Sunday, March 25, 2012

Safest Cities in the world

Mercer’s list of top cities in the world in terms of quality of living shows three Swiss cities in the top 10 in 2011 and three German cities, but Austria’s Vienna remains in the number one slot.

Zurich is second, Geneva and Bern are eighth and ninth respectively, with Munich and Dusseldorft fourth and fifth and Frankfurt in seventh place.

Completing the top 10: Auckland, New Zealand is third, Vancouver, Canada ties with Dusseldorf for fifth and Copenhagen, Denmark ties with Bern for ninth place.

Cities with highest crime rates in the world

1. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
2. Mogadishu, Somalia
3. Lagos, Nigeria
4. Bogota, Colombia
5. Moscow, Russia
6. St. Louis, United States
7. Capetown, South Africa
8. Grozny, Russia
9. New Orleans, United States
10. Beirut, Lebanon


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Europe Trip

It's a dream come true for me to cover 3 countries at 1 go. Yes, I visited Holland, Belgium and France.

Moreover I was at Eiffel Tower. I always wanted to see wonders of the world and it happened.

What i enjoyed:

1.Cold weather
2. Cheese
3. wine
4. chocolates
5. monuments
6. friendliness of dutch people
7. punctuality of public transport

I liked the backpacking style, where I just took the public transport and walked to see the city, by using map and asking people for direction.

I wanted to write more, but i can just keep writing as it was a fantabulous trip.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is Current term promise just enough?

Our beloved Prime Minister has visited Sri Murugan Centre (Tuition/Education centre for Indians) again for 2nd time during his tenure as Prime Minister.

He said that, the current government has kept it's promise by awarding 100 scholarships to Indian graduates whom performed well in their studies to pursue post-graduate programme, during his tenure as PM.

My concern is for those qualified people whom were left out by our BeeAnn government prior to year2010. What are we going to answer them? In accounting terms, it's called accrual, which is yet to be realised/paid.

London Dreams for Hockey team is over

Our hockey team's hope of qualifying to 2012 Olympics has been dashed by a boring draw of 1-1 in final match with Ireland. Malaysia needed a win in order for them to qualify for finals, but it was a despair.

Malaysia ended in 3rd position with 10 points, 1 behind Ireland and 3 behind South Korea. The last time Malaysia qualified was in year 2000. Then, it's always a bad luck for Malaysian team.

We have tenancy to loose focus especially in final 5 minutes which cause us several titles and crucial qualifications. I just wonder, what's wrong with our team?

- do we need a permanent & qualified coach, rather than having a caretaker which changes now and then
- is the sports association is assembled with knowledgeable and people with passion on sports
- is there something wrong with the selection criteria of the players
- is there lacking of quality friendly matches i.e with Spain, Germany, Holland, Argentina or Australia

We cant just be proud that we are winning SEA GAMES title for the past 30 years. When are we going to be world beaters?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

2 Tounge

The reason why we have 1 tongue and 2 ears are so that we listen more than we speak. But even that, some people, they tell me one story or give one statement. But when they talk to another person, they tell another statement.

Why cant you be just straight forward?
Why all this empty promises?
Why all this lame excuses?

Don't you people feel shame abt it.

If you cant do it, just say cant do it. If I give you a project, how can you say you don't know your dateline? If you are committed, you will definitely able to finish it.

Bullshit may bring you to top, but bullshit cant keep you there.

Go Down to Come Up