Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chong Wei confident because no Lin Dan

He lost 2 consecutive times in a week to Lin Dan in Semifinals of Hong Kong and China Open. Though he lost in rubber sets, he seemed to be unmatchable to Lin Dan's speed.

Now LCW is confident of grabbing Macao open and it's because of absence of Lin Dan. Damn, hope he can still win and not loose to Chen Long or Taufik.

What kind of confidence is that. How to win 2012 Olympics gold.

Larian Hari Koperasi Antarabangsa - 26 Nov

This was another horrible run after Putrajaya Night run. Though I was absent from training for 2 weeks. I wanted to test myself how unfit am I.

It was only 5km and the medal offered was 150placing. So I was confident of getting into the finisher medal positions. Since it was opened only for Malaysians and cash price was awarded, it attracted the few national top runners like Venugopal and Sharudin and also some sukma and state runners.

When the run started, I got stick in the middle and the road to run became narrow as it was blocked by parked cars at both sides. So, I had to push myself to clear from the slow runners. However, since it's 5km, a strong start is required, else you will be left behind.

There were a lot of slow runners in front of me and a big group of them left the main flock. I had to push myself and manage to overtake some.

Then come a hill, where it really slowed my pace. After the hill, Kei Ming, followed me and paced me. I tried to push but the unfitness played the part. I let him to overtake me and same goes to poh Chye.

When it comes to Stadium, I knew, its the final 1km, so I pushed to the max and reduced the gap but still lost to them. My placing was 66 with timing of 25:59.

But I said "I will come back".

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


After 12 days of debacle, finally the curtain was closed yesterday at Stadium Jakabaring, Palembang. Next host will be Naypyidaw, Myanmar on 2013.

It was a mixture of feeling for Malaysians on the performance of the team and also as host. Let's focus on the host:

1. Opening ceremony was different by honoring their sports legends to light up the torch.

2. Traditional and modern performance by the dancers and artist for both closing and opening ceremony. I felt it was like a live concert. Furthemore, we had our own Jacqueline Victor performing on stage.

3.All the teams has won gold medal except for Brunei

4.There were 6 games introduced for this games i.e vorinam, paragliding, roller skating, kempo etc which had 79 medals and the host grabbed 49 of it.

5.As usual subjective games became their advantage to grab medals and their medal tally went up to 182 gold medals which is no match to the other countries.

6.The football match was a nightmare especially when it involves Malaysian team. The Malaysian players’ bus was stuck outside stadium for 45minutes where the fans shouted and showed sign of vulgarism. In addition, the ticket booths were burnt and heavy vandalism was happening outside the stadium. There were sense of respect when our national anthem was played were they were just sitting down or walking around. It was 100k of audience at the beginning and at the end of the match it was only a mere of 200 audience.

The doping squad came just after the final whistle was blown and they wanted some samples. Why can’t they wait till the medal presentation ceremony. Do we see Lee Chong Wei or Fedderer going for doping just after the match ends.

I was with A.Jayakanthan (former national player) and he said that Indonesians never liked Malaysians especially in football.

Now for our team:
1. The target was too low by MSN and it didn’t match the sports association’s target of 60medals. End of the day we got 59, which is 2nd best haul outside Malaysia.

2. We had Aliyah young whom made history by becoming the youngest gold medal winner

3. Of course, football maintained/retained the gold medal. But some players, like fakir sharani and muslim need to be dropped. Fahmi was the real saviour of the team and my suggestion is to send him outside the country

4. The synchronised swimming was fantastic by grabbing all the gold medals

5. The diver could also ensured clean sweep if they participated in another event but it was great performance.

6. Alex Yoong and Philipa young made great come back and overall titles for water ski.

7. Sam Chong proved age is no barrier and came back from retirement to win a gold medal for us
8. Fencing team was no hopers but shocked everyone by grabbing 2 gold medals.

9. Archery team proved they are too strong for the rest.

10. Karate despite the sabotage by the MAKAF President and Malaysian official, they still grabbed 4 gold medal. Without Arivalagan, the team is going to screw up in future.

11. 6 gold from athletics was expected but 4x400M was the eye capture when they got it within 48 hours of arrival and not there for the medal presentation. Shahidan Kassim should step down.
12. Takraw became from bad to worse when they could not even secure a silver medal.

I can move to comment more, BUT what’s after this? We have London Olympics, Asian Games and Glasgow Games and we need to react now on this few ways:
1. Politicians should step down from their association positions
2. Local coaches should be given chance to guide the team
3. More state level competitions to be organised especially in aquatics
4. Proper exposures to be given to the athletes

For me, 59 gold medals is merely meeting expectations.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Meeting Janakey Raman

Yesterday I was at Lavangam Toastmasters meeting and I had the privilege of meeting Mr.Janakey Raman, the author of "The Malaysian Indian Dilemma".

Before I introduce myself, he said that he has seen me in TV an he really wanted to meet me in person. How privileged was I.

I got his book and his autograph too. The book speaks abt the Indians in Malaysia and their histories and sufferings. He even said that Hinduism spread to worldwide which influenced Indonesia and Singapore too.

It was really great meeting him. We did exchange contacts and he liked the way I presented the speeches too. Though his book sounds anger but his speech was polite.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

4x400M team runners came back without their medal

It was really shocking to see a team which on arrived 48 hours before the race, then run and won the race, within next 12 hours they had to return to Malaysia without their medal.

Not because their medals were stripped but their flight was scheduled before the medal ceremony. This made them not to reach the podium and listen to the National Anthem.

Kannathasan, Yuvaraj, Schzuan and Yunus whom were in the winning team were the underdogs though we got gold and silver medal in previous 2 editions.

When I witness their race, I could really see that they gave heart out to win the medal, by the 1st runner Kannathasan whom gave the lead. Then Yuvaraj widen the gap to at least 20 metres and the other 2 maintained the gap.

The best part, was they came here without a coach. Damn..

There were few childish mistakes were made:
1. How can you arrive to the venue 2 days before the event, if it's overseas location
2. Since you already got the ticket, why cant you allow them to rest for 48 hours before leaving the location.
3. Why weren't they were selected at primary selection itself and you need to wait for 48hour before the event.

I just feel that the President should step down. He is just there to just hot up the seat and eat government's money.

Please appoint former athlete to manage the association like Dr.M Jegathesan or Ishtiaq Mubarak. I'm still waiting, when can I see the Malaysian Athletics to go back to glory days like SEA GAMES 1997 with 14 gold medals.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Bye Old Palace, Welcome New Palace

The King has entered into the new palace today at Jalan Duta, which is worth RM800 (though some ay it would have reached RM1 Bil.

The old palace will be made as Royal museum.

First of all why do we need a new palace. The King will only stay there for a day in a week. This is how we are wasting our tax payers money for unnecessary things.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Cakera Keras

"Great Power comes with Great Responsibility ", by Spiderman. But some people they made the position to be so cheap because they buttered their predecessor and there were no other candidate to take over the position.

My so called Area Governor, was not even able to resolve a problem and I felt she did took some unreasonable steps. She sent out the email on the roles and by the stating the clubs’ names. Every club’s name was stated in full except for my club and i was disappointed when i discovered this.

So I just told her to be fair, just spell out my club’ name too.There started her unreasonable arguments saying that we actually changed the name of the club and we didn't inform them on the full version. I said the Club has its name from the day it was chartered and even asked her to check TI website.

She came back to me by making reference to the Division B blog which she was managing before. Damn, which is the ultimate reference for a Club’s name, is the Div B blog or TI website? In addition, her friend went and consulted with a staff of the company and that fellow told that the company is no more known as Deloitte KassimChan and now is known as Deloitte.Unknown to all of them the management wants the club to be known as Deloitte KassimChan. We have to respect their decision.

It would have been more appropriate if both of them could have just called me to settle the case in easier manner rather than making presumptions.It is always good to get facts right then making presumption especially when one is at a leadership role.

Then, yesterday, when she was here, she assumed that I will order the food. She never even confirm with me or inform me the num of pax to order. She acted innocently by saying "I thought you will order". I told myself to be cool.Then she got some puff for vegetarians but the rest she bought chicken rice from a non halal restaurant. Damn I had Malay member. Luckily he didn't eat. Else that another issue. I gave my vegetarian puff to him.

Her opening speech was very confusing by telling us the hare and tortoise stories, which I didn't know what the moral of the story. I thought she was supposed to differentiate the leader between team player and single player.

The table topics session was was conducted with such disappointment. She had a chain story and we had to build 2 sentences from it. She created a wrong mood which made the story not interesting and we were lost in the story.We had arranged the room was in class room style and she wanted to have it on u shape. So she commanded everyone including the GE to arrange the room. She could have been polite.

Then I realised Siew Peng was evaluating Patrick when both of them were from the same club.She could have thanked the individual for making it a great outcome after all this hassle.After the meeting ended, she could have helped us to rearrange the room or ensure everything is in order instead of leaving immediately after the meeting..

For a good leader, the following ingredients are important:
1. Planning an event
2. Follow up on the task
3. Segregation of duties (no one is a superman/woman)
4. Appropriate communication through emails
5. Sense of ownership on an event or on the position itself

If you don't know ask advise from appropriate people for the relevant matter. Being an Area Governor has lots of planning or responsibility. I have been a past Area Governor so i know how challenging it is.

Meeting with former National / Selangor Players

Last Friday, I was at Royal Selangor Club for my usual athletics practice. Upon end of the training, I went to shower and normally I will go back home. But on that day, I meet with former national player A.Jayakanthan while he was having his tea / beer with his teammates.

I approached him to say hi and he asked me to join them for a drink. So I obliged his request. Then, he introduced me to his teammates and most of them were former Selangor players. Moreover, I got introduced to K.Gunalan (former Selangor and National Player) whom played for Sea Games, Asian Games and World Cup Qualifier.

I was feeling amazed and gifted to shake hands with him and the other players and had long chat with them. I told them, I was formerly from KL athletics team and we started to chat about the current situation abt the sports in Malaysia and also the Malaysian football.

From there I got to know, Malaysia CANNOT win gold in this year's sea games. With insider politicking, money swindling, high profile recommendations and management without knowledge of the sports,racism he said, sports in Malaysia would not go far.

For him the real sportsperson recently was Nicol David and Lee Chong Wei. He said a lot of talents were not recognised because of above said reasons.

He even said some of the commentators in TV whom is commenting abt football, does not even qualified to be there.

Though I was not Selangor fan, but I always admire the team as they are MU of Malaysia in 90s and 80s. Especially for Gunalan, the Indonesian, Thailand and Singapore Strikers were scared of him if he is playing during his heydays.

My next write up will be abt him in On Dec 1. Just watch out for my article.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

CICM Run - 13 Nov

I decided to take part in 5km, as to test hows my speed workout goes for the whole month. I knew with the flat route except for a flyover, the race will be challenging with state juniors are in the contentions. Furthermore, Jack Toh(seasoned road n track runner) made his return after long time.

When the race started, a huge number of kids overtook me and sprinted all the way until after 500M, they were tired and started walking. Maybe over excited. The front group comprises of Klang boys whom are state juniors and Jack Toh with another Melaka State Runner lead the pack.

I maintain a decent pace till the water station. Then I saw Kei Ming was chasing me from behind, I increased my speed, but then got worried of being pressurised from behind. So I allowed him tom overtake me but I was closely following him.

Reaching at the flyover, he stopped and told me his calf is aching (should be over pressurising). So I moved on and when I got down at the flyover, it's just 800M to the finishing where people were cheering for us at the finishing line.

I got 12th with timing of 22:24. I was expecting for top 10 but it's ok running with quality runners.

The refreshments were adequate. It was nasi lemak, watermelon, vico, 7up revive and water. But the nasi lemak was crap. It was merely white rice with sambal and it was a tiny packet.

My next run will be in 2 weeks time.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A screwed up up week for me

People always look for good finishing. But it was other way round for me.

On Wednesday, I wanted to change my bike insurance to AmInsurance. So I went to the branch near my house, but the person in charge was on leave. So I went to another branch at Jalan Ipoh, but the personnel was dealing with another customer on his own sweet time. So I moved to head office at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and the lady there said, they wont do for motorcycle, so she asked me to go to Jalan Lumut and it was already 4.30pm. Getting frustrated, I just went to post office(HQ) and they said they won't deal with AmInsurrance, so I just renewed with the existing company, Allianze. Without my knowledge, the lady also did personal accident policy which caused RM25 and said it's compulsory from end of last year. I Just got psst off and I came back with the insurance. Anyway, I didn't had any PA, so in a way it's good, but in future, I know that I need to be extra alert on this insurance matters.

I went to see my ex-boss on Thursday for my career progress and he was not there in office. It was a waste of time for me.

On Friday, I went to service my bike and the handle was not in proper shape. I did inform him during the last visit, but he said everything is OK. He noticed it himself on that day and serviced it and charged me RM5 for that when I bought battery from him for RM70 and dealing with him for the past 2 years. I'm thinking of changing the shop again.

Today morning, it rained and I had to drive to Setia Alam to collect the number for tomorrow's CICM run. So I had to pay RM8.80 for toll. Then, when I went to collect the number. The lady there don't even know how to speak Malay or English. She was searching my name under ladies category and said my name was not registered. WTF....Can't she ask me before checking it. Then I moved on to collect my shirt and another chaos happened, when they said size "XS" finished and other sizes are available. Damn, I asked that elderly person, that I have stated it on the registration form, but he said it's 1st come 1st serve basis. I told him, we have stated on registration form on our desired size but he still insist on 1st come 1st serve basis. In addition, he said it's difficult to determine the actual number when you are ordering in bulk. I told him closing date is your determination. He said no, it's difficult. I told him that I have been running for 11 years and I never faced this kind of funny situation, but he still insist on 1st come 1st serve basis. I had no mood to argue with him, so I just took the shirt with size "S" and came back. Damn, I also paid the money man !!!

When I went to Train the trainers, 2 of the members were treating me as if I'm no longer member of my division and saying that my support was only for other Division. Damn, you people were the one whom excluded me. I did offered my assistance to the current Division Governor, but she kept silent.

Now my DVD burner is giving problem.

Damn, so many things happened during the week. Hope next week will be better off.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

KNOW this Sports Person - Mokhtar Dahari

He was one of the best players in Asia in the 1970s and is known as the best Malaysian footballer during that time, a legend in Malaysian football. During the 1970s, Mokhtar played for Malaysia and Malaysia became a powerful team and defeated asian giants such as South Korea and Japan.
He was nicknamed "SuperMokh" because of his playing skills, his strength and his ability to score many incredible goals throughout his career. One of Mokhtar's famous moment was when Mokhtar shook hands with Diego Maradona before a friendly game with Boca Juniors.

Although not recognised internationally, Mokhtar scored 175 goals for Selangor, 20 goals in 13 appearance for Kwong Yik Bank, and 125 goals for Malaysia, giving a total of 320 goals in his career[1]. Mokhtar is the all time top scorer for both Selangor and Malaysia. Mokhtar is still known as a legend for Selangor and Malaysia.

Mokhtar was famous for his speed. Roars of "Supermokh" from the crowds were common. Many of the younger generation idolised him. Even more tried to imitate his moves on the field. Mokhtar once scored a goal from the half way line through an incredible shot in a 1–1 draw against England B in 1978, dribbling past half of the opposing team coached by Bobby Robson.

There was once his bike was stolen and he announced that he would like to quit due to that sabotage. He was not able to travel to his training and competition venue. But the fans organised a campaign and collected the money to get him a new bike.

When other teams offred him a higher salary, he said "I will live and die for Selangor"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Importance of water

2 glasses of water after waking up - helps activate internal organs

1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal - helps digestion

1 glass of water before taking a bath - helps lower blood pressure

1 glass of water before going to bed - avoids stroke or heart attack

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SEA GAMES 2011 Target

When Malaysia achieved 55 gold medal in 1997 SEA GAMES in Jakarta, it was the best performance outside Malaysia, then.

The best performance outside Malaysia, so far is 68gold medals at 2007 Bangkok Games. But now, for 2011 Games, the target is only 40-45 by our Minister and it contradicts with MOM's target of 60.

First of all, why can't we target higher? It would be good if they can give solid reason for such kind of targets. It could be because, some of the games which Malaysia it not participating are the non-Olympic Sports i.e fin swimming, muay thai, shuttlecock kicking, petaunque.

Nest, just because, Lee Chong Wei is not playing doesnt mean, the entire Malaysian squad is not able to perform.

It's Olympic year next year, and we need to proof if the Road to London athletes are really performing.

Short Term solution is never be there for Long term

Teaching Maths and Science in English will be continued till 2015.
The two subjects will be fully taught again in Bahasa Malaysia starting 2016 for primary schools and 2021 for secondary schools.

This was declared by our Deputy Prime Minister whom also the education Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin. It was only done when our "Jibby" came into the picture to resolve it.

But end of the day, they still want to change it to Bahasa malaysia. Our English Language in Malaysia is already poor and we are just happy with it. The change would not deter the love on our National Language.

Are we going to be like the footballers i.e Ronaldo, Tevez or Eto whom are struggling to speak English.

My concern was, why change in 2016. Why cant they just change it next year, if they say most of the teachers has changed to Bahasa Malaysia.

It's time to say "The End" to "Bee Ann".

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Melaka Convention 21 to 23 Oct

It's the 1st convention being held in Melaka. Though the Ivison comprisos of 2 states but it's a challenge for the Johor people to come over to melak o organise stuff. Furthermore, the organising chair, Azizah is from Seremban.

Of course we can't compare to KL or Penang convention. But atleast they maange to get a hotel which was convinient to shopping complex, seaside and nearby to budget hotels.

I went with Singam on Friday and Valli was folowing us too. The afternoon session was usual council meeting, with excetion of clowning from Victor Ong. I did.t go for the welcome night as I was meeting my former hostel roomate and we went partiying at MOVIDA. The prices were cheaper than KL and it was buy 1, free 1.

On saturday, for the opening ceremony, we had past International prsident, Gary Schmidt and what i liked was the flag march in by the cadets was done marvelously. Speeches by Gary, Sivanganam was meeting expectation whereas Ariff made it 1 step further. I had high hopes on Papa Green where he always make me to cry with his speech. But on that day he made me to sleep during the function. Luckily I came out, else, I would have snoored.

The gala night was normal, except for the mucical instrument play by Tey Bin Yuen. I was getting nothing nor my club for awards. So I decided next year will be my year.

On sunday, the contest was close fight. The winner as usual mwas Uncle Stephen but the other 2 podium finishers taled abt politics and sex which I felt was not in good taste.

For Evaluation, Pala was clear favarite. The best rookie would have been Moganraj from JB where he presented enthusiatically on the speech but went down the stage and went over the time too. I feel like I saw myself 10 years ago.

Overall, though they had hiccups in lack of delegates, no proper rehearsal and chief guest, they still made it. The food was good with different kind of cusine. Only thing the vegetarian food was bad with just fried rice and appalam.

Am I going for the next convention.......Let's wait and See.

I'm available on market NOW

1/11/11 became an auspicious day for me where I came out from hell. Yes, I left my firm and now I'm awaiting for good offer for which interviews that I have gone.

May may say I made a wrong decision by just resigning without a job.

But I just needed a break.
-I have been working till midnight for the first 6 months
- to settle my personal stuffs to ensure my life path is going right direction

Of course I have my contingency plan where I was actually offered by another medium audit firm. And I can also go back to Deloitte at anytime due to my current contribution in Toastmasters.

I didn't like the firm for various reasons:
- Incompetent/Irresponsible staffs which made me to do their works too
- Heavy workload ( 3 listed companies for a manager to handle on his own)
- Some of my bosses screw me till every can notice it and they even say F*** You.
- Even during my holiday and MC, i had to work
- I don't see anyone motivating or encouraging each other to create better working environment
- I can foresee the Company may have going concern problem as they are loosing clients and they new clients are lesser than what they loose
- Different kind of treatment for different managers/staffs

However, I still learnt a lot on technical matters, people management and work management. Thus, I will never say I wasted my life in MAZARS but I will never be there anymore, nor encourage anyone to go there.

MAAU became MAU

Our beloved President, Shahidan Kassim has changed the name from Malaysian Amateur Athletics Association(MAAU) to Malaysian Athletics Association (MAU). The word amateur has been dropped.

He feels that athletics need to go professional as most of the athletes are training full time, thus the name amateur doesn't suits.

But even Usain Bolt or Tyson Gay is also professional and they are training full time. But they are being paid by the sponsors like Nike or Adidas. Moreover, IAAF didn't drop the word amateur.

Our athletes are being paid peanuts. We used to be one of the powerhouse in athletics where we became overall champ for athletics during SEA GAMES 1997 when we racked 16 Gold Medals.

But for this year's SEA GAMES, getting 2 gold would be damn good already. There are 13 categories whom qualified under category B:

1. Yap Jeng Tzen - Negeri Sembilan - acara lempar cakera
2. Mohd. Hakimi Ismail - Perak - lompat kijang
3. Adi Aliffuddin Husin - Terengganu - lontar peluru
4. Fatimattul Awang - Terengganu - lompat jauh
5. Nor Shahidatun Nadia - Kedah - lompat jauh/kijang
6. K. Ganthimathi - Pahang - 800m/1500m
7. Zabidi Ghazali - Terengganu - 100m
8. Siti Zubaidah Adabi - Johor - 200m
9. Mohd. Ikhwan Nor - Terengganu - 100m
10. Kathleen Ong - Johor - lompat bergalah
11. Mohd Nor Imran - Johor - 100m
11. 4 X 100m -
12. 4 X 400m -
13. YuanYu Fang - wah tak pencen-pencen lagi atlet berusia 35 tahun ini?

Category B means, the expenses will be born by the association and will be reimbursed by the Malaysian Sports council, should the athlete gets a podium finishing.

I don't know till when Shahidan Kassim would like to hold the position and kill our athletics team. The power crazy man whom holds position in more than 12 sports association also intends to stand for Olympic Council of Malaysia, President post so that he can swindle more money.

I'm still waiting, when will athletics prosper.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

World Footballer of The Year 2011


Eric Abidal (Barcelona, France)
Sergio Aguero (Manchester City, Argentina)
Karim Benzema (Real Madrid, France)
Iker Casillas (Real Madrid, Spain)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, Portugal)
Daniel Alves (Barcelona, Brazil)
Samuel Eto’o (Anzhi Makhachkala, Cameroon)
Cesc Fabregas (Barcelona, Spain)
Diego Forlan (Inter Milan, Uruguay)
Andres Iniesta (Barcelona, Spain)
Lionel Messi (Barcelona, Argentina)
Thomas Mueller (Bayern Munich, Germany)
Nani (Manchester United, Portugal)
Neymar (Santos, Brazil)
Mesut Ozil (Real Madrid, Germany)
Gerard Pique (Barcelona, Spain)
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United, England)
Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich, Germany)
Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan, Netherlands)
Luis Suarez (Liverpool, Uruguay)
David Villa (Barcelona, Spain)
Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid, Spain)
Xavi (Barcelona, Spain)

Out of 23 Nominees:

Only 1 player from African continent
No Asian players nominated
7 players are out of European continent
7 players are from Spain
8 Players are from Barcelona

Messi looks good for his 3rd straight title.

From 23, it will be shorlisted to 3 players on Dec 5 and winer will be announced on Jan 9, 2012.