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Tamil is used in parking ticket

How abt MBPJ or DBKL ? when is your turn ?

Weekly Quotes

Next Malaysian Football team coach ?

The choices are down to 3 candidates to lead the Malaysian Football team.
Of course we had candidates such as Lothar Matthaeus but had to turn down due to high salary demand.
The finalists -- Ong Kim Swee, Bojan Hodak and Robert Alberts -- are all excellent choices, who offer slightly different qualities. All will undergo final interviews at Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) headquarters today. 

Surprisingly, 1 Malaysian is on the list i.e Ong Kim Swee. Though he had less experience in senior team, apart from coaching Sabah team, he had brought glory to the junior team by winning the Sea Games but nothing else. Even in Asian Games, we struggled and did get pass the group.

Bojan hodak, was the instrumental guy for MyTeam followed by Kelantan winning treble twice and short spell JDT in wining the league . Thus, he too has strong resume. He is no nonsense guy, which means he is strict. Whether our guys could take it is a question mark. But, he has the ability to revive a team, which our country needs now.

Robert Alberts, is another person with strong resume. Having exposure in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysian local teams, and has been in the youth development for Ajax and South Korea team. This, guys knows how to implement or place a development system for the rest to follow.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Using God as Publicity material

You can use god's picture or any deity's picture, should it be related to any religious product.

But, one of the USA based company used the picture on a e-liquid product which is used for e-cigarette.

It has been also distributed in Malaysia.

I don't understand, what the need to use the deity picture. Thy could have opted for an elephant's picture or Babar picture.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Business Friday

When Malaysian grumble about GST implementation, the businessman and companies were not much worried about it. Although companies need to enhance their accounting/billing system, employ additional headcount to handle GST filing.

Of course for public, certain companies tend to raise the price (although they are not suppose to), which burdens the "rakyat.

For business, when GST is filed on monthly basis, indirectly they are declaring their revenue and expenses. Which means, they can't do creative accounting anymore. Off course there are few loopholes, where certain company doesn't issue receipt, thus it becomes their black money.

Next, for small companies which is below threshold of RM500,000, they can still register for GST and claim back the GST amount. Thus, it would not increase their operating cost by absorbing suppliers' GST.

By implementing it, it would give better view on the business income and tax collection for the country, which indirectly boost transparency. This attracts foreign investors, especially USA to perform business with Malaysia.

It's said that USA may abolish VISA requirements for Malaysia soon, which means, we can get VISA on arrival (similar to ASEAN countries) and no need to queue outside the embassy.

Furthermore, Malaysian tax rate for 2016 is 24% lesser than 1% last year. Thus, business can prosper with implementation of GST. That's where KLCI index didn't drop drastically as it was during 1997 crisis although USD price increased.

Indira Gandhi - Another Chapter for Malaysian Law

It was a pity that Indira Gandhi has lost the appeal and her children are officially muslims now. It's sad that the choldren were at their minor age during the conversion and the father converted them without even getting the consent from the mother.

As per famous politician cum lawyer, Zaid Ibrahim, the husband had the upper hand due to muslim religion. Else, people would say, Muslims has lost to hindu. But it became such a national and religious interest, that ultimate justice was killed or jeopardise. Would the appeal court or supreme court give the verdict as such if the mother was a muslim and the father was hindu.

To make things worse, MIC (i always call them indian clowns), would only want to react now and discuss the issue. What were they doing all this while?

Next Science, Technology and Innovation, Minister announced that 3 ministers has been assigned to look into implication of Indira Gandhi's case. My question is why this minister is announcing this? Next who are the 3 ministers? Finally, damage has been made, why crying over spilt milk now.

Or is this done to gain racial support?

Friday, January 8, 2016

Thinking Thursday

Automation is a way to make things more efficient, effective and reduce waste of time especially on manpower, enable user to amend details or document down details on their own pace.

Having online system to submit and upload documents, is a way to get things stored in proper manner.

Nevertheless, what's the use of the online system, if the organisation still requires user to print the uploaded documents and forms and re-sign and submit hard-copies face to face manner.

Worse thing, you have to wait in the queue to collect your number for half hour. Then wait for another 2 and half hour for your number to be called and ended up 1 document is not uploaded, thus the whole application is rejected.

It just doesn't make sense and waste people's time waiting for more than 3 hours at the office and ended up with nothing. Imagine, if they are from outstation, and takes public transportation.

Next, you already have a checklist on your website, but at the counter you ask for additional documents. Why can't you stipulate it on your checklist itself.

Whether the service is free of charge or with payment, system and procedures has to be respected, because it resemble your organisation. 

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