Monday, June 28, 2010

Standard Chartered KL International Marathon - 27 June

People may think I'm crazy, but that's what I did. I just came back from Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and there were no proper training for the past 2 weeks after SP Setia Run.

But I still took part in the half marathon Category as I dont want to miss out the event. Running 21km without proper training was risky, but with my mental power and proper pacing, amde me to finish the race.

As I reached the place, it was drizzling. That was good sign that the weather wont be humid. In addition, the route was changed as the organisers also changed.

When the race started, I went slow and didn't force myself. when we were at KL Central, Khoo Yit Kiat overtook me, then Fauzan. But, I dint bother. As the race went to Jln Loke Yew, I saw Wern Tien, and he was struggling. He told me that he had no stamina and asked me to move on.

After that was entirely new route, which was Jln Cheras till going into Jalan Bkt Bintang. At KLCC, I saw Ryan Teoh was walking because of tiredness in Marathon. That was mid point for him.

I continued the race by increasing my pace because the marathon group broke from us. There were cheers along KLCC and Jalan Tun razak which increased my momentum.

As we reached Jalan TAR, I knew it was the final 1 km. Thus I incresaed my pace and went all out till the finishing lane. My timing was 1:45.29.

That was my worst KL half marathon timing, but I dint regret as I did it without proper training.

I realise that the marathon race route was also changed this year. It went thorugh my housing area at Jalan Ipoh. Perhaps, with adequate training next year, I will come back to marathon and do it below 4hours.

What I like abt this year race
  1. Adequate water station at every 2km.
  2. Adequate officials at every turning point
  3. Smooth number collection
  4. Creative medal design

What Can be Improved

  1. Separate water station for 42km and 21km at finishing lane
  2. more goddies as we are paying RM50 and ju getting a piece of banana, milk packet and power bar
  3. to give power gel ad mid point of race
  4. to give free massage for marathon runners and not to charge RM20
  5. bag collection to be separated as per category of the race.
  6. 21km to be staretd at 6am rather than 6.15am.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Singapore's 2nd Casino

The $US5.5 billion Marina Bay Sands, the world's No.2 most expensive casino after MGM Mirage's CityCenter in Las Vegas, opens in Singapore.

The opening includes the casino and 963 out of 2560 hotel rooms, a portion of the shopping mall,
some restaurants, an exhibition centre and the events plaza

It is breathtakingly grand !
It is eye-popping!
It' s heart-stirringly grand !
It is an awesome testimony to what hard work, discipline, purpose and focus can do... to transform a mosquito-infested swampland from about 150 years ago, into a plush and
swanky showcase for the entire world today !!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Fever is ON

Finally it's here after 4 years. 1st time in African soil. I was watching the opening ceremony yesterday. It was as if the whole continent was organising it.

About 70,000 people, a sea of green and gold, South Africa’s national team colours, listened to songs from the six African nations in the tournament – South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Algeria – and Grammy award winner R. Kelly’s anthem Sign of a Victory.

South African President Jacob Zuma declared the tournament open and FIFA President Sepp Blatter hailed it as the African cup.

The FIFA World Cup is in Africa! The FIFA World Cup is in South Africa!” Blatter said .

A giant dung beetle rolled a ball across the arena as Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu danced in the stands and 1,500 performers jived to African music.

Upon that opening match started between host South Africa and Mexico. It was fantastic match as everyone gave all out for the match. The set piece, tactics and teamwork was superb.

When the host was leading 1-0, I thought it's going to be their game but later was equalled by Mexicans.

But the highlight for the day was Shakira's dance.

Road to IAFG 2010 - 12 June

I was at Kg Pandan to do my usual workout. Some how this weak became hectic again, as I only trained on Monday and Rested other 4 days.

Thus, I was at Kg. Pandan to do 1000M, 800M and 600M. As I was warming up, I saw KPMG team there. I wonder what were they doing with such big team (50 of them). Then I realise, they were there for football and netball selections.

Training in front of them added impact on me as I could show whats my strength and weakness. But I didn't bother. I just continued training and when I'm suppose to do my last 600M, I felt like vomiting, thus, i just packed up and went back.

Will be going for long run at my campus tomorrow.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

SP Setia Eco Run - 5 June'10

I ran 21km in 2009 bt only took up 4.5km this year as I didnt wanted to disturb my pace for upcoming IAFG games.

I targeted to finish within top 5 as the prizes were not that attractive, which I tought professional runners wont take part. But all my expectation went to smoke when I saw juniors of Arulthevar there. But it's alright, life goes on.

The race started and as usual, everyone ran as if there's fire. Slowly, one by one backed out and I increased my pace. I managed to gent into top 10 at 500M itself. Th rout was flat except for one flyover. The weather was cooling as it was about to rain.

While im running, I saw Kei Ming was going fast at beginning, but as usual slowdown after a km. I overtook him and just followed the pace of 2 other runners in front of me. However, their gas also finished after 2km.

This made me to run alone for the next half of the race as the front pack just vanished. When I dade the final turn, I saw Arulthevar leading the 10km category and he was just picking up his pace. He just increased his speed as if he was running 100M. Then only I realise that Im reaching the finishing lane.

Once I saw the SP mSetia builsing, I knew Im just 500M away from the finishing lane. Just pushed myself and managed to finish at 7th placing. Timing was 21:26. Satisfied with the run.

Nex task is for KL Marathon where Im taking part in 21km.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Faces In the Cabinet

Finnaly our Prime Minister shuffled the cabinet after long speculations. Funny part is, MCA President, Dr.Chua Soi Leck is not in the team but his son is.
Our incoming MIC President, G.Palanivel finally got his shot into the cabinet after being left out in Hulu Selangor election.
Sacked PPP member, T.Murugiah is still in the cabinet and another PPP member got a shot into the team who is Maglin Dennis D'Cruz.
Let's see how effective they can be for the next 2 years and their capability on serving the rakyat.