Sunday, September 25, 2011

PUDU Charity Run - 25 Sept

I was suppose to go for Siemens run, but the registration was closed, so I opted for this race. I wanted to test myself if I have recovered from my RAT RACE. When I reached there, I saw few people and not many good runners as most of them went to Siemens Run and Taiping.

Then I saw Ronnie and few school boys and knew that top 5 maybe difficult but top 10 is on hand. There were confusion saying that prizes are only for top5 and some said top 10.

Since the distance is only 7km, thus it's expected to be hilly. When the race started, it was already hilly. I tried to follow Ronnie for the 1st km but later, I had to follow my pace to ensure I finish at respectable position.

I was at 5th position when I went Bank Negara, then overtook the 4th place guy and maintained 4th position till mid of the hill. Then I realised, 1 white guy was pacing me behind and pressurising me. I gave him chance to overtake me and he just sprinted for 100M and went away from me.

Upon then, I was alone as there were nobody behind me as far as I can see. I kept my energy to overtake the white guy towards finishing. My expectation was wrong where I thought we will go through the "Tugu Negara" but instead we went straight to JKR and finished the race at Padang merbok.

I finished 5th with timing of 32:32.49.
At least I'm happy to finish in top10 again since Bareno Run.

My School - SMK Maxwell

I went to SMK Maxwell for my form 6. This school is located at strategic location which is:
1. near to Jln Ipoh
2. 1km away from Chow Kit
3. Infront of MIC
4. Nearby to UMNO
5. 1k away to The Mall
6. Near Balai Polis Sentul

The building will look similar to Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad (former high court). The school was actually known for its gangsterism, fights and student crime.

But all this started to detirorate since I left the school. Now it became the "examplary school". This the news I got from The Star, 25 Sept:

"The Education Ministry has selected SMK Maxwell as a co-curriculum benchmark for the Federal Territory.

Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Maglin Dennis D'Cruz said this followed the success of the school in achieving numerous successes in sports at state and national levels. The school has excelled, among others, in hockey and badminton.

He also suggested that the school be turned into a national heritage"

Atleast now I'm proud to say that I was a Maxwellian.

Friday, September 23, 2011

RAT RACE - 20 Sept

It's my fourth edition. I wanted to keep myself cool as I didn't had any mental support / encouragement from my firm. Furthermore, I was busy on that day wrapping up a report and chasing for documents.

When I reach at the venue, my teamates were not there and I had to take care of their goddie bag. They only reach at 4pm and the race is at 5pm. We had to take picture, warm up and put on our bib. Damn, and nobody wanted to take care / transfer the bag from one point to another.

All this even made me more stress. At 1 point of time, I didn't bother and just gave my bag to my junior and started my warm up and went to the starting lane.

There were no countdown, and the gun was shot. The runners ran like the building was in fire. I was in the front pack, which was lead by the bankers. The wheter wasn't humid and was drizling but I still carried water.

Upon reaching Jalan P.Ramlee, I was getting exhausted and just maintained my pace. There was watre station at KLCC and upon that it was my office building and glad that my office people were there to cheer for including my bosses.

That gave me a motivation to run but then when I reached Changkat Raja Chulan, it was up hill and I was slowing down.

After Menara Weld, I knew it's the finishing and I could not slow down as there were people following me behind. I saw a guy wom was just 20Metres, so I sprinted and overtook him and he was still chasing me but reaching Bursa hill he slowed down and I cross the finishing lane.

The race was competitive and I could feel that I ran fast but my timing was 20:28 with position of 14 in my category and 23 overall.

Damn, will try to dip below 20minutes in future race.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rat Race 2011 (prelude)

I will be taking part in tomorrow's Rat Race (a corporate run). It will be my 4th edition.

It's a special race where you will be wearing office attire to run and it will be held in middle of the town (Jln Ampang, Bkt Bintang, Sultan Ismail).

Here are my previous results:

Year Timing Firm Position Category
2005 20:20 Deloitte 16 Open
2009 20:18 Ernst & Young 11 Open
2010 20:40 Ernst & Young 4 Mixed

This year I will be representing MAZARS in mixed category. No targets this year. I just want to maintain my top 20 (overall) as I was doing it previously.

Difference Between Malaysia Day & Independence Day

Most of us always confuse between these 2 days though the gap is 16 days.

Malaysia Day (16 Sept):
Formation of Malaysia (previously known as Malaya) where Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaysia and Singapore went on their own.

Merdeka (31 Aug):
It's the date that British went out from the country and we are on our own. But this applies only to Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore as Sabah & Sarawak was still partial administrative of Philipines and Indonesia. That's where Merdeka is not celebrated in Sabah & Sarawak on 31 Aug till today.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Run For It - 11 Sept

When the world is celebrating the 10th anniversary of "9-11", I was at Klang to run. This was the run to test my stamina and fitness level after back from injury and flu bug.

On Saturday night, I had to attend my running friend's wedding dinner (Suresh). So, I whacked chicken and mutton there.

As the run clashed with Taiping and Solomon, the turnout was lesser, yet good runners were still there. My target was to get top20. When I started the race, I followed Alam Shah for the 1st 3km and thought I can pace him. After that, he started to increase his power and left me. The route was generally flat except for 2 overhead bridge.

I was following another triathlete for the next 2km, then he slowed down, so I over took him and after the 1st water station, I was left alone. That slowed my pace as the guy in from was around 200m gap.

Furthermore, my "back" started to feel hot which was due to the chicken and mutton which I ate during the dinner.

At final 3km, one of the Klang runner came from behind and paced me. That, increased my running pace and momentum and even overtook the guy whom was 200m away from me. Then, he also got tired, but I manage to pace with the 6km runners.

When I saw Jalan Tengku Kelana, I knew It's just around the corner for finishing, so i increased my pace and never bothered abt the people behind me and just headed to finishing lane.

My timing was 55:26:24 with position of 2o. Two years a go I did 14 seconds better.

My next race will be Pudu Charity Run. Definitely, will aim to do better as it's my usual 7km route in KL.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Know This Sports Person - Rosman Alwi

A boxer must have physical build. A basketball player must have height. Neither of these attributes determines a cyclist’s capability in emerging a champion in cycling race.

His career is filled with many trials, bitter sweet. For two decades Rosman who was born in Kampung Datuk Keramat had won the title of champion of Asia and the Sprint World Championship.In 1987, Rosman appeared to dominate the Sprint King Asia after the Asian Championships 200m.

In 1995, Rosman won the "World Championship B "at Velodrome Rakyat, Ipoh. At age 40, Rosman competed in the SEA Games final in Kuala Lumpur in 2001 before announcing the retirement. He won several consecutive sea games title.

In 1985, Rosman Alwi made history by being the first cyclist to win double gold at the Asian Championships

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A week that I bucked up

After long month rest with getting sick twice and dismal performance in recent races. Now I'm back with the training.

This was my programme for the last 7 days:

Monday: Fart Leg
Tuesday: Long Run - 19km
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Swimming
Saturday: Long run -12km
Sunday: Swimming

Now I need to maintain the momentum to gain back my fitness.