Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Malaysian University Ranking

NUS and NTU is already in Top 20 in the world. We are merely in Top 150. Once UM was ranked 88, but we dropped drastically. hoping when would we be in top 100 again.

Friday, October 21, 2016

What's you urine color ?

What's with the name ?

If Hot Dog is haram, how about "mata kuching", "cucur badak" and kacang kuda ?
When country is in crisis, leaders are merely focusing on a snack's name...

Even Rafidah Aziz, Nazri and another minister in prime ministers department has said, name has nothing to do with the content.

looks like JAKIM has no other job or it's a mere sabotage to Aunty Anne's franchise owner in Malaysia.

Titatnic Hero to money scandal

Leonardo DiCaprio has offered to help US authorities in their corruption probe into Malaysia's state fund 1MDB.

He would surrender his assets and gifts should it be related to 1MDB.

Malaysia being a small country compared to mighty USA, has really made impact on global news. It just shows our prime minister and his cronies is really smart and cunning that they could get out from this issue easily.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

Division D Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2016

Managed to defend my Evaluation contest title and made a hatrick. To add the icing, I manage to recapture the Humorous speech title. 2 terms ago, I became double champion too.

I was not expecting much from the contest and went there just to meet new members and learn some new techniques. The rest is just a bonus.

Being final contestant, the pressure was on me as i need to overdo the rest. In addition, there were less than 60 audience, thus the impact was less.

It was a new location for me to experience as I never contested in Monash University.It's always good to experiment new locations. Furthermore, with reshuffling of clubs, manage to share same stage with newbies.

Let's see what happens next.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Non-digitize lady

I meet a lady few days ago whom born in 70s. She told me she's formerly from IBM and worked in HR department. Yet, she was still struggling to fill forms online. The form has no technical jargon or matters. It was just abot her particulars. Worse case, she was even struggling to scan documents. She came was asking my name and what i'm doing, but she was not bothered to introduce about her name.

I just waited for half hour, then realise, I was just wasting my time, as it's not necessary for me to be there guiding here.

Anyway, she is formerly from IT company and doesn't even know how to use computer for filling personal details. Worse case, being in HR department, does't even know how to present herself. anyway, bad people gives lesson. Good lesson learnt.

Perhaps, middle age syndrome haunted her.

Hari Sukan Kenya

Hari Sukan Negara (National Sports Day) is celebrated on 2nd saturday of October since last year. It's to promote sports culture among Malaysians and scout for talents for various sports.

Various sporting activities were conducted across the country on the day and it gathered at least 4 million participants.

One of the event was road run (21km and 10km), which offered cash prize. Nevertheless, it defeated the primary purpose, where Kenyans/foreigners took part and won the races.

First of all, it's a national event, perhaps we could just limit it to Malaysians to have the national spirit. Furthermore, should there be elements of profit making from foreigners, perhaps, international category could have been created.

Wonder if during independence day, they will allow Indonesians and Bangladeshis to joint the parade.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rajinikanth making impact in school textbook

You can remove Parameswara and Hang Tuah from syllabus, but Rajinikanth is in now....

Things that you don't need to say sorry

Albert Einstein's rejection letter

Malaysian Indian Delema

Many scenes in Kabali has been censored, but things happening in real life can be hidden.

Janji Ditepati

Money were thrown in, so that he can win. He was against a young and gorgeous leader, yet corruption upheld. His party itself is weak.

Let see if his party can win a seat in the next GE.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DPM's public speaking became public.....

This guy really needs to brush up his public speaking skills in English. Speaking in front of delegates of United Nations, where the world leaders is watching,

From simple view, the fear is not on public speaking, but on English language. he rarely speaks english in fornt of public, worse case at international meeting. The matters he spoke was about Malaysia's plan in supporting 2030 agenda of UN. Since it was merely report presentation and plan on how Malaysia planned it's development towards achieving RM11 and 2030, he could have asked his secretary to prepare the script and read it.

We do see eastern European politicians or east Asians speaks English with slang, but they always portray their confidence and eliminate single fear in front of the public.

On other side, looks like the editor/reporter of STAR is looking for some perks from DPM. Already been a MCA controlled paper, I can't deny he support UMNO person. Argued that Zahid is not from the frontier schools nor overseas educated. For me, he is already a phd holder, a prominent politician. We cant expect a "kampung attitude" at international arena.

Now I know, why the government cancelled English language based exams.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Welldone to Malaysian team

No gold medal, no problem....

4 silver and 1 bronze is still and incredible achievement. We never got past total of 2 medals nor 1 silver.

Our medals hopes were Pandelela and Chong wei to strike the elusive gold. Not everybody reliased, that both of them were still nursing injuries, though it was stiull manageable, yet they manage to proove their worth till final moment.

Chong wei went against a player whom is in top form.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

3 Gold 1 Bronze from extraordinary athletes

We have been always daunting to win gold medal in Olympics. It has been fulfilled by our Paralympic athletes.

In addition, they created world records and Olympic records. Previously, the committee or ministry gave less attention to these athletes, but now, more coverage required for them.

despite their physical or mental abilities, they overcame all the obstacles and made our country proud.

Government and private companies has showered them with rewards and made them as millionaires.

They are definitely "luar biasa". Not forgotten the coaches.Anyone can coach a normal athlete, but to coach Paralympics, they need to be sportsperson cum psychiatrist.

When we just focus OKU as people with wheelchair, now they can be world beaters. Some new hopes for the country's sports arena. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

UiTM's racist presentation

I wonder if the lecturer is majored in history or arts. If historian, you should have researched properly on the artist rather than jumping to stupid conclusion. Have you ever reviewed all his works or his background ?

If you are artist, then just look at his works rather than condemning his themes. When university suppose to be a place to open our minds, these lecturers are teaching student to be close minded. It's already a race based university. Now, its even getting worse. But the lecturer wasn't been penalized.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

LGE jailed, Najib playing his cards

Lim Guan Eng has been jailed for buying his house at discounted price or below market price. Of course it sounds stupid, but in actual facts, sources stated that LGE were to approve certain documents fr the real estate agent. In return the agent sold the house at discounted price.

Of course, it looks like Najib his playing his cards by weakning the opposition, so that he could win easily in the next election. This proves that BN is really weak and has no guts to face to face.

1. MACC chair has been changed
2. AG has been changed
3. 1MDB team has been changed
4. PDRM IGP has been changed
5. PAC team has been changed

He is changing people so that he can close all his problems. But there's Indian saying, "You cannot hide pumpkin in to the rice".

there's several gunshot and blast in klang valley. It's either he is working with terrorist or trying to divert people's attention.

1 thing for sure, the country is going towards doom.

District 51 International Speech Contest 2016

"Let you stick speaks." quote from Tiger woods. It's my 4th attempt at district International Speech contest. After past disappointments, I went with open mind. Though my one of my aim was to atleast go for top 3, then I realised, end of the day, your speech should speak for itself after many years.

It's my first time competing in Seremban, Being it on my 10th term in Toastmasters, I wanted to make it a great moment. It's also the final conference where the district will will split from next term onward.

As usual, for this conference I faced several challenges too.

1st: I had to fight  for the color card. Only after few discussions with contest chair, I was allowed for the cards. I have been using color cards since few terms ago.

2nd: Dinner on 2nd way was crap. By the time I received my 3rd dish, it was already 10pm. I told myself,let's get out from this place before I'm mentally disturbed. The PIC told me that they didn't had enough vegetarian food. For a experienced team, this is really disappointing for me.

3rd: No SAA to help me to carry the chair, thus I had to carry on my own on the stage. Luckily the timer didn't start the timing. Perhaps, this could have been informed to me earlier during the briefing so that I would have prepared someone.

I was contestant number 6 (sort of in the middle). Going against 2 past district champion and another world championship podium finisher is definitely going to be great fight. Nevertheless, it's a pleasure to face them. At least you can be proud of the contest level.

For me I always wanted to go and share my experience and feelings. Pala went ahead of me. There were humour and I knew he could be in top 3. The final contestant was sim bock san. He too had the crowd attention and humor was there. Thus, for me I knew it's going to be these 2 contestants to challenge.

As I presented, the attention was there. Humor caught laughter and attention. Of course, with my story, it had applause even in the middle of the speech. Upon ending, of course I had the confidence that I gave a good speech.
When I finish my speech, the red light was on, thus, i knew I'm not disqualified.

During the break, the audience discussion is crucial. the people I meet, said it was good speech and I'm in top 3 for sure.

As eagerly I was waiting, the contest chair took over the stage to announce the results. First of all, there's no time disqualification. Then, my name was announced as 3rd place winner.

2nd place went to Pala and Sim Bock San recaptured his title.

I would really need to thank Victor Ong for giving me the opportunity to represent the club. As the club didn't had representative, I went straight to area contest and rest were history.

The members of liquid gold were fantastic. They gave me encouragement and words of support until the eve of the contest. Best was Benny Chia, whom promised at Division contest that the division team will assist in my preparation for the contest. He even walked to the stage when I won the trophy and took picture, shook hand. Feel glad to have him as my division governor. To add the icing, I received the trophy from Andrew Tan's hand whom was the Club growth director and also my club member.

As certain people didn't want me to contest or win, I looked at positive side and sacked them from my life and included my supporters.

I was even celebrated during the LG meeting where Victor presented the trophy to me. Now I know Im in champions league, no more 3rd tier taman tun leagues.

Here's my history of participation in the International Speech Contest.

2006 : Did not participate
2007 : 2nd Place - Club level
2008 : 3rd Place  - Club level
2009 :  Did not participate
2010 : 3rd Place - Area level
2011 : Unplaced - District level
2012 : Did not participate
2013 : Did not participate
2014 : Unplaced - District level
2015 : Unplaced - District level
2016 : 3rd Place - District level