Monday, April 29, 2013

World Kidney Day Run - 28 April

Putrajaya is always known for it's challenges/uniqueness. I ran in that route 3 years ago for the Shape Run. I knew it's going to be hilly cum humid for the race.

This time, I ensured, I have properly warmed up and stretch myself to ensure no breakout in between. I manage to statrt the race from the 4th. Thus, it was easy start for me, where I manage to breakout from the slow runners.

As the race went on, I pushed the 1st 1 km so that can avoid the big pelathon at the back. As usual, come to the hills, it slowed don my pace, but mnage to catch up during the down hill. There were at least 5 water stations, which I would say more than enough. Furthermore, I only drinks twice in a 12km race. But looking at the humidity, I drink at every water station.

As the race started at 7.30am, towards half way, the sun started striking on my face. Perhaps, it could have started at 7am.

There were distance marker at every km, which gave us good indicators. Towards, final 4km, there were 2 runners whom were pacing each other. Thus, I used the opportunity to keep up with the pace.

As usual, going towards the final 200M, I sprinted to the max that I could till the finishing lane.

Finally manage to achieve 41 placing with timing of 1:01.15. Need to work hard to break the 1 hour mark.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Interesting Facts on GE-13

1. There are 3 singers taking part as contenders as politicians
2. BN has 1 seat not field which is Pasir Mas, which is given to Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali
3. Former CEO of Masterskills University, Dr. Edmund Santara will be going into politics for the 1st time in Hulu Selangor constituency
4. Highest number of candidates for a constituency is 6
5. Lembah Pantai will be the mother of all election, followed by Gelang Patah and Segamat
6. RM400million to be spent by the election commission to conduct the election throughout the country.

Future leaders of Malaysia

Malaysian Finance Ministers' Performance

When Idris Jala says we can be bankcrupt by 2019, I do agree with above figures.

Congratulations before Condolence

Just look at the video:

We could see actual situations of Indians in this country. Merely by develipoing Brickfields, Klang Ipoh, JB and Pennag street, doesnt mean the goverment has done the neccesity for the Indians.

Rather than being treated as Indians, we should e treated as citizens in Malaysia and as Malaysian 1st.If some ministers wife can spend million for her facial, 3 storey bungalow, penthouse at Brickfields and etc, what abt roof for Indian settlement at estates. Some schools don't even have proper blackboard , table , chair for studies.

But certain leaders are sending their children to overseas for studies by having government scholarship.

When we were called as immigrants, slave but actually, we were part of national Independence too.

The religion was degraded, but the guy was given chance to stand for election for current term by our bellowed PM.

another video that I watched:

1st of you you wish congratulations only upon any achievement. These people would only know their fate on May 5, and they have already celebrating. Furthermore, there's strong indicator, they would not be even ruling the country next term.

what a inconsistency, in Malay, it's in thousand, but in tamil it's said as million.

I feel pity for the singer. He is from India and he was award winning singer in India during 80s. He would have received thousands of ringgit for the song.

End of the day, why are you covering a pumpkin in the rice, when people are aware of what's ur performance like.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Watch out for it

It's 20-20

What a coincident.

Manchester United secured their 20th Premier league title today with 3-0 win over Aston Villa. All 3 goals were scored by RVP. His jersey number is also 20.

He proved that he was a good buy for the team and able to jive well with team members.

At least we can see Man Utd still chasing for their 3rd Champions league title next season.

One Down One Up

When Malaysian onwed QPR is almost sure to be relegated, there some cheer where another Malaysian onwned Cardif City is making a return for the first time since 1962.

The beauty of it, their jersey states "Malaysia" which is huge publicity to the country and create awareness to the european continent.

Now, Malaysian may even have chance to witness the national team going against the Cardiff team during the summer break (as said by our prime minister few days ago)

Legendary sports lady - Katrine Switzer

Although I took a break from writing on sports person, I just felt that this lady made something remarkable.
I meet her at recent Malaysia Women Marathon. I thought she was just a normal marathon runner as the rest, till I read her article.

She became the first woman  to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry.

She registered under the gender-neutral "K. V. Switzer", which she insists was not done in an attempt to mislead the officials. She claims to have long used "K. V. Switzer" to sign the articles she wrote for her college paper.

Race official Jock Semple attempted to remove her from the race, and according to Switzer said, "Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers. However, Switzer's boyfriend Tom Miller, who was running with her, shoved Semple aside and sent him flying. The photographs taken of the incident made world headlines.

As a result of her run, the AAU barred women from all competition with male runners, on pain of losing the right to compete. Switzer, with other women runners, tried to convince the Boston Athletic Association to allow women to participate in the marathon. Finally, in 1972, women were welcome to run the Boston Marathon officially for the first time ever and Katrine went on to achieve 2nd place in 1975 edition.

I'm glad she inspired alot of women around the world to take part in marathon.

Of course I'm glad to take a picture with her recently.

Her speech:

Most of us take part in sports to inspire our self, but she ran to inspire the world.

Emcee Malay Wedding - 20 April 2013

I was glad and honored to accept another opportunity to Emcee a Malay wedding. The task here was to speak bilingual, nevertheless, I was prepared for it.

I was well briefed with the event flow. Even the dressing was left to my choice

The couple were humble and moreover the hospitality given by the groom side was great. At a point of time, I felt as if I belong to the family too.

Since It was bilingual, I had to decide which paragraph to be in Malays and which paragraphs to be in English.

At the end all went on smoothly.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garbage Openers

When you face a problem, try to tackle it and solve it, else just leave it as it will dissolve in matter of time. However, when the problem was solved or tied, it would make it worst if we re-open the problem just to sabotage people and make certain people/group just to enjoy talking behind/back, whereas the rest are suffering from the smell of the old problem.

I always fell that" Dog only barks at unknown people" and along the way should you stop at every barking of the dog, you would not reach your destination.

Certain people may feel that by repeatedly asking someone to withdraw could be a success, but they don't realise that they brought down their own personal value and being childish .

Worse case, when they could be easily influenced by by others and not able to make their own decision.

It will looks stupid when you try to reopen the garbage bag which is already tied and thrown away.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Quotes

KL 10km Road race - 14 April 2013

Now it's back to business. To boost my morale, I took part in the race. Added with my new show and compression pants.

Having charged RM50, I was expecting some kind of light snacks, warm up or at least toilet to be opened by then. But none of this happened. Luckily, I arrived there early, thus managed to snoop into Arts Academy for a small break.

It was expected to be a tough route, which was the reverse of the double hill. After 2km passed, the bib came out and I need to take a minute break to fix it. Damn, it came out again and I just folded it and kept in my pocket..

One good thing was, there were 2 water station with water and isotonic drinks. As I was in the middle group  overtaking a pelathon will enable you to move up in 5 rankings.

Rather than walking at uphill, I slowed down and caught up with the rest at downhill. Upon reaching bank negara, there was a U-Turn, and I knew it was reaching the final km of the race. Thus, I increased my pace and even overtook another 5 runners towards final down hill towards finishing lane.

Upon finishing, there was only mineral water and milo. Damn, what happen to isotonic drinks. There were no breakfast or goddie bags. Only thing I received was sample packet of body wash.

Anyway, I got to know places where I need to focus on. My next race will be on 28 April.

Happy Tamil New Year

Friday, April 12, 2013

Types of collar

Can this be happened ...

Finally the showdown is on

The 13th General election will be held on 5 May 2013 and the nomination date is on April 20. This will be the dirtiest election ever.

The election falls on Sunday. Rumors says, its because of the Bangladeshi, Myanmar, Filipino and Vietnamese to vote on that day, since it's off day for them. hahaha

Giving free helmets, book vouchers, and fake consumer goods may come to an end...

I'm on Newspaper

A true leader's leadership will be prooved through it's results and the outcome of people's performance.

I'm already famous through this. Thank you to people whom has been encouraging and supporting me to all this way.

Malaysia Women Marathon - 7 April 2013

It's my first ever 21 km for the year and 1st long race after KL marathon last year. I have been running occasionally with my running buddy Veronica. Thus, one particular day she asked me if I could be pacer for her for this race.

I told her I'm fine, so long there are some goodies, as I'm also paying the same registration fee as she pays. The added bonus was, I was also appeared in newspaper (refer to next posting).

As we started the race, we went slow, as it was her first race after a year too. As we reached the 10km, i took the race differently , where i asked her to run first after the water station. After a minute rest, I sprinted to catch up with her. I did that like four times.

towards last 2km, she told me that her knee was aching, we just walked and jogged. just 200M before the finishing line, she told me, "Meyya, can you hold my hands and get me to finishing line". I just hold her hand and said, "dont worry I'm with you. You can do it.."

Finally we finished the race and it was a complete satisfaction for both of us.

We finished 2:28 with her placing of 39 in her category.

I'm really glad that I paced her to the finishing line. My next race will be KL 10km.