Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kuching Convention - 17th till 19th Apr'09

Kuching International Airport
Me and Idris Jala

The hotel that I stayed

Kuching Landmark

Temple in Kuching

My first ever trip to state of Sarawak.
I was really eager to go for the trip as I needed a break from my hactic work. I knew I wont have much time at to look around since the convention will eat up most of my time.
Since my wife followed me along, we tought of going around Kiching at evening before dinner, but it was raining like cats and dogs.
I went to a restraunt to buy hot milo. The shopkeeper gave me the milo in the mil tin. Thats how they "bungkus" hot drink.
On 2nd day evening, we went to the only Hindi temple at Kuching but it was closed. So I went the next day morning.
The best part was night life of Kuching. I sneaked into several pubs and realised mosdt of them were school children. These children are really spoil brats.
The main highlight was the speech by Idris Jala, CEO of MAS. He gave a inspiring speech which not many CEO could do.
The city was quiet as most of them practices slow lifestyle. theer weer no traffic Jam, nobody rushed for anything and people really enjoy the living.
On final day, I went shopping and bought some nice stuffs.
Things that you should buy:
1. Slice colourful cake
4.Puah Kumbu (Shall)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

BHP Orang Run - 12 April'09

After being rest for 6 days, I wanted to go fr training. Then I realised, there's this charity run which is 11km long. So why wait? Rather than training alone with no return, it's better that i challenge myself to challenge the rest.

Although the entry fee was free, but the goddies were really good. I manage to grab as follows:
- 10 cans of Energy drink
- 9 packets of chips
- 3 packets of assoted nuts

All this could worth more than RM20 and all I paid was nothing. Furtehrmore, we were provided with 7up Revive, Tongkat Ali, nescafe, Indocafe, Mamee slurp, Fitnese cereal, Dutch Lady Milk & H20 Isotonic Drink as for breakfast.

I have never tried the track before. It covers The Curve, Bandar Utama, Kota Damansara and Tropicana Club. Definely it was new experience running around the housing area ( luxury houses which could cost RM7million).

I started slow by pacing Kenny Tan for 1st 3km. He was quite fast. So I told tomyself that I should not loose to him. After 3km, he lost his pace, so I was on my own.

Recahing, 4.5km, I was starving for water but they had only 7up revive. so i just grabbed a cup and took 2 sips. It was flat road till the water station, but upon that, the challenge beginned. It was hilly at 3 points which tested my patience.

Whatever, I just maintained the pace till 9km. Suddenly, I saw a pelathon of 5 runners which includes Hamidon chasing me from behind. I just followed them by increasing my pace. Hamidon was shouting "Speed, Speed, Finishing".

I just pushed myself and while reaching 50metres to finishing, I came out from that pelathon and pushed more. At last 20 metres, I realised two runners were in front of me andI on my turbo to sayur them. That wasthe real satisfaction for me in this run.

Men Open 10km :---------------------
40'32 - Casey Lim (9th)
43'21 - Gavin Bong (15th)
43'58 - Rozmi Yunus (17th)
44'19 - Toh Wai Kuen (18th)
45'09 - Ben Swee, Pm50
45'50 - Ronnie See, Pm1
47'32 - Meyyappa Manickam, Pm58
47'40 - Khoo Yit Kiat, Pm28
48'50 - Kenny Tan, Pm27
49'10 - Bong Teck Yong
49'20 - Stanley Cheong, Pm53
51'54 - Victor Loh
54'26 - Frank Chong, Sub Pm6
55'56 - Zulazlan Shah, Pm43
56'08 - Lionel Lee
00'00 - Suresh, Pm47
00'00 - John Tan, Pm30
00'00 - Kenneth Teh, Pm20
00'00 - Ryan Teoh, Pm17

Men Veteran 10km :------------------------
46'40 - Daniel Tan (12th)
47'07 - Steven Loong (15th)
47'27 - Tee Teck Bee (16th)
47'39 - Tan Wah Sing (17th)
50'54 - Tay Poh Chye
51'02 - Kenny Choo
53'35 - YS Lee
58'55 - Kelvin Ng, Pm20
0'00 - Choi Chik Choy, Pm42

I registered for MARATHON

Finnaly, the day will come. I have registered for my maiden marathon, KL International Marathon which will be held on 28 June 2009.

The qualifiying time is 6hours. Im confident of meeting it. Since this will be my 1st marathon, I plan to enjoy the run rather than making myself suffering.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Greetings From Area Governor

Happy Day Fellow Members of Area B1,

3 quarter of the term has completed.

We welcomed New Prime Minister, New Budget, and soon new District Team. Things can change around us, but the depth of our members relationship remains sturdy.

What's Hot? My successor has been chosen by the excos of Area B1. The majority goes to none other than the de-facto leader of UNITAR TMC, Julian Gan CC,CL. He will be officially taking over the responsibility from 1 July 2009 @ 12am. Hope the members could continue the support which has been spurring to me will be continued for Julian too.

Division B IT/TT Contest
Dennis Wee became our maiden division champion from our area by bagging the International Speech Contest title on 21 March 2009. Thank you to area B1 members who supported him directly and indirectly. He will be representing the division to Kuching Convention on 18 April 2009.

Kuching Convention
The commences on 17th April. As VPE and President of the club, we have to exercise our duty to vote for incoming term's district officers. For those who would be unavailable for the convention, do nominate your proxy and submit the "Proxy Form" to me by end of the week.

As we are aware, District 51 will be separated into 2 different districts (Peninsular Malaysia & Sabah+Sarawak+Brunei+Indonesia). Please refer to attachment for the approved document from district pertaining the realignment.

Membership Dues
Well done everyone for submitting dues within stipulated time-frame. All the clubs has been awarded the half DCP point.

Current Status
As at 4th April'09 @ 12pm, we have achieved:

1. 3 Advance Communicators
2. 3 Competent Communicators
3. 2 Competent Leader
4. 1 Advance Leader
5. 48 new members recruited


Deloitte KassimChan: 6points
MAS Melor: 5points
UNITAR: 5points
D'Utama Advance: 4points
Penapisan: 3points

4 clubs are on their way to achieve President Distinguish Club

Penapisan as newbie stands the chance to achieve their maiden Distinguish club status.

Super League
Area B1 Super League is still going on. I have witness the clubs has been:
- sending the speakers to other clubs to present speeches
- playing role at other clubs
- visiting clubs within Division and within Klang valley
- Ice Breaker breaking the ice within 2 months of registration.

Keep it up. The title is up for grab by all the clubs.

See you at Kuching.

Long run - 5th Apr'09

First of all, I was coming back home at average of 1am everyday except for friday at 2.30am. Can you imagine the life of auditor. Furthermore, I'm working with teamates who are workaholics who doesnt know how to enjoy their lives.

On Tuesday (31st march), Thursday (2nd april) and Friday (3rd April), I did go for my jogging. You may wonder how I did it with my tight working schedule. Everyone needs to eat lunch and dinner. So my teamates too. When they go for their dinner around 8.30pm, I make use of that time to go for my short jogging.

I started from Royal selangor Club(RSC) towards lake gardens, made 2 loops and back to RSC. This time I had to make bigger loop because they were having some function called "Stylo" at the main area. Therefore I had to take the hills going towards bird Park and come through Bukit Aman. it would be approximately 8km.

After that I go for my shower at RSC and go to 7-11 to grab a bun and Red Bull before starting my work again. My coleuges never knew that I went for jogging. It will be definetely tiring, but what to do, its my passion.

I was suppose to go for long run on Saturday (4th April), but I went to bed at 3am. I had no strength to wake up at 5am again.

So I went for my Long Run today at UM. It will be always nice to run at the place where you were educated.

Here's how my route goes:

3rd College --> Sceince faculty-->Arts faculty-->Accounts faculty-->Engineering faculty-->Faculty of Built Enviroment-->Medical faculty-->6th College-->1st College-->Law faculty-->Pusat Asasi Sains-->5thCollege-->Sports Centre-->Bukit Cinta(killing Hill)-->10th College--> Comp.Sceince Faculty-->3rd College

And I made 2 loops, which came up to 16km (8km per loop). I did 1 hour: 18 minutes.51seconds.

I was in a peaceful mind upon completion because after hactic workload and too many obstacles for me to do my running. At first I tought of doing only 1 loop, then I just said to myself , I want to do it. So I went for another loop.

My advice is , life is like a rubber band. u can be flexible how u want.

Ronnie was angry that I didnt join them. Hope he won't sack me from the team. Hope I can join them in near future.