Sunday, November 9, 2008

Evaluation Workshop 8/11/08

This is my 2nd time organising evaluation workshop.

When I needed assistance, all of them were girls.

But I managed to get them to help me. However, I faced many challenges before making it a succesful one.

I went to the hall at 11am. The workshop commences at 2pm only but the participnats will be there at 1pm for lunch. It means, I have to get everything done by 1pm.

The first hurdle was the table & chair arrangement in the room. I told the HR personnel to arrange it on Friday, but she dithched me. It was not arranged. So I have to arrange it on my own. The tables were really heavy (my mgt is so smart, they bought that heavy table so that thief cant steal the tables).

Once I finished arrangn the tables and chairs, I had to go and buy water at minimart (500M away from my office). 1 box contains 2dozen of bottles. I need 2 box but I cant carry 2 box at 1 time. So I had to go to the minimart twice. When I delivered the 2nd box, my shirt already wet.

Then goes the food side, the caterer was there with the food. I had to arrange the food and supporting materials i.e fork, spoon, tissue, sauce n plates.

Once that was done, next goes to the printing side. I had to finalise the agenda and print it. Then the evaluation manual for 2 of the role players and the registration list. Finnally the test speaker forgot to bring her manual, so i needed to copy her speech section.

Once i finished printing, I had to go the reception counter, which is also the registration counter to arrange the materials ang the list so that it wont be a havock during registration time. When I finished everything, thats where i had a little peace of mind. When I finished all my preparation, it was 1.15pm. Luckyly everyone came after 1.30pm.

Thank god, we started smoothly and ended smoothly although there were only 8 participants.

This shows that, if u want thnigs to change, frst u must change.