Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Division B International Speech Contest 2011

My plan was to go to Division Contest this year and I have already achieved it. Analysing my contenders, Nicole Choe (phoenix-Area B5) was the favorite and there were 3 rookies whom are NorLida (Shah Alam-Area B4), Wan Sayuti (Penapisan-Area B3) and Wen May (Indrahana-Area B2).

It was drizzling all the way till the venue. I took it as prosper. Then the draw went on, and I got number 5. Good that, I could witness others before I speak.

Upon commencement of the contest, Norlida, Nicole (with the speech of "The Push"), She had the body gesture with the dance and 3 stories. From there I knew she will be the person to beat.

When came my turn, I just took deep breath, started off with the speech. Time to time, I can hear the laughter, which shows that they are engage and engross with my speech.

Once I completed my speech, I received a thunderous applause. After that was the break and a lot of them said that they were inspired and touched by the speech. From there I knew top 2 is in my hand.

Then came the price giving ceremony. My heart was beating fast. I was worried if I exceeded the time. But then, they announced that there were no time disqualification.

3rd place goes to Wen May. My heart started to beat even faster. Then 2nd place.........Nicole Choe!!! Victor Ong and many others has started to show me thumbs up.

And the winner is......................Meyyappa Manickam. Pheww....I made it. It was my aim to go to District Contest and it happened now.

Now, I'm going into champions league where I may face contestants like Stephen Fernando, Shanker K. and Dr Asha.

Here I come Penang...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bareno Run - 13 Mar

It's my 1st race for the year. Though I was focusing on marathon for the year, but I wanted to give myself a boost and not to push with a long race for beginning.

Thus, I signed up for 5km. Furthermore, I got num 4 last year. I thought, I can maintain the similar position. All that were dashed when I saw Jasni, Chen Pong Pong and some Klang Pacers taking part in the event.

When the race started, a group of them, just sprinted and break away from us. Though the trophy was till 10th but at one point of time I thought, I was out of contention.

I could not reduce the pace as the other runners were behind me. I only slowed at the final hills which was at LRT station which was only 1km to finish.

I knew the route, thus, when got passed the station, I push (d myself and made it to the finishing lane.

They gave me 9th position, pheww..finally. with timing of 22.33

But I noted that:

1. The race started at 6.35am (suppose to be 6.50am)
2. No proper marshals especially at the turning after LRT station
3. The water station was too small to cater for 10km and 5km
4. Ribbon distribution was not improper.

Now training for Energizer Night race.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan hit by Tsunami

Allert to Philipines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hawai and South Korea.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

KNOW This Sports Person - Ashwini Nachappa

Ashwini Nachappa (born October 21, 1967) is an accomplished athlete from Karnataka, India. She gained fame at the turn of the 1980's when she outran P.T. Usha on two separate occasions. She has since been referred to as India's FloJo[1] and in 1990 she received the prestigious Arjuna award. She has also acted in Tollywood films, as well as being noted as a social worker and educationist

Her key international accomplishments include – her representing India in three South Asian Federation Games in 1984 (hosted in Nepal – won 2 silver medals), in 1986 (hosted in Bangladesh – won 2 silver medals and in 1988 (hosted in Pakistan – won 3 gold medals), her participation in two Asian Games, one held in 1986 in South Korea (she stood 6th in Long Jump) and another held in 1990 in Beijing, China (she won silver medal in 4 x 100 meters relay).

She also represented India in two World Athletics Championships, one in 1987 in Rome (she was the member of the 4 x 400 meters relay) and another in 1991 in Tokyo (she was the member of the 4 x 400 meters relay).

At 24th Olympic Games held in 1988 in Seoul, South Korea, she was a member of the 4 x 400 meters relay.

She also participated in four Asian Track & Field Championships – one held in 1985 in Jakarta, Indonesia (she won bronze medal in relay), another held in 1987 in Singapore (she won silver medal in relay and ranked 4th in 200 meters), another one in 1989 in New Delhi (where she won two silver medals – one in 200 meters and another in relay) and yet another held in 1991 in Malaysia (where she won Gold medal in 4 x 400 meters relay).

Sports Leaders became Fixed Assets?

Gadafi and Mubarak was in power for long term and finally People's power came in and they had to make way.

In Malaysian Sports context, we have similar case as long term leaders "fixed Assets" whom has yet to setp down.

I'm sure most of them has worked hard for the sports and their contribution cant be quantified. But it's time for us to see new faces with new ideas.
Some are sitting in the position just to get the voting power and some doesnt know what else to do.