Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have Sex To Play Better

India’s cricketers at the Champions Trophy in South Africa are being encouraged by their coach to have sex to boost their on-field performance, a newspaper reported yesterday.

The benefits of sex feature prominently in a secret document circulated among players by coach Gary Kirsten and mental conditioning expert Paddy Upton, the Hindustan Times said in a front-page report.

It came as India take on arch-rivals Pakistan in their first Champions Trophy match in Centurion on Saturday.

The large-selling broadsheet, which claimed to have a copy of the document, said the relevant chapter was headlined “Does sex increase performance?“.
“Yes it does, so go ahead and indulge,” the document said, before detailing the benefits of a good sex life and even suggesting “going solo” if no partners were available.

“From a physiological perspective, having sex increases testosterone levels, which cause an increase in strength, energy, aggression and competitiveness,” the document said.
“Conversely, not having sex for a period of a few months causes a significant drop in testosterone levels in both males and females, with the corresponding passiveness and decrease in aggression.”

The document quotes Tim Noakes, a professor and sports scientist at the University of Cape Town, Kirsten’s home town, as saying that “sex was not a problem, but being up till 2:00 am, probably having a few drinks at a bar while trying to pick someone up, on the eve of a game, almost always was.”

The document helpfully suggests a solution.
“If you want sex but do not have someone to share it with, one option is to go solo whilst imagining you have a partner, or a few partners, who are as beautiful as you wish to imagine,” the document said.

Source: 'The Star' - 24/9/09

Monday, September 21, 2009

Track Training - 21Sept'09

I have been missing from action at track upon my IAFG. Thought this holiday break would be the best time to get me back to track and make sure Im on track to get back my gold medal for IAFG2010.
Thank god, Ronnie organised training. It's just 800M with 10sets. But I just want to proove myself that I'm back to my fitness after dismall performance in recent races. Furthermore, track is where I began my running career.
Before start, Ronnie gave each of us our target timing to be met which is below 3.00, below 3.15, below 3.30 and below 3.45. I was given the 2nd category. After 4 sets pacing with Ronnie, I felt that I could go faster for the remaining 6 sets. Thus I promoted myself to the 1st category. Furthermore, Wern Tien already started with 1st category since 1st set. Bryan followed my footstep to get into the 1st category too.
Coming to last set, I told my self to win the race. I just want to finish with a bang. Thus, I followed Wern Tien from the back and overtook him at the final 100M. He could not keep up the speed and gave up. It was a fantastic training for me. Hope to do better in upcoming runs.
My timing:
3.12, 3.08, 3.08 ,3.07 ,2.53, 2.54, 2.53, 2.50, 2.51, 2.41
Result 400m : (bonus set)
1.12 - Tang Wern Tien
1.14 - Meyappan Manickam
1.16 - Bryan Lee
1.19 - Hong Zi Shen
1.22 - Ronnie See
1.22 - Stanley Cheong
1.23 - Chin Teck Sin
1.30 - Wong Kei Ming
1.38 - Andrew
2.00 - Kee Guan Chye

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Becareful at Hypermarts

2 days ago I was at Hypermart to buy a drink. The price stated was RM12.99. The upon scanning at the payment counter, the price was stated RM15.99. What the hack? I told the cashier that it's suppose to RM12.99 and even brought her to the rack that I took the drink.

Then she called the manager. I had to wait for another damn 10minutes. Upon their investigation, the new price is RM12.99 and it's not updated in the pricing system. What the heck?

You are running hypermart and you can give this kind of lame excuses. This actually happened to me 3 times already. For naive citizens, they would just pay regardless of the amount. This is indirectly cheating the consumers.

I urge everyone to check and recalculate the rough total pricing as there could be a similar story to repeat.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

MIC election 2009 - Same Monkeys again

President: Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu
Deputy President: Datuk G.Palanivel (Samy Vellu's man)
Vice Presidents: Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, Datuk S.K. Devamany and Datuk M. Saravanan (Samy Vellu' men)

1. 19 of 27 Samy Vellu's men won CWC post
2. 18 of the CWC members are new face
3. Votes that went against Datuk G.Palanivel was 827 compared to 629 for him. This means members don't like Samy Vellu man. But the votes broke, so he had a slim win.

Najib gave KPI to MIC to get back Indians support. This will never happen till this monkeys are still around.
Indians in Malaysia are fed up with those faces and their words. We would like to have someone who think realistically and someone who spend for people and not for their wives, "keeps", children and daughter in law.
Looks like more temples will be demolished, more Tamil schools will be closed and estate people will still remain in estate.

"Valgha MIC"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Indonesian Maid asking for RM800 per month

Recently, Indonesian Representatives requested for salary hike for Indonesian Maid to RM800. Currently, they are earning the average of RM400-RM500.

These people are staying with us, eating free food, getting free cloths. Yet they are asking for salary hike. Fine I will give them RM800, but collect back RM300 for food and lodging purpose.

what I feel is, it's our home and our children. It's our responsibility to take care. I sweep and mop my own house. And Im satisfied because Im doing something for my home. Thats why nowadays, children dont really love their parents as these children are breed by the maid.

You might sweat extra without maid, but you will have more satisfaction.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Idris Jala is Minister now!!!

Former CEO of MAS is Minister in Prime Minister Department. He will be monitoring the KPI of the Goverment Dept.

Lets wait and see how he performs.

Worst Division Contest

Yesterday I went to Division P Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest.

I was suppose to be timer. The briefing suppose to be atb 1pm. I could not make it but I made it before 1.30, where it was the starting time for the contest. By the time, they already appointed Ron Low as my replacement. But he was generous to allow me to takeover since the contest is yet to begin and he knew that I have experience as Timer.

Suddenly, the "STUPID" shief judeg came and called me out of the room and said that I cant be the timer as I missed the briefing and she already briefed Ron Low as the timer. But I said to her that Ron Low doent mind to give the role to me back. But the lady said the same dialog again. This dialog took 5minutes. If she used her smartness, she could have used the same 5 minutes to brief me. It's just a simple role.

Now, I realise, experience not neccessary enhances the knowledge and smartness. Moreover, the org chair was so iressponsible, that, she never even thought of calling, just to find out wheter I will be late or not.

Next, was the sitting. There were no enough space for people to sit. Cant they get a bigger venue. hello, this is a division contest, ok. And they were happy to say that they got full house. Large crowd in a small room will off course projects it's like a full house. What if they had it in a bigger hall.

They charged RM15, but no food. Just because, the caterer will throw away the food after 4hours and the food arived at 11'oclock itself. Just because, the org chair is in Puasa, doesnt mean we need to puasa also. Wei, what did u all did with our RM15. This is clear sweandelling.

Only chief judge gets gift, the other judges got only a cheapskate Certificate.

They had dialog, but nobody dared to speak up becvause most of them were new to Toastmasters and the division councill members also doesnt know what to do as tehy have no creativity to think.

Luckily I was not from that division, Otherwise, teher could be a world war.

Hope this division will be matured enough to lead the members. Lokks like Rabbit is leading the tigers. Funny and crap division.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Petrol price is RM2.05 from today!!!!!!

Perfect Meedeka Gift by Barisan Nasional.

Our "beloved' goverment has increased the petrol price to RM2 from today onwards. This is for the Ron97 category. To ensure, people dont get angry, the "smart" goverment introduced another category called Ron95 which is priced at RM1.80. An they say it's cheap.

Do you know that cars like Volwagen, Suzuki, Pugeot, Mini Cooper cant use Ron95 as it's lower quality. This is how goverment is making money and buy their dream house at Australia and Europe.

What a crap goverment we have!!!!

Pcemaker Merdeka Relay - 30 Aug'09

As before the race itself, the organising team gave us the target to achieve top 5. It was realistic target, though we knew that 2 teams from Klang pacers, Jasni's team and Ronnie's team would be the favourite to be in top 5.

My team as usual powered with Suresh, Thurei (replaced with Vickneswaran, another powerful runner) and seasoned lady , Amutha.

When I arrived, I was looking for our lady runner, Amutha. But she was not seen, suddenly a old lady came to the timekeeper and asking for Amutha's team. As I was beside the timekeeper, I told her that Amutha is my teammate. Then she told me, Amutha couldn't make it as she was involved in a kursus, thus, this chinese lady will replace her.
I just wondered, wheter this old lady can really run or not. All my estimations were wrong. As the race started with the ladies goiing off first, the old lady got into the leading pack and was in 3rd place from midway onwards. I just got shocked. A senior veteran can really run. Now I understand, never ever, under estimates ladies.

When she passed the baton to our 2nd runner Suresh, we were in 3rd place, but 2 Klang Pacers just overtook him which brought our team to 5th placing. HWen the baton passed to Vicneswaran, he closed the gap between him and the 4th placing runner.

As I was waiting for him, I had my pressure in my legs. When I received the baton, my aim was just to overtake the 4th placing runner. He was just 100metres way from me. I just followed him at the back and overtook him within the 1st 400metres as it was hilly at the beggining. Then I just continued my race. I could feel that I was getting tired, but I pushed myself to ensure nobody overtakes me from behind.

When I was reaching last 300M, Suresh was there to cheer for me and he pressured me by saying "there's some1 behind you going to overtake". That increased my pace and the other runner, Vicky paced me till the finishing line.

Upon reaching the finishing line, I just sat down. The funny part, I started raining after that. Thank god, I finished my race before the rain.

We got trophy plus medal. The medal was superb, fantastic, marvelous. No other words to say. we pay RM30 and we got t-shirt, medal, trophy, food. What else you need. This is definetely better than Adidas KOTR or KLIM.

Only points for improvement would be the track itself, where, the route was very steep at the downhill and dangerous as there was a hut where the roof could hit runner head, if he didnt notices it.

My next run should be in Oct. Need to build up my strength as I would like to concentrate in 1500M for next year's IAFG n KL Open.

Our timing:
40'57 - Indian Pacemakers (4th Place)
10'31 > 10'31 - Lian Bee Hoon (F)
10'26 > 20'57 - Suresh, Pm47
09'51 > 30'48 - Vikneswaran s/o Rajan
10'09 > 40'57 - Meyyappa Manickam, Pm58