Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mah Win, Dyana made her name

BN made a slim win of 238 majority votes. Mah polled 20,157 votes while Dyana Sofya gained 19,919 and there were 543 spoilt votes. BN could be jumping joy with the win. But they didnt realise, Dyana has been in the political picture for the past 17months, but Mah is the President of Gerakan.

Should, Mah has lost, he should be asahmed of himself. Even now, he merely won by 238 votes difference, that means, atleast 45% of the members in Teluk Intan doesn't like him. Not even 2/3 majority.

In addition, compared to DAP, BN is well funded for this by-election but DAP had to rasie fund through their charity drive. Furthermore, BN had to win by using the Hudud issue. And finally, Najib declared that Mah will get Minister post if he wins the election. Thus, it's a boost for gerakan compared to DAP whom would still be fighting in Parliment.


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