Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Energizer Night Race March 27, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will have a second night marathon with the Energizer Night Race in Cyberjaya on March 27.

The brand manager for Energizer, Joshua Leong, said that the race would be different from the Putrajaya Night Marathon, which will be held on Feb 6, as the runners would don headlights supplied by the organisers.

“The headlights made by Energizer will be distributed to all runners and this will add to the excitement of running with the crowd at night,” he said.

“Our hope is to reach out to recreational runners and we expect about 5,000 runners to take part in the race.”
Energizer Night Race is a global event held since 2007 and it has created waves in countries like South Korea, Argentina and South Africa.

However, only the Malaysian edition of the race will feature the full marathon (42.2km) while others featured runs only up to 10km.
The half marathon (21.1km) and 10km race will also be featured in the race in Cyberjaya.

“We will also have stage performances by bands to liven up the atmosphere of the event as we expect the last runner to arrive at the finish line by midnight,” said Joshua.

Runners can register on the official website starting from Jan 10.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ciggarate prices will rise from Jan 1 onwards

This would the perfect gift for New Year from Government. The minimum retail price would increase from RM4.80 to RM6.40.

Studies shows that increase on 10% in price would reduce ONLY 3.8% smokers. Saw the ratio.
Malaysians basically don't bother about the price increase, as it doesn't impact them much.

If old smokers are giving up, new smokers (youngsters) are coming up. That's why companies like Dunhill, Mild Seven, Marlboro and Kent, don't bother about all this government regulations. Furthermore, everyone knows about the impact from smoking. Thus, no use of putting the picture on the box and rising the price.

Furthermore, we are still cheaper compare to Australia, Singapore, England and other developed countries. Thus, the main reason of price increase is actually for government to make more money. That's the only intention.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Anybody wants flight engine, Come to Malaysia

Our smart government lost 2 aircraft engine and now they found those engine at Argentina. To make things worse, the engines were stolen from Armed Forces team. This shows the status of our defence system in the country.

This clearly proves that, our government system doesn't have a proper internal control system to safeguard the assets.

Don't know what else got lost.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2nd Roof Fall

6 months ago, we witness the fall of Terenganu stadium's roof. Now, it's the 2nd episode, where the bus terminal's roof falled and injured 6 workers. While we are aiming for quality in service, and this is what rendered to us.

The main reason for it could be outsourcing the project/job to sub-contractors which makes the main contractors to make huge sum of profit and reduce the project cost. Thsi makes the output to be low in quality and lack of sustainence.

Next due to corruption to the authorities who performed the inspection and gave certificate of fit for the building though it doesn't.

Hope it won't happen to our skycrappers.

Mercedes + Schumacer + Petronas

Schumacer announced that he is coming back to action after 3 seasons of retirement. He will be driving for Mercedes whom broke up with Mclaren. The best part was, Petronas agreed to be the title (one of the main sponsor for the team), as their sponsorship with BMW ended last season.

Malaysia has already formed it's own F1 team called "Lotus F1", and Air Asia, Naza being one of the sponsor. And now looks like Petronas is not supporting the Malaysian team.

Whatever, our Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, was the key instrumental person for the creation of malaysian F1 team and he is also the advisor of Petronas.

We have no idea of the reason on Schumacer's return, but I can forsee that he will have a tough time chalenging the youngsters i.e Hamilton, Kubica, Kovaleinen and seasoned Raikonen, Alonso and Button.

Lets wait and see how Schumacer is going to perform.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Khop Chai Laos, Welcome Jakarta

26th edition of Sea Games just ended, where Laos hosted for the 1st ever time. Khop Chai (Good Bye) was uttered yesterday at the National Stadium of Laos. Though its a small country i n size and facilities, but they made a boig step to host an international event.
25 sports were contested comapred to 45 oin Korat, 2 years ago.

Malaysia ended the campaign in 4th place overall behind Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia with a decent medals tally of 40 gold, 40 silver and 59 bronze.

Though, there were several games were not included i.e bowling, squash, hockey, gymnastics, equistrian and rythmic swimming, BUT there were some funny games were included just because Laos is good in it i.e Fin swimming, Shuttlecock kicking, dragon boat racing. Only teams from Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand participated in those events. All this events are not even recognised by IOC.

Some great achievements of Malaysian contingent in Laos:

1. Daniel Bego, swimmer was awarded as the Best Male athlete after striking 5 gold medals
2. Football team striked gold medal after 20 years and 1st time outside Malaysia since the beggining of the games.
3. Women Badminton team striked gold medal since 1972
4. Boxing striked gold medal for the 1st time outside Malaysia
5. Malaysia surpased their target of 35 medal after baging 40 gold medals.

Thus, there are few matters to ponder:

1. Athletics showed another underpromissing show, where they targeted 10 medals and only delivered 6. among them were veterans Teoh Boon Lim, Norsheela Khalid and sesoned Rosalinda and Lee Hup Wei. It was the worst performance since 1997. Is it problem with the athletes or with the President of the Association. If Thailand & Vietnam can produce quality runners, why cant we. we use to have G.Shanti, M.Kuganeswari, N.Manimegalai, S.Vasu, A.Munusamy, M.Ramachandran, Samson velabhai, G.Saravanan, Narinder Singh. These people concured the track till the rest in the region are fear of us. But now, we became one of the cats.

2. Football finally won after 20 years. Thanks to Vietnamese who scored the own goal. Does this mean, we need to wait for another 20 years for another gold medal. Eight coaches changed within 20 years and a Malaysian coach made it. Millions of Ringgit spent on the team. Are we going to do the same for the rest of games by just letting the money going into the drain.

3. Swimmers and divers performed well by surpassing their target. But the contributors were the similar faces i.e Mun Yee, Bryan, Pandelela, Daniel bego, Chai Lin, Yi Ting. Where are the sucessors?

4. Badminton Team Men screwed without any goldmedal, Their reaon was "Datuk Lee" was not there. Crap. Does this mean, we dont have strong new blood. How long are we going to depend on the old faces.

5. Our very own Sepak Takraw came back without gold medal. The other countries i.e Myanmar, who was coached by Malaysian won Gold medal. Looks like mgt n players need a change.

6.Ladies football team ws trashed 15-0 and 14-0 by thailand and Vietnam. The team were merely passengers, Pls send only performers next time.

7.A cyclist was not registered as athlete. He only knew it once he arrived at Laos. He qualified for the team in merit but was not included by the coach. The cyclist who quit his job and trained on his own for the games was ditched by the coach. Politics again.

Hopw to see changes in Jakarta 2011.

Tony Fernades bet with Richard Branson

Tony Fernandes who is the Team Principal of Lotus F1 had a bet with Virgin F1 team principal, Richard Branson. The best is , which ever team loses, the team principal will be dressed as air stewardess.

Looks like a joke, who knows? But this was announced publicly to the press by both the owners. The principals who are also the owners of Air Asia and Virgin Airlines respectively, have worked together before in music industry as Deejays before departing as entrepreneurs.

This issue was brought to to the Parliament 2 days ago and was debated as unethical, as Malaysia's pride is at stake. As usual, our politicians only speaks crap in Parliament i.e "Bocor", "Sudah Potong" and now this matter.

Those owners made the bet to enhance the competitiveness without any dirty tricks. At the end of the day, its how you see it? Sports perspective or political perspective?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chin Woo Biathlon - 13 Dec 09

I wanted to venture out my skills to different area. Thus I signed up for this. Not only because it gives finisher medal but chalenge for me to enhance my swimming skills.

All went on hash as I got struck with fever and flu. it became disaster asI could even get up from my bed and walk straight. This is because lack of rest as I'm working till 1am everyday and only sleep 5 hours per day. This made me to put on 4kg and more stressful.

damn, it really ruin my day. RM40 just burnt like that.

Larian Rakyat - 11 Dec 09

It's a new place developed at Shah Alam called "I-City". Since its a working day for KL, I thought most of the runners wont be there. But it went otherway round. Although, no foreigners were allowed but this attracted more local runners.

10 of them were there led by Muniandy. This had rubbed off my hopes of qualifiying into top 20 placing. The stupid organiser only allocated 20medals for open category and 50medals fo veteran. damn, my category had more participants.

When the race started, I paced the leading team, which was a mistake. After 2km,Ronnie overtook me and just went off. The whole route was flat except for 2 places where there was a small hill. Upon U turn, I started counting my place and realise that Im in 30th position. I uncreased my pace, but th hot weather mademe to be dehydrated. I continued overtaking 3 of them.

The finishing was tough as it was hilly and hot.

When i reached the finishing line, they just gave me cert. damn, I finished without medal for 1st time since May' 2005. But, i lost to quality runners.

I went to Royal Selangor club to have shower and went to work at 10.30am as I'm going to work till 1am.

Decided ot to run in a tournament where they offer less 30medals and cash price included.

43.13 - Murali Nathan (8th)
43.15 - Jasni Khailril (9th)
44.07 - Radhi (13th)
46.15 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (18th)
46.20 - Murugan a/l Arumugam (19th)
47.45 - Malay Runner (20th)
47.48 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (21st)
48.13 - Kenny Tan, Pm27 (22nd)
50.48 - Meyappan Manickam, Pm58 (27th)
51.28 - Fauzan Ismail, Pm24 (28th)
51.30 - Zulazlan Shah, Pm43 (29th)
54.22 - Wong Kei Ming, Pm55
54.59 - Abu Soffian, Pm44
57.27 - Wong Cheon Keong

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Malaysia Lost to Vietnam

Malaysia has faded their hopes of qualifiying to Semifinals of SEA GAMES football as they lost to Vietnam in their 2nd match. After beating Timor Leste, 11-0, our people became overconfident and went to loose to Vietnam.

This has dampen the hopes of regaining the gold medal which we last won during 1989. Thogh we still have 2 more matches, final match against Thailand will be the major turning point as it cant either side.

Vietnam players are factory workers and they can play good football. Our players are profesional and trains full time, yet we cant flex our muscles against them.

Limitation on SPM subjects

Recently, our Education minister has put a cap for SPM students by limkting the subjects to 10. This has dampen the hopes for students to reach sky high by attempting 18 subjects or 20 subjects. Furthermore, Tamil and Chinese scholl students cant take their mother tougue subjects as the core subjects itself comes to 10.

Thus, Tan Sri Muhideen Yassin (Education Minister cum Deputy PM) said that students can take up to 12 subjects but only 10 subjects will be tested in exams.

I dont know, why our goverment is so crap by putting cap on school subjects. If the particular student is fit to take 15 or 18 subjects, then just go ahead. It's because we have to respect their capability and let then to achieve their fliying colours.

This is what happens, when nuts rule the country.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Birthday which was NOT a Good Day

My Birthday was yesterday. As I wake up, it was already raining at 6.45am. I thought that would be a blessing. BUT, it made me to go to work late and dragged all my "to do list".

I had to send my wife to Immigration. I was suppose to go to immigration at 7am and finish the job by 9am but everything went "hay-wire". So we manage to go there only at 9.30. By then, the immigration was like "Sardine Tin" already. So I left her there and went to office and the immigration work only finished at 12.30pm. Therefore, I had to pick up my wife and send her to work.

By the time I came back to office, it's already 1.30pm and everyone already had their lunch. So I went alone to have my lunch.

Later in the afternoon, my Toastmaster President dropped bombshell saying that there's low registration for the speech workshop that I'm organising, thus has to be postponed. Luckily not cancelled. Otherwise all my effort will go to drain.

I had to meet the manager, so that I could wrap up the file, but he was MIA from office for the whole day. I waited for the whole day till 12.30am, then he called me by saying that he couldn't make if to office. Damn, he "Fang Fei Kei" me. For nothing I stayed in office so late.

The best part I had to go for dinner on my own as most of them already had theirs.

Looked like the whole day was screwed up for me.

But at least, I received more than 20 messages/wishes from my friends. Its a record for me where, normally, there will be less than 5 people wishing me as the date is not significant.

I just never had a good mood although it was suppose to a celebration day.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Paul Lissek back as Director of Developement

Famaous Coach Paul Lissek is back as Director of Developement for National Hockey Team.

We know our hockey team is screwing up big time by loosing to underdogs such as France, Austria and getting slim wins against Scotland and wales.

We are now 14th in the world and we didnt qualify for next year's World Cup as we lost to New Zealand in last months qualifiying round. We were leading for 53 minutes and the Kiwis just needed final 17 minutes to deminish our hopes. That shows whats the mentality of Malaysians.

Thus, MHF got Paul Lissek. No doubt he made our team to achieve 1st silver medal in 1998 Commonwealth games. But since then it was a flop. He came back in 2001-2004. No great achievements except for Asian Games bronze-2002.

he is being paid atleast RM10k per week which means around RM45k per month. This doesnt include his transport, house, meal and maid. Damn, 1 month atleast, RM60k spent on him. Why cant we use this money to develope local coaches by giving them International level coaching trainings and use extra fund to organise tournaments for kids. Thats what you call as developement.

Furthermore, we have seen the racial balance in the team is very "unbalanced". We use to have Malay, Chinese and Indians in the first 11 and also in first 22. But now, we can see merely 4 non-malays of them in 22 member squad.

Players should be selected based on the skills and not based on political infleunces. First off all, coach has to select the players, but in Malaysia, coach only trains the players, BUT the mgt is the one who sleects the players. If a player is not selected, he will call a UMNO guy and makes himself to the team.

We call "1 Malaysia", but the mentality is still 3rd world mentality.

Next, are parents encouraging their kids to play outdoor games. Nowadays, every kids are equiped with I-pod, Playstation and Laptop, which indirectly reduces their interest in outdoor games. Furthemore, parents wants every children to score dozen of As' in SPM but only few ask their children to bring back a "gold medal" for their parents. Hope this will change.

People has the power, not the Politicians.

Journey of Life - Charity Run-29 Nov'09

My third consecutive race in Klang for the year. I have not been training after Klang Pacers 12km as stuck with my job and coming back late everyday including working during weekends. Furthermore, my client was buying me lunch and dinner at mamak for most of the day for the past 2 weeks. This has increased fats in my body and reduced my endurance.

anyway, I'm back to action from Hari Raya Haji and wanted to ensure I'm equiped with some fitness training. The venue of the run was very vague "Football field, Taman Klang Jaya". I manage to get into that Taman but got more than 3 football fields. I called Naresh but still got lost. I got a bit worried as there was only 30 minutes before the run starts and I'm still lost. Finally, I called the organiser, Cat and she somehow manage to show me the way.

Since, a group of runners went to KLAVA Road Relay, this made my job easier as making into top 20. The route was flat all the way and it was withing housing area. We explored new are called "Botanic Garden". On our way back, it started raining. We had probably another 2km to go. But we didnt bother since it was refreshing for me.

Thanks to Suresh for pacing me. I just sticked with him from beginning till the end. He was satisfied that he never run that speed before for 7km. anyway, I couldnt push further due to lack of training.

It's time to buck up now. My next one will be a different race. "Biathlon". Let's see wheter I can swim or drown till death.