Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bung Mokhtar's words

This idiot said that "If Indians are not appointed in Parliment, they will become criminals". Damn, this ashole was one of the culprite to promote racism and sexism in Parliment.

He even reiterated that Indians are born to steal.

If this idiot stays in the parliment or even elected as council member, he would even destroy all the non-bumi in this country.

I just wonder if anyone willing to bomb his house.

Punch Gunalan (Badminton), Mahendran (Everest), M.Chandran(Football), Kumaresan (Cycling), PS.Nathan (Bowling)..the list goes on. All this people were achievers.

Indians are stealing in Malaysia, probably because political like you never give the us our rights and matters that we deserved. You stole our rights and never allowed the poor Indians  to grow and let them to stay in the estate.

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