Sunday, June 29, 2014

World Cup 2014 (2nd Round)

After group stage, 16 teams left to battle for the elusive title.

All 5 south american teams qualified for the 2nd round i.e argentina, brazil, chile, colombia and uruguay.

4 North and central america teams qualified i.e mexico, USA, equador and costa rica.

Nigeria and algeria are the representative for african continent.

Balance 5 is from europe i.e netherlands, germany, switzerland, france and greece.

No asian team qualified for 2nd round. Normally, europe teams will have 8 teams but its reduced this time. The issue here is the weather which was not suitable for the other continent players. But the question is, as international team, they should have been prepared for al kind of situation/weather.

My prediction is, in semifinals, brazil will go against france and netherlands will go against argentina. Finals will be brazil vs argentina.

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