5km which enable me to be hydrated. Furthermore, with humid environment.

Then I felt like my body was heavy because extra storage of water. So I took a pit stop to 'p**s' and continued the race. When I took the pit stop, 5 runners passed by me but I overtook them back within next 1km.

Then, I saw Kenny Tan overtaking me. I couldn't follow his pace so I went on my own. But still manage to catch Amutha. When it came to final 1km, we had to make a circle at High Court. That made me to be demotivated, and Amutha left me. But I ensured nobody overtakes me after that.

When I did the final turning, I went into the wrong lane. But the official didn't say anything. Luckily there was another official shouted at me and asked me to get into the other lane.

When I was reaching the finishing lane, I heard people clapping and cheering for me. At finishing lane, the official gave me a card and saw "33". Thank god. I made it into top 75 and finished with a medal and defy the odds of rumors saying that I will go back without medal.

The goodies bag given was fantastic, with shampoos, Nature's Valley Biscuit, muscle cream, vitamins, mineral water, apple and 7up revive.

Only screwed up thing was, there was only 2 lane for isotonic drinks when there are more than 5000people at the venue. Luckily we had our mineral water bottle with us. The medal was also damn small.

Now going to rest so that I will recover for my RAT Race on Tuesday.