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It's always easy to back stab anyone (cheat anyone), but it would be tough for you to revert and ask for apology nor even to face the person whom you stabbed. How could you betray the senior person whom helped you, by telling the wrong information, so that you could cover all your mistakes and wrong doings. Worse thing, you speak one point and do another.

It just shows that you have no guts or balls to face your senior. If you don't want that person to be in the team or organisation, you should go and speak to the member and not quietly remove him. Now you subordinates are creating shits because you are shitty leader.

Even 7 of you or 10 of you could not even do 1 person job in proper manner. You don't create champions. You don't create quality leaders. To make it worse you chose a mentor whom is also another betrayer whom is no longer in the organisation but made you as puppet.

Your subordinates are so egoistic that they cant even say hi or good morning. Some even argued for every points without finding solution. Having more incompetent leaders (half past 6) would make the team worse. In Malay they call it "bodoh sombong" and that's I could see in team. Rather than complaining about me and wasting your time, because I had the achievement none of you all could have achieve even in 10 years time.

Sometimes, empty vessels makes more sound. The leader said I'm interrogating him by asking so many questions, but when he asked me I had to answer without even bothering about my background, seniority and age. Such power crazy person. You brought down the organisation. Now it's even going down.

You had meeting 1 day after Thaipusam, 5 days before Deepavali but cancelled it for Chinese New year. Why are you betraying the minority. I know your firm doesn't respect the minority but we are still in Malaysia not some east Asia country.

Now I realize, none of them has experienced fatherhood or motherhood. So, it could be also a curse to them that they are still single or struggling in love life. Why having 2 tongues, you would suffer more.

You allowed people to steal things but you accused people whom informed about it. Your subordinate didn't do proper job, but you accused the person whom informed you. You kept "fly aeroplane". One day a van will run over you, then you know. You are someone without heart. I admit it.

It's useless to be an organisation, where they don't need you anymore. These people don't know the history and now they can write a new story of their own and delete and forgo all the past successors.

What goes around comes around. Just wait for your turn. You all have so much of debt created. Now it will be time to pay the interest.

It's time for em to spend quality time with beloved people. 

Adios 2015

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Goodies from Imigretion

Bad bosses

Future Deepavali dates

Types of mustache

Though November just ended, nevertheless, we can always practise different kind of mustache as we like.

The campaign of "Movember" which is Mustache November is for a special course. The full details are as at below :

For me, November and December is a month where I will keep at-least beard, as it's continuation from my religious festival after deepavali and shave it after new year to prepare for Thaipusam.

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The top mutual funds in Malaysia

Of course the ranking could change every year, but Public Mutual has been consistently in the top or among the top for past few years.

So now, investors, need to look at their priority on which element to invest on.

Finally LCW made it

Finally LCW got his Chinese open title by beating world top 3 players. To make it more memorable, 2 of them are Lin Dan and Chen Long.

LCW played a great game and proved why he is a force to be reckoned. The playing style, defending shots, attending to the drop-shots and jumping smash, backhands was amazing, especially when he attended to the shuttle and score the points.

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MIC Page suspended

The leading party for Indians' webpage has been suspended.

I wish the whole party is being suspended.

Another hall of shame

War torn country, Palestine gave another good lesson to Malaysian football by trashing 6-0. Before the match, the coach, Kim Swee said that Palestine could be tired after holding saudi, which will be advantage to Malaysians. But, it didn't materialise.

It was the same score back in KL, when they met. It looks more like tennis match, 6-0, 6-0.

Malaysia have goal difference of -24 and for the year, they conceded 30 goals, A record to be shame off.

On Tuesday, they will be meeting UAE whom gave a rcord defeat of 10-0.

After UAE, they will meet Saudi, where we made a fiery match which gave us 3-0 loss.

I prefer if the management changes, the coaching style changes and most importantly, the selection process changes.

District 51 Evaluation contest 2015

Finally I made it as District champion (national level) for speech evaluation contest 2015 . I can't ask for better Deepavali gift than this victory.

Moreover , it's my 10th anniversary joining Toastmasters organisation.
Being 2nd place twice in 2013 and 2014 , it really sweet moment to taste the championship.

I was still trying to digest for the past few days. It's something which can't be said with words.

Its the patience and persistence which made me to reach this level.
Competing against 10 other contenders was never an easy task.

Thank you to all the members whom groomed me by giving continuous moral support and encouragement to enable me to reach this stage.

Thank you to all the clubs which gave the opportunity to be the speech evaluator.
As tiger woods says, "let your sticks to speak for you". For me this trophy spoke for my success. Success is a journey, and mine just started.

Here's my history in evaluation contest since I joined Toastmasters :

2005 : Didn't participate (too new)
2006 : Didn't participate (still leaning)
2007 : Division level (2nd place)
2008 : Didn't participate (area governor)
2009 : Club level (disqualified)
2010 : Division level (unplaced)
2011 : Area level (2nd place)
2012 : Didn't participate (Division governor)
2013 : District level (2nd place)
2014 : District level (2nd place)
2015 : District level (CHAMPION)

My own recipe made me to win. It's hardwork plus honesty.

When I was in the briefing room, it started late, due to arrival of contest chair. I can't blame him as he took the courage to deliver the role after being discharged from hospital just 3 days before the briefing. In addition, he also had to manage the family with Deepavali preparations.

When the balloting took place, I slowly opened it. My hope was not in the 1st 5 contestants. Slowly everyone started to say out the number, and first few has gone. I opened mine and it was number 10 (2nd last contestant). The 11th contestant was Selvaraj from Ipoh. He is a senior and seasoned contestant.

The rest were relatively new except for Manimala and Chen Choon whom has been on the district finals before. I have seen the test speaker before during Ipoh convention (not as contestant, but as pause filler). Nevertheless, its 2 years, and anything could happen. Thus I went with open mind.

The speaker started to speak, and only 1 word I can say, it's hilarious. Next, we were brought to the quarantine room. I took my spot. The room was too cold that I had to go to toilet twice. Upon surrendering the scripts, i had roughly half hour. Of course, few contestants started to rehearse and some were chit-chatting. My task was to ensure I don't loose focus.

When it was my turn, i was accompanied by 2 SAA. Felt like boss is walking.

When i went into the room, took my last sip of water, went to my seat and left my script. An the show begins.

Upon completing the contest, I rushed to my room to check out as there were only 10 minutes. Along the way I meet 2 Toastmasters and they said mine was the best. In my heart, i knew I'm in the top 3.

Now, its the results time. There were 2 time disqualification. I knew I'm not because, my last sentences were during red light.

3rd place was Lim Pei Ying (Crystal TMC, Division B), 2nd place was Lee Chen Choon (Elite TMC, Division J). At this time my heart was beating fast. There's Selvaraj, Manimala and few more names not uttered. And the CHAMPION is.........S.Meyyappa Manickam.....'s really my day. I felt so humbled by the victory. Upon the closing ceremony, it took me 1 hour to reach the lunch area, although it's suppose to be only 2 minutes.

Now I'm also in the league of Champions.

I didn't blog about my division contest, as my aim was to make it to District, thus, didn't wanted to brag about division titles anymore.

Now, there's no need to look at the challenges that certain people gave me, as I could grasp it all and came with victory.

Just an advise to the people outside, if you cant support, at least don't sabotage.

SEA Games 2017 Mascot & Logo is launched

The mascot is none other than tiger with nickname of RIMAU (part of harimau).

Which stands for Respect ,Integrity, Move, Attitude & Unity.

The logo resembles Wau Bulan, a type of moon-kite synonymous with the east coast states of the country.

The theme of the Games is "Rising Together", signifying the coming of age for Southeast Asia as a community.

The organising chairman is KJ himself and former NSC director, Datuk Zolkeples Embong is the chef de misson i.e CEO of the contingent.

The ultimate aim is "Kita Juara", which is overall champion. The last time Malaysia was overall champion was in year 2001 where Malaysia hosted the games.

Since we won 1989 and 2001, I'm not suprise if we can win 2017. But the challenge is to break the record of 111 gold medals.

Lee Chong Wei beats Lin Dan

Finally after 3 years, Datuk LCW manage to beat Lin Dan. Furthermore, it's at Lin Dan's home ground.

The 33-year-old Chong Wei played his heart out to score a come-from-behind 17-21, 21-19, 21-19 emphatic victory in the semi-finals of the China Open on Saturday to set up a showdown with another Chinese Chen Long.

It proved he is on comeback. But the question is, could he sustain or improve his performance till Olympic 2016. Furthermore, the whole country is expecting him to deliver the 1st ever elusive gold medal.

Though Lin Dan has lost to many lower seeded players during the year, he could be also in is downturn.

Wonder if they meet again, will LCW win, as he never has 2 continuous win against Lin Dan.