Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Malaysian Sepak Takraw is really going deep shit

After being humiliated by Indonesia, now we were brought down to the ground by minnows Japan and South Korea. Though we lost in rubber sets, but we were the power house for this sports.

The coached said that we had younger team and the opponents were more experienced. Damn, First off all, the coach and the entire management of sepak takraw should be sacked, because, you people are too old and don't know nuts about sports management.

Moreover, if their mindset is just to swindle money and play racial politics and being power crazy, the sports would even go deep shit.

I'm just wondering, when we will be getting our 1st gold medal after 20 years in Asian Games.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

8 gold target looks bleak

Datuk Lee Chong Wei could only manage a bronze and lost to his nemesis Lin Dan. If he could have had better focus on 1st set, he would have won it as he was leading 20-16.

Bowling could only give 1 silver from 6 events. Cycling could only managed 1 silver and 1 bronze. Shooters and archers put up good show, but became the brides maid.

Takraw was crap, hope they will atleast qualify for finals for individuals.

Now, entire contingent is putting the pressure on Karate and Diving to deliver the medals.

I think, we should never put a target in future. Else it will be pressuring. It was the same in Olympic 2004, when the entire contingent put the presure Josiah Ng and he couldn't deliver.

Pink Run - 28 Sept'14

One of my target for 2014 was to do below 5minutes pace for a 5km race. Finally I achieved it. For this race i was with my garmin watch and rudy project specks. As this is my last race before my marathon, just wanted to ensure, it's not a poor performance.

As the race started, I followed the leading pack. That made me to dry my energy because I went on 4 minute pace. Thereafter, I slowed to 4;30, and the rest just overtook me. That made my aim of getting into top 10 going into smoke. But I ensured I'm in the top 20.

The route was flat with 2 flyover, which is uphill. But being in a fast pace mode, I could not reduce my pace to more than 5 mins.

It was good, that there was 1 water station and clear signage with marshals. The route was around setia alam housing area. I have ran there 2 years ago. almost 3km, we were running together with 12km runners. But we didnt face any congestion, as the road was wide and we were running with middle group.

As we reached the last flyover, that's the last km, and i was just looking for the welcome centre building. I could see signages, setia city mall. Only last 500M, I could see the welcome centre building.

I tried pushing, but could only close the gap. The 1st placing in ladies category was around 200M in front of me.

Though I was not placed in top10,but I was happy with my timing of 23:06 and got into top 20.

Good thing was, I manage to catch picture with Miss Malaysia 2010, Tanuja Ananthan and Super model, Marion Caunter.

Time to focus on my marathon after this.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Malaysia got the 2nd gold, but the rest faltered

It was equavelent to an international finals, between Nicol David and Low Wee Wern. Though We Wern tried her level best to overcome her opponent but Nicol showed that she is still strong to get the gold medal.

Nevertheless, there's no worries, as Wee Wern is ready to step into Nicol's shoes, as she is reducing the gap with the top players. In addition, Nicol is strong for 2 more years, thus, we have more titles to be earned for the country.

Nevertheless, for men section, veteran and 2 time gold medalist, could only manage a bronze. But he as the oldest player on the court. The worry was , no other national players could come close to semifinals. It's something that PSA must look into seriously, else, we wont even have medals for next asian games.

Sepak Takraw had bad start by loosing 2-1 to Indonesia. We were still making silly mistakes, including tekong could not kick the ball pass the net. The last gold was won in 1994. I think we need to wait for another 2 edition to get a gold medal for this sports.

Bowling too bowled blank when Malaysians were not on podium for both singles event. Nevertheless, the strength always in trios and team. We hope, we will get something golden outing from there.

Badminton as expected had bronze in team event, but lee chong wei could not take revenge on his world championship loss to Chen Long. Surprisingly, south Korea, beat China in finals and got the gold medal and Thomas cup winners, Japan was not even on the podium.

The worse thing, players like Chong Wei feng could not even match lin dan, which means, we really need a successor for lee chong wei.

For cycling, azizul only managed 4th place for sprint event. He was very close beating the Chinese for bronze medal but wrong strategy caused him a medal. Hope, we will deliver medal in keirin.

Shooting produced consolation results, where nor suriyani taibi achieved silver medal and her team got bronze in 10M rifle.

YB KJ is confident of achieving 8 gold medals, but for me, we can do more than that.

Cost to host world cup football

I was reading ACCA member magazine June 2014 edition.

There was write up on cost to organise world cup football.

Here's the list:

2010 (South Africa) - USD 12 billion

2014 (Brazil) - USD 13.3 billion

2018 (Russia) - USD 20 billion (estimation)

2022 (Qatar) - USD 65 billion (estimation)

Though, the host gets sponsorships from sportswear, tv rights, beverages, textitles etc. Nevertheless, there's a big chunk of amount need to be spent as organising cost.

Some countries do it to get more tourist, but what is it's already a country whom always gets tourist like russia and brazil. Anyway, it's something to consider for malaysia before they bid for 2030 world cup.

Jason Crimpson words

I was reading the ACCA member magazine for May 2014 and there's was a write up of Jason Crimpson, Director Asia Pacific Shared Service Centre.

He gave valuable tips and lessons and the main highlight was:

1. Be reliable in everything you do
2. Be willing to volunteer for challenging assignments
3. Spend time to understand the capability of system or tools
4. Get to know people and how the business works and be passionate about it

This is something lacking among the fresh graduates, especially those i have seen for the past 2 years going to big 4, whom don't have the marketability and ability to work in the firm.

Azmin Ali is the New MB, Anwar shown the exit door

PKR deputy president has been sworn in as new Menteri Besar, replacing Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim yesterday. Though, it was expected on his appointment, as he was the 2nd choice after Wan Azizah. Nevertheless, Sultan showed his power by ensuring, there wont be any female leader leading the state.

Azmin whom is also Anwar's protege do have the look and caliber of being politician. But the question is, will this change can bring down or change the perception of Rakyat to change their mindset to opt for BN during the next election. On his 1st day itself, he has started to dig the water agreement, next he would hit on states reserve and investments.

Anwar, whom was hoping for his wife to be the leading person had double impact when his role as advisor has been removed due to cost saving purpose. This includes his office, where it's closed.

Moreover, azmin's wife Shamsidar was a scandal during the 1998 sodomy trials. Will it repeat?

Anyway, I hope the state will grow and become a model state for the country.

Monday, September 22, 2014

2XU Run

I didn't want to presure myself with too many long distance running. Thus, I took part in 5km, it's my first race for 2XU.

Though it's one of the expensive race, but the goodies were good for the package we pay. I also wear the new compression tights and socks given in the goodie bag.

I was there early to have adequate warm up. As the race started, i followed the starting pack with gap of 50M. It was uphill at the beginning itself, followed by another short one at 2km. At 1km, I ensured I'm in the top 10 group. After2km, I couldn't see leaders exept for the person in front of me.

I was in the same pace as beginning. I tries to increase it after 3km but couldn't. Maybe, need to do more speed work. There were adequate marshals and even water station plus distance marker.

The things which I wasn't comfortable was, using the same route without any barrier in between. Luckily I was in the front group, so didn't mix much with the slow runner group. Nevertheless, when we reached the entrance of lake gardens, we had to mix with 10km runners and 21km runners. So I had to squeeze in between to go to finishing line. I was satisfied with my timing of 18:51 with placing of 8. It's just almost 3 minutes between me and the winner. But winner, Navin is a current sukma athlete, so he is in form to produce results.

My next run will be pink run next sunday.

Asian Games started, Football packed their bags

2014 Asian Games has commenced with Malaysia taking part in 25 games from 36 games. We have got 1 gold and 1 silver as at last 2 days event. Nevertheless, Football was the 1st team to return to Malaysia.

Yesterday, they lost their final match against saudi arabia, with score of 3-0. Previous matches, they lost to South Korea with same score line and beat Laos 5-1.

The target was to go to quarterfinals, but couldn't even qualify for 2nd round. we cant be blaming that those 2 teams are stronger than us. We should strive to improve, just like Costa Rica beating England and Italy.

This will be the team whom will go for senior squad and looks like even AFF cup is in danger.

Apart from it, 8 gold is our target, one short from previous round. As developing nation, we should aim for more. From my expectation, Karate (2), Bowling (2), Cycling (1), Wushu (1), Squash (2), Sailing (1), Diving (1) and Badminton (1).

Teams like cricket, rugby, beach volleyball should atleast perform their level best rather than being a trash bin.

Tuesday Humor

Area D3 contest - 13 sept

I decide to give opportunity to deloitte tmc members, thus took the chance to represent Kuantan TMC. As the venue is a place where I'm used to be, because it's the place where I won my 1st divison podium finishing for Evaluation contest in 2007.

I knew my main contender would be Jamilah from MAS cempaka. Nevertheless, I didnt underestimate anyone, as anything could happen. When draws made, I was the 1st contestant for both the contest.

Nevertheless, the D1 contest went on 1st and there was only 1 contestant. My turn was next. I poke and the audience reaction was there. I never want to go towards red light, thus I ended my speech at yellow light itself.

As for evaluation, I had only 5 minutes as 1st contestant. Thus, I went up to the stage and spoke what I really felt about the speaker in my style. Again, I didn't touch the red light zone.

When the results were announced, Jamilah grabbed both 2nd place and I got both champion title. Nevertheless, I know she will come back strongly, together with other contestants from other areas. Thus, need to buck up.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3 blow in a day

It's rare to see 3 different national team from same country for same sports playing on same day. Malaysia had the opportunity but it was a disaster.

The under 16 football team was in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) cup quarterfinals. It was already an achievement qualifying for this level. Nevertheless, they were just inches away from making a surprise qualification to World youth cup next year. However, we fall short by losing with slim margin of 2-1 to mighty Australia. Though a win could have brought us to world cup, but we can still be proud that we were in the top 8 for the continent. The question is, will this team can sustain it's game which can me them future sea games champions 2017 and also to qualify to Asian Games in 2018. We used to be continental toppers for under 9 and under 12 teams under guidance of holger obermen during mid 90s. At least this shows some hope.

The under 23 team played their 1st match in Asian Games against South Korea and trashed 3-0. Though they opted for 4-4-1-1 (defensive strategy), yet the Koreans manage to break in and scored 3 goals. Most of the players were from last year's SEA Games. Today, they will play against Laos and need to win to keep their 2nd round qualifying hopes. The other team in the group is Saudi Arabia. Last round, we qualified to 2nd round but now, the hopes are slim. Perhaps, a lot more need to be done for the team.

Finally the senior team, whom are gearing up for the AFF cup for end of the year lost 2-0 to Indonesia in a international freindly match at Surabaya,Indonesia. It's the 2nd match in-charge for Dollah Salleh and also 2nd lost. Looks like he is testing the players and he may even drop all 22 for AFF cup and get new players. I hope, he can bring the team to final (at least).

Crazy on powers

When you know you can do the particular job, then why are you taking up the position. You could have family issue, career issue or even financial issue. It could make you to go overseas or even to Sabah Sarawak.

But you are still holding to the position. Why don't you just resign? You are not even there physically. You can just push all the work to your appointed assistant but you never bother about your credibility.

Such kind of person will never leave a legacy, or will leave a bad legacy instead. Moreover, this people are just "stupidly proud" that they just wants the title and power without doing the job or serving the organisation.

The position is not on the physical size but on the results that we deliver and impact that we made in people's heart.

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Hari Malaysia 51

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TM Fan Run - 7 Sept'14

This is my first back to back run after 4 years. I decided to take part in 5km, because:

1. It's cheaper (only rm20)
2. Need to test my timing for 5km, if I'm able to dip below 24 minutes
3. Not to push much after 10km on previous day
4. Most important, I will be getting the same medal as 10km and 15km (only difference is certificates with timing)

When the race was about to start, I was at the back, but I manage to push myself to the 1st 4 rows.
 The good thing was, We had YB KJ and Jacquelyn Victor running with us. I also wear my rudy project for 1st time for race.

When the race started, most of them tend to follow or run behind KJ, but it slowed down my pace. So, only after 500M, I manage to escape from the crowd. As the 10km started only 15minutes before us, the last row pack was in front of us.

That's where the blunder started. We got stuck in the crowd and couldn't go on fast pace anymore. This continued for the 4km, untill we reached Jalan Parlimen. Therafter, I shoot off to the finishing line.

The entire road was for me as the leader of the race sprinted ahead of me. I knew I was either 2nd or 3rd place.

When I reached the finishing line, there were no placing tag. Only then, i realised, it was just fun run and no placings. Damn..

Anyway, it will be the same route for 2XU run. So at least I got to know the route and places to fast.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Larian MAKSAK - 6 Sept'14

This run used to be held at Lake gardens in moderate manner, but now been upgraded to Putrajaya in a grandiose manner. I was trying for a back to back race, just to cover the mileage. As the prizes were cash, mist of the top runners were there.

I reached the place 1 hour before the event and started my warm up. Although Putrajaya is far, the place has enough space for parking and warm up and wide road. I started the race at 3rd row and started well by following the leading group. The crowd only broke after 3km. I saw Chen Pong pong , stanley and Jessica in front of me.

I followed them. The pace kept increasing. After 4km, I overtook Stanley but kept following Jessica. Then, at middle point, Jessica had a muscle pull, so she slowed down, but I continued to follow Chen Pong Pong. The route is basically flat, but to add the toughness, the flyovers where the obstacles.

Initially, I thought they will ask us to take u-turn after the 1 t-junction, but they ask us to run at the highway and take bigger circle.At 6km, I overtook Pong Pong and increased my pace. When the crow joined the 7km and 5km runners, I was disturbed, but they disbursed at the last 1km.

Towards last km, I overtook a Pahang runner, but at last 200M, he overtook me again. Looks like I need to train my sprinting. I knew I was in top 50, furthermore, running with good runners. My timing was 47:28.

The next day is Fan Run. Hope I should recover.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sunway University TM Meeting

This club is close to my heart because I was the TME(emcee) for the club's 1st meeting in June 2012. Even at that time, the members enjoyed my presentation and manner that I handled the meeting. In addition, it's also club of my good toastmasters friend, Victor Ong. So I always attend the meeting whenever they invite me.

The club has been inviting me for the past 3 months and I have been delaying it, so I committed myself when VPE called me on Monday. Just hours before meeting, I was offered the TME role. It was a surprise, nevertheless, I wanted to give my best of best, furthermore, being TME for 2nd time for the club, the members did had some expectation from me.

As the meeting started, I took over the role, and it was all fun, happiness and enjoyment. The audience, whom were mostly student enjoyed the session. I could only see smiles and laughter for the whole meeting. Just after the meeting, few students asked tips and shared experience and of course, as toastmasters, we always share what we learn.

It was good atmosphere, which also evoke me to perform better. Really had good time.

It's good to go to places where they respect you and appreciate your contributions and feel more humble.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chong Wei failed

21-19, 21-19 was the score and Chong Wei would not forget it. When entire Malaysia was eagerly waiting for the 1st World Champion cum Merdeka gift, it just fall short when Chong Wei was shown the exit way by Chen Long.

Both players showed a world class masterpiece. Though Chen Long is younger, but Chong Wei matched the performance and he even came back from 10-5 down during 2nd set.

It was really a nail biting finish, where the game could have gone either way. End of the day, Chen Long proved he deserves the world number 1 ranking and ready to replace/succeed Lin Dan.

But how about Malaysia? Chong Wei Feng and Goh Soon Huat was not even up to the mark and lost in early rounds. Worse thing, we even lost to players from India and Russia.

It was a heartbreak during Thomas Cup and now it continues for World Championship. Can it be healed for Asian Games? 

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