Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jogathon Warisan aka Larian Kubur 25 Apr'10

After lapse of 3weeks without any tournament, and busy with work schedule for past 2 weeks with last week getting sick, was really disastrous for me. I had to regain my confidence by taking part in any tournament. As Subang Jaya run was postponed and Bidor run is pretty far, thus I made up my mind to take part in this tournament.

I have heard that it is a challenging race, but didn't know until I really ran through the path. as the race started, I got stuck in the crowd. Manage to come out of it after 500M. The path was narrow as it could only accommodate 4 runners at a time. Luckily I escaped with the front group.

As 1km past, there was an uphill where we were in the cemetery. Then we came out to main road to go into another cemetery and that's where the real challenge started. The whole path was hilly as the downhill was also steep. I followed Chen Pong Pong at beginning, but half way pass through, he broke away from me. The run covered the whole cemetry.

The hot sun started striking on my head as it was around 8.15am. Felt really thirsty with that kind of route. But I didn't walk and maintained my running tempo as it might demoralise me. I knew that I was in top20.

The finishing was uphill too, going towards the start line. That made my runners behind me to slowdown and I pushed till the end. My timing was 52:35.95 for 14th position.

The bad part:
1. No water station. Only 100+ at 7th km.
2. Pay RM15, but just got 1 bottle of mineral water, 1 bun and 1 T-shirt.
3. Running with their t-shirt was uncomfortable. Could just asked us to wear it during prize giving.
4. The prize giving was damn late. They had stupid shows which bored us.

Overall, good training for me to test my fitness.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finnaly my machine brokedown

I was working till 1.30am everyday and for the last weekend i worked till 3 am. To add the wound, I worked on Monday and only came back home on Tuesday @ 8am. Had only 4 hours rest and rushed back to work.

My challenge was to work with workaholic manager whom doesn't care abt her health. On Tuesday I told her straight that I'm not a night worker as my effectiveness will drop. It's better that I take rest and wake up early morning to work. Be she just cant understand me.

She said that it seems she never sleep for 4 days and she was still healthy. Damn, that's her body, not mine. She's a kind of person whom not involved with other activities rather than just work and work.

So the results. I got sick today with fever, flu, cough. Damn, decided, not going to work past 11.30 from now onwards and going to get at least 6hours sleep everyday.

I want a balance life man.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Long Run after Long Rest

With busy with work life, I have been missing from training. Sometimes, I will just do short runs and Gym.

Today I made it a point that I need to buck up on my fitness and also my weight. Thus, when I saw Ronnie's announcement, I said to myself I'm going for the training.

I came back early yesterday and went to bed early to ensure that I get enough sleep. When I wake up today, It was windy and i saw a bit of lightning.

But I still continued my journey to lake Gardens. As I went there, I saw Stanley, Lionel and Vijay. It started drizzle when I reach bkt aman car park. However, my determination didn't stop me to run. I just wanted to go for easy run as I'm doing it after long time.

I realise Ronnie FFK, so we continued our journey. I followed Vijay as he wants go slow also. So we let Stanley n Lionel to go front and we became the back benchers.

As we pass through IRB, the rain became heavier but we still continued as we didn't feel the tiredness. We did a short pit stop at Petronas and continued our journey back to Bkt Aman. While we are running, we talked everything right from family, sports, politics, share market economy.

Anyway good run today and thanks to Vijay for the pacing.

English club curse

Recent Champions League showed that 2 English clubs got kicked out of the quarterfinals and this will the first time since 2001, there wont be any representative from English Premier League.

However, MU did put up a great show by coming back from 2-1 deficit although the game ended 4-4 aggregate. But some how I felt that, Ferguson gambled by fielding Rooney and it back fired as Rooney got injured again. Hope he will come back soon.

Furthermore, the referee looks like bias to Bayern as warding Red Card to Rafael for minor tackle n just awarding yellow card to Badstubber when he made heavy tackle to Valencia.

Hope MU will win The EPL and come back next year to win Champions League.

If that Champions League, in Europa League, we have 2 English clubs for the 1st time since 2001 also. Liverpool as expected and Fulham which was a surprise. Who knows, it could be all-England finals.

Liverpool whose under pressure, by missing out all 3 domestic titles cum Champions League, thus they have to perform to win the title so that Rafa will stay.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hulu Selangor Saga

Soon will be Hulu Selangor constituency election. BN says the seat is for MIC. MIC says the candidate will be G.Palanivel.

Pakatan May field Zaid Ibrahim. MIC is confident that they will recapture the place which was held by G.Palanivel for 4 terms before handing over to PKR in the last election.

That place is really "Hulu". Our MIC man was just sleeping and going there for free makan. Only jow he is going and asking abt the problems. What has he been doing all this while then as MP for 4 terms.

At newspapers, it's all pro BN news, which bulshits that BN is the only party for developement and that is the only party which will help people it seems.

Lets wait and see.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Najib 's performance after a year

Only 68% of the people are satisfied on his performance.

Among the other key findings of the survey are:

* More Malaysians placed their trust in Najib (31 percent) than in Umno (22 percent). Of all the major races, Indians placed the highest trust in Najib (51 per cent) compared with Umno (13 percent) while the Chinese believed in the PM (46 percent) rather than the ruling party (6 percent).

* 61 per cent of Malaysians polled do not agree with the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST).
* 60 percent of Malaysians surveyed do not support the removal of subsidies.

* Most Malaysians view Najib as approachable (80 percent).

Overall i can say that, Malaysians may prefer Najib but not Barisan Nasional. So it's time for him to get out from BN.