Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Matilah Anak Sarawak

Perhaps, it's the culture of the state, which is Sarawak.
The Sarawak chief minister, tan sri abdul taib is deemed as unofficial world richest man and is the longest serving chief minister for 32 years. He has been swindling the funds which was allocated for the state development. Now if you go to rural area of Sarawak, it's totally different compared to Kuching.

Why are this people so power crazy? Mother Theresa was not in power, but people knew her. Nelson Mandela was not in power, but people knew him. Princes Diana was divorced, and people still remembered her.

You don't need to be to be identical. You just need to serve properly to your people, members and company and organisation.

Let's see if next year, if there's any change to .....

Only now Government is doing it

Why is it it takes one person or the team to think so long to make simple decision. When the inflation is rising, Ringgit Malaysia is weakening and economic level is going down, the cabinet ministry only takes care of themselves.

You want to reduce the electricity by 5%, but nobody knows how you are going to do it. Does that mean, you will switch off the main electric box for a day and let all the government department to become lazier?

The payment of entertainment allowance reduce by 10%, but that doesn't assure that this ministers would not be receiving bribe. End of the day, inflation still increases. the claims still can be manipulated and still can be utilized by the family members of the ministers and government officers.

If you cut event management companies, then do you all have the strength to organise the event. Next, what if you use the same cost which was allocated to event management company be used for all the staff of government department.

Why cant prime minister and other ministers use economy class in flight. if they want 1st class or business class, they can top up with their own money.

It's not about reducing number of curry puff and nasi lemak for the confrence. It's about how much you pay for every nasi lemak. You can be paying the supplier RM15 per nasi lemak when it only cost RM1.50.

Looks like all this are applied only after Marina Mahathir wrote about it last year and our efficient government are applying it now,.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Out you go MM

Finally Malky Mackay has been shown the exit door when he was sacked from Cardiff Football Club as the team manager. Owner, Tan Sri Vincent Tan has been in sour relationship with him and told him either to resign or be sacked.

The Boxing day match was the last match for him where he lost 3-0. It's always the owners whom are powerful to determine the destination of the club.

MM became the 6th manager of EPL to be sacked. He at least can be proud of himself that he won the 1st division title and got promoted to the Premier League and finalist in League cup where they lost to Liverpool in penalties.

I did watch the sports news and the fansa were disapointed with Vincent Tan's action.

The words were, "He don't even know anything about football, how can he take this action", "Money can't buy glory"

Car Free day in KL

KL will see no car on major roads on 1st Sunday of every month from 7.30am to 9.30am. It's to enable the joggers, cyclist, skateboarding activities to take place.

Although Jakarta has implemented this long time ago and it happens every Sunday from 6am to 12pm.

Nevertheless, it's not too late for KL to implement it. Perhaps, KL can also make it every week and extend the hours.

Ketua Umno Kuantan asked us to leave Malaysia

I read The Star newspaper today and realised the Kuantan Wanita Umno division was calling on those who disliked the Barisan Nasional-led Government to just leave Malaysia and live elsewhere, according to its chief Datuk Zaiton Mat.

Dammit, who is she to say that? Does she own the country?It's our prerogative to choose the place where we stay.

Why can't you get to know what they don't like and change to people's like and need.

This thing was started by Nazri Aziz in 2007 and it's still going on..

Friday, December 27, 2013

Pumpkin Hider

Should you be new to the leadership or into the managing role, it's often the road is bumpy. Nevertheless, you should be more radical and call the shot rather than being a soft leader.

Everyone is busy but you need to know how to manage your time and get things done. Why cant you plan ahead and execute it properly

Advisor should only come in when there's a need. Otherwise, the leader should lead the ship. Should advisor is directing the leader, that means you are follower. Stand up on your own leg man.

There could be wrong doings and mistakes happen in the team, but the leader should apologize and accept the mistake. Thereafter move on to rectify it and promise not to repeat it. If you are adamant and defend all the wrong doings, then you are merely hiding all the black spots which will become big one day and make things even shittier.

Crap reason
Should you have no data plan for internet, then use SMS. Else use email. Damn it, what kind of reason is that to avoid to appreciate your subordinates and members.

Pro activeness
If you need something, you need to ask. If you don't ask and assume you know everything, the team will go wrong direction.

 Finally learn how to respect senior people lah...

Motorcycles too may be involved in toll

As at today, only at Penang Bridge and Singapore 2nd link bridge , tolls are collected for motorcycle. But, moving forward, motorcycles could also be included into toll payment.

Works Minister Datuk Fadillah Yusof as saying that a special committee would study the proposal. The fund could be used to build motorcycle lanes, similar to federal Highway and Kesas. 

I just wonder, if this were to happen, then, we can only ride bicycles. They are already increasing toll next yer, now motorcycle could also be included. 

I don't what else the country going to do for the "rakyat".

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2017 SEA GAMES winning is a MUST for MALAYSIA

The last Malaysia won overall title was in year 2001 when it won 111 gold medals.Thereafter, it's either won by Thailand or the host i.e Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines.

Of course, as host, we will be investing a lot in sports facilities, coaching, talent development etc, thus we need to see the results. Furthermore, the payment for the judge will also be from the host. Thus, they may need to favor us too.

Malaysia has decided to play safe by inserting Olympic and several regular events in SEA GAMES. Thus, it would definitely favor Malaysia. Nevertheless, Thailand and Indonesia would also be the main threat as they also strong-house in Athletics, cycling, swimming and shooting.

Nevertheless, my support to Jalur Gemilang will always be there regardless of the team or government.

SEA Games Assessment by NSC

  • A total of 13 sports were given excellent billing for winning gold medals – swimming (4), diving (8), badminton (1), billiards and snooker (1), bodybuilding (1), equestrian (3), hockey (2), karate (7), shooting (1), muay (2), sailing (2), wushu (3), archery recurve (2).
  • Five sports – cycling, football, archery compound, athletics and pencak silat – failed to meet the gold medal target.
  • Six sports – equestrian, badminton, karate, muay, swimming, billiards and snooker – delivered more than they promised.
  • Six national records were set through Mohd Irfan Shamsuddin (men’s discus), Jackie Wong Siew Cheer (men’s hammer), Mohd Hakimi Ismail (men’s triple jump), Iskandar Alwi (men’s pole vault), men’s 4x200m freestyle (Lim Ching Hwang, Kevin Yeap, Daniel Bego and Welson Sim) and Nor Khasida Abdul Halim (women’s weightlifting, 69kg).
(extracted from The Star)

When we say about bias judging, in diving we still made clean sweep. 

Athletics, Football and Sepak takraw really need to do something immediately, else, we will be even going bad after this.

Having maid is a luxury now

Should you want to hire Filipino maid, you may pay up to RM10,000 as initial fee and RM900 as their monthly. Now some agency has tried to jack up the price to RM14,000.

With the recent visit to Indonesia by Najib, both government has agreed to set the initial fee to RM7,800, where RM6k to be paid by potential employer and RM1800 to be deducted from the monthly salary over 6 months.

The ceiling salary also is fixed at RM700 per month.

This salary is only the basic. The employer needs to provide accommodation, which normally the store room, meals and clothing during occasions. Thus, the actual coast could go up to RM1,300 per month.

This is equivalent to normal executive's salary. Looks like only rich people can afford it.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Inflation in South East Asia Countries

When others can go down, why ours are going up?

Football team returning home empty handed

Yesterday, Malaysia lost 2-1 to Singapore for bronze medal playoff. I already hated when Malaysia lost to Indonesia, and it made it worse when they lost to Singapore.

It's time for Kim Swee to step down too. He cannot be telling reason that injured players, yellow card players or even bias judging. The overall performance was weak.

We only beat Brunei 2-0. We gave the team to get exposed in Singapore and even allowed them to play international friendlies, but we can even be a regional champions.

Our passing were weak and not accurate. Long shots were not directed for goal scoring. No proper finishing, many more.

Even if AVB comes, our players would still be the same. We need the management to be changed or at least, delete their mindset and re-install a new software.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Athletics poor performance

It was our gold mine once upon a time, but now we merely finished with 4 gold medals. Only 8 athletes qualified on merit and the rest were on category B (sponsored by MAF).

Though, it showed some hopes in events such as men high jump and men sprinting but other events which we were the power house were just surrendered. We were power house for men walking for 20 years which started from G.Subramaniam, G.Saravanan, B.Thirukumaran, Teo Boon Lim, Narinder Sing, Sharulhaizy and Loo chee seang.

But this year, we ended up empty handed. Same goes to women hammer which we were holding it for 8 years and lost it now.

I can still remember in year 1997, the overall target for sea gams was not meet, but atletics were the overall champ. We won men events (400M, 80M, 1500M, 10000M, 5000M, Hinh Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Javelin, Hammer, 50km walk, 4x400M, 110M hurdles, 3000 steeplechase) and women (100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 20km walk, 4x400M)

I just wonder when will we be going to our glory days.

Selfie leaders

It's a norm for a Gen-Y to do a selfie. But now even political leaders are also doing it.

It is because they are exited abt it or just to gain votes/popularity from the Gen-Y.

But at least they should do it at proper function, not at a funeral.

Prakash Rao is the new MIC Secretary General

He was my Bahasa Melayu teacher when I was at Sri Murugan center for form 5. He can speak Malay very fluently. He always had the character of helping people even when he was in university period. That's where he joined SMC as volunteer teacher.

Although I don't know his political skill, at least I'm happy the party at least appointed someone whom is educated and people centric.

SK devamani has been booted out, hope he can stay in the team for longer period, although he lost the recent GE13

Friday, December 20, 2013

Meeting Ahmad Jauhari

I always wanted to meet well known CEOs such as Tony Fernandes, Nazir Razak, AK Nathan, etc and get to know them. As they will be always covered with bodyguards and bonzors, its tough even to get a photograph by a ordinary citizen.

I was at Malaysia Airlines Toastmasters meeting yesterday where they celebrated 10th anniversary. Just after the meeting started, past district governor, Ritchie came into the room, and he brought in surprise guest, Ahmad Jauhari, CEO/MD of MAS and he was just seating right behind me.

He spoke in humble manner and the way he appeared as if he is always ready to perform. Even while the event is going on, he was only focusing on the speeches and never even once, touched his phone.

When I asked him if I can have a photo with him, he said "of course"...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Toll charges increase

For your kind information, this is expected early Next Year - 2014,
Fasten your Wallets and Tighten your Seat and Pant's Belts Folks ...
it will be a Rough and Troubling Year ahead for Motorist and everyone - increased Fuel cost and the Knock-On effects and what have you then?
BR1M - Bankrupt Rakyat 1.Malaysia.!

New HighWay Toll EXTORTION Rates as from

Malaysia Bolih....1Malaysia - Barisan Untk Semua;
Rakyat di Bahulukan...diDahulukan untuk Punggutan

=  + 53.85%

= + 25%

=  + 31.25%

= + 66.66%

= + 30%

=  + 40%

= + 21.05%

= + 66.66%

= + 66.66%

= +50%

KIARA RM2.00 TO RM3.00
= + 50%

 = +10%

= + 35.71%

= + 50%

Happy New Year.......BR1M,  KR1M,  TR1M,  DR1M-ON....ABU, ABU

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekly Quotes

Crappy leader

If you need to deliver baby, getting married, need to take care of ur husband/family, business then why taking up the role. Just give it to others. If you merely become the gap filler, then people will talk bad about you and don't see you as leader.

Back talker
If you speak in front of me, then you are a bold leader, else you are coward. Why bitching about someone when you have no balls to speak in front. Don't you know, that someone else can talk behind you too.

Common language
Just because I don't know Chinese language, that doesn't mean that you can speak anything you want. I still have a heart and it can feel what you say. Now i know why you are there and I'm here. Quality always speaks for itself.

Tunnel vision
having tunnel vision would not bring you any further.you can be financial planner or some therapist, but without creativity and just doing by what people say, will only make you a follower and not a leader.

Bad publicist
You can write bad about me in your blog, write bad email about me and even write to USA. end of the day, my golf stick spoke. I won my matches that I faced. Thanks to you. I have proven all your words are wrong. So you want to write some more?

High position is not god
You can be in a high position, but that doesn't mean you are god and we must follow whatever you say. You can shout at me and try to hide your mistake, don't appreciate my work, don't apologize/admit for your mistake. You can be egoistic, but that will make your quality staff to go away from you which already happening.

If you want to control the team, then go ahead. but you are merely creating followers and dumb. Let me see how long you can do it.

Silent killers
sometimes, people whom are smiling, they can be silent killers. They will be 2 faced, where they can something to you and something else to someone else. Remember, someone else can kill you on similar way.

Wow..I really learned leadership without even paying so much through working with all this kind of people.

Tall Tales Contest - 14 Dec

It was my 2nd time taking part in the contest. Still I had no clue what's it about. Therefore, I just took part for the fun of it. Having 9 contestants in total, the favorites were, Timothy, Emil, Victor, Tong Kim and Jamila.

As expected the results were: Timothy got 3rd, Victor got 2nd and Jamila walked away with the title.

At least I got more knowledge now on tall tales. Thereafter we went to SS2, where the champion treated us with durian and coconut.

Putraja International 12 Hours walk - 7&8 Dec

I'm taking part in walk after lapse of 9 years. I have taken part in 10 km walk for the maximum. But this tournament is different which will really test my mental and courage as I need to last for 12 hours.

I wanted to finish the season on a great note and it has to be a personal achievement and history too. As it was 1st time for me to take part in such competition, my aim was just to complete minimum of 35 km and get the medal.

When I reached there, I saw people setting up tents so that they could sleep in between and even preparing their supplements to consume during the race.

As the race started, I took it easy as if going for shopping. I was talking with my Toastmaster friend. After 5km, I realised I'm going slow, thus I took a pit stop break, then increased my pace. After 20km, I paced with Krishnan, a veteran runner and we went on till 40km.

When I reached 20km, I meet another seasoned runner and it was his 1st time too. He old me to complete at least 50km, else it will be not worth it for the effort. Thus, I switched my mode to 50km. Furthermore, to be a cash prize winner, you need to complete at least 50km.

I thought the food will be served just after the race started but they only served it around 11am. The food was nasi goreng and hot barley. Damn, how can atlete eat all that. Thereafter mee hun goreng. I took banana and lemon fish which made my stomach filled.

There were ample of water and 100plus which kept me hydrated. At 5am, the medal distribution started. I was at my 47thkm. I just walked through 3 more km and said done with it. As soon I collected my medal, I left the place and reached home at 6.45am and took shower.

Thereafter slept till 3pm.

It was a good experience for me. Now I know how to prepare for next year.

Great finishing for the season. I took 9 hours 40 minutes for 50km.

1. Food served should suit the sports event
2. More power bars should be distributed to the athletes
3. Music should be more motivating, rather than romantic songs
4. No masseurs and no muscle spray
5. Finisher T-shirt doesn't look grand compared to Penang Bridge, KL or Putrajaya Marathon

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Malaysia, the world record breakers

The previous world record for the highest score in an international match was held by Argentina after they defeated Peru 26-0 at the South American Women’s Championships in Santiago, Chile, on March 23, 2003.

Now, the record has been broken and Malaysia put their name in the record by scoring 36 times past NIL against Cambodia yesterday in SEA GAMES women hockey competition.

At east I'm happy we could do something which opens the eye of the world.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meeting Youth & Sports Minister

Whether I like the party or not, I always wanted to meet any politician in person. And this guy is someone whom I look up to whom is the current Youth & Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin. He is only 37 and became MP for his constituency at age of 32 and deputy youth chief of UMNO at age of 30.

An oxford graduate whom was born in Kuwait, and brought up in various other countries only returned to Malaysia in late 90s. Having strong family background whom are politically involved, made him to have access to national political arena.

I had chance to listen to hi speech on his political and leadership career at recent Young Corporate Malaysian symposium. Though he was speaking more about his party which some didn't make sense to me, but he behaved for his age without much protocol and cool in handling questions.

Even while taking pictures, he was still listening to people's request and suggestions.

Hope to see more caliber politicians in future.

SEA GAMES quest started

As the opening ceremony was held yesterday in a gallant way, it's also the starting pint of Malaysia's quest to haul 40gold medals.

Till yesterday, they had 5 gold medals from wushu and equestrian.The other gold medals are targeted from diving (seven); athletics, karate (five each); swimming, pencak silat, sailing (three each); archery, shooting, hockey (two each); and body building, cycling, golf, football and badminton (one each).

The target was reduced as core sports like bowling, squash, track cycling is not contested this round. Malaysia's best achievement in SEA GAMES outside Malaysia was in previous round where we achieved 59 gold medals.

It's expected Myanmar as the host is expected to win the overall medal tally with Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines to be other overall top teams.

 As host, Myanmar would have invested so much of effort in manpower, financial resource and facilities. Thus, to have the prove of the labor, they have to win the games. It was the same when Vietnam, Philippines and Laos hosted the event.

But the question is, are we merely going to target regional sports and swaying away in our focus out of Asian Games and Olympic Games. We were overall champions in year 2001 games, but we came back empty handed in 2000 and 2004 Olympics.

Nothing to shout about. At least Indonesia got their Olympic medals through badminton, Philippines through snooker, and Thailand through boxing. But even then, the performance of SEA countries are still not noticeable compared to other economically poor countries such as Kenya, Ethopia, St Kits & nevis etc.

It's time for Malaysia to focus on Asian Games and Olympic Games and to produce champions at this level, rather than merely focusing on regional games. Achieving 1000th gold medal could be something special, but we cant talk big about it as Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia has already achieved it.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

calls for ‘1 Melayu’ to replace ‘1 Malaysia

Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir (UMNO Penang delegate) has called the term "1 Malaysia" to be changed to " 1Melayu". It's merely due to the recent GE13 performance where there was a significant fall in all BN component parties, especially MCA.

It's also supported by UMNO VP , Shafie Apdal, who says, Malay votes were the decider for BN's victory. Looks like even Barisan Nasional has so many cracks. Why are they bothering so much on opposition?

R.I.P Madiba

It's by default your face is a smiling face. You broke the barrier by being the 1st Black President for South Africa and had multiracial election in 1994.

You proved you are down to earth by wearing South Africa Jersey during 2005 Rugby World Cup.

You was only President for the country for 5 years, but you left a strong legacy which made people tough to follow.

You were jailed for 27 years and you just forgive the British and white after your release. For him, The white hit him from front thus, he treat them as enemy rather than betrayer. 

World Cup 2014 draw

Potential top 2 of each group:

Group A: Brazil, Mexico
Group B: Spain, Netherlands (Australia can spring surprise)
Group C: Ivory Coast, Greece
Group D: Italy, England (Uruguay has potential)
Group E: France, Switzerland
Group F: Argentina, Nigeria
Group G: Germany, Portugal (USA has potential)
Group H: Belgium (the rest has open chance)

I would say Group G & D is  group of death. Although Brazil is hot favorite for the cup, nevertheless, European team can spring surprise. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Team Malaysia FAN Run - 1 Dec'13

It's my 2nd last run for the year. I wanted to go slow at the beginning at pick up the speed after 5km. Glad to meet my ex-colleague Fariq. As usual, I started at the middle and ran with Mr.Kumar, my running friend.

after 5km, I increased my pacing and realised, I was overtaking more runners. That gave me more motivation as the distance between runners were shorter. When you are at the font pack, the distance between runner will be wider due to their fast pacing.

As usual, Putrajaya is known for its humidity and flyovers. along the way, there were adequate water stations and also supporters cheering up.

When I reach the finishing lane, as usual it was packed, but the giveout of goodie bag and medal was in proper.

However, the medal for 15km and 10km was the same. Perhaps they could have atleast indicated the distance on the medal. I received empty certificate. By right, they have inserted chip on the bib which should indicate the timing and the certificate should be sent home with indication of time and placing. In addition, this yer the t-shirt was round collar compared to last year which was with collar.

Next, year, I need to reconsider if i really want to take part in this race.

5 levels of leadership

Source: John Maxwell

Worldcup 2014 match ball

The name of the ball : Brazuca

Monday, December 2, 2013

Surprises in the VP line up

Former Deputy Minister, Sothinathan made a come back by topping the votes for VP race. Saravanan scored less 1 vote to Sothinathan, got the 2nd place and surprise candidate, Balakrishnan, who is Johor Bahru MIC chief got the 3rd place.

Much expected, SK Devamany was only placed 7th.

The results were supposed to be announced at 9pm on Saturday. Nevertheless, Saravanan wanted recount after close finish. It was speculated Jaspal Singh was placed 3rd then. The recount began at 11pm and ended at 5.30am on Sunday.

I'm not sure if it's a real strong line up, as out of top 5 post, only 3 of them are MP and in the cabinet. Scholar like Devamany was out-stead, whom were more vocal and speaks with relevance.

Sothinathan whom lost 2008 GE which directly shown him the exit door fro the party management position. Now he has made a come back. Is he really strong?

Let's wait and watch if Indian really have trust in them.