Sunday, June 8, 2014

Malaysian Hockey team on holiday ?

Malaysian hockey team got they 4th defeat yesterday against India. With this lost, Malaysia need to beat Spain whom has 1 point so far, to avoid rock bottom place. As for the group, all teams were expecting to beat Malaysia, as we were labeled underdog.

After being trashed by Australia and Belgium, Malaysia tried to improve the game, but only lasted for one half against England, when they scored 2 goals in 2nd half to beat us. When, expectation was atleast to grab a draw against India, we still missed it by losing 1 goal margin.

We are participating in World Cup after 12 years, and we qualified just because, the actual team went through due to continental champions. Now we are just proving we went to The Hague for holidays.

It's either the management must change or the coach has to change.

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