Tuesday, February 24, 2015


When there's standards,policies and procedures are in place, it's the leader's responsibility to achieve it. It's more like adherence to the policy. Should your subordinates are not performing, then it's your task to ensure you get a back up to perform the task.

It';s not your superior whom have huge expectation, but it's you whom is not fit to do the job. Just because your soft character makes your members to break the rules and do illegal activities, which makes the organisation to go down to drain.

Why are you complaining it's very hard to achieve when you are actually a poor performer and performing below expectation? 

Racist idiots

I just don't understand with his statement. Chinese New Year is celebrated by Chinese and Chinese origin. They can be Buddhist, christian or Muslim. It's the 1st day of the Chinese calendar.

How would a muslim feel, when a non-muslim wishes happy holiday during hari raya. when people are going towards globalization, there are still idiots like this to put such statement.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Islam related to Hindu ?

I have heard about this from my friends. Even in Mekah, in the holy kabba, it's the statue of hindu god.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wan Azizah will be the one

Anwar's wife, Wan Azizah has been selected to run for Permatang Pauh seat in upcoming by-election. It was expected to be Anwar's family and rumors were Nurl Nuha (Anwar's 2nd daughter) but it turns out to be the wife, whom was also the MP during 2009 and 2004 for Permatang Pauh.

It's definitely going to be 1 sided win for her. 

UMNO meddling with MIC

Barisan Nasional President and Vice President wants to be the middle person to resolve MIC crisis. Basically, both are from UMNO. After the meeting, both MIC president and deputy [resident must follow Najib's instruction.

This looks like UMNO want to put MIC under their control including on the exco line up too. UMNO has already tonnes of issue . I don't understand why they want to control all other component party. Doesn't this means, MIC is slave to UMNO ?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Nice trap for Anwar

As planned, Anwar was sent to jail for another 5 years. The funny part is, Anwar was freed and not convicted 2 years ago. But saiful appealed and case turned towards him.

It was said that Saiful agreed to what ever Anwar requested on that incident day. If you are from a good family with maturedness and integrity, would you open your clothes and give your body to him.

For me, both should have been jailed.

But, stupid government couldn't settle other cases, but eagerly wanted to finish this case, so that it would end Anwar's political career.

If Anwar was freed, next GE would definitely go to opposition. Now, Anwar has been jailed, the focus of opposition is on getting him out. To make it worse, Tunku Aziz has passed away. With Karpal also passed away, Pakatan is minus 3 leaders.

The youngsters need to buck up and bring back the justice to the country. Nurul Nuha looks like to be the success for her dad at Permatang Pauh. 

Golf for school

Kelanatan, Pahang, Terengganu students are suffering due to flood disaster. Some even without chair and table. Some wearing merely sandal to school. But our prime minister nicely announced to give RM2mil to schools for golf development. I just don't understand, does golf really matter now?

Only when...

Only when every Malaysian, think like this, our country can grow.

Why they bother ?

I just don't understand this people. If you don't like the festival, or celebration, just stay away. Why bother to do Raleigh and demonstration.

Don't tell me you yourself wont have any affection or love towards someone? furthermore, why treat it as couples' day? why don't you treat it as love to wards family members?

I experience this during my campus time. looks like it's coming back.

Thaipusam Madness

On Thaipusam day, our dearest PM and wife visited Batu Caves. He started visiting during this occasion since he took over the position as PM.

With his recent visit to Batu caves, he wore a jippa/kurta (a north indian dress, which is worn for religious function or festive seasons). The Perlis mufti says that it's not suitable or non-compliance for muslim to wear that dress. next day, JAKIM president corrected by saying, that it's only for official function and respecting the event.

I just wonder, why r these people so close minded. For me, the garland and shawl that both wearing could cost RM2,000, which is rakyat's money. That should have been avoided.

would it be nice, if he wears a tuxedo or suit to such function?

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

4 cornered fight

FIFA presidency seat will be a great fight/competition to witness this round. They are the chairman of the Royal Dutch Football Association Michael van Praag, former Portuguese international football player Luis Figo, Jordan's Prince Ali bin al-Hussein and FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Incumbent Step Blatter in mega trouble after awarding controversial world cup host to Qatar 2022 and Rusia 2018. To make it worse, he also indirectly removed Mohammad Hammam from contesting against him 4 years ago.

Now, we have Luis Figo, former world cuper and top player in the world. At least, he will have knowledge and feelings from players point of view, rather than just management alone. Jordan prince looks like a revenge for Mohammad Hammam, to have a taste of middle east and asian flavour in FIFA. Michael is from management whom managed and lead a top team in the world.

Thus, it's a fun time to watch who will win. At least there's a competition, rather than giving someone to walkover for easy win.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Petrol price from February 1

MIC Gulp

As deputy minister, I'm sure he has allocation for bodyguards. But I don't understand, why is he having fear, when he was also surrounded by his loyal supporters ad also thugs.

It looks like a gimmick when he was having the press interview, the gangster had to call him and speak to him in Malay.

When above photo was released, he quickly when and compromised with Mr.President. Looks like Uncle Sam still power crazy to say that AIMST, MIC building, MIED and MAIKA is owned and run by him. In fact it was ruin by him.

I just fell, tsunami should have come when all the gangsters and MIC leaders assembled at MIC building few weeks ago.

That would give a peace of mind to all the Indians in Malaysia.

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