Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sleeping Country

If this is how our PM is, no wonder our country is performing so bad?

It's time to change the government.

Area D3 contest - 21 March

It's a packed weekend for me. I had to rush to run after the contest and prepare for trip on next day.

It was the same location/room as Humaorus speech and evaluation contest. So I knew the setting of the place.

I was contestant 1 for both contest and there were 3 of us for both contest. As Area D1 started first, logically, I'm contestant number 3 as they had 2 contestants.

It was smooth start, and there were humor lines which didn't worked or I need to brush up more. Timing was my main concern, since practise time, I was doing at 7.20. Luckily, when I finished the speech, red light was not switched on.

The battle was between me, Jamila and Kris Sonsin. All of us spoke on personal story.

For table topics, the topic was about "change". It was similar to division B contest in 2007. Thus, I manage to plug in my story and finished the speech within 2 minutes. The battle was between me, Jamila and Sarimah.

As for the results, I was confident, I didn't exceed the time. And there were no time disqualification.

I was placed 2nd for Table Topics and Sarimah walked away with the title. For the speech, Kris Sonsin was placed 2nd and I was the eventual winner. It was a clean sweep by Kuantan TMC.

I have qualified for both contest at division level. Let's see what happens next.

University Ranking

Once UM was in Top 100, Number 88 to be specific. But now, it has dropped 151. It was at 250th place few years ago, but has improved now.

Our neighboring country can do better than us by getting into top 40 in the world. In addition, only now we realise about need of research, student lecturer ratio, etc.

Private college/university like Sunway made a smart move by getting franchise and opening branch of overseas universities i.e Monash.

Now, we even have Nottingham University, Southampton university etc.

One thing I realised, these colleges in Malaysia is promoting OBU (Oxford Brookes University) for ACCA final level students.

When I look at their ranking is only 379, this means, the degree doesn't carry much value. So the students of OBU, you may want to get the degree paper, but the value is just a paper.

Tuesday Humor

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

2 crashes in 1 weeks

First was German Air which killed 150 people including crews. Now, we have Air Canada, which manage to land near seaside. So only 23 injured and never killed anyone.

For german air, it was suicide attempt by the co-pilot. When the pilot went to toilet, co pilot locked the cockpit door and made crash attempt on alps.

Rumors says co pilot is in a terrorist group. However, no actual reason was found.

For air canada, investigation is still going on.

Both are airbus a320.

Looks like the flight saga continues.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

Why Denmark is always happy

The Crooks and Big Crook

Real story on GST

Scholarship for SPM students

This is really good. But i hope this would be followed through.


New airline is coming soon. Flymojo, a cool name, will be new budget carrier. It wil be based in JB and Kota Kinabalu. The Chairman is  Alies Anor Abdul, whom was former political secretary to Najib and the CEO is Janardhanan Gopala Krishnan . 

Atleast, i have more chance to go to JPO or Mount KK.

Dinner with opposition leaders

I have never attended any political talk before. But this time, as our country is screwing up, I thought of attending this event and witnessing the speeches by the leaders.

I wanted to take pictures with them, especially Nurul Izzah and Ambiga, but my phone battery died. forgot to bring the powerbank.

The speakers were really good. All had their style. I liked Ambiga and nurul izzah the best of the best.

When nurul izah and ambiga spoke, all the crowd was silent and fully focused on their speech.

Tony Puah spoke what actually happened to 1MDB fund, which made me really angry on the current government.

Nurul Izzah spoke about her father and how the family struggle to meet him. The jail committee only gives them 45 minutes on monthly basis.

Ambika spoke about the real truth on Anwar. The government rushed to settle the case but all other cases left pending.

Mat Sabu, a PAS member was open minded to attend dinner at Chinese temple. He was even humorous when he spoke about the government, especially rosmah mansor.

Selangor MB was open, and he spoke about water issue. Previously even to meet Khir toyo will be so challenging. But Azmin Ali was very casual.

1 MDB became a party fund

1Malaysia Development Fund (1 MDB), leads market-driven initiatives to assist the Government in propelling Malaysia towards becoming a developed nation that is highly competitive, sustainable and inclusive.

As a strategic enabler, 1MDB continues to explore areas that can catalyse new sources of growth and lay the groundwork for a brighter future.
Above is an extraction from 1MDB website.

1MDB and Petro saudi created a joint venture. Thereafter, when the audit comes. EY doesn't want to audit the matter, as the whole account was messed up. Then KPMG came in. The year end for 1MDB is 31 March . So KPMG advised 1MDB to dissolve the joint venture and give the money as loan to PetroSaudi.

From an investor, now became along. They never even got Bank Negara approval.

The company had to restructure the balance of the loan into a RM2 billion short-term loan and a RM3.5 billion 10-year bond.

I don't know what's wrong with our country now. It's rakyat's money and this stupid prime minister and his wife is eating our money.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A year has passed, still no clue

MH370 has been declared as accident and ended at indian ocean. But till today, it has no clue of it's existence. over 120million USD has been spent on the search.

The families are still hoping for some good news but no hints of the location of the debris. The Australian government has promised to get it done within next anniversary. So we just weed to wait..

Worse thing, an expired battery for the black box was used. Wonder, if really an engineering fault, and we should blame the engineering department or maintenance department. 

Money suckers

Damn..you are no more in the company. No longer contributing to the organisation. Worse thing, not even attending to the issues, and created chaos and puppets.

Now you want the company to sponsor your membership and you can have honeymoon outside peninsular malaysia.

Just because of you, the entire organisation is doing like shit. Now you are shameless to get sponsored for fees, even though you didn't do anything for the organisation.

In malay, they say, duit tak halal. This won't apply to you, as you were already doing fraud since 2 years ago.

I just wonder how you prosper in your life.