Thursday, September 27, 2012

Headbut became a galery

The famous headbutt in Wordlcup 2006, now became a statue at Paris. The statue is being exhibited in front of Paris's Pompidou centre and will remain on display until Jan 7 next year.

The head butt was between Materazzi of Italy and zidane (France) which gave him the red card and penalty of social work.

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Face for Malaysian Athletics

Shahidan Kassim and Karim has been voted out and Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad (NS Athletics President) was elected as President and  Terengganu AA president Datuk Wan Hisyam Wan Salleh was elected the new deputy president.

K. Yogasveran of Selangor, who pulled out of the race for the deputy presidency on Saturday, received the most number of votes (32).
Datuk Paiman Abdul Karim of Sabah was next with 28 followed by incumbents Datuk R. Annamalai of Pahang (25) and Datuk Paduka Mumtaz Jaafar of Negri Sembilan (24), who filled the slot reserved for women.

Hope, the new team could revive the country's athletics image and being reckoned as powerhouse again in the region.

Weekly Quotes

Sunday, September 23, 2012

40,000 graduate still has no jobs?

About 40,000 graduates in the country are still unemployed, based on the 2011 Graduate Tracking Study of the Higher Education Ministry.

Ministry deputy secretary-general (management) Datuk Omar Abd Rahman said: “We carry out the study yearly and last year, the percentage of graduates still unemployed was 21% from public institutions of higher learning, 27% from private institutions, 28% from polytechnics and 35% from community colleges.”

(extracted from The Star, 23/9)

If this were to continue, it may even reach to 100k in years to come. Is it problem with our companies whom don't have vacancies or is it a problem with the graduates itself whom doesn't portray a good leadership skills, or is it that they cant speak good English Language, or do we have too many foreigners that locals do not have chance to get a job or is it their poor communication skills or graduate with tunnel vision.

Our "Pay" compare to theirs

So do you still want to work in Malaysia?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bosses would rather hire grads who can converse well in English

Extracted from "The Star, 20 Sept".

Knowledge of English alone will not satisfy the demands of the workforce as employers require graduates who can communicate in the language.

Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Shamsuddin Bardan said of the 28% of students who had achieved a credit in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) English 2010, as revealed in the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, only 30%-40% would be employable.

“A credit in SPM English doesn't mean you can communicate well. Even if you increase the number of students who pass with a credit to 90%, it still won't fill up the gaps in the workforce if only 30%-40% of those graduates can communicate well,” he said at The Star's public forum at Menara Star.

He added that the situation was further aggravated by the unwillingness of many employers to offer English and communication training to employees and prospective employees.

Shamsuddin said most companies would rather use the 1% tax levy for staff training from the Human Resource Development Fund for other endeavours.

He also highlighted the discrepancy between the employer's views on the importance of English in hiring versus those of fresh graduates .

“In a survey by JobStreet, 56% of employers viewed poor command of English as a reason for not hiring, while only 23% of fresh graduates shared that view.

British Council English Language Services director Sam Ayton said the inadequacy of English education could potentially create serious gaps in the global job market for both advanced and developing nations.

“But global trends reveal that education systems worldwide are now emphasising English and as a consequence children are getting proficient at an earlier age, eventually English proficiency will be commonplace globally,” she said.

Another speaker at the forum, TalentCorp Malaysia CEO Johan Mahmood Merican said it was important to change the Malaysian attitude towards English.

“We have to change the youth's outlook on English. The language must be seen as a means of advancement in life, to land a better job or to access a wider range of knowledge,” he said.

He added that English needed to be promoted not just in terms of learning but also for communication.

“Are we really training our children to communicate?” he asked. “We need our teachers to really engage our children and provide them the soft skills they will need in the working world.”

How to be Lady Boss

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Air Spitter

Dog only barks at unknown people. By trying to defend a invaluable fact, the person was just reducing his/her face value by not showing her humbleness. It's like facing up and spitting towards the air without realising that it will hit you back.

In malay, they call "Bodoh Sombong". You are already stupid, but your still proud of yourself. If its a platform to enhance your soft skills, don't go and debate.
There could be people making mistakes, just forgive and show a bit of humility by saying the original version on kind manner.

Even to give name of a university officer taking 6 months, damn, i just wonder if this people studied in the university.

Pressure could be rephrased as positive push to move forward. If you can do it, just move out and let the rest to do it, rather than talking crap. Working hard could have shown something reap, but just talking without action only proves the person as incapable leader.

I could have shot her back, but I wanted to proove that I'm a human being and only another dog will bark at a dog.

Certain people just funked or just fooling.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

If Expendables 2 were to be in TAMIL?

Legoland Malaysia is now OPEN

Spanning an impressive 76 acres, LEGOLAND Malaysia, which opens on Sept 15 is the exciting family theme park featuring more than 40 Interactive rides, shows and attractions.

The size is equalant to 55 football fields.

Weekly quotes

Which type of people are you?

Phone size

Last time the phones were like bricks. Then it became smaller to palm size. Now, the smartphone are either getting larger or longer.

Male body type

Which one is yours?

Happy Malaysia Day

It's the 49th Malaysia Day where we divorced Singapore and joined with Sabah & Sarawak. But are we still identified as Malaysian?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Quater minded

When the rulebook says something, you have to follow. When it doesn't, don't simply create your own perception or personal rules. As someone in the leadership position for a specific area, should you not be familiar, don't create your own rules.

Damn, by promising something and taking it back, only gives negative impression on you.

I just told her," Should you don't feel comfortable, I would not take up that task" and she answered with negative response. But she still insist that it was based on her own perception and of course a unworthy Superior's advise too.

Decided not to deal with her anymore in future.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Imbalanced treatement

We achieved 1 silver and 1 bronze in recent olympics. It was the same achievement for paralympics team too. Both teams had the same sports suit, same medal, same battle ground, even same kind of diet.

But when comes to appreciation, it it defers tremendously. There pension money from 1000 till 5000 for the medal winner but Paralimpians doesn't entitled for any pension.

For medal appreciation, Paralimpic athletes received RM100,000 lesser compared to normal athletes. Damn, they are already special and winning with that kind of limitation is even greater. They should deserve for more than normal athletes.

Small minders

There saying, Big minds talk about future, medium minds will talk about event and small minds will talk abt people.

When you talk about people, you should also note that someone else will also talk about you. In addition, every time you talk about people, mainly on negative items. negative news will never be value added for any party.

However, when you utilise the same amount of time for self development & social work., it will develop yourself and also the surrounding. Which means, both party benefits.

Sometimes, the more you talk about the person, the more grudge you will have in your heart which will never make your mind to be peaceful.

So why be small minders. Go out there and develop yourself and help others.

Reducing stress at work

Top 10 ways to reduce stress levels at work
1.Always ensure that you manage your time and have sufficient time for all your tasks. When facing a pressing deadline, a quick trick is for you to come to the office 30 minutes earlier, come back from lunch 15 minutes earlier, and leave for home 30 minutes later. This automatically adds 1 hour and 15 minutes to your work day!

2.It has been scientifi cally proven that listening to calming music has a positive effect on every aspect of your being, e.g. emotional, mental, spiritual. Classical music, especially Bach and Mozart, or any “lite” radio station, can be very relaxing. Just keep the volume down or use a headset.

3.Sometimes, all we need is a listening ear. Seek out the help of a good friend or close loved one when you need to de-stress. Often, just getting something off your chest will help you calm down and keep things in perspective. And ultimately, the right perspectives help keep your stress levels in check!

4. As humans, we naturally tend to focus on the negative when things go wrong, but don’t give the same acknowledgement when things actually go our way. We need to recognize that things usually go right far more often than we realize. By keeping this mind set at work, your stress levels are guaranteed to decrease.

5. Imagine how less stressful your work life would be if you were constantly on top of all your tasks, instead of leaving it all until the last minute. Not only would this reduce stress, but it could even create free time for you. If you recognize that you are honestly pacing yourself and working as hard as you can but can’t seem to complete all your tasks, talk to your boss about lightening your load.

6. After long hours of staring at the computer screen or dealing with paper work, your eyes and mind could use a break with photos, artwork, or a plant. At regular intervals, remember to also stretch your eyes by focusing on a distant object. This creates some well needed visual relief.

7. Keep a family photo, inspirational quotes, or a reminder of your next vacation somewhere visible. Motivational thoughts perk you up and are great for revving up your spirits.

8. The source of many types of stress comes from a feeling of being out of control or being overwhelmed, and clutter causes distractions which add to stress. When you can’t find that report you need, your stress level can sky rocket. By having an organized desk, you get a sense that there is some order in all the chaos.

9. Too much work should never be an excuse to not take a break! Humans were created with limits, and reaching those limits causes stress. Give yourself the time, especially when you are stressed, to relax, even for 5 minutes. Run to the bathroom, make a hot drink, go for a quick walk, then get back to more productive work.

10. For many of us, our work days are literally spent with long periods of sitting at a desk or being stuck in a restricted work area. This lack of movement builds up tension in your muscles and can aggravate a stressful situation. Stretching is the best way of releasing any tension that has accumulated. Lift your legs up and stretch them for 30 seconds or simply just reach for the sky.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UM is now top 200, So what?

Malaysian goverment is happy that UM is in Top 200, but the problem is we are still in top 200. Our best position was 88 in year 2005 but slumped after that. Our goverment is expectig the raingking to go into top 100 in 8 years time.

Damn, it took only 1 year to drop out off top 100, but takes 15 years to get back there?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology topped the QS World University Rankings this year followed by Cambridge University and Harvard University.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Still Going strong

They are seniors in Hollywood, but still going strong for action movies. They are the real "expendables"

Light Stealer

If a farmer planted the seeds and when it starts grow, some1 else will take the fruit.

I was in a meeting today. When you have a VIP of the area, you should give credit to them, although you could be a similar level of position in another division.

Respect me and my team although you could have a high position in another division. When you come into other people's territory, you should know who to salute and not to take the limelight of other officers and make them look like stupid.

Bullshit can bring you to the top, but it wont keep you there. Even your own roof is leaking and broken, why are you giving a damn about other people's roof.

Empty vessels makes more sound. How hard you paint your face, Your true color will still be shown on 1 day"

Sunday, September 2, 2012

GE 13 is getting near?

MIC President handed over the candidate list to Najib. This proves the election is getting nearer.

The list as below for 9 Parliamentary seats:

Cameron Highlands - G Palanivel
Segamat - S Subramaniam
Tapah - M Saravanan
Hulu Selangor - Kamalanathan
Telu Kemang - SK Devamany
Sungai Siput -  S Murugesan
Kota Raja - SA Vigneswaran
Kapar - Ravindran Devagunam
Subang - N Gobalakrishnan

when every party is going for more seats, why MIC remained with same number?
seat swap may also prove the lack of confidence on the particular candidate?

Only 5 states given chance for Indians i.e Johor, Selangor, Perak, Pahang, Negeri sembilan.

What about Kedah, Penang or even melaka, don't we have Indian's here or is this mean we don't have capable candidate from MIC for this states?

It's the end to RAHMAN?

There's a myth said our prime ministers will be determined by R.A.H.M.A.N. "N" stands for Najib and after this, what's the new acronym?

Does this mean, it's also end of BN era and PR will be stepping in with letter "A"?

We have seen Najib as son of 2nd prime minister, now we have hishammudin whom is son of 3rd PM, the mukriz, son of 4th PM and Khairy Jamaludin, son in law of 5th PM.

Damn, is this a family run country?