Sunday, June 26, 2011

Standard Chartered KL Marathon - 26 June

How sure are you going to make it in 4 hours? - my boss asked
Can you make it within 4hours? - at 25th km asked by one of the runner
Can you finish it? - at 30th km asked by another pacer

All those were just passing clouds and I took it as a pinch of salt.

Before race
The timex sponsor was taking picture of us as pacers. I had trouble with my pacing schedule as I was trying to tie it with rubber band. Finally, another hot running girl, siew teen, suggested me to use safety pin. Then I tried running with the balloon. I found it ok, after few runs.

During the race
As the started, I just followed my pace. after 10km, I realised that I was 3 minutes ahead from my expected finishing time. That's good, as it could be back up for my last 10km. I could sense people following me from behind and at the side.
After 21km, which was at klcc area, I could sense more people following me from the foot steps.
Upon reaching Jln Ipoh, I could feel the tiredness, but I told myself to finish off the race. Furthermore, I was the leader among the 4 hour pacers. After mutiara kompleks, Richard (4 hour pacer) overtook me. I just went on my pace.

At Jln Kuching highway, I was 1 minute behind the time, as I took more rest at water stations. Soon as I reach the tijani hills, that was my territory. I pushed myself as I knew that's the last 5km. Upon reaching, Sogo, I saw a guy struggling, I told him " follow me and I can bring u before 4 hours". I accelerated myself and sprinted after Globe Silk Store.

And I saw the Timing was 3:58.34. Finally I manage to dip below 4 hours.

My personnel best. My target for the year. My placing was 105 out of more than 2 thousand.

Now its time to rest. Maybe will try Penang Bridge Marathon next.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time to heel the Wound

It was two years ago, when I took part in my 1st marathon. I targeted to dip below 4 hours and it was all going on well till the final 10km where I struggled to the finishing lane and made a modest timing of 4:02.

Yet, it was still an achievement as a virgin marathoner. Now, it's time for me to realise my target to dip below 4 hours again. My preparation is definitely better compared to 2 years ago as for the long distance running. Furthermore, I skipped most of the road races to concentrate on this event.

Though I was bugged by my job, I still manage to steal sometime during weekdays to practice my runs and to ensure I have adequate mileage for the week.

To add the pressure, Ronnie (Captain of my running group) has put me as a pacer for 4 hours. It was definitely a great recognition for me to lead the other runners to realise their target and dream. With the publicity and promotions that I received, it even added pressure to ensure I meet the target timing of 4 hours.

I'm now on course to do my best and achieve my target.

Furthermore, I want to heal the wound which I got it through my speech contest last month where I was disqualified. In addition, my boss told me (doubt my potential) wheter I can finish within 4 hours.

Just One answer, " My leg will speak on 26 June".