Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finally I achieved

As Toastamster, everybody has to become a President at 1 particular juncture. I took the challenge and became the President of Deloitte KassimChan TMC.

From the term started till the end, I had many challenges, but all was resolved with courage.

People said/commented that I:
1. Demanding
2. Harsh
3. Looks Scary
4. Ego
5. Adament

I was not bothered, because, I was serving with sincerity, conviction, integrity, straight forward and never cheated anyone.

The club had only 13 members and I manage to turn it around to 20 members with regular meetings. I pushed myself to achieve 10/10 points, but only achieved 9, which is still President Distinguished Award. Lack of commitment from certain members, overpromising and being passengers, was other challenges that I faced.

When I needed held from some Officials, it was not there, as they were there for fame, But I had Chan Siew Peng, whom walked with me at the beginning till the club came out from ICU stage. Great to have her as my mental support.

I moved forward on steady manner. Whenever I moved forward, I endure I was fit for it. I respect whom suppose to be respected and never bothered abt the rest. As saying goes, "If you stop and bark at every dog that you see along the way, you would not reach your destination". That's what I practised.

Thanks to all whom helped me. I'm feel gratefull to all of you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Comeback Americans to attack the Bolt

Justin Gatlin is coming back from a doping ban to prove he is a legitimate champion. Tyson Gay wants to see if he can overcome a hip injury. And Bryshon Nellum was shot three times in the legs.

All 3 has qualified for London Olympics and going to challenge Usain Bolt for the Gold Medal.

Tyson Gay holds the 3rd fastest timing in the world and Gatlin is the former world record holder.

It will be definitely an interesting race to watch in London next month.

Negative Goodwill

In accounting term, Goodwill means strong brand name and image which enhances a person or company's value. It often increases when the company performs well (exceeding expectations) in terms of financial profits, growth in operations and human resources.

It's the same applies to life. People can forgive you for worng doings, but they would not forget the matters. When there's absence of self-realisation and increase in ego, this would only accumulates negative goodwill.

Being young leader, doesnt mean people can accept all your mistakes and forgive moments. It need the leader's maturity to move forward to greater heights with proper pace.

By just saying, "I will move forward" without rectifiying current setbacks, will only make increases negative goodwill which, at one particular moment will push you down till you cant wake up.

KL Marathon 2012 - 24 June

After being dampen with calf injury at the beginning of the year, I could rarely run long distance. However, I told myself, should I don't register for this marathon, I would never ever going make another move. Thus I registered for it.

I begin to train for it in Month of May and again 2 weeks ago, I got into injury. But I told myself, I'm going to complete it, no matter what happens.

When the run started, I paced the 5 hours pacers and made decent run for the 1st half of the race. The agony started during the 2nd half, when, my left calf started to ache, I had to slow down my pace. Upon reaching 30km, it was hamstring cum knee pain. To make it worse, at 15km, I voumited due to stomach upset.

I just made a slow jog and walk for the final 10km. If I were to say, it's my worst performance, I would say it's my courages performamance for not giving up till the final minute.

I never felt dehydrated as I felt in previous marathon. Moreover, the weather was fine and not too humid as it use to be. There were adequate water stations. Perhaps, they could have provided another Power gell at 21km. My timing overall was 5:34.

As saying goes, "Experience will tell you what to do, Confidence will make you to do it."

I will be back next year, should I'm fully recovered.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Advertisement in 1968

Someone found this in the library at Ohio University . It is in a program booklet of KGMMB’s (Kesatuan Guru-Guru Melayu Malaysia Barat) AGM 1968, and this advertisement appeared on p.2, side by side with the message from the then Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein. How different it was in those days.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Team Malaysia Fan Run 17 Jun'12

It's my 1st run for the year. I have been on long rest and doing a bit of training for runs. Thus, I took a risk to try out the feeling as next week will be KL Marathon. I have already feeling slight pain on calf during my warm up. Thus, I decided to take it easy and jog all the way as everyone gets a finisher medal.

It started at 8am, could have started earlier, although it's only 7km. I have a personal best of 29 minutes at this route and normally I will do average of 35 minutes. But today I took 45:02 minutes, although I was jogging.

As the race started I went slow. Then I saw Suresh and Thurei at Bank Negara so I followed them. Upon reaching the Bkt Tunku, I started to feel the pain, thus I slowed down. There were 3 water stations, which was adequate for the hazy situations.

When we reach, Parlimen, it started to be a heavy down pour and I was basically soaked. The rain was supposed to be the acid rain, but it reduced my dehydration.

The godie bag and t-shirt was worth it for the amount that we paid.

My next run will be  KL marathon. Another jogging event for me.

Finally it's happening

I was expecting this way ahead during Pak Lah's time but it's happening now....

Let's see who speaks the truth of the truth....

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Confidence is the HAND to success

Norway Flag is a Mother of 6 Flags

Husband & Wife

Fake Mask

In a country where you have various races and culture, it's fine to practise or learn it as culture doesn't has any particular face.

This learning could be in dance, cooking or even tailoring.

If you witness Ramli Ibrahim, he could perform the Indian classical dance as if he is a born Indian. Perfect eye contacts, with body movement with exemplifies the particular character.

But recently, I went to dinner event at hotel and restaurants. There were cultural performance which was performed by "P race" people. The dance which they performed was on their race. That looked good because they new at the dance. Then, they performed dance performance of another race.

When I heard abt it, I felt glad, that we really prove that we are true Malaysians. Only till I witness the performance, I realised the dancers were just a disgrace. Just because you are wearing the traditional dress of another race, doesn't mean that you could be a great dancer of that dance.

For a dance performance, the dancer should actually convey a message through the dance. Just by nodding the head, eye and flipping fingers, doesn't make you a good dancer.

Why can't they go for a proper dance practise by the proper dance coach or choreographer. I may not be a good dancer, but I'm a dance lover, I watch dances.

Buying and wearing traditional costume and shaking your hands and legs will not make you a good traditional dancer.

You are already wearing a mask as a performer. Why make it a fake one?

Government is going bankrupt

Finance Ministry requests for additional RM13.79bilThe Finance Ministry on Thursday tabled the Supplementary Supply 2012 Bill for RM13.79bil to meet additional expenses on services and specific purposes not provided for under the Supply Act 2012. The bulk of the allocation was for the Treasury's General Services which amounted to RM11.23bil, followed by the Works Ministry (RM445.8mil), Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry (RM404mil) and Election Commission (RM360mil).

The Star 14/6/12

We have budget tabled last year, why cant government just follow the budget and control their unnecessary expenses i.e giving bonus to FELDA, building castle, organising "himunan jutaan belia" and giving RM500 for poor income people and RM200 to students.

All this are our ancessostors' sweat. We are the one whom should preserve it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweet Poison

You face different kind of people everyday with different background. It's just like the smell, which you can't see but could feel. Similar goes to facial expression and the emotions itself, only difference is, you could see the facial expression and feel how they feel.

Nevertheless, there are always people whom scold us or pin point the mistakes that we do. We definitely get angry why are they being so negative towards us, but end of the day when I think about it, I felt that they were actually harmless and just pointed out my points for improvement. It's definitely a life long learning lesson.

There are also people, whom always smile at you and brag about you. But behind the scene they could be your virus whom spread the news on bad matters about you and try to dig hole so that you will fall in their trap.

I just feel that this people with fake smiles or acting like good could only last for a short term as i said it's fake. They could speak about respect but first of all are they being truth to the rest and are they being fair. Respect could be earned but truth always prevails one day.

There's saying goes " whoever drops shit are not your enemy and whoever gets you out of the shit are not necessary your friends".

So, these people can be like silent killer or aka sweet poison.

Friday, June 1, 2012

EPF to fight with Chelsea to buy land

It's our contribution which makes EPF rich. Now, they want to use that money to churn more money.

The fight for the Battersea Power Station land has intensified as the bidding process begins in what has been described as the United Kingdom’s longest property development saga.

The report, from the property researcher CoStar Group, said EPF was set to pledge 100% of the equity in an all-cash buy offer worth RM1.8bil (£375mil).

It said EPF wanted to modify the redevelopment project, worth RM6.9bil (£1.4bil), to include “more residential uses and less commercial space”.

Can we also have a share on the land as we are also contributors to EPF?

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