Monday, December 24, 2012

Close minded

Evaluations are merely personal opinion. If you cant take it, just leave it. I don't understand why some people going around and b****ing to others and make themself to look stupid.

Now I realised, why some people are still single.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Consolation for Malaysia

While Singapore got their 4th AFF title with Sharil Ishak, the captain walking away with Best Player award and Thailand's Terasil D. is the golden boot winner. Malaysia were no leftovers. Malaysia was awarded the Fairplay award which will be awarded to a team with least yellow and red card and also number of faults.

Hope Raja boys could redeem the pride by qualifiying for the Asian Cup by winning the qualifiers.  

Weekly quotes

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekly quotes

When we give them luxury, they give us rubbish

When Malaysia is known for the rudeness of taxi drivers, we were never complained about the hospitality that we gave the tourist. It was the same to Thailand football team, where we offered them Maybank sports complex for training for the recent AFF Suzuki cup.

However, when Malaysian players landed at Bangkok, we were given a padi field which was filled with broken glass piece.

I just wonder, what kind of hospitality is that?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Soft Needle

We always prefer people whom are soft spoken, gentle and friendly. Nevertheless, this positivity, could have hidden agenda which could affect the opponent.

Certain time being good and doing things behind without adequate knowledge of the authorised personnel, may prove the person's caliber. But things could be short lived because of the person such tactics on disrespecting the authorise people.

Well experience and exposed could bring into danger too as it could be playing part as soft needle. From corporate experience I have seen, soft needles would not last long or even the company may collapse.

Some people do it so faking way that it really shows that your are good actor.

Although you could do things behind a person without his/her knowledge, end of the day, you are just making your self stupid, as you are just nearing to a failure which you can recover after your fall.

Thank you for aking me more matured as indian saying goes, "when you see the devil, better distance yourself".

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2012

Can the repeat the success feat?

This was the team which gave Malaysia a perfect new year gift by winning the title 2 years ago.

Could they do it again this year?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Worthy gift

After a year of working and contributing towards the club's turnaround, the club was awarded as President Distinguished Club during the semi annual convention last weekend. It's definitely memorable for me to go on stage as Club President to receive the award.

Of course, other people were there on the stage, which I don't bother as it's the culture for these people, when there's good thing they will get exited and try to get the share but during setback, nobody bothers and blame me for it.

It's a award which nobody could take it from me or my club members. Though, the Division team nor the Area Governor rarely supported the club, but we still made it to the finishing line.

Even the appreciation from District was not received by our club till today. So we can judge hows the effectiveness of leadership by the past district officers in the division.

Though some award was reaped from me as they gave it to their preferred member, but they should take note that the universe is watching it. That's what happened during the closing ceremony when a jackpot was offered to me during the closing ceremony, which will really make it memorable for me.

Glad it was picked by District Governor, handed and Read by my close/good friends Naelah and Emil.

For the folks out there whom is expecting me to go down, just remember, "you can take the honey from the bee BUT you can't take out the hard work from the bee".

Di Matteo Sacked and Benitez hired

The Abromovic tradition continues ad Roberto Di Matteo got sacked and just within 48hours Rafael Benitez (former Liverpool) got hired.

The decision was made after Chelsea's dismal performance in Champions League which put them on the fence either to get knocked out from CL and qualify for 2nd tier Europa Cup and it could be 1st time in history for a defending champion to face it.

It's the 9th Manager in 9 years of Abromovich Regime. It's clear that "If you cant perform, off you go" and prior year achievements would not be counted.

One good thing was, Benitez was the man whom brought Torres into Liverpool and now it's time for them to perform again in a different team.

Can Chelsea turn into another mini Spanish team as it was for Liverpool in year 2005.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Malaysians are workaholic

Malaysians are proving to be among the world's biggest workaholics, with almost 90% of the workforce working even when they are on holiday.

According to Expedia's 2012 Vacation Deprivation Survey, Malaysia has the world's fourth most dedicated workforce, after India, Brazil and Italy, with employees who can't seem to “let go” of their work during vacations.

Conducted based on 8,000 employed adults from 22 countries throughout the globe, the survey also revealed that Malaysians spent about 40 hours a week at work but received only an average of 14 days of annual leave, among the lowest in the world.

The survey, by the online travel website, also found that despite the limited number of days, Malaysians, on average, did not use about 7% of their leave.

The main reasons cited by respondents for not using up their leave include the option of carrying-forward their leave to the next calendar year, and being unable to coordinate travel dates with their travel partners.

A shocking 40% of the respondents said they were reluctant to go on vacation because they feared their bosses would not be happy about it.

About 15% were worried that going on holiday would reflect negatively on their careers.

“It is worrying that so many Malaysians feel guilty about going on holiday.

Europeans, on the other hand, have between 25 and 30 days of leave each year, without taking into account state and religious holidays.

British, Norwegian and Swedish workers said they utilised all 25 days given to them.

The Dutch, on the other hand, work only 35 hours a week, the lowest among the 22 countries surveyed.

Extracted from The Star 21/11/12.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ron 92 or 97?

The Difference between RON92, RON95, RON97 and RON99

Many said that RON92 oil is the older oil, only suitable for older cars or for cars that uses carburetor only. There are also some that said that RON92 oil will make the engine dirty and also said that RON92 oil is less powerful compared to RON97 and RON99. Before you make any false assumptions, let us see what the real meaning of RON is.

RON stands for Research Octane Number. Octane number or octane rating refers to the gasoline ability to withstand auto ignition (knocking) inside the engine. Higher octane number refers to higher ability of the oil to fight auto ignition. In other words, it means that RON95 is harder to ignite compared to RON92.

Different vehicles are designed to be use with different octane number of oil. Higher octane number oil is basically designed for high performance vehicles such as sport vehicle and racing vehicle. Why is that so? This is to avoid premature ignition of oil inside the engine because of auto ignition, which happens before the spark plug ignite the fuel. This phenomenon is known as knocking. Knocking is not wanted because it reduces the performance of vehicle.

The right usage of octane number based on design and adjustment of engine will maximize the performance and effectiveness of the vehicle. Modern vehicles are equipped with knock sensor which enables it to adjust its combustion timing automatically according to the oil octane number to avoid knocking or premature ignition of oil.

Not all vehicles require high octane number petrol. You can check your vehicle fuel requirement inside the guide book of your vehicle or you can simply check the minimum Octane Rating at the back of the fuel lid cover of your vehicle. Most cars can still use RON92.

Higher RON number does not means that it is more powerful. It means that it is harder to ignite. It will also cost you more.

by a product chemist from a petroleum company

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dissapprove the own approval

Yesterday, our prime minister promised that the development near Batu Caves would be stopped immediately, should Selangor comes back to Barisan.

But let us go back to starting point. It was Barisan Nasional whom were the one whom approve the construction to take place in year 2007. Names like T.Mohan, Rajagopalu and many more in Umno was also involved.

Rather than apologising for the mistake, they try to turn the plate to show that they are the heroes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012