Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cheque in Tamil

Cheque can be written in Tamil language and how many people knew it?

This cheque has been deposited. It means cash. so the cheque has been already cashed out. If any banker doesn't accept it, we can complain to bank negara.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Why history is being manipulated?

The 1st 2 Malaysians whom conquered Everest was Mohanadas and Mahendran, but their names were not mention on the text book. Whereas, 2 youngsters (then), the names were mention. I just feel this education ministry is screwing up our national education system at a big time.

More parents are opting for private and international schools, as the quality of teachers were at stake. now, even the content of syllabus is also at stake. damn it.

Wei Kamalanathan, what are you doing being in deputy minister?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Let the Games Begin

The 20th Commonwealth Games has begun and opened it's curtain. A total of 53 countries are taking part in 19 sports. Malaysia is participating in 15 of them.

As expexted, it was done in Scottish way, with something speacial in the parade, which was lead by dog with name of the countries rather than a signboard.

In addition, the games committe worked with UNICEF in sponsoring the children with theme "Put Children First".

The countries were called as per the continent rather than alphabetical order. For Malaysia being the former host, it's a mixed feeling for us.

When our athletes marched in, the flag was raised half to symbolize or remember the victims of MH17. Fateha Mustapha, national cyclist was the flag bearer and could see the dullness on her face to carry the flag at such situation. I'm sure she is the 1st to carry the flag at such situation.

The flag bearer was supposed to be Nicol David, but Nicol was given the honor to represent Asia to carry the Commonwealth flag alongside with Sprint queen, Shirley Ann Fraser and Swimmer, Ian Thorpe.

It was also the Malaysia spirit and flair when Tunku Imran gave speech as the Commonwealth Games Federation Chairman and received the Baton from Sir Chris Hoy.

It took a funny moment when Tunku was struggling to open the baton and Chris hoy had to assist him to open it.
I always like commonwealth games, as it's called a friendship games, though competitive but it's a place to foster relationship.

Being the 2nd largest participated games, and Malaysia and India are the only countries organised the games apart from the powerhouse, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Ministry of sports has targeted 7 medals but OCM has targeted 10. Previous achievement was 12 gold medals in Delhi and I'm expecting the athletes to match the same performance.

Regardless of political and social issues in Malaysia, I'm still proud to be supporter of Harimau Malaya.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dollah Salleh is the new coach

Ex National player, Dollah Salleh is the new national coach. the former  Pahang and Selangor player whom has won SEA GAMES has been selected to succeed K.Rajagobal. He is definetely qualified coach both in paper and exposure in local leagues.

His next or ultimate assignment will be for AFF cup which we lost in semifinals last round. In addition, he should also try to make the country to qualify to 2nd round of world cup qualification, which we missed closely to singapore in 2011.

But the question is, whether the management willing to change, with so much influence of political parties and royalties,

Black Box

Black Box has been surrendred by the Pro-russian militants. The bodies too were sent to Netherlands for DNA verification. The good thing that Najib did was by discussing and negotiating with chief of DPR and get the black box for investigation.

Although, there are talks, there could be some ransom paid, but we have got we wanted. On bodies sent to Amsterdam, it could have been directly sent to Malaysia. But , we cant identify who is who, so it's nearer to send to Amsterdam to do the DNA test.

43 Malaysia bodies would not be in Malaysia by Raya. So it will be a dull raya for Malaysians.

Maybe Malaysian need to slowdown on condemning about Palestine attack and Jews. Looks like both MH370 and MH17 is a planned attack.

Friday, July 18, 2014

MH 17

The above guy could be the one whom have attacked the flight.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

CDM 25 - An unnecessary publicity

A minor accident Kuantan became a national issue. The lady with nickname of Kiki Kamarudin gave racist remark and disrespect elderly person. She demanded for RM2000 and even hit the old man's car few times with steering lock. Thereafter, she took out his car key.

Her name was tarnished in Facebook, twitter, blogs etc. Both made police report and end of the day, the old man, forgive her gracefully.

But now, Kiki's name is becoming famous by getting interviewed in and THR. I just dont understand, what's wrong with our country.

First of all, when she was hitting the car, nobody stopped her.

Then, it's proven, racism is still there as we are not called Malaysians.

Wrong person got the attention, and now looks like Kiki is the good one.

I really hope our Malaysian mentality will change.

Big Leader

Let it to be non profit organisation, your task is to help people, mainly needy people, without any hesitation. When you lead the team, you are called servant leader.

That doesn't mean, you can have egoism and not to ask sorry when you made mistake or even act like "bossy". you could be big size or fat, but you need to be humble and accept your mistake.

if you can't even respect your predecessor or the person whom brought you to the leadership, why kind of leader you are. You don't need to go around and boast yourself that you are leader. Your true leadership will be shown by the way you react to situation and challenges.

So don't go around with your big size body and tell that you are leader. Prove with your kind works and words. people will admit you as leader.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

World Cup 2014 Honours

Golden Ball : Lionel Messi (Argentina)
Golden Boot :James Rodriguez (Colombia)
Man of the Match : Mario Goetze (Germany)
Golden Glove : Manuel Neuer (Germany)
Young Player : Paul Pogba
Fair Play : Colombia

Miroslave Klose became the highest ever goal scorer with 16 goals and Germany has entered 8 finals, highest by any team.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Roberto Manchini for Italian Job?

Former Inter Milan and Manchester City Coach, Roberto Manchini is the front runner to take over Italian job from Cessare Prandeli whom went to Galatasaray. Mancini whom were former coach of Galatasaray, could bring spur to the team, as they need some new motivation as after dismal performance in World Cup 2014.

Let's see if he can bring some changes.

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It's Germany's Cup

A player whom just came in 2 minutes before the end off full time to replace a world cup legend, now became a legend too. The replacement for Miroslave Klose (al time world cup goal scorer) has now became a legend by scoring the only goal during the final 10 minutes of extra time in world cup and made German to be the 1st European team to win in South American soil .

The 2 team were strong on their own where 1 with team work and another with individual skills. Mario Gotze became the super sub and brought glory to the team.

Germany has now 4 world cup in their bag, equal with Italy and 1 short from Brazil. I justfelt that Germany had players whom were there since 2006 and 2010 and became matured and had right ge to play and win the trophy.

Furthermore, Joachim Leow took a team where Klinsman planted the seeds in 2006. I hope, they wont do the same mistake as Italy and Spain did, by recycling the entire team for next world cup.