Monday, November 29, 2010

Zai Jian Guanzhou, Ahn Young Incheon

15days of thrills came to an end last Saturday at Guangzhou. 45 countries took part in 42 sports.

China the powerhouse of Asia and overall champion in 2008 Beijing Olympics, showed their supremecy again by bagging 199gold medals. The nearest contender, South Korea, could only manage 76golds.

During the closing ceremony, with a team of "Chinese in Water" showed countries that the chinese have stammed their mark from the past, i.e Indonesia, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.

I liked the way they brought down the Asian Olympic Council Flag, which was in proper with obidient way of respect to the flag. The mayor of the city,organising comitte chairman and the Olympic Council member of Guangzhou handed over the torch, Asian Games Banner and Asian Olympic Council Flag respectively to the next host from Incheon, South Korea.

It was good that the country spaced out its developement to various city rather than just focusing on Beijing. They have organised it at Shanghai. Now, at GuangZhou. Even when Thailand organised it's SEA Games, the host was not only focused on Bangkok, but also Chiang Mai (95) and Korat (07).

Our country made its best finishing ever by meeting the target of 9 gold medals but alot of home works to be done for next Olympic Games in two years time for our maiden gold medal.

CICM Run - 28 Nov

I was down with flu courtesy of Penang Bridge. for the whole week and my muscles were also tired after that run. Thus I decided to take it easy for the upcomig CICM Run. Furthermore, as long I finish within 1:30minutes, I will be entitled for a medal. So why worry?

As the race started, I went on jogging pace and let whoever wants to overtake. The route was mixture of hills and flat route where it went through the highway and housing area of Bkt Jalil.

I was pacing the cap ayam runner from 2nd km onwards. After the first water station, I tried to increase my pace a bit so that, I can come out from the big pelathon behind. Kevin Chow was pacing with me and upon reaching the final 500M which was at the MSN, I pushed myself and overtook Kevin and the chap ayam runner.

I was awarded 46th placing with timing of 52:53. Wow, even, with slower pacing, I manage to get into top 50. i relised, I was at normal condition, I would have got into top 30. It's alright, more races to come in Dec.

Monday, November 22, 2010

200 didn't misses but fail to plan

"More than 200 people, mostly holidaymakers, missed their flights after arriving late at the Penang International Airport because the Penang Bridge was closed for the annual marathon.

Many cancelled their holiday plans and some had to buy exorbitantly-priced last-minute flight tickets to make it to their destinations.

The Star’s offices in Penang were swamped with calls from unhappy passengers who missed their flights, many arguing that they left for the airport early to avoid the heavy traffic." The star 22/11.

My Comment

This event is an annual event which has been taking place for the past 20 years. How come this issue was only raised now. For tourist, you should know that, this event will be taking place way before you plan your trip.

Looking at this news, plus a statement by "Tourism Minister', Rais Yatim saying that "tourism has dropped for the past 2 years" and added with buah pala case. I think, the current BN govverment is triying to tarnish the Oppositions stronghold. In addition, I was there at Penang, and the transport system was organised and not like KL, where if Im coming to Damansara, I have to take 3 busses plus LRT plus taxi.

The heritage buildings were gazzeted under UNESCO. The city itself was clean. So the public said that the current goverment is more people oriented and they did within 2 years on things that BN couldnt do it for more than 20 years.

So rather than just reading the BN approved newspapers, it's time for us to read blogs and websites which speaks for people.

Penang Bridge Int Marathon - 21/11/2010

My first Penang Bridge Marathon . I was eager to participate and it ended in mixed feelings.

The race started at 3am for 21km which was officiated by YB Lim Guan Eng. I took a slow start as I was stuck in the middle, where some runners were only walking/jogging, when they were suppose to run.

After 500M, I manage to come our from the group and took off a decent pace. My mistake was, I didn't study the map properly, thus I didn't know, where to sprint and where to maintain my pace. However, I had rough idea that, the "U-turn" at the bridge will be the half way mark and after completion of the bridge will be the final 5km.

I was pacing a black suit man, he looked old but his pacing kept increasing towards the bridge. When I was at the bridge, it was steep reaching the mid point. I only realise it when I run on the bridge. While running on the bridge, I could see the front runners on the opposite direction. I couldn't follow up with that black suit guy, so I had to leave him.

At the half way mark after U-turn, I clocked 46 minutes ++. So I thought, I'm still within the target timing of 1:45. Upon U turn, I could feel cold air,although the sea smell was there. That cold wheter was refreshing. Then I heard a thunder sound followed by lightning. That's where the agony started. It started drizzling when I was at 11km mark. Upon reaching, 12km, I started raining like cats and dogs.

I was fully wet. The soaked into the water and it was as if I was running with water bag tied on my leg. The advantage of the rain was, we were not dehydrated and our body temperature was still cold, but due to the weight, it was a hinder to my running pace.

Towards the final 5km, I was with Gejanthan. It was good that he paced me till the final 1km, and i realise, I have to give all out. So I broke away from him and that push made me to overtake at least 5 runners at the last 1km.

The beauty was, me and Women Champ, Emilia crossed the line together.

When I checked my timing, it was 1:47.11. Damn, my personal worst.
Upon the race, the rain didn't stop. I really felt sorry for the marathon runners. Running 6 hour in the rain.

Upon collecting my medal, I was sharing my experience with stanley and Kelvin. Then, I just got off from the venue, as my eyes couldn't take it anymore.

Good part abt the race:
1. Had shutter bus from Jetty (convenient for me)
2. Had officials at every km, although raining.
3. Officials were still serving water although they are in rain coat.

Point for improvement:
1. to have distance marker at every 2km at least.
2. to place water station at every 2.5km after 5km mark (we don't need water at first 2.5km)
3. to give out power gel/power bar before or during the race.

It was another agony when I was heading back to KL. After finishing my stuff in Penang, I took the ferry and reached Butterworth at 4pm. Most of the buses were full and some buses will only leave at 5pm or later.

As I wanted to get out from the city, I took a sweeper bus which left at 4.30pm. I estimated the bus to reach at least by 9pm. All that went up smoke, when heavy traffic started from Taiping right until Tanjung Malim. It was moving inch by inch at certain point. One of the reason was due to a lot of people heading back to KL after the Raya Haji break. I addition, there was also a road block at Sungai Perak.

To add the icing, my phone battery was dead and i couldn't even send sms to my home. Luckily, the bus stopped at Simpang Pulai for dinner break and I quickly ran into toilet to charge the phone, so that I can send a sms to my home.

Finally, I reached Jln.Duta at 11.30pm and walked all the way to Jln. Ipoh to catch a taxi.

Anyway, it was a great learning experience, and gave me a thought wheater I should go for the marathon next year.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Malaysia ended 40 years Drought

Yesterday, "Negaraku" was played for the 1st time after lapse of 40 years in Asian Games veladrome. Azizulhasni Awang was the hero when he pedlled in a mounthwatering race. Josiah put the icing on the cake when he grabbed the silver medal.

When I was watching the race, there were 2 Chinese, 1 Japanese, 1 Iranian and our boys at the race. As the gun shot, the Chinese took the lead during the repecharge and towards the actual race, Azizul took the lead and followed by the chinese rider and Josiah blocked the other Chinese rider behind. But it was really close.

As It went to 2nd last lap, the Chinese rider whom was blocked by Josiah has scratched with him and fell and caused the Iran rider to had crashed with him too.

Luckyly, the Japanesee made a quick move to avoid the accident.

This made Azizul to lead the race till the finishing and Josiah made the sweet finishing by dipping by few inches infront of the other chinese rider.

The previous winners were Ng Joo Ngan (road race) and Daud Ibrahim (1.6km mass start) in 1970 Asian Games.

What I can say was, we can produce world beaters and also have good teamwork. Malaysia Boleh.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maiden Penang Bridge Race

This Sunday marks my 1st race for Penang Bridge. Though I'm taking part in half marathon category, it's my only 3rd half marathon race this season after GE20km and KL half marathon.

My aim as usual to gain eposure running at early in the morning and to do a decent timing of 1 hour 45minutes or below.

Hope this will spur my sprit for to train harder for 2011 season.

Loser in Game, Winner in Heart

We may have lost the match against Iran by 3-1. But we still manage to strike a goal against our opponent with a weak team.

We went into the game by having 3 injured players in 1st 11 then substituting them in 2nd half. The opponents could have tought that they may score half dozen goals, but our boys made them to wonder when, the game ended in goalless draw in 1st half.

That amazed them and made them to work harder in 2nd half to spot our mistakes and punished it with the goals.

Even, Iran's coach admitted that, if Malaysia could have fieled their actual 1st 11, it would been a different game.

Malaysia had some teenagers from Under 21 team and they could play another Asian games in 2014. Though we lost 3 matches and won only one, but we staged a reat show and prooved the rest that we had the courage to suceed.

Welldone Rajagopal and his team.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Long Run @ 14 Nov

It has been a month since I went for long run. Thus, I forced myself to wake up early to get back to training. As part of Penang Bridge Run training, I joined the other pacemakers.

As we started, I followed from the back with Stanley. Then I realised the group was getting faster which was lead by Poh Chye, followed by Ronnie,Kenny and Michelle.

However, I maintained 100M gap between them and went on with the pace. Upon reaching IRB, the pace increased and the gap widened to 400M. I didn't bothered abt it. As i reached Hartamas square, realised, Po Chye was left alone, so I caught him and reached the pit stop together with timing for 50minutes.

After 5minutes break, journey continued and this time, I let the rest to move first and followed them behind. Upon reaching, Stadium Tun Razak, Kenny, Ronnie & stanley just pushed their turbo and broke away from the group. This leaves me, Poh Chye and Michele to pace each other.

After Tijani hills, I had no other choice but to increase my pace, thus left Michlee, Poh Chye and other runners behind to catch up with the front group. As I reached Bank Negara, I could see Stanley in front of me at Bank rakyat abt 150M. It's do or die mission, so I just increased my pace and reaching at lake gardens entrance, I overtook him and went on till the finishing line.

What a great finishing with timing of 1:38 for 20km.

Will carry on with light training for the rest of the week before heading to pearl of orient.

K.Rajagopal may play for Malaysia

"Can I play for the team?", lauds the coach. This is after realising the team with only 8 outfieled players with another 2 goalkeepers. With total of 16players, 3 got red card and 3 got injured. All due to Chinese team.

And now, K.Rajagopal will be facing mighty Iran tonight in 2nd round and he has no reserves left on the bench.

The contingent has submitted letter of appeal to AFC to allow to suspended players to play tonight. Lets see what happens.

11 Chinese Plus 1 Australia to Beat Malaysia

Malaysia created history by qualifying for 2nd round in Asian Games football after 3 decades. But they had to pay heavy price for it.

I was watching the match 2 days ago, and felt that Malaysia, really put up a good show against the host. The Man of the Match was none other than the One sided referee, Ben Williams of Australia.

Just within 3minutes into the game, malaysian player, Mahali was shown yellow card for fouling the Chinese player. When Mahali lost his composure and kicked the ball away, it was because he felt a sense of injustice as it should have been Malaysia's throw in. He was awarded 2nd yellow card and walked off. That's fine.

The drama started when the skipper, Shafiq tried to protest for his team, and he was also awarded straight red card. Damn, 2 red cards simultaneously.

Malaysia had to play the next 42minutes with just 9 players. And the score was still 0-0.

Going into 2nd half, 2 of the Malaysian players were fouled and got injured but Mr.Ben just awarded free kick without raising any cards.

The Chinese could only broke the deadlock at 61st minute and 10minutes later for 2nd goal.

Mr.ben became brutal again when he awarded 2nd yellow card for tapping a player from the back (not as bad as Nigel De-Jong's karate kick). And awarded a penalty which got the host their 3rd goal.

Damn, The Chinese team + 1 Aussie need to combine to beat 8 men Malaysia by 3 nil.

Just wonder, if it was 11 vs 11. malaysia could have wiped the host away.

Whatever, Kudos to Malaysia team. At least we have shown our progress and proven we are the real men compared to those chickens. "King Gopal", you saved the pride for the country.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ernst & Young became the MOST Wanted company

I am very pleased and extremely proud to share with you that Ernst & Young Malaysia has been voted Malaysia's 2010 Graduate Employer of the Year!

The results were announced on 3 November 2010 at the Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employers Awards 2010 graced by Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Higher Education,Yang Berhormat Dato' Dr Hou Kok Chung.

The Awards celebrate the most sought after employer brands as well as recognise the effort that employers put in to make their organisations attractive places to work in. The results are based on the Malaysian Graduate Barometer 2010 powered by Trendence, Europe's leading employer branding and recruiting research institute.

I was informed that the huge poll surveyed Malaysian students across campuses in Malaysia and overseas as well as graduates who have entered the workforce in the last one year.

Top 3 were accounting firms followed by bank and Oil&Gas.

Please go to for more information.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Will Ku Li be the next Prime Minister?

Recentlly, we winessed UMNO recapturing Galas state assembly seat with assistance of Ku-Li. Once an opposition man, now a pro-Barisan, has still got the power to attract the public at the age of 73. Though, Kelantan is govern by PAS, but his territory of Gua musang is still untouchable.

Now, public look up to him and says that he maybe the saviour of UMNO, when our Jibby is strugling with his 1Malaysia "make up" plan to cover so many national issues.

His num 2 is also mortifiying with racial issues, looks like Our Ku Li stands a ood chance to challenge Muhidin for Num 1 post in future.

New Insect in Malaysia

Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon promised to change his laid back "tai chi" leadership style to a more aggresive "praying manits kungfu"."

I might have been more of a 'Tai Chi' leader because I learnt this martial art since I was nine. But now I have learnt the "praying mantis kungfu" where my younger brother is my coach.

So he is no more "Mr.Nice Man". Watch out Lim Keng Yaik.

KNOW this SPORTS Person - Haile Gebrselassie

The world record

He was born and brought up in a farm. He runs to school with distance of 10km and back another 10km to home.

He started his international arena in 1993 and won 4 back to back world championship. He took part in 3 Olympic Games and finally retired from the track on 2004.

When people thought he would go for coaching or seting up business after his retirement, he shocked everyone by saying that he is going to compete in road races. he started competing in Marathons in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York.
He has won 4 back to back Berlin Marathons and 3 back to back Dubai marathons.
At the age of 35, he still made everyone to take bite their words by cracking the world record for marathon with the time of 2:03:59.

Yesterday, he officially announced that he is retiring from the games after pulling out from New York marathon at middle point. Whatever it its, at age of 35 he was still breaking record and compeeting at world class level, when most athletes would have announced their retirement and spend time with family.

His achievements:
Olympic Games (1996 & 2000) - 2 Gold medals (10,000M)
World Championship (93,95, 97,99) - 4 Gold medals (10,000M)
World Indoor Championship (97,99,2003) - 4 Gold medals (3000M /1500M)
Men Track&Field Athlete of the year - 1995 & 1998

His quotes:
"I will always listen to my coaches. But first I listen to my body. If what they tell me suits my body, great. If my body doesn't feel good with what they say, then always my body comes first. "

Malaysia's New Football Jersey

The older version of the jersey
The jersey which brought Malaysia Gold medal in SEA Games

Inside version of the Jersey with Partriotic words

Malaysian Flay embeded outside at left section, in paralel with heart

The home, away and goalkeeper jersey

Whatever new version that you create, first of all, the team should play better and produce quality game.
Let's see if they can perform during Asian Games with this new kit.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Man United vs Anti Man United

The team formed by disenchanted Manchester United fans could be just a game away from facing the club they rebelled against after it was bought by American tycoon Malcolm Glazer.

FC United, which has rapidly risen to the seventh tier of English football after five years in existence, has now reached the second round of the FA Cup with a 3-2 victory over third-tier club Rochdale.

Victory in the next game would take the semiprofessional side to the stage when the top teams, including Manchester United, enter world football's oldest knockout competition.

On the prospect of playing at Man United, FC United manager Karl Marginson says that "for a lot of our fans it would be a nightmare because they have vowed never to go to Old Trafford again."

Source: Daily Chilli (7-11-10)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Deepavali Gift for Barisan Nasional

Barisan Nasional won Batu Sapi and Galas by election which was held yesterday. The Galas by-election saw a straight fight between the BN candidate, Abdul Aziz Yusoff and Dr Zulkefli Mohamed from PAS with the former winning with a big majority of 1,190 votes.

In Batu Sapi, 54-year old Linda had an unassailable lead from early on. In the end, she won with 9,773 votes versus PKR's 3,414 and SAPP's 2,031.

Nik Aziz, Tian and Dr Dzulkefli - down but not out!Her majority was a seemingly huge 6,359 votes because it is calculated by subtracting the next highest tally (PKR's 3,414) from her own.

Money politics came into picture again where fake ballot papers were handed out with cash inserted in the envelope.

In addition, Galas comes under Parlimentary area of Gua Musang which is run by "Ku Li" and he headed the mission to get back the seat from PAS.

Earlier at Batu Sapi, the widow used her emotions to attract all the lady voters and family men to ensure her sucess.

So looks like either you have money to play politics or you just cry so that people will vote for you. In addition, Ku Li is the real loser as he was in UMNO then formed Semangat 46 to work with PAS and jumped ship again to UMNO.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sazali flexed to sixth title

Policeman Sazali Samad may have turned 43 in August but he showed that age is not a factor after flexing his muscles to a historic sixth title in the world bodybuilding championships in Varanasi, India.
The Batu Pahat-born Sazali was crowned Mr Asia for a seventh time, also in the lightweight category. He was the winner in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2009.

We may be losers again in Sepak Takraw

It has been 16 years since we won gold medal in Sepak Takraw in Asian Games.

Here's Malaysia's performance since 1990 Beijing Games:

1990: 2 gold medals
1994: 1 gold
1998: 2 silver, 1 bronze
2002: 1 silver, 1 bronze
2006: 2 silver, 1 bronze

In recent King's cup Thailand, we lost to South Korea in Semifinals. A sports which was originate from Malaysia and became step son to Thailand.

We have relatively a easier group which consist of Japan, India and China. Our potential semifinalist will be South Korea and of course finals with Giants Thailand.

Can Malaysia end the 16 years drought to win gold medal? or are we going to play 3rd fiddle to South Korea and Thailand.