Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cabinet reshuffle..worse things ahead

Zahid Hamidi is the new deputy prime minister. he was the one who told, malaysians whom are dissatisfied with the cabinet, can leave the country. Damn..he is only minister since 2009, but muhydin yassin is minister since 1995, and has vast experience in various portfolios.

palanivel has been removed as he is no longer in MIC. So wondering, who will replace him in the cabinet as minister. Or will subra become the next samy vellu (lone ranger) to manage the indian community in the country.

removing shafie abdal also means, reduction of support from Sabah. Looks like Najib is more interested in sarawak than sabah.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Malaysia Government is efficient?

Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia are the Asian countries with the most efficient governments, according to the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Competitiveness Report.

The report evaluates the efficiency of 144 of the world’s governments on measures including the wastefulness of government spending, burden of regulation and transparency of policy making, to produce an overall global ranking.

Singapore closely followed Qatar which topped the ranking, while Hong Kong and Malaysia were ranked 4th and 8th, respectively.

Other countries in the Top 10 are Finland (2), United Arab Emirates (5), New Zealand (6), Rwanda (7), Malaysia (8), Switzerland (9), and Luxembourg.

At the other end of the scale, Venezuela has the least efficient government, just behind Italy and Argentina, which are in second and third places, respectively, in the list of Top 10 least efficient governments.


My comment:
we still have long ques in Immigration department. Certain local counsel don't even bother to respond to letters and request.

To make it funny, country like Rwanda is above us, but their poverty is way higher than Malaysia. You mean the government is hardworking, but people still suffer?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mockery on KL Marathon date

It was announced in May that October 4 will be the competition date, during the opening ceremony of the KL International Marathon. Suddenly, the Minister of Sports changed the date to October 10, so that it could coincide with National Sports Day.

There's no issue in organizing National sports day, as it could spur more youngster to take up sports. BUT, why do you need to change the date of KL marathon? I'm sure national sports day has been decided at early of the year itself. The sports minister could have then, planned it together.

Making a sudden change made him to be unpopular and added spice to the current government's leadership. What happens if the date was changed to 10 October :

1. all overseas runners would need to change their travel arrangements i.e sir ticket / train ticket/ hotel
2. There are 8 other runs on 10 October, which means, runners need to forgo either 1.

Of course, organisers would refund the registration fee and will try to refund or subsidies the damages for travel arrangements. But doesn't this shows how unprepared they were. How could a minister simply change the date just 3 months before the race ?

Serdang MP, whom is also regular runner, manage to get few affected runners and made protest and the report came in one of the local daily.

Within few days, KJ manage to revert to initial date.

Since there are 8 races on October 10, why can't he have the National Sports days celebration with other runs, rather than changing KLIM.

He just made himself like a fool.

Let's not mix politics and sports.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Recently I had some idiotic youth whom betrayed me. He thinks he is so great when he argues and trashes people whom are elder and have achieved more than him in certain fields.so here's what I wanted to say :

New version of negaraku

Guide to be PM's wife

Rosmah should follow his.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Ringgit Malaysia is in bad shape

The ringgit fell to a 16 year low of 3.8056 against the US dollar , the weakest in 16 years. The ringgit was pegged at 3.80 to the US dollar in 1998 during the Asian Financial Crisis and unpegged in July 2005.

I don't know where is it going to end. Looks like I have to start focusing on local tourism.

Garbage leader

You don't even know where's the HR department in your office and you can tell me that as excuse. To make it worse, you allowed your teammates to repeat mistakes,and you didn't do anything to them.

You don't even know any shit about the organisation, but you want the leader position and became power crazy. Using company's money to buy beer for your friend, You think it's your father's organisation.

You say you got hole in heart, for me you don't even have heart. The day, you bullshitted to me by saying that you are going dinner date with your favorite member, you didn't know the importance of fatherhood.

You didn't even bother to adhere to the policy and became a puppet of a person whom only look at animals.

I rarely curse people, but you even at age of 27 / 28, you are equivalent to garbage because you are useless idiot and good for nothing. I just want to ensure, I don't see you in my future encounters.

Malaysia Super league is results based

Six coaches have resigned or asked to take leave in the M-League this season. Earlier, Terengganu’s Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, Boateng, B. Sathianathan of Armed Forces, Bojan Hodak of Johor Darul Ta’zim and Kuantan FA’s Aminuddin Hussein were the casualties.

Now it's Azrai Khor Abdullah from Kelantan. It's becoming more results based tournament in Malaysia, similar to European Leagues. Should you cant's deliver, the exit door always waits for you. There's no room for 2nd chance, or gaining experience or even developing players or even past history.  


The sea games has concluded. Of course we did better than 2013(Myanmar) and 2011 (Palembang), but certain games such as bowling, squash, was not included. Athletics was one of the poor performer with only 3 golds and all 3 came from field events. Football should have the more curse, when they even fail to qualify for semifinals and manage to beat Timor leste only by 2-1 margin.

As expected, squash, diving and hockey, we were the powerhouse to sweep all the gold medals. For archery, we were almost swept the gold medals.

Sepak Takraw won the gold medal with absence of Thailand.

Knowing Thailand is the powerhouse in South Ease Asia, we still lagged behind Singapore and Vietnam.

Next Malaysia will be hosting it, and I'm sure we are looking for overall champion. In fact that is the minimum expectation, as we won it in 1989 and 2001.

But we need to look beyond it by achieving overall title outside the country. 

Malaysia's Olympic dream is as good as over

Malaysia's Olympic dream is as good as over, when they lost to Ireland 4-1 in the World league semifinals. Australia won the title and Belgium was placed 2nd. Britain beat India whom already qualified for Olympics.

For Rio Olympics, 11 places are up for grab. 6 places comes from top 3 finisher from 2 league semifinals and 5 comes from continental champions. India won the Asian Games. Australia is expected to win Ocenia, while South Africa would be the clear winner for African continent. Argentina looks like potential winner for

Pan America, though Canada could give good challenge.
European championship looks still open, with either holland, germany or britain to win.

The other world league semifinals top 3 finishers were Argentina, Holland and Germany.

The reserve list contains, Canada, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand and Malaysia.

With Spain and Canada is almost certain to qualify with virtue the expected continental champions are Australia and Argentina. Ireland will qualify, should European champions are Britain, Germany, Holland or Belgium, which is basically certain, that either 4 will win it.

So Malaysia's door is certainly shut, unless any of the qualified teams pulls out from the tournament. Even then, we need to fight with New Zealand.

Looks like, Kumar's appearance would have really made a great impact. Feel sorry for the team. But similar to football, we need to revamp the team, else, even 2020 we cant qualify.

Palanivel cannot vote but his men can

Acting President, Dr Subra, said that all Palanivel's men can vote, so long they are eligible members. The nominations between July 10 and July 12, and re-election between July 20 and July 26, will be the only official election.

Palanivel has already been sacked as member. Looks like only Subra is the main man. There's no close competitor to him unless Sothinathan or Balasubramaniam comes in.

Anyway, Samy Vellu's influence is still there over the party, unfortunately, the support of public is no longer there and they are becoming unpopular / irrelevant.