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Division D International Speech & Table Topics Contest 2015

It's my 3rd attempt at Division level for International speech and Table Topic Contest. Having won the International speech at this level twice adds a bit pressure. Furthermore, facing season contestants i.e Victor Ong and Emil. Not to discount the rookies.

It's the same venue/hall as last term where I won the title. I was contestant number 7 for International Speech and 6 for Table topics. Both was 2nd last.

As my turn came, went up the stage confidently. As I started, there were response. The confidence built up. When I came to my final line, it was red light. So I was a bit nervous.

During the results announcement, Contest Chair announced, no time disqualification. I was in my peace then. 3rd place went to Jonathan from Sunway and 2nd place went to Kris from Kuantan. Finally, the champion was yours truly. The 1st International Speech champion for Division D.

For table topics, I was placed 3rd. I was not much focused on it, as my concentration was on speech and the run.

I immediately had to rush to Putrajaya for my SHAPE Run. Now I need to prepare for the District level (national level), which will have cream of crops.

It's time for Langkawi.

Moral harrasement

The hockey team

I manage to google and get the 60s national hockey team. They brought glory to the country and team was comprise of various races in malaysia. they played because they love the game.

Yesterday's azlan shah cup performance saw, Malaysia performed bad an finished last place. they played total of six matches and won 2, draw 1 and lost 3.

Sometimes, I just wonder, if the coaches are given the rights to select the player, or do they merely coach and selection is done by some other party. We will be going into world league semifinals later in June and only with strong performance will see us qualifying for Olympics.

Malaysian hockey has yet to qualify for Olympic since Sydney 2000. Wonder if we can still qualify after 16 years.

mangkuk leader

As leader, you need to be accountable for what you have said and done. Any statistics shown should be properly supported with facts or state if it's opinion.

When you have lack of knowledge and experience, and you merely interested in power and position, it will just make you as fool. You can't even get our maths right, but you want to go for higher post. you are just making yourself as fool.

Worse thong, when the person is not even settled down in life, no proper job, but still sit on the position, and wants to control others, although you have left your position so long ago.

Furthermore, ask yourself, the money that a company pays for you when you are no longer working there. Don't you feel shame about receiving that perk when you are not doing anything for the organisation.

If you are really good leader, thing would have got better. But under you leadership, things only got worse. When you appoint crap leaders or mangkuk leaders, you would get shitty things.

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Chopper Crash

Looks like Malaysia's curse continues. Now it's helicopter crash, where former finance minister , Datuk Jamaludin Jarjis got killed. Among rest is, Datuk Azlin Alias, Felda Director.SP Baiduri Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Datuk Tan Huat Seang, pilot Captain Clifford William Fournier, owner of Chempaka Aviation, Aidana Baizieva and bodyguard Razakan Seran.

Aidana was told to be the co-pilot. But actually, she is not a qualified pilot. So it's still a mystery why she was on the helicopter.

It would have been good, if our PM and wife was in the helicopter. At least, the whole country would have been happy.

The reason, could be due to technical default, weather or sabotage.

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