Sunday, June 29, 2014

Something went wrong with our hockey team

A Dismal performance in recent world cup, made people wonder, what really happened to our hockey team? We finished lame last place. We are taking part after lapse of 12 years, but we simply showed that we are no where near the other 11 teams. We lost all the matches and finished with zero points.

We could have has confidence through Azlan Shah and Champions Challenge 1, but it just shows were are only "jaguh kampung". First of all, Dharmaraj was distruptly appointed as senior team coach, when he never had experience leading a senior team. perhaps, he could have assited Paul revington, before taking over.

Then, goalkeeper S.Kumar played wonderfully, else we could have got another 50 goals. But there's no proper replacement for him.

The defence was really lacking which made the opponents easily come to our D-box and score goals.

Worst case, we don't even have penalty corner specialist.

I still admire the 1998 world cup team and followed by 2002. Just wonder when will we have such team again.

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