Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ladies, becareful in the changing room

Which kind of drinker are you?


Another white elephant project is coming to town. This project was announced last year during the Budget 2012 announcement. The location will be at Jalan Tun Razak which is already highly jammed pack area. With 100 more international companies coming in with 500,000 jobs for grab.

My concern is, how will Malaysia can sustain or keep the promise. There's always the risk of companies running away. KL International Financial District is already looks professional. Why are they changing it to 2nd PM's name and in short it becomes a dinasour's name.

Tall buildings doesn't show the economy growth, unless they can over some the poverty and enhance the security.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bring back the Gold for Malaysia

30 athletes from 9 different sports will be eyeing for the elusive gold medal which Malaysia has been eyeing for the past 18 editions.

Sports that will be taken part by Malaysia will be:
1. Archery
2. Swimming
3. Diving
4. Badminton
5. Sailing
6. Fencing
7. Cycling
8. Shooting
9. Athletics

The malaysian athletes names can be seen here at this link:


So far we have only collected 2 silver and 2 bronze in total and all of them are from badminton.

Atleast this time we have more sports to rely on which is cycling, diving, archery, and badminton. Let's see if we can break the duck by getting the 1st gold medal or obtaining more than 2 medals at this games.

Maternity benefits in developing countries vs malaysia

hahaha, restless mum has to comeback after 2 months to work....

Best & worst dress for Olympics 2012 for Opening ceremony

There were 19 countries selected for combination of best and worst dress.

Even France, UK and Holland was also in the worst category. But most important was Malaysia's name was there and they were labled as "fancy dress" people. hahaha. The baju kurung and baju melayu would have been better. Even Brunei and Indonesia were dressed appropriately.

Look for this link for more new on the dress:

Bali school dress in 1940s

I wish I was in this school too. hahaha

Racism in Ministry of works proven

We want a gomerment which is fair to everyone. Give chance to qualified people..Not to half past 6 people..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rest In Peace Steven Covey

Part of my leadership skills were learnt through his book.

Olympic Medals

Handout image obtained from the London 2012 organising committee (LOCOG) shows the London 2012 Olympic medals. The eight tons of gold, silver and copper unearthed from mines in Mongolia and Utah and now under guard at the Tower of London is the largest ever haul used to make Olympic medals

Can Lee Chong Wei or Bryan Nickson or Pandelela or Azizul be the owners of the medal?

This is the heaviest medal in Olympic History.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ambiga is the real citizen

Dato' Ambiga Sreenevasan (born 1956) is a Malaysian lawyer who served as resident of the Malaysian Bar Council from 2007 to 2009. She is a former student of Convent Bukit Nanas and served as Head Prefect in 1975.

Dato’ Ambiga has been a practising Advocate and Solicitor since March 1982. She is a founding partner of Sreenevasan, Advocates & Solicitors.

She was also a panelist of the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration under the Malaysian Network Information Centre Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“MYDRP”) from 2006 to 2009. She was Chairperson of the Intellectual Property Sub-Committee of the Bar Council from September 2005 to March 2006. She was Vice President of the Malaysian Intellectual Property Association in 2002.

Currently, Dato’ Dr. Ambiga is a Mediator on the Panel of the Bar Council, Malaysian Mediation Centre. She is also Co-chairperson of the Bar Council Committee on Orang Asli Rights and a member of the Executive Committee of the Women’s Aid Organisation. She is a member of the Malaysian Intellectual Property Association, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), as well as the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APPA). She also heads Bersih 2.0, a citizen’s movement for free and fair elections. She is Director of the Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Centre. She has been involved in drafting and presenting of several papers and memoranda on issues relating to the rule of law, the judiciary, administration of justice, legal aid, religious conversion and other human rights issues.

Dato’ Dr. Ambiga holds a LLB (Hons) from the University of Exeter, England.[4] In July 2011, She was conferred honorary doctorate in law by University of Exeter.[5]

She was one of eight recipients of the US Secretary of State “International Women of Courage” Award in 2009.

And, what about Ambiga's father, Dr. G. Sreenevasan, who they labeled "a low class pariah Indian laborer"?

Tribute to Dr.G.Sreenevasan, founder HKL’s Urology and Nephrology Dept but Malaysian Indian doctors degrees derecognized

February 5, 2010
Author s.jayathas

Tribute to Dr.G.Sreenevasan, founder HKL’s Urology and Nephrology Dept but Malaysian Indian doctors degrees derecognized

We pay tribute to Dr. G. Sreenevasan for his contributions to the Malaysian Medical field. Our condolences to Dr G. Sreenevasan’s family. (refer NST 4/2/2010 page 4)

This is yet another classic example and tip of the iceberg of how the Indians helped build this country Malaysia. In the year 1957, about 60% of the country’s doctors were Indian. The Indian doctors set up the Eye Department (Dr Keshminder Singh), Kidney Urology Department (Dr. G.S reenevasan), Child Department (Dr. Abraham) and the other medical departments in Malaysia.

But as UMNOs’ reward, in 2004 only one place was given in the University of Malaya for the 1.8 million Indians to compete. Thousands of Indian students using their parents hard earned savings, EPF, houses and land sold etc went overseas to study medicine in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Indonesia, India etc. But UMNO’s racist regime derecognized their degrees in these foreign Universities even though Malaysia is short of doctors by 50% (UM 8/10/09 page 24).

Why can’t these Indian students be made to do an extra six months of housemanship and absorbed into the Malaysian Medical service as doctors especially when we are 50% short of doctors. But UMNO would rather bring in doctors from muslim countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and even Africa to fill in the doctor shortage in Malaysia. Never mind the foreign exchange flowing out of the country but no chance for the local ethnic minority Indian medical students studying overseas.

This extent of UMNO’s racism, religious extremism and supremacy does not happen in any other part of the world, the last having been in apartheid South Africa in 1989.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

GOLD Medal stripped

MALAYSIA’S 4x400m Sea Games champions have been ordered to return their gold medals to the Sea Games Federation (SGF).

SGF will report to the World Anti-Doping Agency and the respective international federations for further sanctions.

Relay runner Mohd Yunus Lasaleh, a member of the 4x400m team at last year’s Palembang Sea Games, tested positive for metandienone, an anabolic steroid.

It's rally pity for the oter 3 runners whom ran their heart out to win the event, but ended up in dust.

Malaysia to host 2017 Sea Games

Malaysia looks set to host the 29th SEA Games in 2017 – 16 years after last hosting it in 2001.

The SEA Games Federation (SGF) meeting in Myanmar last weekend confirmed that Malay­sia would host the regional biennial event in 2017 “should there be no other country willing to bid for the host job”.

Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) secretary general Datuk Sieh Kok Chi, who attended the meeting, said that Myanmar would host the Ga­­mes next year, followed by Singapore in 2015.

“Then it should be Brunei’s turn but it wants to host the 2019 Games instead of the 2017 edition. So, Malaysia is willing to be the host for the 2017 Games,” he said yesterday.

Kuala Lumpur last hosted the SEA Games in 2001, when Malaysia became the overall champions with 111 gold medals, followed by Thailand (103) and Indonesia (72).

The Star 18/7/12

In 2001, I was in Stadium Melawati Shah Alam, to witness finals of Men Team Badminton event between Malaysia and Indonesia. It was a nail biting finish where Malaysia won 3-2.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I just wonder if Malaysia's Prime Minister would do that.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Federer recaptured the title and top spot

Roger Federer won his first grand slam after lapse of 2 years (last won 2010 Australian Open) by winning the Wimbledon beating home favorite, Andy Murray. It was his 7th Wimbledon title.

To add the icing, he's also the new World number 1 tennis player after 3 years.

Let's see if he could sustain it like how Andre Agassi did it. 

Barrier to the Flag Barrier

We always feel too much cook spoil the soup and who has the greatest power.

Recently, Malaysian Olympic Council has decided to let Pandelela Renong to be the flag barrier, however BAdminton Association of Malaysia requested it to be changed to Lee Chong Wei and it was endorsed by National Sports council. This sparked controversial and more parties were involved in deciding who should carry the flag at London Olympics.

Why cant they select one particular body and leave the decision to them to decide wether whom should be the flag barrier.

It clearly proven on too much of politicking in the country in sports arena.

Are Malaysian companies paying too much?

TWO recent deals have raised questions as to whether Malaysian companies are over paying in acquiring assets abroad.
The SP Setia-Sime Darby-Employees Provident Fund consortium is forking out 400mil pounds for the Battersea project on the banks of the Thames in London.

The Malaysian team outbid the Chelsea Football Club and its Russian billionaire owner Roman Abramovich.

Going by market talk, the Malaysian consortium is paying a whopping 100mil pounds more than what Chelsea and Abramovich, a seasoned London property investor, were willing to pay.

Then there's Petroliam Nasional Bhd's (Petronas) proposed acquisition of Canada's Progress Energy Resources Corp.

Petronas is planning to offer C$20.45-a-share for Progress Energy. That price works out to a massive 77% premium over the latter's share price before the deal.

While both deals look expensive for the Malaysian buyers, there are also reasons why the prices may be justified.

In the Battersea project, there is a big difference in the financial modelling applied to the project by the Malaysian consortium versus how Chelsea and Abramovich would be looking at it.

The Malaysians, made up of two seasoned property developers, are strictly looking at how to maximise returns from the project, solely from sales and leasing of units there, not too dissimilar in concept, to how these companies have raked in handsome profits from their property development projects in Malaysia.

Chelsea Football Club, however, would have been looking primarily at housing a new stadium at the site. While ticket sales and advertising revenues do provide attractive cash flows, these returns may not be as high as what a pure property developer may be looking at.

Development value

The Malaysian consortium has revealed that the projected gross development value from the Battersea project was around £8bil (RM39.4bil) comprising a mix of residential and commercial properties.

That's more than 90% more than the expected investment cost, made up of RM2bil for the acquisition and RM1bil more for development costs. Add to that the prime location of the project and chances are that beyond the initial hiccups if any, this one is going to pay off in the long run.

In Petronas' case, a few facts ought to be considered when examining this deal:

First up, buying Progress Energy gives Petronas ownership of the largest holder in the Montney shale-gas area of British Columbia and full control of the three Progress Energy fields it bought a stake in last year.

Stemming from that, insiders say that the premium Petronas is paying for the company, is to be linked to its belief that the gas reserves that Progress Energy has rights to, may amount to more than what has been disclosed thus far.

Long-term resources

Progress Energy is fairly familiar to Petronas. The proposed acquisition follows a joint venture established by the two companies last year to develop a portion of Progress Energy's shale assets in the Foothills of northeast British Columbia as well as on the intention to pursue the development of an integrated liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in Western Canada.

“This acquisition will provide Petronas with significant long-term strategic gas resources in a geopolitically stable region. It will also strengthen our conventional strategy whilst cementing Petronas' position as a major global LNG player,” Petronas president and chief executive Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar Abbas had said in a statement last week when announcing the deal.

A subsequent Bloomberg article said: “Petronas joins Asian peers including PetroChina Co, Mitsubishi Corp and Cnooc Ltd in seeking production in North America... The companies said they've selected a site at Prince Rupert, British Columbia, for a potential LNG export terminal and will conduct feasibility studies. Petronas joins groups led by Houston-based Apache Corp, Royal Dutch Shell Plc and the UK's BG Group Plc in the race to export gas from Canada's West Coast.”

Finally, it is very likely that another reason why Pertonas, which was advised by by Bank of America Corp's Merrill Lynch unit, has offered such a price is simply because it wanted to make the offer at a price decent enough to entice shareholders to sell.

News editor Risen Jayaseelan acknowledges that the subject of valuation is by definition a subjective issue and that the merits of any acqusition can only best be judged in hindsight will the assets acquired pay off in the end.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Air Asia's New Lady Boss

Air Asia  Bhd will have new Boss from yesterday and it will be the 1st ever lady to lead an aviation company in Asia perhaps. Aireen Omar, former regional head of corporate finance has been promoted to head the Malaysian operation.

Former boss whom is also te Group CEO, Tony Fernandes is focusing on the Indonesial hub,as he plan to make it as regional hub.

Monday, July 2, 2012


It's proven, SPAIN is the best team in the world by becoming the 1st team to defend the EURO championship. Blasting 4-0 against Italy showed that they have came to maturity.

Being a starstuded appearance with presuure of World Champions and defending champions, they overcame the ods to win the title.

There no worries for Italy as they were not even top 5 favorites to win the title. Furthermore, they had alot of liabilities to carry to this tournament, i.e bribery, racism, players conflicts. They pushed all this aside and made it for the finals. A team which was built atleast 70% new after the world cup flop and they too made it.

Next focus will be next year's Cnfideration Cup at Rio De Jeneiro.